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Found 30 results

  1. sohc

    Fax Copy from Vetassess

    is it Ok to submit the fax copy of my wife skills assessment result from VETASSESS? Can't wait for the paper via post, though we choose Express Courier International. We want to submit an application to DIAC asap. Please advice, thanks.
  2. Guest

    Faxed copy of vetassess results

    Hi, I just received a faxed copy of my results.. Do you think that I can use it for applying for a SS or it is better to wait another week for the originals? (on the copy there is written on it COPY, of course) :arghh:
  3. Hiya, I'm just getting all my paperwork and evidence together for my application for a partner visa (eeeek fingers crossed!!) and was wondering about whether or not things should be the real versions or if photo copies would do? I understand that for things like passports, birth certificate, driver’s licences, marriage certificate etc – I don't need to send originals of these, but copies that have been credited true copy by a practising solicitor (or JP etc...) but what about other evidence like bank statements, utility bills, council tax, insurance, will etc? If I send originals, will I get them back? If I have to send copies – do these all need to be certified true copies too, as it seems like this will cost a fortune?! Also, I have just sent off for my UK Police Check, but just read something else about someone needing an Australian Police Check as well, is this something everyone needs, or just those that have previously lived in Oz? Once again, sorry if these questions have been asked a gazillion times before, and MANY thanks for any answers that can be given. Thanks, Em
  4. Hey guys so i've started to get the ball rolling with my 309 partner visa. Decided to do it ourself's and have a quick question. Just in regards to the documents needed in the Part I document checklist i am wondering what everyone included with their application. What is a "Certified copy"? We are currently in England and I "Being the Australian" need to send a certified copy of my birth certificate. The original is in Australia with my parents. Also just what people included for evidence of relationship? do i need to send in photo's, email's, things like that. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Sorry to ask another question tonight but we're waiting for my husbands copy birth certificate as he didn't have the full version. GRO have said it'll be sent next week and as we have almost everything else scanned and ready for lodging our 176 app online I wondered whether we can do ahead without the birth cert and upload it next week? I read on one of the other threads that you have 28 days to upload documents. Can anyone advise if this is the case and we'd be OK to proceed without it?
  6. Hi everyone! People on this forum have been immensely helpful to me in the past and I was wondering if any of you lovely chaps could help me oiut again I am due to submit an onshore defacto partner visa application in just over a month, but we are still collecting stat. decs. from everyone. We have people all over Australia, and in Canada and the UK, writing them for us! However none of the information that I have seen makes it clear whether we have to provide orignal hard copies, or if we can provide scans, of these declarations. If it has to be originals we are in trouble as it will take quite a while for some of them to reach us through the post! If anyone had any advice that would be great, All the best, Rose
  7. Chalky4388

    Copy of wiring rules req. Urgent

    Hi leave UK on saturday for Sydney. Have a trades test and have managed to download AS/NZS 3000 Wiring rules at a cost of $109. I need AS/NZS 3008 & 30017. Has anyone in the uk or Sydney have a copy. I leave on Saturday 5th from Glasgow, land in Sydney 7th, 8am. Any help appreciated. Chalky
  8. Hi Just wondering if anyone has a link to the old SA ss list. Trying to find out if Project/Programme Administrator was on it? Any help really appreciated. thanks Michelle
  9. Hi, I need to apply for ACS and I need to have my documents certified as true copy from USA. I have been to Citibank and one other bank where I hold my account and there they were doing the following -Asking me to certify that this document is true copy of original and my signature on that. -On this they were writing theor name,address,signature and mentioning sworn before Notary. I want to know if this is sufficient for ACS. If not what I can do for this from US. Cheers Srini
  10. Hi, I am just gathering all the documents together for the ACT State Sponsorship application and it asks for a copy of the visa application, when I submited this sometime ago I did not get a copy of the application just a receipt showing all the reference numbers. Has anyone who has applied got any advice on what they provided or do I need to try and obtain a copy of the app? Thanks for any help!

    Police clearance original or copy

    Can some tell me if we need to submit original police clearance or we can submit copy or notarised copy Thanks
  12. Hi all, long shot this because most of the posters here are from the UK I take? I'd like to know if a California Notary Public is good enough for certifying copied documents for visa app? It's just one of those strange things - all of the lawyershere I called said they don't offer a certification service (stupid really, all they need to do is put their name on it). And in California, it seems the only place is Notary Public (they don't have a Justice of Peace here either). Also how do I go about to make a statutory declaration (for a de facto partnership)? CHeers
  13. This is a copy of my email to Tas SS and their reply... I think I feel a little more optomistic, what do you think? Hi ****** Could you in any way reasure me that as we have aquired state sponsership from yourselves, that we would be exempt from this cap and kill legislation should it come into effect. Any information regarding this would be very much appreciated as my family and I are very worried. Kind regards and hoping to hear from you soon, Hello Christine I hope you and your family are well. You have been given state sponsorship from the Tasmanian Government under the skilled sponsored program. State sponsored programs do not guarantee that a visa will be issued from DIAC. As I am sure you are aware, on 26 May the Migration Amendment (Visa Capping) Bill 2010 was introduced to the parliament. The new bill proposes to allow the Minister to cap and terminate applications based on certain characteristics, rather than having to cap an entire subclass or class of visas. The bill is not currently operative and no actual cap is being considered at present – the bill is designed to give the minister the power to implement a cap in the future if necessary. We understand your concern, however we do not yet know if these proposed changes will be approved by the parliament. Furthermore, we do not know how the proposed changes will affect people in your situation, who have lodged their visa applications for assessment with DIAC. With this in mind, I cannot guarantee that you will be exempt from the proposed visa capping. It is our understanding however, that the number of places available to independent skilled migrants in the skilled migration program is expected to fall, as the number for state sponsored and employer sponsored skilled migrants increases. As your state sponsorship has been approved, this may provide you with an advantage over other independent visa applications. Kind Regards
  14. Hello Everyone, My fiancé and I are applying for an Offshore Partner visa 309. I have been requested to send more info (Aus Police checks, joint bank account statement etc...). I sent this documentation via email about 1 week ago, i know i am not supposed to hear from them to let me know they received it. I was just wondering if am required to send a hard copy version of this documentation. Thanks for the help.
  15. It is horribal for me that I have lost my record of 1276 form. today i waned to check that how i filled 1276 form, but unfortunatly I do not found copy of 1276 form record. which I have keep for my record.becose of long time i do not remember that what was filled in 1276 form. Can I ask DIAC for copy of my 1276 form information? I am going in deep worry. Please help me. PS: I have applied online.
  16. I wonder if anybody here has submitted IELTS to DIAC online application. Do they need original copy of ielts? How do you submit IELTS document to DIAC?
  17. Hi Everyone I am putting together my onshore application for a 820/801 Spouse Visa. I am slightly confused as to whether I need to provide a copy of my birth certificate, as well as a copy of my passport. The various forms and booklets seem to have contradictory information on this issue. For example, the DIC Application Document Checklist has the birth certificate as one of the required items, and the document checklist in the Form 47SP says a Statutory Declaration containing details of may date and place of birth and names of my parents can be supplied in addition to a copy of my passport. However, the Partner Migration Booklet 1 - which the DIC website advises you to refer to for detailed information regarding putting the application together - does not mention that a copy of the birth certificate is required. As I am applying within Australia getting a copy of my birth certificate will be a hassle as it is in the UK. If i dont need need it that would be great, but I was hoping others in my situation have had experience of this and could advise me. Many thanks turbo
  18. Do I and my partner (sponsor) and all the people doing stat declarations need to photocopy all their passports i.e. all pages ?? I had thought it was just the photo page? Also I can find a list of people in australia who can sign the stat declarations i.e. an accountant but I cannot find a comprehensive list for those who can certify other than JP or solicitor , is this list the same for both in australia? Help urgently required as he is about to get all certified.... This is the most stressful thing ever........
  19. Hi I need to provide a copy of my decree absolute. I am searching for the original but so far have only found copies. I am just wondering if I need to have a certified copy of the original (or try to get an official copy from the courts) or whether I might be able to swear a statutory declaration that this is a copy of the original document? Thanks
  20. I’m currently living in the UK but I’m originally from the Czech rep. When I needed to make a couple of certified copies from Czech documents in my native country, I’ve visited a clerk in a town hall, he put a special sticker on the back side of the copy of an original document and a stamp and his signature. Exactly as I had expected. Now, I’ve just visited a guy here in England who is supposed to be entitled to make certified copies but he surprised me a lot. He said that here in the UK if an original document has a signature then a “plain” copy is regarded as being certified and no other procedure is necessary. Is it really true? And in regard to statutory declaration, I was told that he, as an owner of a medal for special services to Great Britain, can sign it instead of a solicitor. Is it true too?
  21. I got one, I got one!!! A C/o that is And... the only thing she has asked me for is: Sponsorship requirements X Your sponsor should provide evidence of their immigration status in the UK/Republic of Ireland (ie photocopy of valid visa, passport or citizenship certificate) and state whether they hold any citizenship other than for Australia. If your sponsor also holds citizenship for a country other than Australia, they should state how and when this was obtained, and provide any relevant supporting documentation (eg citizenship certificate, full birth certificate if acquired by birth or automatically by descent). Which, tbh, we should have thought of but didn't! Do they ask for everything they want immediately? Or - once I've sent this back, will they ask for more stuff? I've sent her an email saying I can scan this in and send it to her tonight and is that ok... omg omg omg... I feel like I'm getting somewhere!!!! I want to scream... but I'm at work and they don't know I'm going yet so I can't say anything!!! *Help* Cat x (for anyone interested, the full text of the letter, minus names, is posted onto my blog )
  22. Hi all, I'm currently preparing documents for my applicatino for subclass 309 Spouse Migrating Visa for Australia. We are living in London at the moment. I'm just wondering whether I should send original or certified copy of the police check if I want to front-load it... Thanks a lot in advance! Best luck to all.
  23. So a while back he signed the consent form for me to take the kids he never sees never pays a penny for, hasnt got pr for but ive just realised he didnt include a cert copy of his drivers liscence. I had to ring him and ask for it. Since it took months for him to do the form I am stressing he will be the same over this. The application is all ready to go now as soon as Hubbys passport is re-evidenced which should take less then 2 weeks. I am really hating having to wait on other people. I have also had to send him the 5 quid to get the cert copy done. Anyone got a rocket I can borrow? On the plus side some of hubbys Aussie mates are in England and came round last night and are lovely so at least when I get out there I will now know someone.
  24. Hello, Should we send the original stat Dec to ACS ? or should we be sending a true copy of the Stat Dec? Any help is highly appreciated.! Thank you, Jhonnywalker..
  25. Stuju

    Help needed copy & paste

    Hi Any computer wizards out there that can help me copy & paste, i was able to do this last from my windows xp laptop on to this site no worries - but now i am on windows vista i cannot copy & paste onto this site, ive tried the help guide but to no avail............ please help someone thanks stuju