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    1. To move to Perth or not...

      My son is 18 - if he goes out it tends to be to Freo, my daughter in her 20's if going clubbing usually goes into the City, she was in Freo at a comedy night last weekend at little creatures, the jazz club has some good music on regularly. There are usually 'what's on' pages that you can get ideas of anything that's happening
    2. To move to Perth or not...

      My daughters friend from the UK visited her Aunt in Sydney on a WHV and never left to travel - just found work and had a year in Aus.
    3. Should we, shouldn't we...

      I think it's something to consider, but everyone is different - my father in law loves the heat and he's in his mid 70's
    4. Should we, shouldn't we...

      My dad never need a medical to visit, nor my friends father who is in his 80's
    5. Taking cats

      Brought one with us - she lasted until she was 21 and as hubby said at the time "we've had her longer than the kids we can't leave her behind" lol. No problems with the journey or quarantine (this was 11 years ago though). She only roamed our garden and our neighbours never had a problem with her.
    6. Can I take ......

      I would check with your removalist or on the website. It would have to be incredibly clean - if inspected you would be faced with a bill for treating or disposal if it didn't meet up to their standards.
    7. Well folks it's decision time..Do it?

      Both have good reputations - you have to live in their catchment area. Fiona Stanley Hospital is now next to SJOG Murdoch - FSH is huge and SJOG has grown quite substantially too.
    8. Well folks it's decision time..Do it?

      We're in Leeming - not too far from Applecross
    9. Sports Thread

      We actually call it 'real football' when speaking to someone who doesn't watch it. We move in circles that love Association Football - my son is at a club that's predominantly Italian now and linked to Juventus - they know what we mean when we say football - nobody assumes we're talking about AFL. In fairness I didn't dislike the game I went to .. but it didn't capture my interest enough to make me go again and we very rarely watch it on TV
    10. ANMAC proffesional letter

      As they've specifically asked for more information about your individual daily tasks, clinical skills and competencies - perhaps the reference hasn't been detailed enough - Perhaps your supervising RN could refer to your JDF and comment on your competencies in those areas. Did the reference sound too general rather than task specific e.g. Administration of medication, observing for clinical deterioration etc.,
    11. Sports Thread

      I've only been to one AFL game - I've not really been able to get into it, in part probably because my son plays football (soccer) and we go to watch him almost every weekend. I have got into cricket though which i'd never really gone to watch live in the UK - some friends took us to a T/20 game on our first anniversary here and we were hooked and I've loved going to test matches and OD internationals.
    12. Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

      You are only officially an Citizen when you have been to the ceremony - your friend can still travel on their UK passport.
    13. Well folks it's decision time..Do it?

      The landscape does change - I know when we were looking at migrating, we would have been able to buy a property outright in Perth - 18months later when we made the actual move there'd been a boom and we ended up with a mortgage .. you just cut your cloth accordingly (if you're sensible lol). For us it was about getting the best house we could in a suburb we wanted to live rather than getting the biggest McMansion in an area we didn't really find desirable. We ended up (by chance) in a great suburb which has really suited our needs as a family as our children have grown.
    14. I haven't ever seen the film PB ... but it's the first time that a book has made me cry.