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  1. ali

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Not really - they were found breaking their quarantine regulations from the balconies, having contact with each other, passing things between balconies etc.,
  2. ali

    House prices going up??

    Hard to recruit at the moment everywhere, I've lost a quater of my staff which equates to 2/3 of my nursing team. I try to help out, do home visits and contacts for people, cover or emergency clinician role. We've never been so short staffed in the 14 years i've worked there but to be honest the atmosphere is awesome with everyone pulling together.
  3. ali

    House prices going up??

    I value my time at home more than the money, it the Assessment team is short, I'll work from 5pm - 10pm for them.
  4. ali

    House prices going up??

    If I do the odd overtime shift (which isn't often), I'll get about $500 for 5 hours
  5. ali

    Does anyone else feel homesick when...

    Miss it when major tournaments are on for the atmosphere. My son has been getting up at 3am for the games, thankfully, the semi didn't go to penalties as he starts work at 6am. There is a bit of 'banter' at work for him as he works for Italians and is surrounded by them at work.
  6. You've highlighted that you've wanted to go home for 30 years and have had depression and that may have got in the way of you enjoying life too. Depression can impact on family members (although you certainly won't have stuffed up her life by having it). It may be worth you seeing a psychologist or councellor too to help with your feelings around your daughter
  7. Are you seeing someone yourself scousers and have you and your daughter had joint sessions?
  8. ali

    Maximum working hours for students

    The extension is only for certain occupations.
  9. ali


    We had only been here 2 weeks when we put an offer in for a house (we were putting down a reasonable deposit), I had a letter from my employer stating that I was employed in a substantive position and we didn't have any problems getting a mortgage.
  10. What lovely news - congratulations and so glad that our community eased the wait !!. Enjoy your reunion with the family when quarantine ends.
  11. ali

    Ping Pongers

    Yes an older suburb, we've noticed houses sell quite quickly, alot of demolition and re-building on the blocks. It does have a good community feel. I like being 20 mins from the city - I'm located within walking distance of the train station so easy to get into the city (3 stops to the esplanade and 3 into the CBD) and only 20 mins from Freo.
  12. We seem to have moved on from the light hearted IKNOWK topic of the thread - can I suggest threads are started to 'debate issues' and keep this one as it was intended.
  13. ali

    Ping Pongers

    I think it's unfair but then I really enjoy living in Perth
  14. ali

    Ping Pongers

    Available in Woolies and i'm sure Coles