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  1. Some things may not be fully covered by medicare such as scans and you may have to pay the gap. If you have private health cover - you could choose a private Dr.
  2. ali

    Sponsor going bust

    I agree that you need legal advice - as you really run the risk of providing false information regarding your relationship - would you be asking friends to submit documentation and not mention that you'd been split from your partner? If you went down the partner visa route and were granted only the temporary visa - would you both be happy for another 2 years in a marriage designed only to keep you in Australia?
  3. ali

    Baby health care

    Hi Stephen, As Marisa says, it really is a matter of turning up at the Dr's (you don't need to do this with any urgency), if you don't like the practise you can change.
  4. ali

    Sponsor going bust

    Marriage in itself isn't enough to get you a visa.
  5. All the schools in UK and Aus that my children have attended had uniforms for both day wear and a different one for sports. I did begrudge paying for the UK HS one as she was only there 3 months before we moved as it was very expensive as all of the clothing had a small school logo badge stitched on them and they were the only ones you could buy.
  6. ali

    Australia’s Best Fish and Chip Award

    I'll take that picture as the great British fish you like rather than an admission of trolling (which you know if against the rules).
  7. ali

    "Australia Ruined"

    Things may have changed - lots of cooking shows now and BBQ'ing features. ETA - we cook far more variety here on a BBQ than we ever did in the UK - but in fairness we do BBQ most weekends here
  8. ali

    3 months back in the UK

    Millions of people the world over make tea with tea bags and not loose leaf in a pot - not country specific.
  9. ali

    "Australia Ruined"

    You must be so glad that you don't have to eat anything Australian now - your experience seems to have had such a lasting impact.
  10. ali

    Resident Return Visa query/panic!

    You would have put your maiden name on the original application and supplied your marriage certificate - so you're not providing new information. I know it's frustrating, but they won't be picking on you specifically for your gender. All applications will be treated separately - e.g. we all got our passports at different times, even though they all went in on the same day.
  11. ali

    Australia’s Best Fish and Chip Award

    Have to agree with others that I've found the fish to be great - our local shop does the lightest batter. Chips are always a bit of a let down - even from the 'English' chip shop. When I was a teen, my friends parents owned a chip shop, we used to earn some pocket money at weekends by putting the potatoes in the peeling and chipping machines.
  12. Yes there are, but there are also parents who check their privacy settings religiously and don't accept friend requests from random strangers. My two are young adults but even as teens I would ask if it was OK to post a photo - they usually say yes "but don't tag me"
  13. ali

    Farm work required

    There are often adverts on gum tree - my nephew got a job at a cattle station in Mt. Isa from looking on there.
  14. ali

    Extending a tourist Visa.

    The different advice is the nature of the forum as most will not been in your situation of shipping household contents on a tourist visa. It may be best to contact a shipping company who can advise you of any legalities that they might face. I personally, wouldn't ship anything until I knew I had the correct visa in hand - but if you're determined to bring them out with you - then as your visa is a tourist one that is what you would need to put - I can't comment if that would jeopardise anything or not. It may be worth, packing, storing with the company and once you have the bridging visa then giving the go ahead to ship.
  15. ali

    Partner wants to go back, I don't!

    It sounds like he may not be happy even if he moves to the UK and get itchy feet again. I would certainly look at some couple counselling to get to the bottom of it - as you say, with the children it's not something you keep wanting to do.