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  1. Fingers crossed. Yeah higher grade.
  2. Yes, 7 Essential Criteria and 4 Desirable
  3. It's so different here (in WA at least) as you don't just do your CV but also have to address the selection criteria. For this one there were 7 Essential and 4 desirable
  4. I've spent a collective total of 13 hours this weekend doing a job application - i'm shattered.
  5. ali

    Social Work Jobs - WA

    www.jobs.health.wa.gov.au if you're looking for something in health. Child communities (if you're looking at child protection), also take a look at seek.
  6. I think you're reading too much into it - I work in mental health and we abbreviate it to MH all the time.
  7. Because MH doesn't just cover psychological conditions it also covers things like, Schizophrenia, delusional disorders, Bi-polar affective disorder, Personality disorders (as examples)
  8. ali


    I've you're working in the NHS enquire about a career break (I know my trust did them but I didn't use it).
  9. I hope you were all still smiling.
  10. Had a busy but enjoyable Easter. Picnic on the foreshore Friday, out for dinner with the Hubby to Wildflower on Saturday and family meal yesterday. Hope you all had a lovely Easter break
  11. ali

    Wine in supermarkets

    Mr Google says it's the licensing laws and that you have to be 18 to serve alcohol
  12. ali


    I only have an Australian passport now - makes it much simpler
  13. ali

    What are you paying for fuel?

    I paid $1.98 yesterday at my local petrol station
  14. ali

    Presents to take back to UK

    I love vegemite and can't stand marmite lol.
  15. ali

    Presents to take back to UK

    How old are the children? Aussie towels (we bought some on our first trip and lasted years), Australian art, you can pick up leather wallets/purses from tourist shops. agree with the cherry ripes and tim tams, vegemite