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  1. I know WA has restricted flight arrivals to every few days (thinks it's 3) - and a total of 525 per week
  2. ali


    If you're thinking of it only as a temporary move - why not consider trying to get a career break from your employer? Something to consider as you've said your child will be 13/14 when you move is the possibility of University - as if you return to the UK there may be a period before you can get a student loan due to having not been resident. If you're on a temporary visa in Aus you will have international fees for both HS and Uni.
  3. ali

    Last Remaining Relative 835

    If it's a last remaining relative visa, do they still have to meet the criteria at time of grant - just thinking if she had a partner/child in the waiting period if that would put a spanner in the works? (genuine query - it just came to me reading your post)
  4. ali


    Is a car included in transportation - either buying/renting or both? Changing license over Food/bills (especially if you're not in jobs right away) School fees (if you have children), uniforms, books
  5. ali

    Visa agent recommendations

    The agents who are regular contributors to the forum all seem to have good reputations. A lot is done via email anyway, so probably not absolutely necessary to have one in the UK
  6. ali

    Mental Health Nursing

    @Maria18 I found this link https://www.ahpra.gov.au/News/2020-03-27-Changes-to-presenting-in-person-requirements.aspx https://www.ahpra.gov.au/News/COVID-19/Presenting-in-person-outside-of-an-Ahpra-office.aspx Whilst the AHPRA offices are closed, they're allowing the final registrations to be verified by the employer with copies being sent to the AHPRA office. I'm assuming that once open - the present in person may resume. Hope they help
  7. ali

    Mental Health Nursing

    WA had a lot of their nursing roles 'under review' the last time the lists were published. I work in mental health, it will be difficult to get sponsorship in public health (you could get lucky in private) these days as there are a lot of graduates about. I recently had 60 applicants for a level 1 position.
  8. ali

    Stuck! (Perth/UK)

    Whilst I do love Perth, I absolutely empathise 100% about camping - hate it and won't even contemplate it, Glamping for me involves a hotel, shower and nice comfy bed (plus club rooms when I persuade the hubby to part with some extra $) When we first arrived I was very 'people sick' as much as I liked it here, establishing a new friendship group was hard work. You didn't mention it in your OP - but do get Citizenship if you haven't already - that way, no decision you make has to be a permanent one.
  9. It's been passed, only 525 people per week will be allowed in - there was talk about people having to pay for quarantine, but this wasn't mentioned in the bulletin I listened to on the way home from work.
  10. Are you going to travel around Aus?
  11. I'm desperate for a holiday, we should have gone to KL in April and had to cancel - we transferred the hotel booking to Jan 2021, but were still not sure if that will come off. Our Japan trip in August got postponed too. Great way to celebrate the end of your degree.
  12. ali


    The agent won't advise you what to offer generally. I believe once your offer has been accepted if you back out you will have to pay 0.2% of the asking price.
  13. ali


    To be honest, for nursing, if you pass the skills assessment you've probably met the criteria for registration.
  14. ali

    the best visa to get?

    You need to see if your jobs are on any of the skilled lists and which visa's may be applicable to you - alternatively, you could have a chat to a migration agent to find out the best visa strategy.
  15. ali

    Student Loans chasing me

    Do you owe the money? I think perhaps you may need the the advice of a lawyer than than the members of a migration forum