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      Found 260 results

      1. Hello everybody, first of all let me apologise If I have started a new topic where I shouldn't have, I have never used forums before. . I submitted the nomination and application for 186 direct entry on Jan 21 2017 as a graphic post press trades-person. I have been waiting for 13 months and my lawyers have not been contacted once ! The only thing my lawyers always say is to wait. This uncertainty is nerve wrecking , also this occupation apparently is no longer on the list. Does anyone knows if this affects the application and / or processing times? Do we know if the processing times for 186 direct entry vary according to occupation.Thanks in advance for any info.. Any advice would be appreciated. I have posted this message in other topics but I don't have not received one reply, so my best guess is that It is in the wrong section of the forum. This wait is really affecting me and my dependant.
      2. 457 Processing Times March 2012

        Hi All, Applied for 457 on 12 March via an agent (Fragomen). Havent hear anything!! Anyone received 457's this month and if so how long did it take you? Thanks, Paula x
      3. How many times for IELTS

        Thought it would be a good idea for PIO members to let other members know how many times it took them to get all 8's on their IELTS test, as this is a major post
      4. Hi All, I just wanted to ask everyone's thoughts on the effect (if any) that the July 2012 visa application changes (EOI) will have on 175 applications that are lodged before the changes are implimented. Looking through recent posts I have seen that some 175 applications have been turned around in 8-10 months which wouldn't be a problem for us. Our only concern is that if we were to lodge a 175 application within the next month or so, and a case worker isn't assigned before the July changes, would the changes delay the processing of the application, i.e. will the new EOI system take priority as these applications could be thought of as being more attractive than an old 175 application? Any thoughts???
      5. Hi guys, I have recently received my AHPRA reg (slow painful process!). We are hoping to be in Australia (Queensland) next April/May (ish). We are putting our house on the market immediately after xmas and hoping for a fairly quick sale! Im currently in talks with two hospitals who seem keen to interview me during their next recruitment drive which will be Jan/ Feb I believe. Both have said they can offer sponsorship. My question is 'has anyone recently gone through the 457 process?' How long does it take from beginning to end? Just wondering if we are being unrealistic in hoping that we can come out by April/May? Also I understand that as a nurse I need to have a full medical, but as my partner and two children will be on the visa too, will they need a modified medical? Any experience on this would be appreciated! :biggrin: Thanks, Emma x
      6. Hey all Just thought I would update you and let you know that I have just gotten confirmation that my 857 application has been granted!!!! best christmas present ever............. Thank you everyone at PIO for all the helpful posts, new and old, made the process so much easier. Now I can look forward to a sweet beach life here on the sunshine coast. RELIEF......:jiggy: I completed the whole process myself as didnt have the funds for an agent and it was really easy. No issues at all, just need to be organised!! Timeline RCB Certification: April 22 2011 857 Application sent:05/05/11 Payment taken: 13/05/11 CO Assigned: 21/10/11 Extra Info requested and sent:17/11/11 Visa GRANTED: 23/11/11 Hold in there if your stressing, I know I was getting a bit impatient!!!lol Its so worth it....:biggrin::jiggy::chatterbox::biggrin::goofy: so many emotions!!cant wait to get home from work and pop open the champers thats been in the fridge for ages!!!!!
      7. ANMAC waiting times

        just about to apply to ANMAC for skills assessment.. Just wondering how long everyone has been waiting for their outcome? xxx:biggrin:
      8. How times have changed!

        Just thinkin' there.When i was a little lad the highlight of thec weekend was for me Ma Dad and bros n Sis to go to the local park on a Sunday for our picnic:notworthy: This consisted of Jam Butties,Orange Squash and a few plain biccies!We'd sit under a big ole Oak tree and i would be jealous as hell of the families doing the same who actually had one of those new fangled Transistor Radios!:swoon:I can still hear Cliff singing'The young ones'or Jim Reeves blasting out'I can't stop loving you'.EEE Bah Gum !Them wur the Days!:yes:
      9. Just sent off last night our application for state sponsorship for Victoria. They are saying 12weeks but just wondering how long did it take you guys?
      10. Hello We have just moved to Canberra last week and are facing the daunting task of finding a rental property. we have seen a few few already - some fine, some awful - ALL expensive (in my view) we did expect this though... We are going round in circles at the moment in choosing or narrowing areas and wondering if people could respond if they commute into Civic by car or bus in the morning and where from and how long this takes. we are in temporary accomodation at the moment and of course viewing properties during the day when there is less traffic and would like to know the realistic commute times from different suburbs. Thanks so much in advance! Angela
      11. Hey guys, My flight is booked for 17th january and im supposed to be landing at 20:30 at night , just wondered what are the peak times at sydney so i know what kind of line at customs i should be expecting, plus i have my new boss picking me up from airport so don't want to keep him waiting for a long time haha Thanks
      12. Hi guys I am new to PIO so wondering if anyone out there can help us with a few questions? My fiance has a job interview via Skype on Fri:biggrin: and we hoping to come over on a 457. He has passed his Vetassess TRA for a Metal Fabricator and IELTS score 6.5. We were wondering what are the processing times for 457s and do we need to apply for police checks and aslo get medicals? (we also have a 1 year old son). Thanks )
      13. Midwife - APHRA Processing times

        Does anyone know how long ita take APHRA to process a registration application? All the forms are in and we are at the second stage which is assessment of the application. Thanks
      14. Hi all, Thought people would find this interesting, its a new feature on the irish times website about peoples experience of emigration /http://www.irishtimes.com/blogs/generationemigration/
      15. Does anyone have any idea how long they are taking to process ENS 856 onshore visa applications. My employers nomination has already been approved and we have at last couriered ALL our paperwork off, medicals, police checks etc., to our Migration Agent and they are anticipating that it will be "decision ready" and will be forwarded to immigration within the next day or two. We are in Brisbane so not sure what processing office. Any feedback or personal experience would be greatly appreciated. Waited so long to get to this point, cant help but get a little excited
      16. Hi we have just had a positive skills assessment and are about to lodge the actual visa application - the gov website suggests 18 months average timescale - what timescales have people actually experienced?
      17. Hi to everyone, This post is aimed mostly at those people who have recently been granted their partner visas for Australia. I recently submitted a partner visa app (309/100) in London. The payment was taken around 14/10/11, the app was complete & front-loaded (nothing else required by CO). However, we noticed on our confirmation email from our CO (PS) that he has back-dated it to 30/08/11. Can anyone confirm which date they are using when calculating the time-frames for granting visas? I.e. - is it the date your payment was taken/the date on your confirmation email/etc? I am just wondering if he back-dated it because of the police check/medical having been completed around 3-4 weeks prior to submission. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!
      18. 175 Processing times

        Hi Hope someone can help me. We are currently applying for a 175 skilled independant visa, skills have be assessed, we have filled in all the application forms etc, other half's ILETS is booked for next week, just waiting for our migration agent to check our forms before lodging our applicaion. When we first spoke to our migration agent back in April when we first decided to start the process and they said the processing times for the 175 were coming through really quick at the moment and only taking about 9 months. But i have just read that the current processing time is 18 months! Has anyone just had their 175 visa approved and what was the timescale?? Any advice would be good Thanks Lou x
      19. Commuting times to CBD

        Can anyone give me any advice re commuting times etc from areas such as Butler, Clarkson, Quinns Rock, Kinross to the CBD area ? Also any other tips / warnings about commuting that distance . Thanks
      20. Allocation times

        http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/estimated-allocation-times.htm Anyone know if they update this regularly? I see it says two weeks but are over that now. Cheers. Dale --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=52.266888,-0.889471
      21. Hello, Does anyone know how long it is taking these days to process Victoria State Sponsership? We sent our application ages ago but just recently sent the skills assessment. They have confirmed they have all the paperwork they need and that they will get back to us with their decision .... Fingers and toes crossed! my husband is a nurse and we hope to apply for 176 PR visa. Any experiences would be much appreciated. Arthur and Amanda, Manchester
      22. does anyone know what the current processing times are for WA to process state sponsorship applications? thanks
      23. Processing times advice

        Hey guys I have a few (more!) questions. This time it's about processing priorities: I had a look on the DIAC web site and it said that the minister announced new priority processing on 1 July 2011. I'm erring on the side of applying for a 175 visa simply because it may be easier than trying for state sponsorship for me. Obviously this puts me in group P4 (instead of P3 for the 176 visa). What I'd like to know is: Do the priorities change annually, or is it haphazard? When last did the priorities change? If the priorities were to change, would there be much risk that the 175 would end up in the P5 category? If I read between the lines, the P5 category is "visas that will never be processed". Most importantly - if priorities change, are the changes applied retrospectively? What I mean is - if I apply in October 2011, and the priorities change in July 2012, and my visa type ends up in the P5 category - will my visa remain in the P4 category because that is the priority that was in force when I applied for my visa, or will I now be in P5? Also - for the migration agents - do you foresee a flood of applicants before the new EOI system comes into force next year? I've noticed the DIAC is catching up on the 175s (slowly but surely). Since the first EOI invitations will only go out in January 2013, does this mean that new visa applications will be suspended between 01/07/2012 and 01/01/2013? What impact will this have on existing applications? I surely wouldn't think that the processing would be completely suspended would it? Thanks for the advice everyone
      24. Processing times for child visa

        Hi Just wondering if anyone had made a child visa application (101) in the last year or so? I have seen a couple of references to it on here that it take a long time. But can't find anything recent. To be honest I only just found out that we needed this visa today. We are emmigrating next year. My 1st child was born before we received our subclass 136 visas so we just filled in a form & he was added. Thought it would be the similar for the little one but apparently not:arghh: I am totally:cry: at the cost too. Back in 2006 we paid about £1300 for our entire application (I know it's more like £4500 now) but to pay that amount again just to add a toddler seems crazy! I'm panicing now that we will have to delay everything for his visa. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      25. Perth 856 processing times

        Hi everyone, Just looking for some updated info on the Perth processing timelines for a 121/856 visa? I understand that the client service charter states 5 months, but I have heard of people being approved within weeks, particularly with the new priority processing tiers. My circumstances are as follows: In Aus for past few years on a 457 visa. Employer ENS nomination lodged 8/8/11 Employer ENS nomination approved 19/9/11 856 visa app lodged 5/9/11 856 visa app acknowledged as valid on 8/9/11 All documentation has been submitted. I am a UK citizen working as a Surveyor. Can anyone give me an idea of how long I can expect for PR to be granted based on their recent experience please? I know I am being impatient, but this is the final hurdle! Many thanks.