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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys, I am in the process of collecting my documentation for my de facto application. It is very stressful and time consuming to do this whilst working. Can anyone recommend an agent or a place where they oversee the application process? Thank you Erin
  2. Recent events have made me wonder if this only happens to me..................... One of my sisters (the other has Down's Syndrome) is getting worse. She has always had a caustic tongue and nasty nature if she feels she is 'cornered'. My husband has wanted us to get caller display and screen all calls from her for some time as they usually descend into vitriolic diatribe. After the last such call which I ended prematurely because I'd had enough, she rang my hubbie on his mobile (he was with his brother) and did the same to him. In this phone call she claimed I was a psychopath and that my siblings thought so too. She also said I was running away from my problems by going to Oz. This is a tiny tiny example of how nasty she can be. Requests for her to be reasonable, civil etc fall on deaf ears "I don't recognise who you are talking to etc". So does anyone else have relatives you wish you didn't? Or am I just unlucky? :embarrassed:
  3. compare to Aussie men? Look at the British and European born and educated counterparts:sad:
  4. :confused: Hi Sorry for this post but i really need some advice on a few things firstly we were going on a 175 visa but my husband turnv 35 next week and we lose 5 points so are now looing at 176 ss visa looking at SA or Victoria (plumber) we have a TRA assessment and spoke to darren at visa go who told us that would be ok etc my questions are how long do they take and are the medicals going to be a problem as my hubby has a lung condition.. he takes no medication, it causes no problems , it doesnt affect him and wont get any worse, i cant see this being a problem but thought I would ask... also i have a 13 year old son from a previous relationship he hasnt seen his real dad since he was 2 i have no idea where he is and he doesnt even use his surname it has been changed to my husbands name, I thin i will be able to get a signed letter from him via the CSA but other than that i dont know is this going to cause a problem? arghhhhhhh sorry but this is such a whirlwind im a little confused ..any help greatly appreciated... Thanks Karen.:goofy:
  5. Guest

    Registering relationships

    Hi all I didn't know about this until today but thought it might be helpful to those living in NSW needing evidence when applying for a defacto spouse visa. You can formally register your relationship with the NSW state government. See the NSW births, deaths and marriages website: http://www.bdm.nsw.gov.au/PDF%20forms/17-Rel-Register-0810.pdf Hope this helps Chris & Mark
  6. Good news for De factos and same sex relationships in NSW. Register helps de factos access benefits. It will be modelled on ones already in place in the ACT, Victoria and Tasmania Best wishes to all those that this will benefit.... Susie
  7. Hi all, I'm just a bit confused about the onshore spouse visa requirements for registered relationships (in Victoria). The immigration website says: The one-year relationship requirement does not apply if the applicant can establish that there are compelling and compassionate circumstances for the grant of the visa. For example: at the time of application of the partner visa, the de facto relationship was registered as a prescribed relationship in the relevant Australian state or territory legislation Does this mean that the requirements are waived (such as having lived together for 12 months) or that just the 12 month length is waived (i.e. you still need to meet the living together and other requirements, but you can apply as soon as they're met rather than 12 months after)? Thanks in advance
  8. I could not find anything in the other threads about this. Maybe someone has an answer. As nowadays more and more bills are paperless, they are not sent per mail but are rather available online. Are those online bills - if printed out - sufficient as evidence or are certified copies of mailed bills necessary? Does someone has experience with getting previous online bills sent per mail? Thanks in advance
  9. I've not spoken to my ex since 1999, we lived together for around a year and were never married. As we were both English and I can't remember the exact date the relationship ended, nor her date of birth - do I really need to declare it? My missus (the Aussie part of the relationship) is in a similar position, she lived with an Aussie fella long before she ever came to the UK (circa 97). Does his name also need to go on a form? Thanks :-)
  10. Interesting article on Ninemsn this morning... Hundreds of sham marriages exposed I can't believe there were so many Spouse/De Facto Visa's issued last year- 40,000! I knew we weren't alone! :wink: But I hope this does't mean the application process is now going to be harder for anyon who is yet to apply!
  11. Hi everyone, Can anyone help me on this, Im going to be going for the 175 visa hopefully just gathering all info etc, When it comes to proof of been in a de facto relationship what kind of proof do they need, We are a 3 children family unfortunly we did break up for a while do we have to explain why we did for such a long time,If so find it very personal!!! Also all our bills are in partners name, I only have my bank details at our address, been in de facto for 16mths now, The only one i can think is my family tax awards letters,Any help would be great thanks Carina.:unsure:
  12. Hi This question is on behalf of friends of mine. They are both ladies (50) in a same sex relationship of about two years. They got engaged last Christmas. The problem is one is an Australian Citizen living in Australia and the otheris a British Citizen living in England. They see each other as often as they can about every 3 months but cannot live together without a visa. Is this possible as they want to be together in Australia. Is an Independency Visa possible? They have proof of their ongoing relationship letters, phone calls, e-mails, photos, engagement cards, travel documents and commitment to each other ie joint bank accounts etc. Thank you for any help. Susan PS I am applying for a CP143 visa
  13. Hello My question is this. Am applying for residency under my partner via skilled application. We are taking my child with us. We need to get a letter from the father giving permission for us to take the child out of the country which I am hoping he will sign. Does anyone know how the letter needs to be drafted? and or if it needs to be signed by a third party ie. solicitor or would both parental signatures be enough? thank you.