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  1. ali

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    WA also has a reduction on Incoming travelers - not sure what the numbers are now but previously they were one of the lowest quota's.
  2. ali

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    The internal borders change all the time in response to any community transmissions, during WA's own lockdown anyone from Vic had to quarantine and Perth (with one case of community transmission) was elevated to high risk by the other states. No guarantees that the interstate borders won't change, but at least if you fly into the state you're heading into you know it's only 2 weeks. I know that her in WA for example they were considering quarantine outside of the CBD but there's been no further info on that.
  3. ali

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    To be honest, if it were me, I'd just fly to where it is that i'm locating to and save the potential of having to do quarantine twice by travelling interstate
  4. ali

    190 Nurse

    As you're all ready registered you would apply for the modified skills assessment with ANMAC
  5. ali

    Visiting parent query

    Could the visa attract a no further stay clause if you're not ready to retire and your other half still needs to travel to see you?
  6. Byford was classed as regional and is close to amenities - certainly not the outback - do check the suburbs that you're allowed
  7. ali

    Blood tests, prescriptions, RHCA

    Thanks Loopylu - good to know for the OP of someone who has been through the process
  8. ali

    Blood tests, prescriptions, RHCA

    No, I was just querying as you said to enrol with medicare - I didn't know you could do that as a tourist
  9. ali

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    I don't particularly like being cold - my favourite season in both hemispheres is Spring
  10. We haven't visited NZ yet (one on the list of the border re-opening). I do agree with your analogy of 2/3 American and 1/3 British influence, it's probably how we've found it.
  11. ali

    Blood tests, prescriptions, RHCA

    They will be on a tourist visa as I understand it
  12. ali

    Blood tests, prescriptions, RHCA

    You can enter your medication on the PBS website and it should give you the PBS cost Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) | About the PBS I'm not sure how much the blood test would cost - at my pathology centre they do ask for a medicare card. I have had to pay for blood tests that weren't covered by medicacare - they were less than $100 (but it's a few years ago). I would do the same thing as you did in Spain, get a Dr. to give you a script, go to a walk in clinic or your sons GP and ask for a script. There may be a charge for the Dr's appointment and you won't get a rebate (can be about $70). The Dr will issue you with a script and pathology form. Alternatively, you could ask your Dr to do a letter explaining what medication hubby needs prescribing and what tests.
  13. ali

    And finally...

    Congratulations Wanderer - that's great news about the house.
  14. ali

    Advice on areas of Perth

    Are you looking for older or new property? Lots of new suburbs. I'm in an older burb (Leeming) which is ideal for us being about 20 mins away from the city, Freo
  15. ali

    Quarantine - Melbourne vs. Sydney

    Can't comment on the facilities, but do consider that the state border rules change her all the time and if your plan was e.g. to land in NSW do quarantine then go to Vic - you may find that you then have to do another lot of quarantine or self isolation in in Vic. Here in WA e.g. we had a swift lockdown and our state borders were hardened again as well as other states putting us on the high risk categories. You don't get to choose the type of accommodation you get