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  1. ali

    When and how did you tell family?

    We agonised over telling our parents (or rather I did), particularly my dad who when we left would have been on his own. He was a little upset but also supportive having had the opportunity to work overseas when younger but my mother didn't want to and he said the chance never came around again and that was something he would have liked to have done. My hubbys' parents were OK and didn't have any major reaction, although his 90 year old grandma was planning her trip (sadly she died the month before we moved). I agree with Quoll in that you have to think about what's right for you - we can't live our lives for other people, but to also acknowledge that for our parents/siblings there may be a sense of loss/grief.
  2. ali

    Shipping a cat to Australia

    It's a long time ago for us but we brought our cat. As hubby said we'd had her longer than the children and couldn't leave her behind unless the vet said it wasn't in her best interest. Like Amber at that time it was a 30 day quarantine - when we collected her they gave us the crate she'd travelled in and it was very roomy and had her cushion from home in it. She was healthy but a little quiet on picking her up but was fine within a couple of hours. She'd been well cared for whilst in quarantine and we didn't have any issues.
  3. ali

    Perth rentals

    You should be able to find a rental, some will be more competitive depending on the area
  4. ali

    Living in New Zealand

    Nope never thought of it ... but NZ is on our 'to do list' for a holiday
  5. We were the same, allowed eating with hands as they were learning to feed themselves but also teaching them how to use cutlery. My two also went to nurseries were meal times were social times and the use of cutlery encouraged if the meal dictated it. We always sit at the table for dinner
  6. We were talking about this at dinner last night - we're desperate to be able to see my brother in QLD and also travel, however, we do feel it's likely (particularly here in WA and our cautious premier) that quarantine of some fashion (depending on where you've been) will still be in place - so you'd end up using a big chunk (if not all) of your leave entitlement to cover this.
  7. ali

    Proof of residential address

    Do they have a bank/savings account - you can ask the bank for a statement or a letter from the school?
  8. To refer someone under the act (in WA) they have to have a disturbance of thought or perception, mood or volition, orientation or memory with impaired judgement or behaviour and be a significant risk to the health/safety of themselves or others. Here in Aus, each state has it's own mental health act but will i'm sure be similar. For WA, being referred (formed) is for an assessment by a psychiatrist who will then determine if the person needs to remain in hospital or not.
  9. ali

    We made it to Perth!

    So convenient for the city and Freo
  10. ali

    We made it to Perth!

    I'm in Leeming too - Welcome to our suburb
  11. My daughter and I went to our third ballet performance of the season yesterday and for those in Perth - the performances from the company this year have been excellent. You can get cheap tickets (we paid only $30 for our matinee tickets yesterday) and the ballet (Coppelia) was very entertaining. We took some friends who were going for the first and second time and they found this ballet really easy to follow. the added bonus of music from WASO and it was a delightful afternoon followed by dinner and drinks in a rooftop bar in the city. Who said there was nothing to do in Perth?
  12. ali

    ANMAC skills assessment

    if you are degree trained then you won't need to do a bridging course.
  13. ali

    We made it to Perth!

    Kmart is always good for cheap everyday essentials to tide you over and won't cost you a fortune to set up.
  14. Huge congratulations - being friends away from PIO, I know how much this has meant to you and how much you've invested. You totally deserve to be happy with your efforts and reward. I'm sure you'll make an excellent nurse and wish you every success in your career xxx
  15. ali

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    If we can refrain from the person digs at others it would be appreciated. I'd hate for the thread to have to be closed.