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  1. Thanks Rossy - that's exactly how she (and we) are viewing it. it doesn't seem that long ago that I was telling you she'd finished Uni and we were talking about applying for jobs.
  2. IKNWC but .... My daughter is being nominated for a teaching award by her principle and head of dept. It may not go any further than the nomination stage as it's for the whole of WA - but it's enormous recognition from her school
  3. ali

    What's your favourite mod con?

    My Kobo - one of the best gifts that my hubby has ever bought for me
  4. ali

    Do you consider yourself Australian?

    Australia for me, Wales 2nd for Rugby (because of my Dad) and England if they're playing anyone else. I never thought my hubby would support Australia in the Ashes, but he does now, I think in part it's the familiarity with the players, seeing them play and feeling as if you know them/know their form - have an opinion when the selectors name the squad or give out the contracts and who they leave out. We don't have that investment with the English team.
  5. ali

    Moving to Adelaide

    hard to say, I always say to my hubby that our two would have left home at 18 for Uni and just visited, instead they've continued to live at home and study (my daughter moved out last year to live with her boyfriend) - the majority of our children's friends all studied within the state. We're in WA and have 5 uni's within an easy commute . I guess what they don't know they can't miss.
  6. ali

    Do you consider yourself Australian?

    My daughter's Instagram says she's a British born Australian and that's probably how I think of myself. We've been here 14 years and Citizens for 12, both my children have now lived in in Aus. for longer than they lived in the UK. My son says he's English (apparently it gave him some success with the ladies lol). if we're overseas and people ask where are you from we'll say Australia as it's our home.
  7. ali

    Can I have a caesarean on Medicare

    I'm sure they will.
  8. ali

    Can I have a caesarean on Medicare

    If it's medically necessary due to previous complications get your current obstetrician to write a referral letter detailing your history and the reasons for the C section, if you get over before baby is born you can can present this.
  9. ali

    Working in IT in Australia

    You've made my morning Dr D with this comment - it's made me really laugh out loud
  10. ali

    Working in IT in Australia

    I just want to say welcome the forum and everyone has to start somewhere in gathering the information they need and having their own timeline. We do have some agents who regularly post and have good reputations and they are the experts on visas the rest of us are well meaning armatures in regard to that, but offer opinions from our own experiences. You'll get positive and negative stories and you have to sift through those for which are meaningful to you. Good luck with your fact finding and hope it all turns out sell.
  11. ali

    Waitress sponsorship - how?

    My niece is in a similar position and working country WA, she does manage the pub and has been sponsored but only for 2 years (this may be similar for your friend and it is only a temporary visa).
  12. We don't usually allow petition links without permission - I will allow these two
  13. So sorry to hear your news Simmo - my condolences
  14. ali

    Perth as a city

    My daughter did her BA and Masters at UWA - and used to get the train and bus to Uni (there are a number of buses that go there from the busport in the city). We live in Leeming which is a very easy commute (15 mins by train into the city - local station is Murdoch). Perth CBD is quite compact - we love living here. There are suburbs with acreage they'd be further out and a little less accessible by train.
  15. ali

    Girlfriend stuck in japan

    WA cancelled a flight from Vanuatu with about 100 works who were going to do farm work/avocado picking etc., but didn't have enough quarantine places