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  1. ali

    What's The Question?

    The first 10 digits of Pi
  2. I was just summarising - but decided to copy the recent guidelines after you quoted all the states
  3. WA is still testing hundreds of people for COVID. The latest advice from WA DOH Get tested for COVID-19 early – people are most infectious when they first experience symptoms. COVID-19 can cause a range of symptoms. These can range from mild illness to pneumonia. If you experience any of the below symptoms, no matter how mild, please get a COVID-19 test. fever of 37.5°C or above OR fever in the last few days (for example, night sweats or chills) coughing, shortness of breath, sore throat loss of smell or taste. Testing is available at COVID clinics, regional public hospitals and health services, remote health clinics (where COVID clinics are not available) and, private pathology centres. For locations and opening days and times please see below. Note: testing at public COVID-19 clinics (metropolitan and regional) is free. No Medicare card is required. Stay home until you get your results. Fees may apply at private pathology centres and GP respiratory clinics. The advice looks pretty similar to me
  4. You don't need permission from your GP you can just turn up and be screened at one of the covid clinics (one at RPH or Armadale) and they will determine if a test is necessary. You can be assessed if you have a tempt 37.5 or above, documented history of fever in the last few days, respiratory infection,
  5. ali

    We have finally arrived in Perth

    Glad you've arrived safe and sound
  6. ali

    Anyone watching the cricket ?

    It was an exciting finish
  7. The defacto visa doesn't guarantee PR right away - it is likely your partner will be given the temporary visa ($7,715 which is for the temporary and PR parts of the visa) - processing time currently is 24 - 27 months. The sponsor (you) has to be approved and the applicant must have an approved sponsor at the time of application. In some states you can register a relationship which can reduce the 12 months criteria The question is do you see the relationship as a Marriage (essentially what defacto is) or dating? No offence meant with the next comments, but - No-one knows what's around the corner and your relationship is a relatively new one. Should your relationship end before your partner gets PR they would then have to look at getting another visa - by that time (don't know your ages) their points could have reduced making it more difficult to get a Visa. If the relationship breaks down and you met someone else - there is a 5 year limitation to be able to sponsor someone else or be sponsored. The benefits of the employer sponsored visa would be that your partner would be fully independent. If your partner is eligible now for an ENS visa these are just over $4,000 I think and under normal circumstances (pre COVID) had processing times of less than a year.
  8. ali

    Cost of moving to Oz

    The easiest way for you to prove her dependence at time of visa grant is for her to be in education.
  9. Our experience was a number of years ago, our cat was 13 when she travelled. We'd initially been worried about her age and the flight but our vet said she was healthy and no reason not to take her if that's what we decided. We used a carrier (pets on the move) who had an agent local to us. Our cat was picked up from our home - we sent a cushion she liked to sit on - we weren't sure that it would travel with her but took the chance. Back then, she also had to do 30 days in quarantine, when we picked her up she was healthy, a little quiet but otherwise seemed unaffected by the journey. At quarantine, they did bring her out in the crate she'd travelled in which was very spacious and had both the water and food bowl attached to it. , we were reassured by the size of the crate and hubby commented that she'd had more leg room than we did lol. She didn't have any problems settling in and she lived to a grand old age of 21.
  10. ali

    Cost of moving to Oz

    Your eldest will still need to be dependent upon you at time of visa grant - if she's planning on Uni here there's a thread someone was asking about A level equivalents to get into Uni and Quoll put a link for WA. PR means she'll be eligible for domestic fees which are still payable up front per semester but more reasonable than international fees.
  11. ali

    Cost of moving to Oz

    It's a collective cost - so a lot will have been paid out prior e.g. skills assessments, English tests, registration fees (if applicable), medicals, visas. Visa fees went up to $7,000+ a few years ago.
  12. ali

    Cost of moving to Oz

    I would echo this - from memory, the skills assessment process for social work isn't a quick one (not sure of cost). I personally, wouldn't contemplate the temporary visa if for no other reason that your eldest wants to study - which will mean international fees for study (paid up front) which are astronomical.
  13. Enjoyed a staycation with our friends at Crown Towers .. view from our room
  14. As others have said only citizens get loans and PR's get domestic fees - here in WA these have to be paid up front each semester.