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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all, We are moving to Melbourne at the end of May and are going to be looking for rental properties. My question - which should be obvious anyway from the title - is whether most properties already have fridges and washing machines? I know they usually have cookers, but I'm not sure about white goods? We're renting out our house in Scotland and will be leaving our fridge and washing machine here, so we need to know whether we'll have to buy new ones out there. Thanks! Suzanne.
  2. Hi all Feeling quite proud of myself as just went to the Aus High Commission in London and submitted my fiance's PMV 300 app. Decided to hand deliver because we don't trust Royal Mail and there are all these strikes on now. Just thought I'd list what we included, so those applying can see and perhaps it will help. - They don't like lots of dividers or paperclips or post-its everywhere, just a big wad of paper is good! I stuck a couple of post-its just on the front of a few bits where it wasn't easy to tell what the evidence was exactly. - If you're hand delivering, don't seal your envelope - they make you open it as they can't accept sealed envelopes by hand (security issue) - We included a cover letter, giving a bullet-pointed list of each item in the app, that way it's clear what's in there and we're not having to put sticky notes on everything. We also put in a stamped, self-addressed envelope and asked in the letter that they send back anything they can because we'll need it for the next stages of the visa (ie. the permanent ones). The dude at the counter said they will definitely send it back to us. List of stuff included: - Forms 40SP and 47SP (applicant and sponsor) - Police check (original) - Letter from our celebrant in Aus - Certified copies of both our birth certificates and passports (I have a Brit and an Aus one, so included copies of both) - Certified copies of my fiance's previous marriage cert and divorce decree absolute - 4x passport photos of my fiance (the applicant) and 2 of me (the sponsor) - 4xA4 sheets with copies of photos of us together at various points in time - put a little line of text explaining where and approx when each was taken - Copies of emails from family and friends saying they're coming to our wedding - Copy of our tenancy agreement, in both names - Copy of the letter confirming opening of our joint bank account - Bank statements from our joint account - Bills in both our names (we gave them originals, made copies for ourselves) - Confirmation (signed) of our wedding venue hire in Sydney - Travel itinerary and boarding passes from a trip together to South Africa - Statements from both me and fiance explaining everything about our relationship - mine was four pages, his was three (I'm a writer, can't keep it short!) - Two stat decs from friends (both Aussies, one in UK, one in Aus - on form 888) - My tax returns from the last two years (submitted certified copies of P60s, plus bank and mortgage statements from Aus and payslips from here to cover periods not included in the tax periods - must cover last two years) - Extra statement from me explaining why I can't provide a fixed address in Sydney where we plan to move (as I live over here) - Payment mandate from London office (if you're applying in London, print off this form from the actual London Aus High Commission site, and it allows you to pay by UK debit or credit card in pounds - replaces the payment section in the form itself) Phew!! So glad it's in! The dude at the counter said it's three months processing time, but I said I'd heard others had theirs done in three weeks, and he said yes, depends on the circumstances, the back log, the case officer. He said it all looked really good and the main thing that will slow down an app is if it's incomplete, so if you haven't addressed everything required - eg. if you don't have a piece of evidence or you don't know how to get it or you don't think it applies to you, either go in and talk to them (or ring the stupidly expensive enquiry line!) or submit something in writing with your app explaining what the deal is. He also said including a massive bunch of cards and stuff from ages ago is not that helpful - better to have stuff that covers recent timeframes and actually evidences your relationship in the last 12 months (because otherwise you'd be applying for the partner visa and establishing your relationship for 12 months anyway). Also re. medicals - he said many docs will refuse to do it before you hand in the app if it's a TEMPORARY visa app, as depending on the circumstances of the app, the type of medical required may change. So, if you're applying for a permanent visa (not this one!), you should front load your app with your medical, but if a temp, you don't need to. Yippee! Will provide updates on how it goes... hope that was helpful for someone, sorry it's so long! :wacko:
  3. Hi everyone I'm just in the process of getting my quotes and home visits organised but just wanted to know what I should expect be included by the company? Like for example they pack for you, customs clearance etc.. this is quite a dauting task and I don't want to get overwhelmed when they come and forget to ask if something is included. So was hoping someone could help and then I can have a bit of a list to go through! Thanks in advance
  4. I am filling in an online application for a 175 visa. In the section where it asks you to list "other family members", meaning non-migrating parents and siblings, does it just mean parents and siblings of the applicant or also of the applicant's spouse?
  5. hi all, we moving to melbourne beginning of september, and looking at renting somethere. in the uk they advise you to leave the white goods (fridge/freezer, washing machine etc) in when renting out. my question, when renting in oz do they leave the fridge etc in the house? thx all.... getting excited now :biggrin:
  6. Support Evidence-What i included APPLICATION FORM 47SP APPLICATION FORM 47SP SUPPORTING EVIDENCE (ALL CERTIFIED)- Birth certificates copies for both, passport copies for both, Marriage certificates, Divorce certificates APPLICATION FORM 40SP APPLICATION FORM 40SP SUPPORTING EVIDENCE (ALL CERTIFIED)-Your partners employment contract, Your partners last three payslips, A letter from all the companies stating your partners employment & tenure length-This will all prove they can support you as a sponsor! HISTORY OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP- Stat Dec from you (Mine was four pages long & include detail but not fluff, make sure you include dates & you dates match your partners! Stat Dec fr your partner-As above Itemised phone bills (Important if you've been apart like we were) Highlighter pen all the contact & tally up the total number of minutes & texts per page so they dont have to sift through. Skype (Again,Important if you've been apart like we were) Copy & paste the entire logs into a MS Word document & Highlighter pen all the video call time, tally up the total number of minutes & also take screen shots of Skype to be matched up to these Word 'logs' so they can tell they are genuine. Emails to & from each other- I put a disclaimer saying "We've been apart for months, please excuse the rudeness as we missed each other" Nothing says you're a couple like Smut! Presents-Receipts from any Birthday, Valentines day, Xmas, Anniversary presents to each other FINANCIAL ASPECTS OF THE RELATIONSHIP A stat dec signed by you both as to what all the following information in this section relates to (Seems dumb ass but make it so for your case officer, the clearer your app. the sooner your Visa!) Bank statements-Take a highlighter pen to your credit/savings/chequing account statements showing anything for both of you, presents, shopping, meals out, cinema~Put a few words stating with you've highlighted IE Meal out with Partner at..... Superannuation beneficiaries- Make each other your 100% beneficiaries for your Super fund in the 'event of your death'~shows financial commitment Large purchase receipts~TV/Fridge/Car/House~All show huge joint financial commitment-All Certified NATURE OF THE HOUSEHOLD Stat Dec saying whats what in the section below ie If bills aren't in both names, explain here why, its not necessarily the worst thing as it shows one of you 'financially supporting the other' Stat Dec signed by you both of the divided house chores~Nothing special, just a list of "I do the washing, my partner does the hoovering", very boring, very basic!!! Food bills- Receipts etc Rent receipts Utilities bills A household budget-Very simple~Joint Incomings & outgoings on an excel & word doc SOCIAL CONTEXT OF THE RELATIONSHIP Facebook-Again like Skype, screen shots of Relationship status' & Status' naming each other & any other correspondance between you, your partner & friends to show you are a socially known couple Stat decs from Aussie residents that have known you 1yr+ Stat decs from Non Aussie residents that have known you 1yr+~Get them to get them 'certified' by doctors or police in their countries sent along with photographic proof certified ie-Passport copy Cinema tickets Plane tickets Hotel Receipts Restaurant receipts Day out receipts ie Zoo/Beach etc Photos~Limit these as they dont like loads~I included 10, mostly with each others friends & family at social occasions Planned trips-Email Flight centre,give them your names & get itineraries for planned trips you might make Planned financial info-Mortgage quotes, health insurance covering babies etc Birthday cards from both families to you both of individually NATURE OF THE COMMITMENT Relationship registration for defactos~Well worth it, check if your state does it because not all do, here is VIC http://www.bdm.vic.gov.au/CA2574F700805DE7/page/Relationships?OpenDocument&1=30-Relationships~&2=~&3=~ & NSW http://www.bdm.nsw.gov.au/Relationships.htm And TAS http://www.justice.tas.gov.au/bdm/relationships/register You can register even if one of you isn't an Aussie citizen, as i wasn't ! Long term plan stat dec- Quick, we both want, Marriage, kids, to buy a house etc statement, signed by both HEALTH REQUIREMENT Panel doctor letter sealed http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/panel-doctors/ CHARACTER REQUIREMENT Police checks from any country lived in by either of you longer than 12 months
  7. Hi, Me and my family are looking at moving to the Joondalup area, and have been looking at renting but was wondering what is normally included in the rental price and what extra's do you have to pay on top of the rent? Thanks alot for your help Jamie
  8. We have secured a lovely 2 bed furnished apartment for 3 week weeks when we arrive. It has all bills included in the price. We are going to look for another similar furnished apartment for a long term lease when we arrive. I was wondering if anybody knew if you tend to get your water/electricity bills etc included in the price for a 6 month lease.
  9. Renting Sydney- any "admin" fees, whats included and what bills do we pay? Hi, I have found a couple of useful posts regarding the areas I am asking about but all appear to be a few years old so wondered if someone could give me an update? Rental Costs We are planning to live in the Northern Beaches area, Sydney. There is only two of us but we need a garden (for the dogs!) and as Australia doesn't do small houses we know we'll prob end up with a 2-3 bed house which we know will cost anywhere between $500-$700pw (ideally the lower figure!!!). We plan to have saved enough to pay 1mths bond and 1mths rent upfront but is there any "admin" costs that letting agents charge on top of this upfront that we need to factor in? Furniture Included Also are any "white goods" supplied as standard in rental properties (e.g cookers, fridges, freezers, washing machines?) Bills Looking at a couple price for these areas. We have health insurance sorted and I understand you don't pay council tax if renting (does this inc Water??). Is there any "admin" fees that we need to factor in and do we have to pay any bills upfront or are they a month in arrears? Contents Insurance (i presume buildings insurance is paid for by landlord?) Electricity Gas Water Car Insurance and Rego (small car) Food (2x people...although I think we may be eating beans on toast for a while!) Broadband (dont want a landline, just internet) Mobile TV Any help and up to date figures would be much appreciated. Will be there in 2.5months if the visa goes through ok!! Danielle x
  10. Hiya Is it correct that the rent you pay includes all utility bills like gas, elec - what bills do you have to pay if renting? obviously internet & phone - is there council tax like in the UK or TV licence? I look forward to responce! Thanks :mad:
  11. Hi As you know VIC has announced its SMP list, I inquired about QLD SMP and found out that it might be in places shortly Now the question is : How do current 176 applicants know that they are included in this year quota? For instance, will a 2009 victoria sponsored applicant with occupation in VIC SMP be automatically included in SMP or a confirmation from VIC is required ? Regards:hug:
  12. We are doing some budgeting and were wondering whether the weekly rental that gets quoted on say Domain etc includes for the Aus equivalent of council tax (if any ?), and any of the utilities costs Anybody know ??
  13. Is it fairly basic, or do you get everything, cutlery, glasses, towels, bedding etc?
  14. Hi there, Does anyone know if Christmas and birthday cards can be included in a de-facto visa application? Also does anyone know the deal with photos of us both in various countries. We have proof of our flights but the photos are not dated on the printed copies. Can they still be included?
  15. Hi Has anybody had AQIS included in their quote and had their goods shipped to Oz and not have to pay anything more than was originally quoted & paid in UK. Some companies say its included but then the other companies are telling me its all a con as it can't be included and you will get stung the other end. I know they are all salesmen but starting to wonder now don't and can't afford to get forced to pay more again in Oz on collection day?:wideeyed: Thanks
  16. Im inthe process of securing a long term rental (at last!!!) and was wondering what is normally included in the rent and what is up to the tennant to pay? Rates? Water? Also how do i know who our gas, electric, phone and water suppliers are? Who else do i need to register with? Any help would be great Many thanks Emma x
  17. Can anyone tell me are dogs included under a sponsor 457 visa. i would be working for ATRC Rail. or do i have to sort it out my self. it does say that the company will pay for all familky members.etc
  18. Hi all, I'm just in the process of completing my visa application to hopefully go to Aus with hubby and 2 kids. My brother lives out their with his family and my mum wants to go.Does anyone know if I can take her out with us as a dependant. Financially she doesn't have any worries.She is 69yrs and fairly fit. If anyone can advise I would be gratful. We aren't using an agent so hope things go ok. I'm hooked on this site reading other peoples experiences. Good luck to all applying. Jacqui