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  1. APHRA and ANMAC

    If you are already registered with AHPRA then they do a modified skills assessment.
  2. Visa landing question

    Check your visa grant, it's a long time ago but mine quite clearly said that the main applicant had to make the first entry (for us this just meant that I went to the desk in front of my other family members).
  3. UK NMC revalidation

    Some people will choose to keep renewing their registration. I let mine lapse as it was dead money to keep paying it.
  4. Pork pies

    Our local IGA (WA) does nice pork pies and also a Gala pie
  5. tourist visa multiple entry small print

    Don't know 100% but during the first 12 months you would be within your rights to do so as the visa allows it. After that, it's possible that immigration would not believe that you are a genuine tourist but trying to remain in the country and the may either refuse further visas or grant a visa with a no further stay condition. You might need to run it by a registered migration agent.
  6. How friendly is perth

    A few years ago, we were invited by a friend to join a large group of people going to Albany. You hired your own accommodation at the site and people tended to do their own thing during the day and the adults would 'gather' in the evening for drinks if they wanted. We met one of our now best friends at this - one evening we were the only people sat outside with our hubbies, got chatting and she's now the Auntie (not your real Auntie) to my two children. She's an Aussie and the kindest person that I have ever come across.
  7. I guess the thing to remember is that you are asking questions on an open forum and are going to get opinions (not expert advice) from the membership. Some of it you'll agree with and some you won't
  8. Emma, my daughter was 11 when we moved (now 22) and has said she's been really glad to have had her teenage years here in Aus. She may very well go off somewhere else and like you whilst part of me would be sad, the other would be proud of her. She's travelled Europe and spent a short time back in the UK visiting friends/family, but was really glad to get home.
  9. Yes you can ... but until you've had the ceremony you are not officially a citizen and cannot apply for a passport. Your certificate (which you receive at the ceremony) is proof of your citizenship until you get a passport. If you travelled before the ceremony, you would need to look into if you needed a RRV if the travel part of your existing visa has expired.
  10. Visa Info

    if you've missed the court date, (if it's anything like Aus), there may be a bench warrant out on you
  11. Pregnant Woman's Partner Deported

    I agree, on first reading you wonder if there's something more, they've been in Aus for 7 years on various visa's ... perhaps that's had something to do with the decision????
  12. We were only talking about our trip to Tassie and how much we liked it ... although, part of the enjoyment was just being a couple and being able to do as we pleased lol
  13. Definitely, we can only gain so much from others experiences .. gives us food for thought and a discussion topic of "what if that happens to us - how will be cope/what will we do" At the end of the day, we can only make the decisions that are going to make a difference to our own lives
  14. I'm a 'love Aus' person who feels very content here, but I know it's not a bed of roses and life wherever you are can throw curve balls that make you re-assess things. Like you (OP) we didn't have much support in the UK despite having family there, we'd always been a very self sufficient unit and in some ways this probably helped us settle. We'd visited Aus for 4 weeks in 2005 as a holiday but moved to WA sight unseen - we've never regretted it. I agree with Simmo about reading posts from both sides and asking if that is relevant for you. Before we migrated, I used to look for the moving back posts - some we disregarded right away .. e.g. the person who made their mind up they didn't like it on the journey from the airport (in the dark), and the people who couldn't buy English products .... but others were a source of discussion - what would we do if we/kids couldn't settle, missing family/friends etc., Embrace the experience, remember that nothing has to be forever and deciding to change your life's course won't mean that you've failed in anyway.
  15. WA Driving licence

    Could you not pay the additional fee for them to save you the hassle.