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Found 147 results

  1. If you are moving to Queensland and want to know about schools in the area, suburbs or need help finding accommodation or friends in the area, then why not take a look at our sister site: Life in Queensland.
  2. If you are moving to Adelaide and want to know about schools in the area, suburbs or need help finding accommodation or friends in the area, then why not take a look at our sister site: Poms in Adelaide.
  3. We've created a new forum for our members in Victoria (& for anyone heading to Victoria). The website is http://www.lifeinvictoria.com It's only just gone online today, so very much in its infancy at the moment (& some sections still have to be added). It's based on the next version of the forum software, so there'll be a couple of differences to pomsinoz and some new features such as 'facebook connect' which will allows for simplified registration & login using your facebook account details. Rob
  4. Mandeepk

    which visa?

    Hi there can anyone pls guide me which computer course should I choose to do in Canada’s in order to apply for pr of Australia ..I am so confused as I did masters of computer applications and assessed my credentials from Canada and they said my masters degree is equal to master degree in Canada but now I want to update further to Ben accepted in Australia..I hope I am not confusing you but I need guidance on what’s in demand in Au in computer field specially in Melbourne..Thanks in advance
  5. Hi everyone, whilst looking for somewhere useful to find info on emigrating and the cost of living etc etc i came across many websites/forums but after only a minute or so of looking here i knew this was the one i wanted to join. So, our story. We are a family of 4 currently, 2 adults and 2 young kids. We tried to move to NSW a few years ago but DH's job didn't pan out so that was a no no. He is now applying for the WA amb service (that's what he does here) in hopes they will accept him instead. I have constantly ummmm'd and errrrr'd with regards to moving since we first applied, then we got rejected and it was quite a let down. Obviously if we emigrate we will be leaving family behind and (even though we're not particularly close) i know that would really be the last time we see them in the flesh. (Skype is not quite the same). That is something very difficult to get my head around. And i know would break my children's hearts. BUT, ultimately they WOULD have a much better life in Oz then the UK. Anyway, that's a little about us. I look forward to getting to know you all.
  6. Hi I am looking for a web designer kind of guy/ gal who is great at forum design. Part of my plans of being self employed in Oz I guess. Don't worry I'm not planning on making a rival migration forum-- love PIO too much and don't think it can get any better. Do send me the contact details of anyone you may know. Also if the designer of this forum sees this please put your hand up-- would love to meet you!
  7. pabler

    New in the forum

    Hi everyone, logged in a few months ago, but haven´t posted much, really for the first time a couple of days ago, so had to present myself. My name is Pablo, live in Barcelona (Spain) and assisted Manchester´s Expo last month. Willing to settle up with my family in the WA region with a 176 Visa as a Construction Project Manager. I haven´t started to do my home work yet, just lurked vetassess web page and some Ielts exercises. Well, I hope I can learn from you experienced guys!
  8. Cerberus1

    Forum offline on Saturday

    The forum will be offline for a period of time on Saturday from around 01:00am GMT, (11:00am EST) whilst we upgrade the forum software. Basic functionality *should* be restored within around 4 hours, although work on the forum will continue for a couple of days afterwards. As a result of the upgrade, it is also necessary for us to install a new template (design). The forum will have a similar look and feel to our sister site - pominadelaide.com, although the site will retain an 'orange' flavour, so it won't be a total departure from the existing colour scheme ! (At a later stage, we plan to offer a choice of colour schemes) If anyone encounters and problems or has any questions about the upgrade, you can either message me directly, or post in the 'Feedback & Suggestions' area of the forum. Thanks Robert Admin
  9. I'm 32 yrs old and I am a UK citizen. My mother is a perminant resident of Australia along with my 13yr old sister and my father, step mother and two young brothers have recently arrived in Australia on a 457 Visa. I want and need to be with my family as I'm all alone in the UK :embarrassed:. Although I am aware that eventually, if and when my dad becomes a perminant resident, I may be eligible for the 'Last remaining relative' visa I don't want to hang around waiting till I'm old and wrinkly!! An option I was thinking of is coming to Australia as a student to study something that in it's own right may lead to perminant residency and a good career such as nursing but whilst trying to look into this option I feel I'm going round in circles and don't know if it's actually viable. Has anybody been in this predicament or can offer advice or knowledge. Anything would be appreciated.....Thank You. Bex
  10. It has been brought to the attention of the Mods and admin team that unsolicited PM messages are being circulated to members offering to help with accommodation. We must stress that these messages are nothing to do with PIO and no one has asked permission to approach our membership with these offers. If you receive one of these PM messages then please report it to a mod. Treat any unsolicited mail as a scam and remember all genuine companies Like you to inspect a property before you offer to rent. Under no circumstances part with any money before inspecting any property for a long term rental. Short term rentals/ Arrival rentals will be the only ones you pay for in advance. These messages are being investigated. We ask our members to be vigilant and report any suspect behavior. It is against forum rules to send unsolicited PM advertising a business.
  11. giggle

    Women only forum

    Hi, remember seeing something about a Women Only forum recently but cant find it now. Does anyone know where to find it? thanks.
  12. rickandange

    New to Forum- need visa help

    Hi We're new to the forum and hoping for some advice please if possible - if we would be better posting this in another area too, then all suggestions are welcome! Since visiting the Perth area two years ago, we are growing more and more eager to return permanently. My partner’s brother lives to the south of Perth, and would love more family out there too. My OH has worked as a welder for over 10 years but has no formal qualifications/training, and from what we can gather our best bet would be for him to act as the main applicant and to apply for a 176 State Sponsored visa (after completing a VETASSES practical in London to validate his skills/experience). Is this correct???? We have also been wondering whether it would be possible for him to start sending a CV directly to companies out there in the hope that he could be sponsored by an employer. Does anyone know if this is feasible, and whether he would still need to go down the VETASSES route anyway before an employer would even consider him?? We really do need as much info and advice as possible, so any help would be much appreciated! Thanks Ange and Rick
  13. The Pom Queen

    Weather Forum

    Yes, we now have a weather forum, I wonder if this will entice Jim back to the fold:biggrin:
  14. Hi, Just lodged medical and Police checks and waiting ..... Is there a forum I can refer to where other 175 Visa pplicants have listed their dates so I can see how long their applications took? JUMI
  15. OMG what has happened to PIO, I only posted one little news article and now all CTF has gone sex mad, maybe we need to have an XRated Forum:tongue::laugh:
  16. Just been watching the forum on the migration page to kill the time, lol i was amazed how quick the posts change, here's one for you I bet no one would be quick enough to reply to every thread on the front page of migration issues so when you refresh the screen your name appears on each line as the last post!!! Now theres a challenge for you. :notworthy:
  17. Lynne2007

    I'M back on the forum :-)

    Just letting all know who remember me that i finally lodged my application for my permenant residency on 8th August 2011 so just waiting on immigration giving me the hopefully good news :-) :cute::yes:
  18. Cerberus1

    Forum stats

    [WRAP]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/stats2010.gif[/WRAP]I've been a bit lax recently when it comes to posting the monthly stats, however, back in the swing of things now, so here's the semi-regular monthly/yearly/whenever stats. Last month, the forum was visited 398,396 times. The number of visits to the forum has doubled in under 2 years. We're immensely proud of this achievement given the challenges that forums face nowadays with the big social networking sites. So many thanks to everyone who contributes on the forum and has helped the forum to grow. It's a similar story across our other sister forums as well, with PomsinAdelaide, PomsinPerth, Lifeinvictoria and LifeinQueensland all recording similar growth. The forum is currently receiving around 1,500 new members signing up each month. Most people find the forum via Goolge (around 70%), around 15% hear about us through word of mouth. Around 30,000 posts per month are currently made. 'Migration issues' has received the most number of posts this year, followed by 'Chewing the fat', then 'News gossip & chat'. scottishstacey was the top poster last month :notworthy: closely followed by my dearest other half (moving2melbourne):wubclub: 39% of visitors are in the UK, 36% are in Australia, with the other 25% coming from a further 190 different countries.
  19. Guest

    Hi new to the forum

    hey eveyone my name is david, wife michelle and two kids ryan and peyton 6 and 3. he have just been granted our permanent visa and to be honest am a bit stuck. im hoping to go before april but dont know where to start as i need to secure a job before looking at where to live in melbourne but also need to sell the house......Any tips from anyone would be great. where to start? where to live? where to look for work? (im an electrical engineer) cant wait to move out there.
  20. Hi everyone, my names Nickie and im from london. i am currently still living in london and am thinking hugely about moving to brisbane in the future. I am completely clueless to the process which you will all find out any help u give is much appreciated. A bit about me, i have a partner and 2 boys. we live in london and my partner works as an electricians mate on the underground and other stations. i have a qualification level 2 cert in childcare which i dont use at the moment but do want to in oz. I am a fulltime mum at the moment but hoping to go back to college in the next year or so. Ideally to be qualified as a childcare worker(higher than i already have) but am worried any of the qualifications i get wont be wanted in oz. My brother has been living in brisbane now for 3 years and hopefully gets his permanant residents in 2 years. he has mentioned he can sponsor me to go out there as a family member. is this quite easy? at the mo its all i can think about as i have 2 boys who are very out door type kids and would love the sun and outdoor space. the down falls that i can see holding me back is my partner is 51, he doesnt have any qualifications in his job its all done via experience, i wouldnt earn enough alone to support us. the 1 big reason i cant apply at the moment is my mother in law depends very much on us. she is 81 with dementia so we would be looking to move once she has passed. im going to have a scroll the forum and see whats what but am looking forward to chatting with u all soon xxxx take care xxx
  21. Guest

    Irish equivalent Forum?

    Does anyone know of an Irish equivalent to this website? Am moving from Dublin to Sydney, and would greatly appreciate some fellow countrymen/women's advice on various issues:chatterbox:
  22. Once upon a time as all good stories start dontcha know, there was I, Gothic Rose meandering around the land of PIO, quite peacefully darkening up the place as per usual, when suddenly I wandered far from the amusement of the room where fat is chewed upon, & found myself way down south where all the members names are lined up merrily showing whom at that moment wanders within the land of PIO. Amongst those present within the Land of PIO a familiar name stood out of the crowd, most loudly & proudly proclaiming a mans first name & surname. This name brought about a sudden fit of shockedness, that I swear would of brought Frankensteins monster to life, or indeed caused my ever so slightly Undead self to become not unlike one of those Zombies from Luwero's thread the other day. And why was this members name such a shock, you may well ask ? Twas because said name, is the exact same name owned by one of my brothers, whom I do not favour, & in fact refer to as an ex-brother, I have not had contact with him for several years. & as I've been filling in form 80 & just had to include the names of all brothers on said form, I was most horror struck incase my luck had taken a turn for the worse & said Ex brother was also migrating & thus scuppering my own application. :shocked::cry: The fortunate thing is that this member had most thoroughly filled out many details about themselves, & first I saw his age, same as my brothers age :shocked: but then most mercifully found him to be happily married with various children & living in the North UK. & he had photos , Thusly I was able to determine that this PIO member is not my dispicable Ex-brother & thusly my Visa shall not be blighted hoorah . Still my family name is not that common & it was most disturbing a sight to see & fare shocked me beyond the pale, which is not an easy thing to do to a Goth :swoon::biglaugh:
  23. Guest

    Bit of anger on this forum.

    If I am out of order with this post please take it in the honesty it is meant and shoot me down if you think I am wrong to post it as a newcomer. . I only joined the forum a few days back as I am connected to Australia in a big way and might spend most of my life there in the future. I thought at first it would be a bit of banter and helpful advice...but I am a little shocked at the "them V us" syndrome prevalent on the forum, there seems to be lets say a bit of friction between certain members as they knock each other Countries. Oz and the UK are just places to live and IMO none is better or worse than the other and just places to "pitch your tent". Sorry if this post seems a bit rude but I needed to say it. Vicky.
  24. Hello, I am new to this forum and we have recently made the decision to migrate to WA. We are thinking of trying to complete the paperwork ourselves but just realising how complicated it all is. I am really confused regarding the appropriate visa to apply for and was wondering if anyone had any advice. Short background - my brother in law has permanent residency, I am currently employed in a University as an Administrator and am educated to degree level. I know that I have to complete the VETACCESS assessment but am unsure of the occupation to select from nominated occupations under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program for my current occupation. I was considering the 'Education Manager' occupation but dont know if this is correct. I am 45 in October so really need to get a move on - any advice at all regarding the process would be most appreciated. Elaine
  25. Hello all and forgive me if this has been posted before. I have just joined today and was hoping to get an answer to a question that is confusing me in my visa wizard. I have just made the initial steps into inquiring about obtaining a visa to move to Australia permanently. In the Aus Gov site I am answering questions on the visa wizard. Here are the the results 1. Why do you want an Australian visa? To live with my partner, parent, child or other family member (Its my Brother) 2. What is the country of nationality on your passport? United Kingdom 3. Where do you expect to be when you apply for a visa? United Kingdom 4. What is your date of birth? 15 December 1958 5. How long do you intend to stay in Australia? Permanently They ask me further questions at this point. Is my Brother an Australian citizen or permanent resident.. Yes I answered that My only near relatives live in Australia, I have two Brothers there and countless cousins. My sister lives in Spain and the only relatives I have in UK are Uncles, Aunts and cousins. No parents or siblings. This has given me a Remaining Relative (subclass 115) visa to live permanently in Australia, I can work if I want. I can include members of my family in my application. I.E my Spouse and child Now.... Sorry this is so long... When I look further into family eligibility I find that I may not receive a visa if my wife has near family in the UK. Can someone please clarify whether my wife's family will be included in MY application. Thank you David