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Found 32 results

  1. Hi there, I am new to this forum and would firstly like to say thank you so much for all of the advice that is already out there! I have a question about form 888 for the offshore partner visa and haven;t been able to find the answers so far. My partner is Australian and I am English and we currently live in the UK and are applying for the visa from the UK. We have asked 3 family/friends in Australia to complete form 888 for us, and 3 family/friends in the UK. My questions are specifically about form 888: 1. One of our friends in the UK is actually an Australian citizen (here for 2 years), so is completing the official form 888 for us. I am confused as to who can witness his signature to ensure it is considered a legal document in Australia. We have a friend who is a nurse but is a UK citizen - could she witness this or would he need to take it to a solicitor/notary? (I would rather avoid causing extra work for him or him being out of pocket if possible!) 2. I have read online that all documents don't need to be certified as long as they are scanned as good quality, colour copies. Is this also true for the passports of those who fill out the form 888 (both in Australia and the UK)? 3. For our UK family and friends, they will be making their statement on plain paper and signing and dating. Do their signatures also need to be witnessed, and if so I am really struggling to find concrete information on who can witness this. Thanks for any help you can offer - this process truly is a headache!!
  2. Hi all, This is a very specific ask and I am not sure if I have put it in the right forum, but here goes. I have my 189 visa and I am moving to Perth. I am a teacher. To teach in WA I need to apply to the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA). I have done that from the UK. But. And this is the big but where I am drawing blanks- I need an Australian citizen to certify my documents who is registered to work in their profession in Aus from the list of occupations on this document: I live in the NE of the UK. If I go to the embassy in London they charge £41 per document!!! I need about 10 docs certifying! Which is unaffordable and unrealistic. I can’t wait until I am in Aus as there is a time limit, and I will not be there within the time limit. So I am reaching out to the community to see if anyone has contacts with an Australian citizen living in the UK who can certify some documents for me!! ??? Any info or help would be greatly appreciated! Anyone been through this? What did you do? TIA ??
  3. Hi guys I've sent off my AHPRA application for registration with all of my documents certified by a local solicitor here in Camberwell (London). I was under the impression that a solicitor was allowed to certify these documents. But I've recently seen, on another thread here, that some people have been asked to re submit some documents and get them certified by a notary public instead. Is this accurate? What are people's experiences? Are solicitors ok? Or should I commence panic Cheers
  4. twinkletoes35

    who can certify documents for ENS121?

    Hello all Been on the DIAC website all morning but cannot find out who can certify documents for ENS121 visa?. Can I use a solicitor or does it have to be a JP?. Made a mistake with Aphra so do not want to waste time and money when it comes to completing the visa application. Also, from what I can see I will need to make a paper application as it would appear you cannot apply for an ENS121 online or am I wrong? Any help much appreciated! TT x
  5. Guest

    Passport Photo Certify

    Hello everyone, So glad I found these forums, they are such a wealth of knowledge and I'm sure I will have plenty of more questions over the next few weeks. My partner and I are applying for a defacto visa and I understand that we need our passport sized photos certified by someone who has known us for 2 years. I can't find what they actually need to write though. Do they write it on the back of each photo? I assume something along the lines of 'I certify that this is ....' Help! :huh: Thanks in advance
  6. Hi guys I need to get Oz police clearance for a job I have applied for... I'm going to walk into town as I need to get some docs certified and then post it off. Just wondering if there are any recommendations on who I might approach to certify the docs and how much I might be charged? It looks as if I can go to the police/post office/bank - just not sure if they will appreciate it! Cheers
  7. Hiya, I'm just getting all my paperwork and evidence together for my application for a partner visa (eeeek fingers crossed!!) and was wondering about whether or not things should be the real versions or if photo copies would do? I understand that for things like passports, birth certificate, driver’s licences, marriage certificate etc – I don't need to send originals of these, but copies that have been credited true copy by a practising solicitor (or JP etc...) but what about other evidence like bank statements, utility bills, council tax, insurance, will etc? If I send originals, will I get them back? If I have to send copies – do these all need to be certified true copies too, as it seems like this will cost a fortune?! Also, I have just sent off for my UK Police Check, but just read something else about someone needing an Australian Police Check as well, is this something everyone needs, or just those that have previously lived in Oz? Once again, sorry if these questions have been asked a gazillion times before, and MANY thanks for any answers that can be given. Thanks, Em
  8. Guest

    Who can certify documents?

    Hello,does anyone know the quickest,easiest and cheapest way to get documents certified for TRA paperwork?We are trying to get everything done before the changes on sept 1st.:wacko:
  9. Hi all I hope someone can please help? My O/h is gathering all his bits for Vetasses (And I quess this applies to the rest of the whole Emigrating process) he has to have all copies certified, they (Vetasses) have suggested a Police Officer, Notary member of the Public, Justice of the Peace, dont know any of these people. Would anyone happen to know if a Pharamcist or a Social Worker or even our Accountant can do this certifying, as they are long term friends of the family etc, the Pharmacist @ Accountant obvioulsy have reg no's etc. Or would we have to pay a Solicitor etc per hour to sign them (Even though we dont know them) !!!! :eek: Hope any of the above makes any sense Thanks in advance
  10. cartertucker

    Who can certify your documents?

    Hi all :wubclub: I am currently filling in my Daughters child visa application & am unsure who I use to certify her birth certificate etc? :unsure:
  11. Hi I have recently lodged my 176 visa online. I am just wondering if solicitors can certify documents? The reason i ask is that i currently have 2 different answers. The email i received from DIAC when i applied for my visa states that: If the copy is certified outside Australia: - a person who is the equivalent of a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations in that place; or - a registered migration agent (whose registration is not suspended or subject to a caution). However on the Australia High Commission website it states: Certification of documents The table below lists professions that can certify documents in the UK and Ireland. Only documents certified by these professions will be accepted. Australian Terminology - UK Practicing lawyer(AU) - Solicitor(UK) Magistrate(AU) - Magistrate(UK) Public notary(AU) - Notary public(UK) Justice of the peace(AU) - Justice of the peace(UK) Position/agency recognised by the law of the country to certify documents(AU) - Officer of a Court appointed by a Judge to take affidavits(UK) I had most of my documents certified last year by a justice of the peace at the local court, for documents to be sent to the ANMC. The documents that currently need to be certified are my husbands full birth certificate, his passport bio page, my positive skills assessment and my IELTS test report. Hope someone can help.
  12. I am about to lodge my 175 application. Can anyone tell me who can certify my documents? Can a lawyer sign my document off?
  13. Boesman

    Who can certify docs?

    Hi, just a quicky , who can certify documents? Can a minister of religion (pastor) certify one's papers for TRA and visa app? Thanks I have asked this on anther forum and no answers so far. :goofy: Boesman
  14. Guest

    who can certify??

    hi guys, oh is just about to send his paper based assessment to Vetassess, it state that certificates must be certified copies. Does that mean we can photocopy them and get the doctor or solicitor to sign them, like we would for a passport? lee
  15. hi all, think title says it all but I heard that police officers are not able to do this anymore? (also some people havent bothered to get their copies signed by someone is this acceptable?) thanks in advance Sophie
  16. I'm applying for Independent Skilled Migration GSM 175 online... can a chartered engineer certify copies of my documents? Thanks
  17. Guest

    Who can certify documents?

    After reading the information booklet on applying for a employer nomination visa, it said a registered medical practitioner can certify documents. Is a registered midwife/nurse able to certify documents or do they just mean a doctor ??
  18. Does anybody know which people can certify our documents to send to TRA? Can a priest do it by any chance? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks
  19. Hi, just wondering if anyone can say for definite if a local government officer is able to witness statutory declarations and certify copies of documents. I notice they are on the list of people who can countersign passports, it's just i have neighbour who is one and this would save me a fair bit of money if he were able to sign for me. Sarah
  20. Hi, Can anyone recommend solicitors in London who can certify cheaply ? Called a notary and ridiculous charge....£70.00 or something. Still debating whether to certify everything or just passport copy/birth cert and personal statement? But cheap London ones - west or central would be good ! Sin
  21. I have just copied numerous cards, letters, bank statements etc and was wondering if I need a JP to certify them as true copies or could a pharmacist/doctor type person do it? What do they write? Its getting to the stage now where I am starting to stress!! Also on the form 888, where the person signs it says "signed by........., on the ......... at........." what does the at bit mean? is it the place or the time?? Sorry so many ????!! Linz:arghh:
  22. hey i think my mums friend is a justice of peace here in england, she can certify phototcopies of originals hey? or would it be best to stick with a solicitor?
  23. Guest

    TRA who can certify documents.

    We are currently gathering together all my OH certificates and other info to forward to TRA. TRA ask for all documents to be photocopied and no originals to be sent and it asks for all copies to be certified.....but dosnt say by whom. Does anybody know who can certify these documents before we send them off. would be grateful for any info Thanks :err:
  24. Ok I need assistance here. Had all our documents certified by a chiropractor(who is a Dr) and have just found out they are not recognised to sign the documents according to Aus House London. I am travelling very soon so I need help urgently. Who did you get to sign and how much? Thanks in advance
  25. hi, I would really appreciate if anybody in Lancashire (Wigan/Bolton/Manchester?preston etc) can post where they went to certifiy their docs. ..... I will have a lot, possibly 100+ pages, and hoped somebody knows a solicitor or somebody who will do it for a good pirce....? :unsure: Thanks thx thx!:laugh: