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  1. ali

    AHPRA Curriculum Vitae

    AHPRA have a template for a CV on their website.
  2. ali

    Ceremony experience? Young Children?

    We did our ceremony as a family - we did have to stand at the front to take our pledge though - it might be worth taking another adult so that they can sit with the children whilst you're actually doing that part of the ceremony
  3. ali

    How do you fry your eggs?

    I love scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and cream … once a year delight (usually Christmas)
  4. The consistent answer you're getting Kiki - is that we don't know how this will effect your visa application and you need to speak to a registered migration agent to help you navigate this, Even if you pay the money back - I imagine that legal action can still be sought by centrelink (if they did or not that would be up to them) and if immigration checked, despite having paid the money back, there would still be evidence that you'd claimed (technically) to be single whilst in a defacto relationship. The evidence you provide will contradict the evidence available at centrelink (a government department). The majority of members will only be guessing what an outcome might be - which is why you need to seek the advice of a professional who can help you.
  5. ali

    UK General Election Predictor

    We won't Simmo - we don't live there anymore nor intend to (if that changed we'd register to vote), I don't feel it's right to exercise a vote under those circumstances. I know others will and that's ok, but it doesn't sit well with me to do it.
  6. ali

    Australia and Climate Change

    When you copy and paste could you leave out the parts out at the bottom (on subscribing). How old is your source PB as the first line talks about reaching a certain target by 2013
  7. You have started multiple threads on the same topic - you need to get professional advice from an agent (those who post regularly on her come recommended by others). Technically, you have committed benefit fraud by not declaring to centre link for 2 years.
  8. ali

    Joint account

    Other than the marriage certificate - what proof do you have that your relationship has been lasting and ongoing?
  9. It seems that your application may be a little more complicated from your posts with the non declaration of a defacto relationship to centre link. It may be wise to get some professional advice on this matter. I would also recommend that you keep all your questions to one thread as that keeps any advice in one place.
  10. AHPRA give a standard CV format - it would probably help if people were more specific about which section they are having difficulty in and then suggestions can be offered.
  11. Are you and your wife living together as a couple?
  12. ali

    How do you fry your eggs?

    I use canola oil (or spray canola oil on the BBQ). Have the heat high, until the egg goes into the pan then turn onto medium. I baste the egg rather than turning it over. Depends how i'm managing the multi-tasking if they're straight from the fridge or at room temp. we don't like the edges crispy.
  13. ali

    Options after having two WHV

    Qualifying as a psychologist, getting some experience and then applying for a skilled visa, alternatively, his partner could apply for a skilled visa (if they have an occupation in demand and pass the skills assessment etc., he could then come as the defacto (if they meet that criteria
  14. ali

    How is Megan doing so far?

    I like some of them PB