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  1. ali

    Medical Checks

    Unless you they were subsequently diagnosed with and treated for depression.
  2. ali

    Cat shipping from UK to Aus

    It's a long time ago that we brought a cat, but we used Pets on the Move who are still going so may be worth getting a quote from.
  3. ali

    Community mental health nurse

    Depends on the position if you would be allowed to work from home and caseloads will vary from different teams e.g. ATT smaller caseloads, CTT higher (up to 30). Annual leave in the public sector is 4 weeks unless an continuous shift worker which is 5. If you work full time you'll accrue an ADO each month as full time is 80 hours per fortnight. These ADO's are often rostered to prevent leave liability. I've found the work life balance to be good. It's great if you've secured a L3 position from the UK.
  4. ali

    Where in Australia to live…

    Apologies for the delayed reply - We have never regretted moving here and our kids (28 and 24 who are well travelled) also choose to remain on the West Coast. My Niece whose now 27 came on a working holiday visa originally, - did the rounds and decided to return to WA for her 2nd holiday visa and is still here (now on a partner visa). Transportation is relatively easy, there's loads of opportunities that I can see in hospitality. Perth is the place that seems to divide the forum, my advise is to see for yourself if it's your cup of tea or not, everyone has an opinion on it - even when they've never set foot in the state, and even those of us that live here also seems to love it or hate it lol.
  5. ali

    Mental health nurse

    We've just offered a UK candidate a job, but they've worked in Aus before, have PR and registration. Availability, does play a part in filling the vacancies if like for like candidates - the UK candidate had already planned to arrive in less than 8 weeks.
  6. ali

    Mental health nurse

    A lot of job adverts do say that preference is given to Citizens and PR holders - it doesn't exempt people from applying but do understand that the preferred candidate may be based on their visa status.
  7. ali

    Living in Australia - things I'm looking forward to

    My hubby has gone 2 or 3 times in one day because "he forgot something"
  8. ali

    Living in Australia - things I'm looking forward to

    Great list - I enjoy a lot of those, the alfresco dining, fire pits in the winter, I don't live in NSW but I never tire of the journey into the city along the river here in Perth. My hubby would concur with Bunnings, I swear it's his aim to visit every single one in WA lol
  9. SRN 3 is a clinical nurse specialist here in WA, Level 4 would be a Nurse Unit Manager (NUM), although I'm a nurse I'm in an HSU position which is L4 equivalent (Level 8 HSU)
  10. ali

    Should we move to WA from SA

    Glad you're still loving life in WA Bob
  11. In the public sector in WA you get 12 days - 10 are cumulative and 2 not.
  12. Mine gets taken out of my wage pre-tax then put back into my bank
  13. There are separate OAMH teams. Most community jobs are level 2 jobs, so when searching (Jobs WA is the best), look for Clinical Nurse Level 2. You would likely start at level 2.1 (there are 4 increments) which you get automatically each year. if you apply for a level 1 Registered nurse (mostly wards) then with your experience you would likely be at Level 1.7 (8 increments). Do check the job adverts, I know that ours usually say you have to be a citizen or have PR to apply for a permanent position. If you have visa, registration already in place you will be seen as a more attractive candidate - they'd rather have someone ready to fill the vacancy than wait several months. Were most UK nurses fall down with the application is addressing the selection criteria (most don't) which makes it difficult to get shortlisted. Happy to help and give you some tips when you're ready
  14. I can only speak for the clinic I work at and you don't work from home - happy for you to drop me a line - I'm the team leader for a community and EEP team.
  15. ali


    We've certainly noticed the rise in food - I seem to be spending more and getting less at the supermarket. I get my car insurance through woolies and as a result get 10% each month off - so I tend to use that for the week I get cleaning materials etc. We installed solar panels (18) last year and have seen a reduction in our bills from what they were previously. We've been very lucky in that our mortgage has been no interest for a couple of years.