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  1. Once i enter australia do i have to stay in my sponsoring state (wa) or is that just a promise? Some of the documents with the visa suggest i can come and go whenever and wherever around australia over the next 5 years, then one part says as im sponsored by wa i must remain there for two years...so can someone tell me the legal truth??? Ive read before under the constitution of australia a resident has the freedom to live wherever they choose and that state sponsorship wasnt legally binding! Help!!
  2. has anyone recently been assessed by tra? if so what was your registration date? Im trying to approximatley work out what date thay are working on?
  3. Im trying to find out approx what lodgement date tra is currently working on so, Have you recently been assessed by tra? what was your application lodgement date?
  4. does anyone know the current tra points test advice current processing times???? Ive had a successful skills assessment from tra and I applied for my 176 in June, immi came back looking points test advice so ive applied for that approx 5 week ago!!! I never applied for it with the skills assessment as I was badly advised by an agent who told me I didnt need it!!!
  5. Heres my points age 28 30points employment 8 years 15 points ielts 10 points state sponsor 5 points total 60 looks like I screwed up by not asking tra for points test advice! would it be easier to go back to tra or resit ielts i scored 8 on 3 bands and 7.5 on writing so with a bit of homework I could probably improve upto 8s as long as immi give me the time to resit
  6. if I activate my residency 176 and return to uk for a year would my visa be lost?
  7. Applying for 176 by post how long will it be before i get any response?
  8. I'm about to apply for 176 visa and I'm a little worried that with my uk passport expiring in 2015 it may not be long enough
  9. Thanks for this i emailed wa and they confirmed this will be ok
  10. Marc the Painter

    WA SS FORM settlement area HELP

    Yes it makes sence im applying for 176 im worried about selecting other areas because i only know about perth
  11. Marc the Painter

    Anyone had a skills assessed by TRA since OCT 2011???

    Wa gov told me to copy tra online portal page showing my details and sucess then send it to them as proof of skills assessment rather than wait for paperwork from tra.
  12. Marc the Painter

    Anyone had a skills assessed by TRA since OCT 2011???

    Registered 4th oct 2011 successful 16th april 2012
  13. Marc the Painter

    WA SS FORM settlement area HELP

    Im filling in wa state sponsor form on the settlement section can i enter perth and leave the other sections blank or do i have to make 3 selections. Please help yous have been great so far
  14. How did you prove how many years experience you have to them without tras results
  15. Did you have a delay between the tra online portal saying sucessful and receiving notifaction by post or email