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  1. ali

    Day to Day Diary of Coronavirus/Covid-19 2020

    When I said we're .. I meant myself and my family - I appreciate that you may not be an essential worker
  2. ali

    Day to Day Diary of Coronavirus/Covid-19 2020

    Perhaps we're all essential workers PB - did you think of that
  3. ali

    Day to Day Diary of Coronavirus/Covid-19 2020

    I work in community MH and it's presenting it's own unique challenges - we're trying to reduce contacts but we have over 200 patients who will need to be seen face to face and some of those will be in their home. We also have to respond to crisis in the community. We're trying to plan for eventualities and losing our workforce and like everywhere still waiting on supplies of PPE. Staff upskilling to work on the wards/ED etc., reorganising clinics to reduce the amount of people at one time. We've closed our doors and screening questions are asked via intercom. Despite some anxieties for safety the team I work with have been brilliant, calm and just getting on with it.
  4. ali

    Day to Day Diary of Coronavirus/Covid-19 2020

    We're all still working … so we all went to work and all came home (late).
  5. I so enjoyed reading your story - thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum
  6. A friend had high blood pressure (lots of stress/loss of a parent), she was asked to see a cardiologist - had a stress test and echocardiogram - all ok and got her visa. She did pay private to get the report done more quickly.
  7. ali

    Corona Virus

    Yep - the unions (too late) have issued a statement asking for schools to be shut, attendance down to 55% yesterday - so almost half the school staying home.
  8. ali

    Corona Virus

    I think it's quite disheartening, they're not really teaching at the moment, they're babysitting. She does afterschool activities twice a week called follow the dream for aboriginal students - helps them with applications for scholarships, doing their homework etc.. Parents still mistake her for one of the pupils - at Harmony night last year a parent asked what year she was in lol
  9. ali

    Corona Virus

    My daughter has been coming into direct contact with over 100 pupils per day in the classes she teaches. There's barely 2 inches of room between desks and not room to move them the required social distance. The school has not handwash/sanitiser because it's run out and they can't even go to the shop to buy more because of the panic buyers. She's unable to approach a child to help them with their work because of the distance she has to stand away from them. She travels by train to work (still packed on like sardines). Attendance was down to 60% last week - it was suggested they combine classes. She's put work on line although the education dept has said she is under no obligation to do so for those pupils who have been voluntarily kept away.
  10. ali

    Corona Virus

    Sadly keeping schools open though
  11. ali

    491 visa

    I guess the question would also be if you'd made a fraudulent statement in your visa application (i.e. in your commitment to NT), It already sounds like you don't want to commit to the state you're asking to sponsor you.
  12. ali

    Shared container

    Can you not consider getting rid of some stuff and going for a sole use 20ft?
  13. ali

    Shared container

    We considered it initially, but as you have to wait for the other half of the container to be filled (and they could not give a time frame for that), we decided against it. Shipment of a sole container is around 12 week, we didn't want the container sitting there x amount of weeks waiting. We had a 3 bedroomed house and easily filled a 20ft.
  14. ali

    Partner visa advice!

    I did read somewhere that if your partner is still married it is more complex and that they would need to provide evidence of being separated and why they hadn't divorced.
  15. I believe you can work up to 40 hours per fortnight on this visa - some places may offer fixed term contracts, it may be worthwhile exploring casual work with an agency so you don't breech the visa requirements regarding work.