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Found 37 results

  1. FNotman

    Teacher Registration

    Hi there, any teachers that have relocated to Australia (Adelaide to be specific)? What was the process for registering with the relevant teaching board? I’ve been reading and apparently all supporting documents need to be certified copies but I’m unsure where would be best to have them certified…
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone might have had their visa approved without providing (all) the police clearance certificates for every country they lived in (over 12 months in the last 10 years)? My husband and I worked in China for a few years but are now working in Australia (applying for our PR now) and are at a total loss with the police checks from China (I know where to get it, the problem is that we are not able to return to China to do this and do not have the documents required to get this in any event.) Hence, I was wondering if anyone might have had their visa approved without providing all the police clearance certificates? (e.g. just provide the ones we can - from Australia and our home countries) I apologise if this has been asked, I have tried searching the forums but may have missed it. Would really appreciate hearing if anyone else has been in a similar situation and what happened for you / other suggestions as to what we could do. Thank you.
  3. i know i need 2 as i have to send an original with visa application, and i also need one for AHPRA, but does hubby need more than just the one that we are sending for the visa? Also is it worth doing a copy and getting it certified before we send the originals off for the visa application thanks
  4. Hello All, I have a question regarding obtaining the PCC from the US and I will appreciate if someone can shed some light on this. I have lived in 3 states in the US for the last 8 years, so do I have to obtain PCC for all the 3 states along with the FBI clearance certificate? If yes then how long do DAIC provide to submit the same? I heard that FBI clearance takes around 2 months. Is there any way I can apply for that in advance or do I have to wait for the DAIC to request for the same. Also need to know regarding the meds as I am not aware as to how long DAIC provides to obtain the same and again the same question, will the time be sufficient to provide the meds and if not can it be done in advance? Please let me know of the same. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, we've lost all our original certificates relating to our job roles but have photo copies of the most important ones .They are for qualifications in UK engineering and UK childcare.Does any one know if employers in these fields will accept photocopies? :confused:
  6. Guest

    certifying certificates

    HI can anyone help me please im looking for a list of people who can certify my certificates for TRA.:biggrin:
  7. adamexmouth

    degree certificates certified

    Can anyone help?. I am trying to find out where the best place is to get my Degree certs verified for the skills assessment.
  8. I just recently passed the assessment at Engineers Australia. I am almost ready to apply for the immigration when I realized there will be some problems. My husband had some issues as we cannot get his police clearance here in Bahrain where we live for the past 6 yrs. The problem is a bit complicated but just to summarize, it has something to do with injustice here in Bahrain. One thing leads to another so it will take time for us to fix his problem though there's a chance but really time consuming. i wanted to know if we can waive his police clearance or any supporting documents where we can prove that he is in good character other than a police clearance. I will be honest he is in good moral character but the tradition here in Bahrain where most of the sponsors/employers that hires you gets the mentality that they own them victimized him. Does anyone here had an experience on waived police clearance?:radar: Any input is appreciated.
  9. Hi all I hope someone can please help? My O/h is gathering all his bits for Vetasses (And I quess this applies to the rest of the whole Emigrating process) he has to have all copies certified, they (Vetasses) have suggested a Police Officer, Notary member of the Public, Justice of the Peace, dont know any of these people. Would anyone happen to know if a Pharamcist or a Social Worker or even our Accountant can do this certifying, as they are long term friends of the family etc, the Pharmacist @ Accountant obvioulsy have reg no's etc. Or would we have to pay a Solicitor etc per hour to sign them (Even though we dont know them) !!!! :eek: Hope any of the above makes any sense Thanks in advance
  10. Guest

    Police certificates

    Hi Folks, just applying for police checks and wonder if we should have the cert send to us at home and when uploading it to DIAC does it need to be certified by JOP? Cheers JAFF :wideeyed:
  11. hi everyone i need something cleared up, i am currentley in australia on a working hol visa, i have a company who want to sponsor me so im going for a 457 visa as a metal fabricator i done a 4 year apprenticeship but i was never sent to college so have no certificates i heard it doesnt matter on a 457 but recentley heard it does! can some one tell me what the go is many thanks.
  12. Guest

    certifying nursing certificates

    We are looking at migrating to adelaide and i am a critical care nurse. which of my nursing documents do i need to have certified and do i send them to aprah or anmc?
  13. Guest

    birth certificates

    hi all need i bit of advie please.:no:looking to immigrate to perth m43/f37/kids 14/16 im the main applicant .timed served painter decorator on a ss176 visa im not registered on my kids birth certificates. would this cause a problem? can i get my name put on the certificates now.:no:also would it be better if me and my partner got married now before we start the process.and what would the time scale be roughly to get the visas . thanks mark:wink:
  14. JulieFreo

    Medical Certificates

    Hi all Any thoughts on preloading medical certificates and possible benefit of doing so? We were advised in Jan not to, because of backlog of applications. Also my partner will be getting medical certificates re. 300 prospective marriage visa. He'll be attending in Manchester. Any thoughts on type of medical? and cost etc? he's got no history of medical problems. ALSO he has two daughters 15 and 14 that aren't emigrating. Will they also need FULL medical check etc? Thanks everyone!
  15. Hi everyone.. Quick question.. My partner and I are apply for a defacto visa and we have both been married before (to other people) and are both legally divorced. I have read different things throughout all the different booklets and fact sheets about supplying past marriage / divorce certificate. I have both my old marriage and divorce certificate but OH only has his divorce certificate (decree) Does he need to suppy his marriage certificate if he has the decree?? We can't seem to find it anywhere. His ex wife organised the divorce papers etc but says she doesn't know where it would be. You can't get a decree without a marriage certificate so is it worth chasing this marriage certificate up if he has the decree??? Any advice would be appreciated.. Thanks
  16. Guest


    Hi Guys Could some one point me in the right direction as i am a site manger over here and that's what i will be doing over there do i need to get all my certificates changed like my first aid and site managers cert ect.. so they are recognised in Au's and if so how do i go about it and who do i phone hope that makes sense many thanks Bestregards pom 64:confused:
  17. Hello, Our case (175 visa) have just been assigned a CO, who asked for health checks and police certificates. Of course we are over the moon and dreaming about Australia already but I got a couple questions... First, health checks. We've done ours and the doctor said will send them along with the X rays to Sydney (the office handling our application is Adelaide). Is this sorted then or do we need to do anything else? Second, this is a long shot but... I live in UK but as I haven't lived here for the last 10 years I need police checks from Brazil. Brazil is definitely a country of contrasts, and one good thing about it is that it is technologically very advanced in some areas. In the case of the police checks, I can obtain them instantly via the internet, no hassle or paper work! The way it works is, you enter all your personal details in the police website and it checks their records and generates a online report that includes a unique ID number. You can then print that report. If someone else needs to check if the report is authentic, they just enter the report ID in the same website, and the website displays the same report as long as it is a valid ID. This is really cool, but I was wondering if this would be acceptable by the immigration office? Or do I need to get old-fashioned, paper copies which will take forever to obtain? One last question; because the CO only asked for the health and police checks, can I assume that everything else is OK and nothing more will be needed? Or they ask for more documents as they need them? Thanks Luis
  18. oh dear i have done it againi have my second interview arranged to get my maiden name in [passort changed to my marriage name, however, just read small print, ifborn in uk after1983 have to provide parents marriage certificate and or there full birth certificates, ohh my godd, my prospective marriage visa runs out 2nd of jun and there will be no way that if i have to wait for my parents to find and send me that stuff that i will get my application for spoouse visa sent off. can i just use my exisiting maiden name passport and explain that i will be changing it but was worried i wouldnt get it back in time to do my application? oh dear please help!!!! im only changning my name!!!!!!!!!!
  19. HELP HELP HELP My partner is a time served tiler and has been for 9 years he has no certificates to prove this and also has not been tiling for the last 12 mths due to lack of work. My hopes and dreams seem to be fading at every turn were asked the same question regarding certificates and has he been tiling in the last 12mths. He has been working as a courier driver but unsure if this will get us a visa. I work in housing/Customer service and have 15 years experience and i have N.V.Q up to level 3 in my line of work would this help with our points? With the new rules coming into force soon I realy dont know where to start. Is it worth it to wait or do it now ( thats if we can have a visa with my partner having no certificates) I have my two girls asking me everyday when are we moving mum. If anyone can help i would be most gratefull. Sorry for the full book of questions.:arghh:
  20. Hi All, I am a qualified Chef with a City & Guilds NVQ Level 3 in Hospitality & Catering. I am on my way to Oz in January on a Working Holiday Visa. I hope to find a job with a sponsorship within the year that I am there. I have lost my certificate at the moment but I have a copy of it. Would this be enough for the Immigration folk or do they want the original hard copy? Thanks for your help, Jennis
  21. libbysmum

    NVQ certificates

    Hi all, im in middle of collating documents for TRA assessment (hairdressing), my oh did NVQ's 1 and 2 at college in 2001, but it looks as though he only has certificates for level 2 we can't find any certificates for level 1, can anyone confirm this is normal? I presume certification for NVQ2 automatically assumes you have NVQ 1??? I was writing a draft of an employer statement stating he did level 1 and 2 but if there are no certificates to prove it, maybe I should only mention level 2? Any advice appreciated Sarah
  22. Hello, my names miguel, barber/men's hairdresser for 6 years, all the evidence of working in salons for that time payslips references etc, only have barbering qualifications though. Just wondering what you think would happen if i got carbon copy hairdressing certficates made to go along with my tra approval, Do you think it's worth the risk? otherwise its 3 years in college un paid full time for me in order to move... These certificates are exactly the same as my barbering one just different course written on it opinions please
  23. Just wondering, could anybody please let us know whether we are required to produce (upload) 'O' Level and CSE examination certificates or will a statement do? Also, how do we get hold of these? I do have all my college and trade certificates (i.e. City & Guilds etc....) Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated:smile:. Cotts (the better half of Noodle!)
  24. Hi everyone, I'm new 2 this site and it looks like most questions can be answered, I was wondering if anyone knows if you have 2 produce your CITY AND GUILDS certificates when appling for a migrant visa. Its been 20yrs since my husband passed and he doesn;t have the certs. will this matter???? Thanx Lynne n Steve :confused:
  25. Guest

    vetassess certificates

    Hi there I was wondering if any one out there who had done a successful vetassess practical in july has had their certificate through yet. I have received a successeful assessment letter and it states that the certificate III will follow I still have not received anything it would be interesting to know who has and who is still waiting too:radar: many thanks