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  1. There's also the cost of schooling for her children whilst on a bridging visa
  2. ali

    Ask about depression

    I see your posting from the US - not sure what the health system is like there for accessing health care for Mental health. As Parley says, first step is your primary care provider, it doesn't necessarily mean medication, first line treatment for mild depression would be 'talk' therapy.
  3. ali

    RIP Maradona

    He was a great footballer, had the pleasure of seeing him play
  4. ali

    Brisbane or Perth for young family

    Due to our hard borders, we did very well during the pandemic.
  5. This post is from 2008 and the poster is likely not to be receiving notifications from PIO being identified as a guest
  6. ali

    Best way to save house deposit

    I don't see the post as trolling, I did feel your response was a little rude - but that's the problem with the written word, we assume the intonation The admin support you refer to is the site owner and hasn't had any issue with my moderation.
  7. ali

    Visa medical reassurance

    They usually request a specialist report/review.
  8. ali

    Best way to save house deposit

    It's a public forum, the poster hasn't broken any rules. People can only reply to the information in the posts
  9. ali

    Does nobody own a small car in Perth?

    As we've heard that immigration do, from time to time check out forums like ours - best not to advertise that you're not here legally.
  10. It certainly doesn't sound as if your neighbors have been kind and that you feel alone. I don't think most people are being critical (you always get one or two on a forum with thousands of members), I feel they're just sharing their own experiences and suggestions of things that might have helped them.
  11. Our community is a nice one however, I've never been one to live in my neighbours pockets and am quite content to wave and say hello. We don't have street parties now that our kids are older, but we still have a lot of the same neighbours and I know that we could call on them if needed in a time of crisis.
  12. ali

    Simply the best

    I've enjoyed all the places we've visited and each holds a special memory - I never tire of NYC, places I'd go back to .. San Fran, Vancouver and Banff
  13. ali


    I've never thought of it before - any secure parking would come at a fee. You could e.g. ask at the backpackers you were staying (but i'm guessing it would be at your own risk), get friendly with someone and see if they'll let you park on their drive.
  14. ali

    Talking Retirement

    I have absolutely loved this thread, reading the experiences and insight of others .. thank you all so much for sharing.
  15. Had you been before and were dreading the move or just wasn't really up for migrating? I'm sorry to hear that you've been unhappy for so long, sounds as if Perth has just really reinforced those initial misgivings you had.