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  1. Hello, can anyone advise me on the cheapest carrier for my cat from UK to Melbourne please. Also any advice regarding the heinous process of shipping , vets, rabies, quarantine etc.
  2. We have filled in the passport application form online and booked his appointment with Australia house for next week but the cost to get to London is extortionate , just thought forget it and apply once back in Aus. Going to have to suck it up and go to London to save hassle at customs.
  3. We relocated back to UK in July this year and now we want to return to Australia ( for obvious reasons!) England isn't the same and we find it depressing to see good hardworking people struggling . My son has an expired Australian child passport but not an Adult Australian passport.( He has a certificate of citizenship) and will be travelling on his British passport. Will we encounter any problems at the airports?