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  1. I watched on the Sunday and although some bits were a bit boring, I thought Charles looked quite emotional at times. I loved the spectacle that it brought.
  2. WA nurses are the second lowest paid in the country. Perhaps your nursing neigbours work part time, casual or night shifts? I know when my children were smaller I would work nights during the school holidays arranging my shifts so I didn't need to put them in holiday clubs as much.
  3. A while ago now but my brother met his now wife whilst in Aus on a WHV. My sister-in-law did have duel citizenship and came to live in the UK with my brother for several months whilst they applied for a partner visa. They provided evidence that their correspondence whilst apart was about living together/long term future etc., I would suggest your partner looking at the WHV so that you can live together, or you consider going to the UK as you suggested.
  4. Not sure what time it will be shown on TV - I have something on that day , but will watch if i'm home or at least the highlights as it's an historic event.
  5. ali

    Moving to Perth from uk

    Been a while but we used John Masons who were brilliant and we had no issues.
  6. My two are now adults, my daughter 28 lives with her partner 29 and currently rent as he went back to Uni (career change) and in his final year. He only works part time during term time. They rent an apartment in South Perth and will be looking to buy a home next year. They'd love to stay in the area they are now but property prices may be a little too expensive for them, however, they will be able to afford something in a nice area. My son 23 and his girlfriend 21 both live at home and are saving - rental prices are quite high a the moment and i think they'd struggle financially without some savings behind them.
  7. ali

    491 Visa Validation

    Any airport - you just need to enter Australia
  8. ali


    I remember feeling it feeling quite an alien environment - little things like not knowing where to buy something, if there was a late night chemist and at the time, no late night shop opening or PH. I also remember feeling quite 'people' sick, missed connections, history I had with people, colleagues who i'd worked with a long time. Give it some time, take the opportunity to meet some people, get a bit of a social life - if at the end of the day you find it's not for you then you've done something a lot of people haven't and it's been an adventure.
  9. Made me smile too .. do they know how expensive Marmite is in the British shops?
  10. Our friends and family too. We've been fortunate that the move has been a good one for us.
  11. ali

    How many members were here from the start?

    Congratulations on the baby
  12. ali

    How many members were here from the start?

    I used to enjoy the live chat rooms years ago. I guess there are a lot of different sources now that people can get information from. Still some lasting friendships have been forged from the site which is always nice.
  13. ali

    Things you wish you took

    We brought everything as well (other than fitted robes and appliances) including the washer and dryer. We're so glad we did - reduced our stress levels and financial outgoings in those early days as we didn't have many huge purchases to think about
  14. ali

    How many members were here from the start?

    Lol - I can tell you it wasn't pleasant and Cal and I have had more than a few nasty pm's in our time.