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  1. bergerac14

    Pre-Empt Medical Information

    Hey @Hollruss92 My partner recently completed his medical for a TSS 482 4-year visa. His e-medical was signed off the next working day. Im sure you are aware of how they assess the health requirements, but heres a quick rundown (from my experience & research) You take a letter from the doctor / consultant who is caring for you partner, with all the key information in it: diagnosis, treatment & medication, prognosis etc. This gets supplied along with the panel doctors report. Immigration then take this info and if it gets flagged, it will get sent to immigrations health department where a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth will basically cost everything up. This will only be either the length of your visa (mine would have been costed for 4 years) or if you are applying for PR then it will be for a maximum of 10 years. If they deem it to be over a certain threshold (currently $51,000), then this will be deemed to be an excessive cost to Australia, and you would have to then look at health waivers (if one is availble for your visa) From what i costed up, $51k is a significant amount of money, and you'd have to have very severe active collitis to be reaching this threshold. I spoke to the panel doctor about Colitis, and she said she hadn't heard of anyone being refused for colitis. Chrons was a different story. I will add the usual caveat that if you have a health concern, you would be best to use a migration agent with experience of health issues. Some visas have health waivers available, other don't. Fingers Crossed - but I think you'll be fine
  2. I would say they are 2 totally separate things. I also found that question confusing. The case officer only assesses what's in front of them. So if you apply for a TSS 4-Year visa, they only consider all information about your medicals for the length of the visa you are applying for (4-Years). They then grant your TSS visa based on that information. Medicals are valid for 12 months I believe, but if you apply for PR it's a whole new visa with a new case officer etc. They would then look at your medical in a different way. If costs are involved, they would then assess them for a maximum of 10 years. Also bear in mind, for a 482 you can get by with just having a medical sometimes. I didn't have a chest x-ray, blood test etc. I'm pretty sure that these are required for a PR. So once you are granted TSS - Case closed. Applying for PR - new case open, re-assess everything again!
  3. bergerac14

    ? Criminal record

    Cautions most definitely are recorded and do show up on ACRO / SAR. My partner recently got his ACRO & SAR back - There was a reprimand on there for a broken window on a school bus in 2001 (Aged 12!) and a penalty notice for disorder which was verbally accepted without any arrests taking place. Neither of these were convictions and all are logged and reported back. So if you do have anything on your SAR, its better to declare it than not, because if they do check and then find out you lied, then bye bye visa!
  4. bergerac14

    ? Criminal record

    Hey, Am currently going through the same process too, and had 'No Live Trace' come back on my partners. Depending on how far along you are in the process, i'd recommend applying for a Subject Access Request from acro also. Its free and takes up to 30 days, and includes all correspondance with the police. So at least you'll have a clear picture of whats actually on the record, and you then can declare to immigration accordingly. That will hopefully avoind any nasy surprises! https://www.acro.police.uk/Subject-access-(1)
  5. bergerac14

    Pre-Empt Medical Information

    We're getting closer to applying for our Visas, and are anticipating what information to bring to the medical. My partner has Ulcerative Colitis, and we are assuming we're going to need a letter from the Consultant, detailing the disease, how it impacts day-to-day, medication and likely costs into the future for the MOC to make an assessment. Id like to pre-emptively do this, as im sure it will take a while to get it so we can take it along to the appointment. Does anyone have any information on what it should it definitely contain, to satisfy what they are most likely going to ask for? Anyone that has had experience with this id love to hear from! E
  6. Hey, Does anybody know if you are able to apply for the 186 DE visa, whilst already in Australia working on the 482 (Medium Stream)? Say after being in the country for 6 months. I know it doesn't make much sense financially, but technically is there any reason why you couldn't do this? Thanks in advance! E
  7. bergerac14

    General Nursing Q's - AHPRA, 189 and Jobs

    Thanks eveyone for your responses - its much appreciated! 189 and 190 look like golden tickets. I see the 190 for QLD has a minimum points total of 80 - does anyone know if that applies for nurses also? (It does say 'unless otherwise stated' - not sure where it would state this) I think i'd struggle to meet that points threshold unfortunately. For the 189, I know for the EOI you are in a big pot with everyone else, but do certain skills take precedence over others? Say for instance, can an RN with 70 points be chosen over an Electrical Engineer with 85? Or are points always king?
  8. bergerac14

    General Nursing Q's - AHPRA, 189 and Jobs

    Thank you for sharing your experience - its much appreciated! It's good to know the AHPRA window is potentially up for discussion. I also heard that they could extend it slightly so it ties in with when your visa is approved. Hopefully they can deal with that on a case-by-case basis. Ha the 'popping over' to get the AHPRA finalised - I have considered this, but potentially couldnt stomach the horrendous carbon footprint I would leave on the planet! Thank you for the info on the 186 visa - a PR route is definitely preferrential, and hopefully the ball will be in our court to negotiate these types of things. Going to start casting out the CV's and Job EOI's and see where that takes us once we get talking. Thanks again! E
  9. bergerac14

    General Nursing Q's - AHPRA, 189 and Jobs

    The first (and only) people we have spoken to was Healthcare Australia, and this was the first Visa the reccomended as they said it was the quickest route in. They said it also had a pathway to PR after 3 years. I've heard mixed reviews of the 482 though, in that it very much is a temporary visa sometimes. After doing a little research and reading lots on here, im now aware there are lots more options available. I would of course much prefer a straight up PR route. Are there any Visas you would particularly reccomend me looking at, based on being a HCP? I think I am also going to employ the services of a Migration Agent to better our chances amd make sure its all looked at properly. Are there any on here that you are aware of who maybe specialise in HCP / Nursing migration?
  10. Hey Everyone, Wondering if anyone can shed any light of some of these issues I've run into whilst researching emigrating as a Registered Nurse to Australia. Some of this is probably wrong, but I am very much at the early stages of figuring things out - so bear with! I am based in the UK, looking at a 482 / TSS Medium Stream for Registered Nursing Jobs in QLD. I have 4 years experience as a Theatre Nurse. So to apply for a job they first require you to be registered with AHPRA. Thats cool, will apply for AHPRA. Once the provisional registration is approved, I can then get a job interview. Bearing in mind, you can never be totally sure when the registration will approved. But now, the clock is ticking on the 3-Month window AHPRA gives you to present in person to an office in Australia. So does anyone know how this works in practice? It seems crazy that the gun goes off when AHPRA grants you your provisional registration. That means within 3 months, you have to: Apply for job, interview and secure said job (fingers crossed! Apply for 482 Visa with hospital (could this honestly be completed in time, or would you have to arrange a working holiday visa beforehand to get around this?) Hand notice in at work / rented house / life admin etc etc Book flights and secure accomodation in Australia Arrive in Australia to complete the last part of the AHPRA ID check (present in person) Hopefully start work? Another question that came up - assuming on the 482, you dont have to have a full skills assessment beforehand by ANMAC? Any info/experience/advice on any of this very much appreciated! E