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  1. ali

    186 - Direct Entry

    Hopefully, one of the agents who posts regularly on the forum may be able to answer your question.
  2. ali

    186 - Direct Entry

    Why would they want to continue the nomination if you left?
  3. ali

    Do you feel sorry for them or not?

    We're not affluent .. just save very hard for the things we do … doesn't it make sense to book an extra night if you're arriving early and the check in isn't until 2pm?
  4. ali

    Do you feel sorry for them or not?

    We were arriving at our hotel in Hawaii at 6am (check in at 2pm), we just paid for an additional night so that we could check in right away. Recently, our flight to Hong Kong was changed quite significantly and we arrived several hours earlier than planned. We'd booked club rooms so were shown to the lounge until our room was ready.
  5. ali

    Does a 1263 expire?

    If it was signed after 1st December 2015, I think he will also have to supply pay slips (according to the form).
  6. ali

    143 parent visa

    The current wait period is 42 - 45 months for visa grant
  7. ali

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    A reminder (if you need one), to refresh your memories regarding our forum rules. By all means have a debate but no personal insults please.
  8. ali

    Feeling torn and unsettled

    You say your son would be happy to go for 12 months so you could get it out of your system but is worried you won't want to come back - sounds a difficult situation if you don't want to come back and he does.
  9. ali

    What Colour?

    Pink and white
  10. It was my boys 19th birthday yesterday and I've been looking through messages that were posted on his FB timeline .. some of the pics have made me chuckle, but what I've really liked is that 18/19 year old lads can say " love ya bro", "miss you" and are able to express emotions to each other. It made my day.
  11. ali

    Moeen Ali abused.

    I think they're saying they said "part timer"
  12. ali

    Moeen Ali abused.

    Apparently, the person who allegedly said something says they didn't say it and he misheard. Ali had decided not to name the person in the book after putting it in the original draft. I guess it might sell more books.
  13. ali

    Returning Residents Visa (RRV)

    There seems to be a mixed response - some have got the 5 year and other 1 year. You have to demonstrate strong family ties and links to Aus. It may be that you only get granted the 1 year.
  14. I wouldn't bring your fridge. We brought just about everything (except fitted beds/wardrobes, fridge/freezer).