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  1. My Dad lives there. Can I?

    Can you or your partner apply for a skilled visa?
  2. https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/work/work/2018-changes-of-eligible-skilled-occupations
  3. Here in WA the Nurse unit manager is a level 4 and the ANM a level 3 (clinical nurse specialist). It's not impossible to get this role but I would as Amber suggested also go for the Clinical nurse positions. I took a step back to go forward, it got my foot in the door and also allowed me time to learn new processes and the Australian way of working without any pressure. Are you coming on an independent visa? I ask because sometimes moving around on a sponsored visa can be difficult and you lack the opportunity to then go for secondments/promotional positions with other health services.
  4. You need to check if your registration is recognised by AHPRA - as I say, I am restricted to MH only as my qualification is RMN - not sure if learning disability is recognised for registration - have you looked at the skills lists to see if learning disability nurse is on there? ETA - the reason for the notation is that Aus doesn't have specific MH, disability or Paediatric training.
  5. I know when I first arrived there was a nurse who was disability trained in the UK but was working as an EN as his qualification wasn't recognised. I agree with Amber in looking at the learning disability services job wise, but unsure about registering with AHPRA. I know my registration as an RMN allows me only to work in MH
  6. Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    If you have appointed an agent to act on your behalf then all correspondence goes to them.
  7. Here in WA (might be similar in QLD), Staff Nurse = level 1 (they go in increments here for length of service/experience e.g. 1.9), Senior Staff nurse (Clinical Nurse) = Level 3, Sister (clinical nurse specialist/manager) Level 3 and above. Our director of nursing is Level 7
  8. I was a G grade/band 7 in the UK prior to moving to Aus and initially in Aus worked on the ward for a few months and applied for positions as they came up working my way back up to an equivalent position. I moved 11 years ago and had a job lined up, now I would make sure that you're in a position to move if you get offered a job (registration/visa in place), as if met with two suitable candidates they're likely to go with the one whose more readily available. Roles and responsibilities are similar - what is different is the processes and procedures and even the recruitment process. I don't know about over East, but certainly, there are less jobs advertised in nursing than there was previously. Whilst not impossible to go straight into a senior position, your wife may have to think about getting a foot in the door and taking a step back. Here in WA, all government jobs (public hospitals) are advertised on jobs.wa .. there may be something similar over East.
  9. You will need to look at getting a resident return visa for yourself - you may only be granted a one year one due to your absence from Australia (unless you got citizenship). Your husband will then need to look at getting a partner visa. https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/visa-1/155-
  10. Returning to UK on my own

    What do you mean by assistance? You have to pass the Habitual Residency test for any financial assistance - after 30 years away, you probably won't be able to apply for any financial assistance right away.
  11. Working visa

    I'm assuming you will be going on your husbands visa. You need to register with AHPRA (and be degree trained). http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Registration-and-Endorsement/International.aspx
  12. Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    We got our citizenship a number of years ago and from test to ceremony it took 5 months. We were informed that the time to do all the checks was unpredictable and once notified it was then up to individual shires. Our shire e.g. holds ceremonies once a month but for only about 70 people
  13. Not declaring it on a landing card for a visit and then declaring in on a partner visa would cause you bigger problems ... remember it's called a character test (which they're going to question why you hid something and then said ... oh yes there was this one thing). Honesty, really is the best policy with immigration. It wouldn't harm him to bring some supporting evidence if he does get stopped coming through immigration and asked about it.
  14. Visa expiration

    Did you validate your visa and just not make the move? I wonder if you'd be able to apply for a Resident return visa - if you explained your circumstances (perhaps provide proof of the family illness e.g. letter from Dr) - you might have a chance of a 1 year visa???? It's worth looking at in the first instance rather than a whole new application.
  15. Visa change

    If you qualify for a different visa and can meet the requirements you could apply for a different visa - you can't just change your visa. However, someone more knowledgeable about the visa processes will be along to answer your question.