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Found 482 results

  1. My husband, 1 year old baby and myself are in the process of applying for a 176 visa. Ielts passed, skills assessment complete, case officer assigned. Then the bombshell. My husband has a 12 year old daughter who he sees 2-3 times a year if hes lucky. Immigration are saying she is our dependant child but she isnt as her mother has legal custody. Anyway DIAC are saying she needs a medical even though she is not migrating with us. The problem is there is no way on this earth her mother will let her have a health check for the sake of us moving to Australia. We have hit a brick wall big time and dont know where to go from here, DIAC just keep telling me she has got to have the check end of storey. Has anyone else been in this situation?? please get in touch if you have, would love to hear how you delt with it. Thanks Vicky :arghh:
  2. Hello, just wondered if anyone has passed the medicals with a medical condition? only reason I ask is that we are going for our medicals on Friday and my daughter has just been diagnosed with a life long skin disorder that may or may not develop into a more serious problem later on in life. Im panicing now as I dont know what to say or not to say on friday. Are we likely to be refused? any advise please
  3. Hi All Apologies to post a topic on here which has clearly been done to death! I've gone through loads of the forum threads and called a few of the recommended companies (thanks so much to all the info everyone has posted). We are moving to Brisbane in late December, and are sending a 20 foot container with roughly 800 cubic feet in it. I had 2 questions..: 1) I've narrowed it down to John Masons, Global Moving Systems and Altantic International (friends recently used Atlantic - but they are at least £600 more expensive than the other 2!!). I can't seem to find any reviews on Global Moving Systems and just wondered if anyone had used these guys? They seem to offer the most competitive deal and the man who came around to do the survey was extremely helpful. 2) Insurance via the shipping company or direct through an insurance company, from what I've read it's cheaper and more efficient to go to via an insurance company, can anyone recommend one they have used recently? 3) One of the companies said we would be ok to take our indoor wicker furniture (it's a solid wood chest of drawers with a very small wicker patter detail on the front of the drawer - from homebase and is treated). Just wanted to check if anyone got hit with huge costs for cleaning of any treated indoor furniture with wicker? Thanks for reading, and again apologies for exhausting a question which has been hugely asked over the years! I'm very nervous about the shipping company we choose due to the personal effects being taken (as I'm sure most are)! Thanks Laurie
  4. My Husband will apply for his Spouse Visa (I am Aussie) in the UK and I want to front load it to give us the best chance of a quick response!!! 2 Questions: 1. How do I go about organising a Police Check (we are in the Isle of Man but my Husband lived in the UK till 2.5 years ago) 2. How do we go about getting a medical check? is there a form that tells you the things that have to be cleared/checked??? If you have applied in the UK for your visa, did you go to the Aussie Embassy in London to lodge the application or can you just send it in? Any other info that might help would be great Michelle
  5. Hi All We are in the process of applying for the partner visa 47sp. I am an Aussie citizen who has been living in the UK for past 10 years and have married a British girl.We have a 2yr old that was born in Britain but will shortly be an Aussie Citizen and have an Aussie passport. Do we need to add her to the application form and will my wife and daughter still need the police and health checks if my 2 yr old can enter on an Aussie passport
  6. tony_bezza

    Police checks

    Hi there peeps, I am familiar with the police checks and the ACPO website. I know that once I am requested to do so that I will need to get my medicals and police checks. The problem I have is that I have heard if you were in Aus for a years working holiday, which I was, then you will need a police check from there too. I was wondering if there was any truth to this and if there is how do I go about getting my Aussie police checks? If this is the case how long will it take to obtain as I am in the UK. Regards Tony
  7. Mummy Mann

    Police checks

    Sorry but this maybe a really stupid question, but how do you go about getting your police checks when they are requested. Any info would be much appreciated X
  8. I'm trying to figure out how much $$$ it will cost for my visa application - has anyone lodged an application in Australia recently and know how much medicals and Aus police checks cost? I was looking at Medibank Solutions: http://www.medibankhealth.com.au/files/editor_upload/File/documents/Price%20List%20Visa%20Medicals%20MHS%202011-12%20-%20FINALv3.pdf But they have many different items, and sometimes the same item but different prices. Anyone been through the process and know how the fees work? And with the police checks - from reading threads here it seem like they don't need to be done until requested. Would I need to submit Australian police checks seeing as I've lived in Australia? (Or would DIAC get them directly from the police?) Cheers!
  9. Guest

    AFP checks - some advice please

    Hi, For some reason I was given 70 days to get my required documents back to DIAC for out 175 application. I wanted to delay having to validate my visa for as long as possible, so left things until December before I even began, giving me, a good 40 days or so. Now its dawning on me how stupid I've been! Having spent a year in Oz on a working holiday visa, I have to get an Australian Federal police check done. It takes them 15 days to process, I have to get my application forms to Oz, then back again, during the Christmas post rush. I now see why I was given 70 days So two questions 1) Can they forward my documents to Immigration directly, or even upload them? 2) How do I pay? They need an Australian Dollar cheque, which I can't do? Or a money order, is this the same as a postal order? and if so, can I get them from a UK post office in AUD? If not, then how else do I pay? Thanks in advance Andy
  10. I'm sure this has been discussed before but I was wondering if anyone who has put their application in can confirm. We are applying for a 176 and are just waiting for our SS to come back before we put our application in. My confusion is that someone put the online list of documents on a thread on here which said you needed to upload your medicals and CRB checks with your application but I thought you were supposed to wait to get these done? Not sure whether to book the medicals now or not. Can someone help please :biggrin:
  11. Hi guys I need to get Oz police clearance for a job I have applied for... I'm going to walk into town as I need to get some docs certified and then post it off. Just wondering if there are any recommendations on who I might approach to certify the docs and how much I might be charged? It looks as if I can go to the police/post office/bank - just not sure if they will appreciate it! Cheers
  12. Hi, anyone requested an Australian Police Check lately? The website says it takes 3 weeks - wondered if they actually take that long to come back....thanks
  13. Guest

    Police checks PMV

    Hey, just wanted to see if anyoene could help me out....I'm in aus at the moment and leaving for uk 8th jan. Il have my initial forms ready to do to aus house in London and il also post off my police check for the uk. Question is...can I do my aus police check in december before I get home. I know they need to be valid for a year and we will hopefully get married in October so surely I can do police check in aus in dec and then send off my uk one as soon as I get back. Any advice is great! Also just general advice about the content of the visa is much appreciated! Thanks guys!!!!! :biggrin:
  14. Hey guys, I've had a look into the WA SS route. I am eligible to apply but I'm a bit unsure as to how to answer the questions about financial status. I don't have money on my own name but I have access to around AU$50 000 from my parents if I need it. The funds are liquid and available at any time. Will this be acceptable? Do they ask for bank statements or proof and will the explanation of supporting parents be sufficient? Any advice is much appreciated
  15. Ali&Paul

    Police checks UK/Northern Ireland

    My husband spent some time in the army in northern Ireland and our CO requested police checks for both UK and NI, do we need to get two separate checks done? His certificate came in the post today but no mention on it of anything to do with NI even though we put his NI address on it, does anyone have any experience of this? Many thanks, Alison
  16. dinkydoo

    Arrghhhh!!! Aussie police checks

    Our aussie police checks have just arrived and our names are spelt wrong on them!!!! Spent $86 on them to get them back wrong!!!:arghh: Dont understand how they are wrong coz we had to send copies of passports/marriage certificate for our identification???????? Not sure what to do........:arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
  17. Guest

    credit checks

    Hi Can anyone tell me if you are credit checked internationaly in Australia. Will my UK credit history show up on a credit search in Oz if i still have my UK account open? I am getting different answers on the net, some say you start from scratch in Oz with no following credit from the UK. Others say the Ozzy banks etc do international searches ? I am hopeing to start a complete fresh with everything including credit. Is this possible
  18. Guest

    ARCO Police Checks

    Hiya All Just completing our police checks, we haven't yet been asked for them but I'm 'front loading' in anticipation (need to try and get our visa granted before 7th December). Do I just have 1 certificate sent to me and then forward it to our CO when it is asked for? or do I have to have it sent directly to our CO in australia? I'm rushing to try and get them in so any help will be much appreciated. Neil:hug:
  19. Hi guys Iam applying for Perm Res from 457, been in Oz 7months, do I need to apply for an Oz police check? I have already sent for UK police check and a colleague @work just told me that I need an Oz police check too. I thought a police check is only necessary if uve been in a country for 12months or longer?
  20. Guest

    Medical tests and police checks

    I have sent off my application a few days ago. Do I want untill I have received a case officer before I go ahead with my medical examinations and police checks? Im a bit confused about when I get all of that completed.
  21. Guest

    National Police Checks AFP

    Hi all, My CO needs National Police Checks certification from Australian Federal Police. My immi agent told me that I have to do it cause he isn't allowed to apply for. I try to find all the details about that but I found that the only way to pay is by check (made through an Australian bank), no other possibilities? Is it possible apply for it online ? Thanks Luca
  22. dinkydoo

    help with aussie police checks

    Just filling out police check forms and me and OH have to have aussie ones done too, have some questions that I would really appreciate some help with 1. can I post the 2 together in same envelope and include the 2 payments on the same cheque or do I need to do them individually????? 2. can I send a bankers draft from a UK bank made out in aussie $$$ ?? Thank you in advance for your help
  23. Hi I am a HR country applicant and got my CO in Dec 2010. My application is undergoing security checks and still not completed. I was born and lived for around 26 years in Iran and completed my studies in Iran as well and never worked in Iran. I started my careers in UAE around 7 years ago and am residing in UAE at present on working resident visa. My question is : Is my security checks conducted for Iran only or it will be conducted for UAE as well? If it is conducted for both countries then is it done at the same time for both or security checks for the second country starts once the security checks for the first country is completed ? Based on statistics, security checks for Iranians is taking 12 to 15 months at present and I am worried about my application as I have been living in more than one HR country. I appreciate any advice in advance Regards REZA
  24. oidara

    Police checks

    We have to get police checks in 3 countries: UK, Austria and Slovenia. Bit of a headache! I am wondering if it's okay to go ahead an do that already even though we won't be submitting our 175 application until November? I know it's early, but we're going to be overseas from next Feb and it will be very difficult to get these documents remotely. Am I right in thinking that they don't have a defined validity? Or is there a limited amount of time attached?
  25. Hi my CO says "All required internal checks have been initiated, however the timing for the completion of these checks varies from one case to another depending on individual circumstances. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide you with a definitive timeframe for finalisation of your application as cases take many months to finalise." Does this mean that my security checks also started and my form 80 been sent to ASIO for international checks ? What are internal checks ? Regards