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  1. Sorry you're right, i'm a citizen and misread the OP
  2. Our hospital cover with medibank means we don't pay the levy
  3. ali


    You can do it any way you like, if you get AHPRA first you will be able to do the modified skills assessment. You will need the police check for migration purposes - so do apply for the correct one as this will be needed for your visa application. The police check will be valid for 12 months
  4. ali

    Child with Autism disorder included in application

    Lying to immigration and on a forum that immigration visit - isn't the wisest choice I would imagine.
  5. ali


    Do remember that if you do AHPRA first, you have to present to an AHPRA office in Aus within 12 weeks of getting your letter in order to finalise the registration process (it's only after this is done are you actually registered). For this reason, most people do the skills assessment with ANMAC first so that they can be applying for the visa.
  6. ali

    How is Megan doing so far?

    I think Harry is a loss to public life as a member of the Royal Family. He's shown he's quite vulnerable emotionally and spoke of mental health problems. We read on PIO all the time how people feel isolated moving to a new country, leaving family and only having their spouses friends and none of their own. He's said before that he was happiest in the forces - perhaps it was the routine and structure that helped - I do wonder longer term how he'll cope - we've sadly seen on here that pretty solid marriages can suffer ant that's without the scrutiny of the press.
  7. ali

    Hitch hiking Perth to Melbourne

    Fraught with danger - I wouldn't want anyone I know doing it
  8. Sad to hear about the loss of the family pet - it's heartbreaking when we lose such loyal companions
  9. ali

    Mandurah/Rockingham and British Pies!

    Goggle says there's a British bakery in Kinross (but it's miles away from Mandurah) - have you thought about getting a pie maker and you can make your own? Mandurah and Rockingham have a large Brit contingent so you might be lucky. I can't comment on the area's you mention as other than a brief visit we haven't spent much time there as preference as us living closer to the city.
  10. Thanks all for the birthday messages - my hubby took me to a winery for lunch, my son bought me earrings (which he had been desperate to give me the day before as he'd chosen them himself), my daughter and her boyfriend arrived home from the States so I had a lovely day.
  11. Aww thank you. I'm usually away for my birthday and basically organise my own celebration. With having Christmas off (had to take my long service leave), we're at home and hubby is taking me out to lunch - not sure where yet and he normally isn't the organiser so i'm a little excited and apprehensive - having to let go of the reins on this one lol.
  12. ali

    White Privilege?

    My friend in the UK is a recruiter and worked for the job centre. She is white and interviewed a man of colour who had sent in an excellent CV. At the interview he did not perform well and the panel felt there were some discrepancies to what he wrote in his CV and his obvious lack knowledge at interview (making them suspect someone else may have written the CV). He wasn't selected for the job and took them to court claiming they were racist because of his colour. He represented himself and accused my friend of being racist because she was white and he wasn't . My friend - explained that as she was married to a man of Indian culture, was called Bhagat (something he hadn't picked up on) and had two mixed raced children she felt that she was far from racist and simply stated that his demonstrated lack of knowledge during the interview were the reason he did not get the job. His case was dismissed, but it was highlighted after the fact that he had done this several times before and people had settled because they were scared of being branded racist.
  13. ali

    Different school starting ages

    Not all private schools are selective schools and the selective schools (generally) have wait lists and often at the most selective you have to pay a non refundable fee to put them on the list to begin with.