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  1. ali


    Yeah, they turn up in a van and round us up!!
  2. ali


    I don't want to pay the fine
  3. ali

    I'm glad I'm not a women in Alabama.

    You should do the lotto PB - you can see into the future.
  4. ali

    I'm glad I'm not a women in Alabama.

    So are you saying that it's just sad and life if a woman has to have a child as a result of rape or incest?
  5. ali

    I'm glad I'm not a women in Alabama.

    It's political . They're trying to overturn the Roe decision, several other states have also passed new anti-abortion laws but this is the most extreme. I don't know much about US politics my understanding is that the law currently is unconstitutional as it hasn't been passed by the supreme court.
  6. ali

    I'm glad I'm not a women in Alabama.

    Unless they find out that their father was a serial rapist or a family member for example .. or that their mother was so traumatised by her ordeal she couldn't relate to or care for the child or turned to substances or killed herself, then i'm sure there will be some psychological issues that might impinge on their happiness/childhood
  7. ali

    I'm glad I'm not a women in Alabama.

    Not the woman - the Dr who performed the abortion can be punished with up to 99 years in jail. (source not the daily mail). I guess until the new law is tested we won't know the severity of the sentencing
  8. ali

    I'm glad I'm not a women in Alabama.

    There's an article in Rolling Stone (sorry can't seem to attach the link as computer is playing up). The article is entitled: How states like Alabama protect rapists over women and girls and how Dr's can be punished with up to 99 years in jail - decades more than for someone convicted of second degree rape
  9. ali

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Never heard of them.
  10. ali

    Royal Baby Boy or Girl?

    The school my daughter teaches in the children call the teachers Miss xxx or Mr xxx. I have to admit when my son was at school the sports teachers were referred to by their first names or nicknames and they called my son by his nickname .. as an Oldie I wasn't too sure about that at all.
  11. Contact one of the agents who post regularly on here, I don't know if your situation becomes more complex because she's been living with her Dad (and probably his dependent rather than yours) and not included in the original application. Is she going to complete her Uni education in the UK? Hope all works out for you.
  12. ali

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    Glad to hear it's all going well.
  13. Feeling sorry for my boy - got injured in training 2 weeks ago, scans have shown a grade 3 tear/rupture .. he's like a bear with a sore behind - not able to work or play football.
  14. I would agree with Marisa and speak to an agent. is there any reason she wasn't added as your dependent when she was younger?
  15. ali

    Completing 173 form

    I think we just put e-tourist visa (think it was 601)