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  1. ali

    transferring orthodontics WA to UK

    Is it worth contacting an orthodontist in the area you're moving to and asking them the question?
  2. ali

    Perth Transit

    Virgin have a self bag drop - if you check in on line prior to the flight you might just be able to use the bag drop
  3. ali

    Birmingham Pride:

    No it didn't, it was rather tasteless. I'm told it was a library pic from Toronto and nothing to do with Birmingham.
  4. ali

    Schools to start weighing children

    I was listening to a phone in driving to work the other day about a sugar tax on soft drinks. One of the callers said that they should be taxing the manufacturers and making them reduce sugar content.
  5. ali

    Schools to start weighing children

    Not all children are sporty - but the old style 'activity' games to provide exercise were a great way to get kids moving. One of the problems is the sedentary lifestyle that has developed, I know we joke about "when we were kids" but we did make our own entertainment and a lot of it was playing outside.
  6. ali

    Is Australia your 'forever home?'

    We were having a conversation last night about our journey and how we hadn't expected to be living in Aus (moving when we were 40). We're certainly a never say never couple and you just don't know where life will take you. We did also talk about retirement - my only regret about leaving the UK is that with special Mental Health officer status, I could retire at 55 lol
  7. ali

    Schools to start weighing children

    Yes she did, however, my child was underweight, they assumed she didn't eat when the opposite was true. The problem with this isn't the weighing, but it's about making uniformed assumptions afterwards. Had they bothered to ask, I would have told them what during that pregnancy my daughter had in uterine growth restriction, after birth she failed to thrive weight wise and didn't achieve the lowest centile. Her paediatrician said there wasn't any cause for concern, she was fit and healthy and following her own centile. Children can be 'overweight' for a lot of different reasons but the assumption is that they over-eat/bad parenting when there may be a medical condition.
  8. ali

    Schools to start weighing children

    I remember my eldest (now 23) being weighed in primary school in the UK
  9. My daughter has gone to the opening night of Aladdin .. regretting not buying tickets now
  10. ali

    Ahpra - hours worked per year?

    I would imagine it's contracted hours excluding OT. Your HR dept should be able to give you a statement stating that you have been employed in a position for x amount of time and at x amount of ours per week.
  11. It seems to have been a great atmosphere with the world cup
  12. ali

    World Cup Thread

    I'm sorry, I don't understand your comment
  13. ali

    Christmas in July

    our friends do it .. it started off as a Christmas dinner, but got bigger over the years and is really just a themed party.
  14. ali

    World Cup Thread

    No I didn't know that about AFL … and knowing it now doesn't make me like it any better