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  1. Do look at the visa rules for the student as there may be a restriction on hours you can work during term times also
  2. School Age Calculator Australia (schoolinfo.com.au) This suggests it's right - Prep in 2021 and year 1 in 2022
  3. ali

    Your last meal....

    My dad made the best meat and potato pies (cheese and onion ones too), he used to bake up a storm when he came to visit and fill the freezer. I was the only one who liked the cheese pies so did give some away - dad became legendary
  4. ali

    100 visa

    Unfortunately, the members of the forum can only offer you advice and support. You will need the assistance of a lawyer
  5. ali

    Your last meal....

    British shop in Kardinya has English Crisps
  6. ali

    Your last meal....

    I think they call it pickled pork here. An English butcher might have it.
  7. ali

    Dual Citizenship travel

    We let our British Passports expire - and didn't get challenged on returning to the UK on our Australian ones. It may have something to do with length of stay perhaps?
  8. ali

    Medical Approval Query

    When I went for my medical (many moons ago), my son and I had a condition that would have required additional information. I was advised to take consultant letters advising of: The condition, any investigations, treatments etc., and what the prognosis would be. I was able to submit these at the medical and there was no further request for any other reports/investigations. It helps to supply some additional information from your doctor at the time of the medical.
  9. ali

    Relocation agents WA

    Unable to make any recommendations I'm afraid as we didn't use one. The majority of people usually do as you're doing (renting an AirBnB or holiday let) and then hunting for a rental. If you have an idea of where you want to live you could join a facebook group for that suburb and ask if there are any lease breaks. I don't think anything beats being able to view a house and a suburb yourself rather than relying on a third party who doesn't really know your personal preferences
  10. ali

    Which school-Perth?

    It's a little while ago now, but I do know some migrants who had some difficulty in getting employment for around that period - luckily not both of the couple so that had one salary coming in.
  11. I got the job that I went for the other week - the best thing is that I don't actually leave the place/team that i'm working with.
  12. ali

    The Official Weather Thread

    Hopefully the thread is back on track now - Thanks Simmo for the rule reminder.
  13. No, but usually gets a good crowd
  14. ali

    AHPRA 'In principle' in 16 days!! :)

    What's your profession? AHPRA is the registration body, it does not do skills assessments to satisfy the visa requirements