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  1. ali

    History of inpatient mental health

    Hey, Welcome to the forum. My suggestion would be to get your psychiatrist and psychologist to write a letter for you. Whilst my issue was physical, I was told that the Dr should write: What the illness is and duration, what treatment/investigations you've had or are having, and the prognosis over the next 5 years. By providing information at the medical it may save them asking you to go and see a psychiatrist.
  2. ali


    There is a visitor visa that allows longer stays and allows you to stay for 12 months. As it is a tourist visa you wouldn't be eligible to anything other than emergency care, unless covered by holiday insurance. This visa can have a no further stay condition and you may be asked to show proof of funds. There may be other visa's that someone more knowledgeable can comment on.
  3. ali

    Australia after 8 years - the good, bad & the ugly!

    I enjoyed reading your list - even after 12 years I can agree about spiders and cockroaches and bare feet in the shops. I can't say I've ever had an M&S ready meal so don't feel i'm missing out. Chocolate - we have a shop that we can get thorntons from, but I don't mind Aussie chocolate and keep it in the fridge. I tend to buy the English Sausage Company sausages (the Welsh ones are nice) and agree that meat from the butchers is better quality but as expected more expensive. Our UK visitors often comment that the meat is nicer (but they don't buy their meat from M&S). I always raise my hand at a Zebra crossing to acknowledge that the driver stopped Not being a dog owner, I agree that they should not be allowed to go everywhere, I have noticed though that in Aus people are pretty good at picking up after them. I think the school zones are a good idea - I think the extended times are ok as often schools run before and after school clubs so there are generally more kids around - always pays to be careful.
  4. ali

    Wrong advise from agent urgent help required

    If the company are sponsoring him, is the agent one that they have employed? I agree that he needs to look at another agent who can assist trying to rescue the situation. Surely the employer would have known if they have sponsored before? I'm assuming they have (and meet the necessary criteria) and they should have known this information also. I don't know much about employee sponsored visa's, but don't the company have to put in their nomination? Has that been approved? If the agent is MARA registered, you can complain,
  5. ali

    GCSEs or WACE?

    He wouldn't be able to apply for citizenship when the rest of you do.
  6. No, but you will be left without a visa I would imagine if you don't.
  7. ali

    Immigration2Oz Evidence Checking session

    I think there are a lot of agents who will give a free consult to see if you are eligible to start applying for the visa/skills assessments based on a quick chat. What evidence is your agent actually checking if you haven't started the process?
  8. ali

    GCSEs or WACE?

    I would speak to the proposed school, not such if you can get credited learning. But to get WACE you need to have achieved a minimum of 20 units with at least 10 of those units being in year 12. Your child would also do the OLNA test for English literacy (required to receive WACE as they would have missed year 9 NAPLAN). If you arrive mid way through term 3 then your child will have little time to repeat the necessary requirements with term ending in September and term 4 not starting again until October 14th. As the school year ends on 19th December that's only a matter of weeks. Have you considered enrolling your child in year 10 so that they can do the full two years and have an opportunity to choose subjects they might like. If they want to go to Uni, getting the ATAR score will be important (is accumulated over the two years study). My son had a friend in his class who had re-joined and gone back a year.
  9. ali

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    Is the agent MARA registered?
  10. ali

    Got what he deserved? 👋

    That was my take on it too - I would be disgusted with my son had he done this and I do believe that it was assault. I think the slap was reactionary but what followed an over-reaction. Having said that, there's been politicians murdered and no-one would know what else the teen had on/with him.
  11. ali

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    I'm sorry to hear you're not settling Ema, how long have you been back in the UK?
  12. ali

    143 parent visa

    It must be very frustrating, as mentioned they have a cap as to how many visa's they allocate and they will be getting hundreds/thousands of applications from all over the world.
  13. ali

    143 parent visa

    It must be very frustrating, as mentioned they have a cap as to how many visa's they allocate and they will be getting hundreds/thousands of applications from all over the world.
  14. If you report it to the police you may get a number (not sure of the process), If you take the police job number and a copy of your UK licence they may be able to issue you with a QLD one. I'd phone and ask
  15. ali

    Weighing things up

    Were you a nursing assistant and did you do any NVQ? You might be able to get some time knocked off your degree for prior learning.