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  1. Mandy are you sure we dont have the same sister because everything you wrote sounds exactly like her!!!!! I am currently biting my tongue (a lot of the time drawing blood) as i am getting married in 2 weeks and if i lose my temper and tell her exactly what i think she wont come to my wedding (not such a bad thing) but she wont allow my niece & nephew to come (who i adore). But once the wedding is over thats it, if she starts then she will get it all full throttle!! Cant wait until we go to Aus, maybe then she can be civil, though i doubt it! My life will mainly revolve around myself, my (nearly) hubby, (future) children & hopefully good friends i hope to make!! Lou x
  2. BenandLou

    Why do women iron mens shirts???

    Well most men love me and women laugh at me! i'm slightly anal and iron everything!!! From bedding to teatowels & Boxer shorts! Dont particulary enjoy ironing infact there are times when i look at the pile and think what the hell am i doing. But i hate going in the drawers and seeing a mess (even sock drawers!! Yes i'm sad!!) so everythin gets ironed and put away neatly!!! Hopefully when i get to Oz i might spend more time outside with a drink in my hand rather than being inside with OCD!!!! :laugh:
  3. BenandLou

    What's Your & Your Partner's Worst Habit?

    Well my OH has quite a few annoying habits. but the two ones that really wind me up are 1. Leaving the toilet seat up!!!!! - Really drives me potty!! 2. When he comes home from work and gets changed, he abandons his work clothes on the floor by the side of his bed (never mind that he has to walk past the laundry basket to get out of the room) and when i ask why he doesnt put it in the basket his response is "well the cleaning fairies would have nothing to do if i didnt leave things for them!!!" Never mind the fact that the "Cleaning Fairy" in our house works the same hours as him AND THEN has to come home and clean!!! Arrrggggghhh Lou
  4. BenandLou

    Demerit points

    Hi All Ok i might be a dumb blonde pom, but is the demerit system the same as the UKs points system? Not in Oz yet so not sure on the rules etc Thanks Lou
  5. BenandLou

    Visa Granted!!!

    Woo hoo!!!!! We got a lovely wake up e-mail this morning!!!! Visa has been granted!!!! So excited but cant tell anyone at the minute as we are going out for a meal with both of our parents tomorrow night (already planned, its a pre-wedding meal as we are getting married in just under 8 weeks) so thought we should tell our parents the good news first!! I feel like i'm going to burst!!!!!!! :biglaugh: Cant wait to start our newly married life in Aus!!!! Louise & Ben x
  6. BenandLou

    Medicals Required.

    Hi Martin We went for our medicals yesterday, and was pretty panicky about it, but it was fine. We are also going on a 175 visa. They did Height Weight Urine sample Chest xray Blood test for HIV Then we were poked and prodded by the doctor (no idea what he was looking for) That was it. In and out for both of us in about an hour and a half. Also i checked on the online visa progress this morning and it was already updated saying medicals finalised! The worst part of the whole experience was the cost! But if thats what it takes we were more than willing to pay! Lou
  7. BenandLou

    How long now??

    Wow, i didnt think it would be that quick!! Woo hoo! x
  8. BenandLou

    How long now??

    Woo Hoo, after 5 months of nothing we now have a Case Officer!!!! :biggrin: We have booked our medical appontment for next Tuesday and the Police check application will be posted tomorrow. I know this question can be answered by "how long is a piece of string!" but does anyone know (maybe from past experience) barring any issues with these checks how long it will now take the get the full visa? Oh and we are going on a 175 -Skilled Migration visa Thanks Lou x
  9. BenandLou

    Melbourne 4 months report!

    What a great post! I was just starting to panic about our decision to move after reading some posts about people having a hard time in Oz! however you post has just picked me back up again! I understand things will be hard to start with, but after reading your post i feel like it can also be pretty great at the same time! I now cant wait to get to Melbourne!! Thanks Lou
  10. Hi Hope someone can help me. We are currently applying for a 175 skilled independant visa, skills have be assessed, we have filled in all the application forms etc, other half's ILETS is booked for next week, just waiting for our migration agent to check our forms before lodging our applicaion. When we first spoke to our migration agent back in April when we first decided to start the process and they said the processing times for the 175 were coming through really quick at the moment and only taking about 9 months. But i have just read that the current processing time is 18 months! Has anyone just had their 175 visa approved and what was the timescale?? Any advice would be good Thanks Lou x
  11. BenandLou

    certifying certificates

    Hi Marmionave We contacted our local court house and the Justice of Peace did it for free. So its worth a try x
  12. BenandLou

    Hvac building services

    Hi I am a qualified building services engineer with a mechanical bias. Are there any opportunities within your company? Regards Ben
  13. Sorry i dont have the answers to all your questions, just one. I have contacted my local court house regarding certifying our documents and they have said they can certify them and thankfully this isn't a service they charge for as yet! So it may be worth contacting your local court to see if they can certify your documents free of charge. That would hopefully make things easier for you. Thanks Lou
  14. BenandLou

    Hi new to the forum

    Gook luck with your move! We are currently applying for a 175 visa and are also looking at Melbourne. We quite like the look of Point Cook/Sanctuary Lakes. My hubby to be is a mechanical design engineer, we are hoping to be there by xmas 2012 fingers crossed. We have googled companies and looked at vancancies advertised on their websites & have also signed up to a recruitment site called Link Me. We have seen quite a few suitable jobs on there. So its worth a try Good luck! Lou
  15. Hi Dumsy Sorry unfortunately i dont know. Im just jumping on your thread because i would like to know this for when we eventually get our visas Thanks Lou