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    How do i know when a CO has been assigned?

    thanks... I'm hopeful this will mean i have a CO as that will surely mean i'm not a million miles away!
  2. HI all... In the process of applying for a PR visa (186 from my 457) and my employer nominated me around six weeks (i then received my file number via the acknowledgement of nomination received letter from the DIBP) I have since uploaded my documents... finished that today and will loo at booking a medical in the new year. Today my employer advised me that their nomination had been accepted as a CO had mailed them the "approval of nomination" document. My query is does this mean i now have a CO assigned to my case or will the CO that contacted my employer now just put my application in the queue and the two parts (employer nomination and my personal application) are dealt with separately? Thanks Roflie
  3. roflie

    Certified copies

    Thanks for the swift reply... makes things a lot easier now! Roflie
  4. roflie

    Certified copies

    Currently applying for a ENS 186 PR visa from my 457 visa and have a question on certified copies of documents. I'm getting a Radiation Oncologist (doctor) or the pharmacist at the hospital i work at to certify my documents (even though they are colour copies).... Is it just a simple case of them signing (printing name?) and dating (each page?) each document? Just a little confused as to the rules on this.. I followed the below link to determine that a doctor/pharmacist could certify; http://www.ag.gov.au/Publications/Pages/Statutorydeclarationsignatorylist.aspx Thanks Roflie
  5. roflie

    China Southern Airlines

    Do you get free alcohol on China Southern?
  6. roflie


    Going to book with Etihad in the end for my trip back home 1st march (flying in to manchester one stopping) and paying $1916 (going through flight centre as they have beaten the price online by a dollar and waived the cc fees and given me a $20 voucher for a domestic flight this year so seemed fair enough) Just wondering what peoples thoughts on this were....? Do you get to choose your seats... I checked seat guru and all of the seats have AC power which was my main thing so i can use my laptop for the whole flight... ...the reviews seem decent... i could have gone with Singapore for the same price but it was two stops and a few hours more transit time....?! Thoughts on Etihad?
  7. roflie

    China Southern Airlines

    I can't find the china southern flights on seat guru to check the plane for power ports in the seats.... I wouldn't fly without this if the in flight entertainment is rubbish as i would rely on my laptop to get me through the long haul!!
  8. roflie

    China Southern Airlines

    yeah i flew with them for my one way flight out here in June last year... brilliant service, couldn't fault them but they are charging $2000 so at $500 more than this china southern flight i'm not sure i can justify it!!
  9. roflie

    China Southern Airlines

    Anyone flown with them to/from the UK.... ...they are about $400 cheaper for me to get back to Newcastle from Melbourne in March ($1540 Vs $1912 on Qantas/BA). .... I've done a bit of research and the majority of people are just complaining about in flight entertainment and a bit about food.... The transit times are respectable with only a 5hr lay over and going to Newcastle via Amsterdam....!! thoughts!!??
  10. roflie

    Cheap flights?

    Thanks, I've not come across that site below - pretty handy! I've found a price for $1852 which includes a flight up to Newcastle from London or an $1800 to Manchester so its looking like around this mark is the best... Anything sub $2k is going to keep me reasonably happy with leaving it a little late!
  11. roflie

    Cheap flights?

    Hi all... hope everyone is enjoying the Xmas/New Year break... its my first in Oz so a little strange but loving the weather we are starting to see here in Melbourne.... ...Right, on to business....! I'm going home at the end of Feb/start of March and looking to book a flight. Are there usually new year sales with some of the bigger/more reputable airlines at this time of year (i know i have left it late to book but just don't want to book in the next couple of days and then find the prices drop in some sort of crazy sale...)?? Anyone had any flyers or e-mails tipping them off about sales? At the moment i am looking at around $1700 - $1800 return from Melbourne (to London) which i guess isn't too bad!?!? Thanks
  12. roflie

    Xmas presents

    thanks.... I think my dad is just going to bite the bullet and pay the price as its my first Xmas in Aus but can't imagine i'll be receiving big presents through the mail too often!!
  13. roflie

    Xmas presents

    Hi all... long time no post! Just a quick one to ask about sending Xmas presents over to Aus from the UK.... ...what do people do? My folks have a shoe box (3kgs - yes i know... not exactly the bumber Xmas presents we all used to wake up to!!) full of wrapped gifts and want to know if they will get taxed on the value when they go through Aus customs and if so how much it will be.... Who do people use... Post office...? Transglobal?? thanks roflie
  14. roflie

    Melbourne here we come!

    definitely take the kids to Healesville sanctuary... its about an hour - hour 15mins drive east of the city by car and its amazing to see all of the animals.... you can easily spend a full day out there..... you would need a car to get there probably but well worth it as even the drive out that way is pretty nice..... Its $58 for two adults and two children which is very reasonable and kids go free on a weekend so even cheaper then enjoy and hope everything goes well for you Roflie
  15. roflie

    Melbourne 4 months report!

    I know it was a bit lengthy - i should have been updating as i go but i've just been caught up with everything there is to do here and all that is involved in moving so far away. ...I've been lucky that the guys i work with and the people i have moved in with are really decent people... As i said i can only comment on my experiences and it will be different for everyone but it really has been a great move for me. I do miss friends and family but Skype is a god send.... it really is brilliant. I've been lucky enough to have a decent speed broadband (which seems the norm now in Melbourne's surrounding suburbs) since i arrived here and keeping in touch has been relatively straight forward. I should have mentioned my latest move was to Carnegie which i'm really enjoying as there is quite an asian vibe with lots of asian food shops and restaurants. If you are coming here with an open mind and can afford to set yourself up initially (definitely take the option to ship as much stuff over as you can as you will most likely have it bought and shipped for less than you would pay over here!) then i think Australia (i can only comment on Melbourne) will be good to you.... A lot of my little worries an anxieties turned out to be silly but i guess its natural to feel that way when you are making such a big move... I only had myself to worry about getting over here so no doubt it will be more tricky with a family but i'd recommend it to anyone... England and the UK doesn't feel half as far away as i thought it would and whilst i do look forward to eventually going back for a holiday possibly next summer i don't miss it anywhere near as much as i thought i would Cheers Roflie P.s. berries are expensive (blue, black, strawberries etc) and takeaways tend to be a similar price to the restaurant menu as there's not many places that are solely takeaways rather than just restaurants who offer a takeaway option..... There are a load of restaurants that offer BYO (bring your own drink) and just charge you a small corkage fee which i've found can really educe the price of eating out if you like a drink with your meal. Wine tends to be expensive in the restaurant but if you shop around and by by the case of 6 rather than single bottles it doesn't work out too bad... I'm paying around $10 for a bottle (i used to go for something around about 5 pound back in the uk straight off Asdas shelf) and its average stuff... i'm not really a fussy wine drinker but i know if the wine is rubbish... you can always pay more or less and if you have time to shop around you will find decent deals.