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    Moved to WA from Preston Lancs in Jan 2007 - didn't hate the UK, just wanted to try something new


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  1. You've probably done this already - but have you made sure that your email was correct and checked spam folder?
  2. I keep telling you quality is better than quantity lol, but to answer your question - I work 40 hours a week, I usually have a browse between 5am - 7am before going to work .. then later when i'm home from work or on a day off.
  3. I would take the course (it may not be offered continually). You'd still be old enough to do the WHV - and during the WHV there may be no guarantee of finding regular work.
  4. An estimated 40,000 turned out for the Dawn Service here in Kings Park (Perth), lots of other regional dawn services too.
  5. Pretty much like now, there was an announcement that the rules would change and if you hadn't arrived before July 1st. but a few months grace.
  6. Some people had PR and wouldn't have validated and would have then fallen into the new rules.
  7. Moving the goal posts is something that they have always done, when we arrived they also changed the goal posts for citizenship in that if you arrived after July 1st 2007 then you would then have to wait 4 years and not 2 for your citizenship and they introduced the citizenship test.. We were fortunate that we fell into the old rules by 6 months, had we not, we'd have been put out but with nothing else to do about it, we would, like thousands of others have waited the 4 years. It's not the first time the goal posts have changed and it won't be the last.
  8. Probably not .... but hope you're OK
  9. I wouldn't bother with the plugs - they're different in Aus
  10. We brought our cat .. yes for ours and the kids sake, as my husband commented, we'd had her longer than the kids and she was part of our family. We did however, take her to the vet as she was 14/15 years old, had the vet said it wasn't in her best interest we wouldn't have brought her (the in-laws had offered to have her). The vet said that there was no reason for her not to travel and reassured us regarding the journey. He pet carrier for the airline had much more space and height than the carrier we used, there was water/food. She was in quarantine for a month here in Perth and she was in perfect condition on her arrival and when she left. We don't think we were cruel and got to enjoy another 6 years with our beloved pet.
  11. I agree, having some familiar things around you can help with the process of settling (IMHO), it was particularly good for the kids
  12. With the boy this weekend, Soccer Saturday which turns into a full day watching the 18's, reserves and first team, then he is refereeing Sunday morning (2 games), still on his L's so relies on us for the lifts.
  13. It's only the 'travel' part of the visa that expires - were you to go on holiday/leave the country and don't have citizenship then you would have to apply for a resident return visa. Once you have the citizenship ceremony and become a citizen - then your PR visa is cancelled
  14. I think QLD must have been difficult for a few years, my colleague who is Australian and trained (nursing) in Aus went to QLD with her partner and was unable to find any work other than casual shifts with an agency - she had to return to WA after less than a year
  15. I've never had it said to me with any malice (i'm from Lancashire too .. maybe that's it? lol)