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  1. I was listening to this driving to work, regarding the powers for the immigration minister, this came about because some people claiming asylum and that there lives were at risk et.c, but it had been proven that they'd returned to their country of origin for holidays on more than one occasion. Their visa's had been revoked but the decision overturned at appeal. This won't stop people being able to appeal - but the immigration minister can then overturn that ruling. I think if visas/citizenship have been gained fraudulently then yes they should be revoked.
  2. Hi and welcome, I can't answer your questions specifically as it's been a long time since we moved. George will be your best bet for advice regarding medical conditions and if this would hinder future applications and someone who has been on the same visa will hopefully be able to answer your questions. It used to be that on the student visa you could work 20 hours during term time as you will be on a temporary visa, i'm not sure what assistance you will be entitled to.
  3. My understanding is that if you apply whilst in Aus and still on the WH1 wanting to remain in Oz for 24 months back to back when the WH2 is granted you are permitted to remain for 2 years from the date you first entered Australia. From the immigration website Re 6 months employment If you are granted a second Working Holiday or Work and Holiday visa you can return to an employer that you worked for on your first visa for a further six months. The six month work limitation resets once you have been granted your second visa. Had your partner exceeded 6 months prior to being granted the 2nd WHV? Re employment on WHV1: If you hold a Working Holiday (subclass 417) or Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa, the main purpose of your visit must be for an extended holiday. You can do any kind of work over the course of your 12 month stay in Australia; however, the conditions of your visa limit you to a maximum period of six months work with any one employer, unless you've been given permission by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to work longer. However, you do not need to seek permission to work with the same employer for up to 12 months, in circumstances where the work is undertaken in different locations and work in any one location does not exceed six months. For example, you can work with one employer for up to 12 months in the following situations: hotels, resorts or restaurants within the same chain, provided they are in different premises independently owned franchises, in different workplaces State and Territory schools and health care facilities, provided these facilities are at different addresses separate branches or facilities (for example abattoirs or farms) of the same organisation or business owner.
  4. My brother met his now wife whilst in Australia, she was a citizen but born in the UK - she did move to the UK for a while and they lived together at my dads and also they rented after that (joint bills etc). As part of their proof of relationship, he also provided letters they had written to each other when he had returned to the UK (after visa expired) and she was still in Aus which spoke of their intent for a continued relationship/living together etc.,
  5. Legally, your eldest is still a minor. You could contact DCP and ask them what the law is and if he is breaking it (we are only guessing without real knowledge), you should inform him as such. Could you speak to your daughter and tell her you are uncomfortable and ask her if she'd like the youngest at least to stay with you.
  6. If you're already registered with AHPRA you can do the modified skills assessment, you will need to do this prior to applying for your visa.
  7. We shipped our goods a few days before we arrived (this was in 2007) and took out a 12 week furnished rental. By the time our goods arrived 12 weeks later, we'd bought and were ready to move into our new house (we'd always intended to buy not rent)
  8. They do sell teabags here - you won't be without.
  9. We couldn't recommend them highly enough
  10. Or being asked to pay $$$ to have it treated or destroyed.
  11. I don't think hubby wants to be driving all day (he wouldn't trust me to - he's not a good passenger lol). How was the journey driving - ? easy drive?
  12. You'll need to apply for jobs and put in your covering letter that you are looking for sponsorship, also look at any private hospitals as you may be more likely to get sponsorship via them rather than public health (not impossible but there has been a noticeable decline for 457's for nursing in WA). Look at jobs WA for nursing in the public system.
  13. We used John Masons and couldn't fault them - their rep was far more professional and actually looked at what we were taking (even in the loft). He was also specific about what we would have problems getting into the country should our cargo be examined (which matched info given on the AQIS site.) You can always ring PSS and ask them to match the quote
  14. Might be worth asking your GP to refer you to a psychologist they could help with developing some techniques to manage your mood and anxiety.
  15. The demand for nursing (for example) has reduced significantly since the numbers of Australian trained graduates has increased - I would imagine that it is the same for other occupations and whilst the 457 cuts have been drastic this time, they were somewhat inevitable and occupations have always been removed. Studying in Aus did not automatically lead to a 457 visa and would always have some risk attached to it if people were using this as an avenue to migrate.