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  1. ANMAC

    Have they said why it's been declined?
  2. Anmac

    I've known people be referred (usually because they didn't have the degree). I don't know anyone personally who actually completed it though but heard it can be quite expensive, Do you have to do it in Aus? If it's regarding the degree - is it worth doing additional modules in the UK that you may be able to get done through a service level agreement with your trust and local Uni?
  3. Morrisons Home Delivery

    I used to order my dad things from Asda from here in Aus and never had difficulty with delivery.
  4. Haters always going to hate AJ ... I love living in Perth
  5. Applying for kids citizenship

    Can you get a proof of age card? My daughter had one in WA
  6. Registering as a midwife in australia

    The AHPRA website has all you need to start the application process
  7. Registering as a midwife in australia

    No you can do it now, but once you have received your registration in principle - within 3 months you need to present in person to an AHPRA office to finalise.
  8. Perth continues to grow

    I think it's actually Hawaii that wins that title
  9. Health declarations?

    Technically, you should declare any health condition. Your doctor could write a letter - what they're interested in is: What the condition is, any tests/treatment and prognosis. It's easily treatable and won't be a drain on the Australian health care system.
  10. Heading to Oz before grant?

    You would have to leave the country at the time of visa grant, and how long can you stay for our your visa e.g. is it up to 3 months? May be better continuing to work and save for the ultimate move - rather than using your savings as living expenses, rent and a flight out of Aus and back in order to get the grant.
  11. Moving to Australia

    Singapore would only give excess baggage to PR visa holders (not temporary)
  12. Moving to Perth

    Good Luck with the job Callum
  13. Australians who travel the most

    Massive now Bob. When we moved here Baldivis was rural - I worked with a nurse who always kept telling me she lived on acreage in Baldivis - lots of housing estates there now. Byford nr. Armadale is also a very fast growing suburb.
  14. Australians who travel the most

    Mandurah and success have massive Brit populations