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Found 868 results

  1. hi everybody... my spouse has some problems with IELTS test, so does anyone know when the second instalment (2925 AUD) must be paid to the DIAC ? at the beginning of the processing or after the visa is granted ? I'm afraid to wait again for another test of IELTS, this will waste allot of time, and till know my profession is still in the CSL but who knows what will happen:chatterbox:
  2. bijit011

    visa 175 and ACCA qualification

    Hello everyone, I am an ACCA affiliate. Can any one tell me how much point I might get for my qualification in the new point system for visa subclass 175? The departement website gives the below info - Doctorate - 20 points Bachelors - 15 Other recognised by assessing authority - 10 I guess its going to be either 10 or 15. Please help. Bridge
  3. Majestic

    Sub class 175 conditions?

    Hello, Firstly thanks for the response from my previous thread. What i am failing to find on the "DIAC" at the moment is what time i need to spend in Oz to maintain my full resedency. As due to family matters i may not be able to stay indefinately, but fully expect to return when i can.
  4. Peaceinoz

    Skill assessment and RPL Drama...

    [h=2][/h] I had my Skills assessed by ACS and the assessment recognised my Bachelors of commerce as comparable to Aus Bachelors degree with insufficient ICT content and therefore doesnt meet requirements for a qualification as prescribed in PIM3. ACS however recognised my Work Experience. I am once again considering applying for skill assessment ( 261112 SYSTEMS ANALYST) and also filled the PASA Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) doco in which I have to submit Project reports. My Qualification (Bachelors of Commerce ) and RPL and Work Exp (6 Yrs 2 Mths relevant skill) are now ready for Skills assessment.. I consulted this with a lawyer and his opinion is that the ACS may award a skill assessment but may knock off a couple of Yrs from my W.Exp setting off the ICT content. Is this correct.. Opinions pls.. If that is the case,it will be difficult to apply for PR under subclass 175 as I may lose points for my W.Exp.
  5. Guest

    Child visa

    Good morning everyone! so we have our perm 175 visa but we need to get a child visa for our little boy. We received an email update the other day with the prices from 1st September :arghh: so we thought we will go to oz with our little boy on a tourist visa and pay the extra to apply for his visa onshore. just called London to ask if this would be ok and they said we could get stopped at the border and questioned why we don't have a perm visa for the baby. has anyone else taken this route? She didn't say we would be refused entry just we may be asked the question. we will find it really hard to pay for his visa, flights and relocating in a matter of months from each other. having lived in oz for a yr previously we are confident we could go over get settled then apply for his visa before his tourist one expires. any advice would be great thanks
  6. Hi everybody. I am new to the forum and want to find out how to prove the years of experience while applying for 175 or 176 GSM visa? My brother has applied for a RPL from ACS and is expecting a positive assessment soon, based on the correspondence till date. The RPL requires 6 years of experience. His total experience is 9 yrs+. In order to obtain the 15 points for overseas work experience, he needs to prove his relevant work experience to be more than 8 years. We believe ACS will certify that he has more than 6 years of experience based on the RPL reports. What is the way to establish the balance years if ACS does not mention that in the assessment result? Any suggestion/opinion will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance becky
  7. Hmachanick

    Shall we stay or shall we go

    I sometimes wonder why on earth we left the UK. We both had good job opportunities, great support network and lifestyle. So now we sit in perth, which although hubby likes, I really dont. I have also just found out i am pregnant again and tbe idea of a toddler and a new baby scares the you know what out of me... So one of our options is to go back home to south africa after bubs is born here - family, friends, support, chrap childcare etc are all the benefits. Only thing i am not sure of is on a 175 visa, can we come back to oz at some point in the future if we need to escape SA. Ie, is it valid for 5 years? Any advice appreciated here ​and apologies for the whine and moan
  8. Guest

    hepatitis B and 175 VISA

    Hi, One of my friend currently being treated for hepatitis B and did the medical checks. He is in CAT3. will his medical condition leads to refuse his PR application ? Thanks for advise
  9. Hi all, I'm the one who applied for skilled-independent 175 since Dec 2009 and in Cat 5, unfortunately. I've found that the allocation date in Cat 5 has been outlined as 21 May 2008 since several months ago. I have some questions below, hoping that someone could help me out. 1) Does anyone know if the skilled - 175 application in Cat 5 has been put on hold? 2) I heard about the new change - SkillSelect. Do I need to do anything about it as of an applicant for skilled-175 who has already lodged documents since Dec 2009? 3) Has anyone in Cat 5 been contacted by CO? 4) I was contacted once by an e-mail from DIAC (since Sep 2012) to tell me information about the 2012-13 migration program year as well as some general information about where you can check the progress of allocation date in the website and saying that " As such, many Priority Group 5 applicants still face a considerable wait until their application is allocated to a case officer for processing.". I believe everyone in Cat 5 who is in the same position as me should get it. Anyway, with said above, I understood that I still get a chance that my case will be allocated to CO and proceed next steps like considered & granted, am I correct ? 5) Any advice for me would be appreciated. =) Hope to hear answers from you guys soon. Pleaseeeee... Thank you so much in advances. =) Emmy.
  10. Hi, I am applying for my 175 and would like to add my mother as my dependant, she is widowed and fully dependant on me. I am wondering if anyone has done it before who could advice if this is possible and the necessary processes, documents, health check that she needs to undertake for the application. Really appreciate your help.
  11. Guest

    Child visa 101 help

    Hi guys, been a very long time since I have posted but I have been backwards and forwards for info! ok so we got our PR 176(or175 state sponsored one lol) In 2011 just me and hubby. We activated in sept 2011 while I was pregnant with our little boy (found out about pregnancy after visa granted). so we are having to apply for a child visa for the little man, which I have started now. My question is ththis do we have to activate his child visa within a certain period like we did ours or can we get his visa and go when we are ready? to be honest we are going the end of the summer with any luck so might not make a difference but just incase don't want to have to enter by xxxx date and can't so lose baby's visa. hope that makes sense? hope someone can help cheers guys dan x
  12. Hi all Woke up to a fab email this morning on our 175 application requesting police clearances and medicals (hip hip hooray!):biggrin: However there are a few questions based on the fact that I am 7 months pregnant... I have read on previous posts that you can ask your case officer to put your application on hold until baby is born, and then add him to the application (so as to avoid paying the extra $2000 for a baby visa) - has anyone done this? Secondly with regard to police clearances, can we apply for those now or do we need different ones as "parents" in 8 weeks time? My only concern is we have lived part of the last 10 years in South Africa, and the police clearances can take quite a while and we want to get down under asap, so I would love to start those now! Any help or advice would be a huge help! Sorry if these questions seem a bit silly. Thanks Heather
  13. I am wondering if there is any way to convert my pending 885 application (lodged Aug 2008, Management Consultant, present Cat 4) into 175 or other offhore option. I am sick of having my career and life put on hold. I have my own business with customers worldwide but only charge for service so my income does not qualify for Business Visa. Australia seems to attract only corporate rats or wanna-be entreprenours and doesn't care about talent at all! As a management consultant, I can hardly promise any good service to cusomers (or possibly employers) if there is danger of getting 28 days notice to leave the country. I would be a bad consultant if I did that. Is there any way to convert my application? Thanks!
  14. I am doing a skills assessment with Vetassess. I only need to get these from one prior employer. a) I dont have these anymore, and my prior employer can only provide screenshots of my records from their software. I dont think this will suffice for Vetassess. b + c ) I also dont have these. My question is, how would I go about getting a copy of these from HMRC? I cant see any request forms from their website.
  15. I can't decide and the more I think about it the more confused I seem to get. I know the 457 is faster and cheaper, but I suppose I still have to go through skills assessment and PR application once I'm in Australia. I'm also put off by the thought of being tied to one employer(I've had some awful jobs in the UK and would prefer the option of doing a runner if necessary). I'm a Nurse, trained in the UK and have worked in the NHS since 2001. I think I can get more than 120 points even though I don't think I can claim 3 out of 4 years work experience( did about 1 and a half years of bank and agency work 2 years ago).Is it worth going for the PR visa(175) independently? Or does anyone know if employers are willing to sponsor for PR? Any advice greatly appreciated!
  16. Hi all,was just wanting to ask how long does the average working skilled visa 175 take??been told so many different time scales now and just want to be sure to plan ahead!!thanks.:wacko:
  17. Hi there I have just lodged my general skilled 175 to Victoria today....just about made it in time! I was wondering if any other teachers were planning on moving over any time soon? Thanks Jon-Paul
  18. Hmachanick

    Medical check progress - yippee! :)

    Hi all Just thought I would give an update on where we stand but still some frustrations ahead... Our 175 application was on hold while we waited for a passport from South Africa for our baby, born in May. We finally got it on Thursday and have now been given the go ahead to get the medicals done - yay! We got the police checks done a few months ago. The frustration now is for our cat. She had to have all the rabies shots and blood tests to come to the UK from South Africa and now we are trying to find out if she has to have them all again to go down under. She is still within the timelines, but we have been tasked by the AHVLA to ask our vet if what she had in SA complies with this huge long document they provided. Our vet is not really keen to give an opinion:( It would be great if she doesn't have to have all the tests again as we can get down under sooner... Well, hopefully doing medical tests in the next 2 weeks - does anyone know if the forms can be filled in online or must be printed and filled in? Thanks all :biggrin:
  19. Hi everyone, its a long time since I last posted, so long I've forgotten my account details and the email address I was using! Anyway I'd almost given up hope of ever getting a visa or getting our money back after applying back in August 2008, but yesterday I received an email from DIAC - probably a lot of people did as it was pretty generic but it basically directed me to the SMP program. Since I haven't kept up to date with all the changes since late 2009, I had no idea what is was or the options available but on investigation it appears my job - ANZSCO 262113 is on the SMP list for NSW! So the question is, is this a valid route i.e. apply for sponsorship, change visa to 176, move to cat 3 and get a visa within 12 months? or is it risky, its another $300 and since they had $2100 four years ago, then changed the rules and kept the money, is it possible they could do the same thing again? If you successfully get sponsorship do they have to change the 175 to a 176? Is it possible they will change the rules for 176 processing or are they trying to get through the backlog so they can move on the new Skill Select system? I know nobody can give definitive answers but has anyone any experience of doing this recently? Thanks Rob
  20. My husband and I submitted our application for GSM175 in September 2009 and have heard nothing since. :sad: We are applying with my job (1224-11 Information Technology Manager) which is on SOL schedule 2 (not Schedule 1) so we are in priority group 5. As far as I can see, all priority group 5 applications will only commence any form of approval process when ALL other visa applications for Australia are completed. Reading between the lines, does this mean that ALL other application for a visa to Australia from how ever many number of years ago until now will be processed before ours is even picked up? We have been waiting now 35 months (3 years) and have not heard anything. I am more frustrated to not be able to find ANY yard stick for exactly HOW long we might be waiting – it would be great to know something! Anything! Anyone else apply for a General Skilled Migration visa (175) in 2009 with a profession NOT on the main SOL?
  21. Hi All, Myself & Hubbie as ACCA qualified (I am FCCA) and are going to apply for the 175 perm visa, however when I read through the details , it appears that we have to apply to CPA (not sure if the other 2 bodies accept ACCA) to access our qual's and see if they recognise our ACCA,degree etc and then when accessed we can then apply for the Visa. Has anyone gone down this road and will being ACCA qualified be enough to be able to get membership of CPA or do we have to do any further study/courses etc.. Hopefully it will just be a matter of filling in the online application form and sending copies of the qual's. Can you tell me how long it took for this to be sorted also? Thanks in advance :confused: AM
  22. Dear all, I would really appreciate any advice on this: I have received WA SS 2 days ago. It's time to apply now but I have some doubts what is the better option. If I apply for 176 visa, we'll get it in 1-2 months, almost no risks but we'll stick to the WA state. I like Perth, but somehow planned to get Master degree in Sydney first and maybe then settle in a smaller town. If I apply for visa 175, I won't have to stay in any state, we'll be independent in all matters and can study in Sydey. However, what bothers me the most is what happens with 1st July on our doorstep? I am an accountant and the profession is on the risk-list and maybe excluded on 1st of July from SOL. As soon as I have launched the visa before 01/07 they will have no right not to consider the application but they may downgrade the visa to Priority Group 5 and we will wait for ages. Is my understanding correct? Please help. Can't find anything saying what happens to those who have applied before new rules in place.
  23. Hi. We lodged our visa in jan and have already been contacted by our CO. medicals next Friday and sent for our police checks. Getting excited now. Can anyone give any good and bad views on where to look at renting around Brisbane. Any advice would be great. Good luck to everyone too
  24. Hi guys, Mostly this post is to give you some hope if you are applying for a 175. We only lodged our application last August expecting it to take up to 2 years, and our visa was approved yesterday. They asked for some more information and to get our police checks and medicals done mid march. We were slightly held up as had a baby at the beginning of march so had to get her a passport and added to our application before we could get medicals. Medicals were beginning of may - and we were just waiting for our AFP checks to come through. They arrived on tuesday, we attached them to the app and Visa was approved that night So in all very quick- just a bit of info to give you an idea of processing and stages etc Obviously we are over the moon, but it comes with very mixed feelings. We arent moving until next spring but obviously our family are very upset and it will just get worse until we go, we have to remind ourselves that we want to go for our and our daughters future to give her opportunities and a lifestyle she wont have here. But right now we have a very small and cute baby who we are taking away from a very supportive extended family. I already feel so guilty and so excited at the same time!!!