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Found 69 results

  1. Hi everyone. Regarding offshore partner visa 309 from UK We have found out from Australian Embassy in London, that if you are applying online at the London office for your visa (anyone from the UK) you do NOT need ANYTHING certified! plus you do NOT need your stat decs witnessed. All they ask is colour copies of official and unofficial documents uploaded. So NO need to certify Passports, birth certificates, bank statments, stat decs etc for applicant, sponsor and family filling stat decs etc. Which I think is great news as it saves alot of time and money finding a solicitor that will do it in the UK.
  2. hellsbells712

    certifying documents in leeds

    Hi, Pease help!!! Does anyone know of reseaonably cheap solicitors etc... in the leeds, wakefield or west yorkshire area to certify documents. This is starting to turn into a headache !!!!!! My friend solicitor has gone to France for 1 month and forgot to sign 1 page of my reference , nightmare.:cry: Thanks, Helen
  3. Hi All, Does anyone know if a police officer in the UK can certify documents to go with a 457 visa application? Also, other than being 'certfied' do the docs need to be 'witnessed' as well? I have my degree and masters degree info but cannot find by GCSE and A Level certificates, do you think this will be a problem or will my degree and masters info suffice? Thanks guys Paul
  4. Guest

    certifying documents

    Can anyone tell me if AHPRA will accept documents certified in the UK if my courrent country of residence is Portugal?? My documents are all English, I just dont live there at the moment. :biggrin:
  5. butros

    certifying photos

    Good Day everyone, I need some help good people, my agent requested me to send certified passport size photos by email with all other documents for a 457 visa application. My question is how then do I certify those photos? first of all, the photos are small for the stamp and they say they only certify at the back how then do I email those photos which are stamped at the back? Thank you in advance:confused:
  6. Guest

    certifying certificates

    HI can anyone help me please im looking for a list of people who can certify my certificates for TRA.:biggrin:
  7. please help!! I am ringing around various solicitors to get certain documents certified for spouse visa, and most of them either dont do it or want 25 quid per document!!!! I dont even know which documents need certifying yet has havent sorted through them yet. Can anyone help me please with advice on who else i should contact or if anyone knows who doesnt charge. I feel like im being ripped off just to get a document stamped!:mad:
  8. Hi I am just about to make an appointment with a Notary to get my documents certified so I can submit my AHPRA but seem to have an awful lot of documents and not sure if this is correct.... 1 Passport 1 Marriage Certificate 1 DipHE Midwifery Certificate 1 DipHE Transcript 1 BSc Midwifery Certificate 1 BSc Transcript 1 Post Grad Certificate 1 Post Grad Cert Transcript I have no school letter to confirm I was taught in English so instead of this I have: 3 School GCSE School Certificates 1 Statutory Declaration to be witnessed stating I was taught and completed my secondary education in English. 12 Documents altogther!! I also seem to have completely missed this skills assessment that I have read about on some posts....what is this? Do I need to do it first? AHHHHH why is it all so difficult! lol:arghh::arghh::laugh:
  9. Hello All, I am in process of applying for skill assessment from vetassess and for that I have got my educational certificate attested from notary in Delhi, India. It has her Signature and stamp with her name and registration no. and another stamp says 'Attested photo copy' but I read in vetassess site that it shoud have the words 'certified true copy of the original'. Does they literary mean that or words 'Attested photo copy' would work please find below excerpts from Vetassess site "Copies of documents Each copy of every page of the original document must be certified separately and must show clearly: •the words 'certified true copy of the original' •the original signature of the certifying officer •the name and address or provider/registration number (where appropriate) of the certifying officer legibly printed below the signature."
  10. loveshellybeach

    Certifying Documents

    Hi, does anyone know if it is acceptable for a Commissioner for Oaths to certify my documents?
  11. Guest

    certifying documents

    Is it true that for the 176 if you colour scan documents you don't need them certifying? Has any one managed this? Thanks:confused:
  12. gparkes

    Certifying precious stones

    Hi all, Have got some precious stones and wondering if anyone knows of any jewellers that would certify them? Have them sitting here and no idea what to do with them. Bought them from dubai cheap and wanted to really bring them back and sell them for profit but don't know where to start! Someone on here may know of someone who has done or some one who will or may even be a jeweller to give some advice on where to start.
  13. Guest

    Certifying Documents

    Does anyone know if there is a registar of JP's (Justice of the Peace) or can recommend a solicitor in London to approach to certify documents? We recently submitted our Partner visa and were requested to have our documents certified again as the post office certification was not acceptable. Thanks in advance!
  14. lynne1266

    Certifying Documents ???

    Hi All, I know there's lots of threads about Certifying Documents but there just one little question I can't find the answer to !!! If I take the documents to a Solicitors does the Solicitor actually have to sign them or is is ok for them just to be stamped and signed by another staff member ?? Lynne x
  15. Please can anyone help...We are about to apply for our 457 visa and my ex husband and I need to fill out form 1229...consent from him for us to take children under 18 to Oz...from what I understand you can send scanned versions of coloured documents along with your application...however if you have any documents such as this form in black and white they need to be signed in a coloured pen...is this correct? or do they also have to be certified by a solicitor?...am confused Trace :arghh:
  16. Guest

    Certifying payslips?

    My partner got made redundant at the start of April but he was sent copies of his payslips (which are all online) with the company's details on it. They are weekly. He was working there from the beginning of 2010 and before that he was on Youth Allowance whilst he was studying. So I have a couple of questions: 1) Do these payslips need to be certified (I don't see why they would since there isn't really an 'original' copy, they are all just printed off the payroll system and he has copies sitting in his email inbox). If they do, does every single page need to be copied? Or is it ok for the last page to be certified saying that 'I have seen the payslips dated from blah blah to blah blah and I can certify that these are true copies' or something like that? 2) Does my other half need to get Centrelink to send him copies of his Youth Allowance letters (he has lost a lot of paperwork, so disorganised!) to cover the last two years fully? Thanks a lot guys! :cool:
  17. Guest

    Certifying Documents

    Hi, we are about to upload all evidence for 176 Visa, which documents need to be certified, getting a bit confused lol , Any help would be great .:arghh:
  18. Guest

    TRA - certifying docs

    Hi folks, My OH has to send additional docs to the TRA. Can he get his accountant to certify the docs including documents that he himself has issued or does it have to be your solicitor or j.p. etc.? Many thanks, Lexy
  19. Guest

    certifying documents???

    hi new to the whole process but after hours of reading am getting an understanding of the migration process and decided to go without an agent. Just wondered though about documents for my skills assessment with the ANMC. Does anyone know cost of having yur documents certified by any of the people they recommend ie. magistrates etc.????
  20. Hi Has anyone had a solicitor in the UK certify their AHPRA paperwork and had no problems?? The solicitor who certified all my ANMC paperwork couldnt understand why a JP has to sign and he says that a JP isnt as high up as a solicitor, is this true?? I just wanted to know that if i got my solicitor to certify the paperwork then i wouldnt have a problem later on down the line, anyone done this and not had any problems?? Thanks
  21. Hi All, I emailed Vetassess to ask who could certify documents and here is what they sad. Hope that this can be of help to someone. Thank you for your email. By Certify we mean take copies of your original work reference documents and certificates and get them certified as "True copies of original" from an authorised person like a government or Public servant like a policeman, Teacher, SRNurse, lawyer, Solicitor, Pharmacist, Accountant etc.... The same applies to the back of the photograph where they can write "In true likeness of Mr ----" and sign. Please ensure that you send us the name, designation, and contact details of the certifier. Hope this helps They have said public servant like a teacher. Do you think that this will also include a college tutor? Someone on here has already told me that it doesnt but after reading the Vetassess reply, im now wondering. What do you think?
  22. Guest

    certifying nursing certificates

    We are looking at migrating to adelaide and i am a critical care nurse. which of my nursing documents do i need to have certified and do i send them to aprah or anmc?
  23. Just thought I'd share this discovery. For my VETASSESS application, at least, I must submit certified copies of graduation certificate, etc. etc. Since I'm in Oz for 9 days now, I don't yet know any teachers, priests, etc... I was expecting to have to hunt around solicitors for the best price to sign a few docs (some will charge $$ per document; one in the UK once did it for £5 beer money before lunch). However - it turns out that an AusPost counter staff with 5+ years' service is acceptable. We have an office round the corner, and it's a defined Auspost service for $3.95 per document. Quick, easy, and no need to make an appointment (I hope). Perhaps another option for anyone in Oz trying to sort out certified copies. D
  24. Hi everyone, I'm preparing the documents for ACS assessment and I have two questions. I'm not sure what to do with the copies of the employer references. Should i certify them with a public notary? I don't want to inform my current employer that I have intentions to leave the company so I will have to write a statutory declaration. And my question is whether a statutory declaration could be signed also from some of my colleague to support my evidences or they have to write me separate references? Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi all Can anyone tell me if they used a solicitor rather than a justice of the peace to certify nusing docs? Spoke to the local court who do not offer the service anymore, a local solicitor advised me that their signature should be ok with what they are being asked to confirm I know the APHRA site say JOP. Could someone share their experiences? Thanx TT xx