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Found 14 results

  1. Hiya, I'm just getting all my paperwork and evidence together for my application for a partner visa (eeeek fingers crossed!!) and was wondering about whether or not things should be the real versions or if photo copies would do? I understand that for things like passports, birth certificate, driver’s licences, marriage certificate etc – I don't need to send originals of these, but copies that have been credited true copy by a practising solicitor (or JP etc...) but what about other evidence like bank statements, utility bills, council tax, insurance, will etc? If I send originals, will I get them back? If I have to send copies – do these all need to be certified true copies too, as it seems like this will cost a fortune?! Also, I have just sent off for my UK Police Check, but just read something else about someone needing an Australian Police Check as well, is this something everyone needs, or just those that have previously lived in Oz? Once again, sorry if these questions have been asked a gazillion times before, and MANY thanks for any answers that can be given. Thanks, Em
  2. Just thought I'd share this discovery. For my VETASSESS application, at least, I must submit certified copies of graduation certificate, etc. etc. Since I'm in Oz for 9 days now, I don't yet know any teachers, priests, etc... I was expecting to have to hunt around solicitors for the best price to sign a few docs (some will charge $$ per document; one in the UK once did it for £5 beer money before lunch). However - it turns out that an AusPost counter staff with 5+ years' service is acceptable. We have an office round the corner, and it's a defined Auspost service for $3.95 per document. Quick, easy, and no need to make an appointment (I hope). Perhaps another option for anyone in Oz trying to sort out certified copies. D
  3. hi all, we applied for a 175 family sponsored visa back in oct 2008, blah blah you all know about the changes, switched to 176 and got ss from ACT in march 10' on smp and got co nov 10, done all meds and police checks and literally just waiting the the visa. i was just wondering, as i've heard a few people say they were finally granted their original visa, what are the chances of that happening to us?? we'd rather have more scope to move where the jobs/area we like! thanks:wacko:

    Police clearance original or copy

    Can some tell me if we need to submit original police clearance or we can submit copy or notarised copy Thanks
  5. Hi My son has a crombie coat for sale. Was wondering if it would be better to sell it here in UK or would it be worthwhile to sell it when he gets to WA? It's a very smart thick woollen coat and keeps you toastie!! He would like £120 for it.
  6. I wonder if anybody here has submitted IELTS to DIAC online application. Do they need original copy of ielts? How do you submit IELTS document to DIAC?
  7. Hi everyone Does anyone know who I need to contact to advise a change of business to the business plan that I submitted for my 163 business owners visa? I know that if there is a big change you had to advise someone but I can't find who! Someone told me that NSW (I'm in Sydney) has had a crackdown and isn't allowing changes now?? Is this correct? My original application was based on a chauffeur company but with company travel down 40% I've been put off going in to that big time! After 11 months of searching all sorts of businesses (cafe's, retail outlets, juice bars etc) and my accountant not liking any of them, I've finally found a ladies gym for sale that ticks all the criteria boxes and I think I can expand on. If I'm not able to change from the original plan though there's no point me getting my hopes up! I'd be happy to hear from anyone ) Zoe x
  8. Ok, this is for you lot who are already on the other side of the world and transported your household goods over with you. The main reason we are not going to just sell every thing and buy new when we get there, apart from the cost, is that we feel it would be really hard for our girls (4 & 6) to give up all their toys. It’s bad enough them having to leave their friends and family and our two cats. So to make life easier for them we decided that we would take these along with our own stuff; electrical goods, photos and things. My main question is; When the people come and pack your goods up do we need to supply the boxes that everything went into when purchased, or do packers prefer to just put everything into their own boxes. For example I keep just about everything and have most of the original boxes for our electrical items. However, the boxes are dirty now (been kept in the barn), and wondered if it would be better to just get rid of all the boxes and let the packers pack everything in new boxes? Can anyone tell what the process is? Also, for anyone who may have moved over from France, can you recommend a company to us? Thanks for your help. :wubclub: Tasha x
  9. Just wondered, after all the changes recently, alot of people are opting for sponsered.... But who is sticking with their original visa route & why? We are planning to stick with our 175 visa route & hope that it wont take much longer than a year to come through Looking forward to hearing from you & your views Kelly :v_SPIN:
  10. Hi all, I'm currently preparing documents for my applicatino for subclass 309 Spouse Migrating Visa for Australia. We are living in London at the moment. I'm just wondering whether I should send original or certified copy of the police check if I want to front-load it... Thanks a lot in advance! Best luck to all.
  11. Hello, Should we send the original stat Dec to ACS ? or should we be sending a true copy of the Stat Dec? Any help is highly appreciated.! Thank you, Jhonnywalker..
  12. Hi there, Happy New Year to everyone! We are planning on getting quotes for packing companies in a couple of months time. We just wondered where we stood on re-packing some of our possessions in their original packaging (such as my rower). Do the packers insist that they do all the packing themselves and us not use original packaging as items packed by customers won't be covered for the journey? Thanks in advance for any help you can give us. KK. :huh:
  13. Guest

    Copying original CD's

    Hi Guys, Sorry to keep asking questions but there is so much to think about as we are finding out:wacko: The dilema for us is whether we copy our original cd collection onto our laptop as we are very concerned that we may encounter problems at Australian customs, as you all are aware that weight is always an issue. Shipping them out is also a problem as it wont happen for a few months yet and if they get lost???? So we wanted to back them up anyway. Has anyone experienced this or know the regulations? All advice and help wil be greatly appreciated as we are worried about what to do? Colin and Amy
  14. I was 'positive' I had to send the originals to ASPC but having just checked their website whilst trying to work out if they get sent off with a form or just with the file ref on, it looks like certified copies are ok? Anyone know, so I'm doing the right thing?!:err: