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  1. ali

    How many members were here from the start?

    Lol - I can tell you it wasn't pleasant and Cal and I have had more than a few nasty pm's in our time.
  2. ali

    How many members were here from the start?

    I think I joined in 2005 or 2006. I have to say that i'm having trouble of late getting on as much as i'd like to in order to contribute more. I've only had the one user name and the bear is still my original profile pic.
  3. Hope you're soon feeling a little better
  4. ali

    190 and moral obligation to stay

    Could you move to your sponsoring state and your relative come and live with you?
  5. Reserve driver though, my hubby reckons his time as been and gone as there will be alot of upcoming drivers.
  6. I made the boy take a carry on as well as his case so that if things went missing he still had a change of clothes.
  7. So sorry to hear this Bottie. I've had the year were all 'the tests' have become due, mammograms, bowel cancer screening etc. Hopefully, because you've been doing the regular tests everything will have been caught early.
  8. ali

    Pre-Empt Medical Information

    When we went for medicals we were told the letter should include - illness/disorder, treatment/investigations, impact on day to day functioning and prognosis
  9. ali

    190 Visa Grant

  10. @Marisawright - yes, i'm looking for new recipe ideas, I have a couple of the Csiro books and love the fast 800 books. I've managed to maintain my weight loss now for over year so have the balance right I think (and my diabetes is well controlled), i'm just getting a bit fed up of making the same things
  11. ali

    Medicals - glucose in urine

    The medical may get referred and you be asked to have more investigations. Plenty of people get a visa with diabetes. I share your pain at the GGT - drinking the liquid made me feel sick
  12. I find that sort of behaviour really distasteful. Post it on the FB page of the area you were in
  13. ali

    Question re medical results

    I think rule of thumb if they find anything - they'll ask for more tests (if the info hasn't been supplied).
  14. Really interested in this Simmo, we're procrastinating and wondering if it'll just be something that takes up bench space