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  1. Tea4two

    Business Loan in Victoria

    We would be back in Aus to apply and start the business, been in UK few months and trying to decide whether to come back or not. We have jobs there but I have also been offered an oil and gas job here. Not going back to Aus just to work for employers again though its just not enough for us. Thanks
  2. Tea4two

    Business Loan in Victoria

    Hi We might be looking to borrow around one hundred thousand to start a new Accommodation business. We already have a mortgage and are just wondering how easy or hard it would be to get the loan? We have a very good idea but no previous business in Aus only employed at the moment. Actually we are back in the UK and this might decide whether we come back or not. Thanks
  3. Tea4two

    Healthcare while in the UK for 4 months

    I'm glad you aren't having a go at me because you'll see from my original post that I was merely asking what my rights are Our trip is actually a 'see how we go' trip where we will decide whether we stay at home or not so it's a little more complicated than just being a case of a standard visit. My hubby has paid his stamp while we have been away and I'd be happy to backdate my payments. I'm just keen to make sure my baby girl is sorted, whether I have to pay or not I will be registering with my local GP - I might ask a family member to ask for me to see what I need to do etc. Thanks for everyone's help and advice xx
  4. Tea4two

    Registering a birth in the UK

    Hi all My daughter was born in OZ just a few weeks ago and I wondered whether anyone can advise what I need to do to register her birth in the UK. I have an Australian birth cert for her but wondered what I need to do UK wise. I also would like to know if she is an Australian citizen?? - we are both permanent residents. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi there, I've just had a baby and we are going home to visit and introduce our daughter to family and friends. We are going back for 3-4 months and during that time my daughter will need her immunisations (second batch) and perhaps midwife visits. Does anyone know if I can just go to my normal doctors and do this or am I considered an overseas visitor? I haven't paid my NI stamp for two years - not sure if that's relevant. I know OZ have a reciprocal agreement with the UK but just wondered what my rights are as a UK citizen. Thanks xx
  6. Tea4two

    claiming pension when leaving oz as PR

    This is what I was thinking. If we lave within our first 5 years and don't get an extension for the RRV then we can no longer return but I'll certainly bring this up with the financial advisor and see what he thinks x
  7. Tea4two

    claiming pension when leaving oz as PR

    Hehe but I wish!
  8. Tea4two

    claiming pension when leaving oz as PR

    Again Mark, I wasn't asking for judgement on what I knew or didn't know know before I came here. I was asking for advice if anyone knew any loopholes etc. I've advised why I don't want it sat here its messy, the exchange rate could be worse then but you aren't listening, just judging. I've not taken this to my local councillor shouting and screaming - I've posted a bloody thread on poms in OZ. I am aware that if there are no loopholes I'll have to suck it up.
  9. Tea4two

    claiming pension when leaving oz as PR

    Yes that is confusing but looking at the ATO website it would seem clear? I think we will get some financial advice so we know if there are any loopholes people aren't aware of then I'll post to advise what they say Thanks
  10. Tea4two

    claiming pension when leaving oz as PR

    Thanks for that Ronan, I'll try contacting mine directly and see what the advice is also. Thanks
  11. Tea4two

    claiming pension when leaving oz as PR

    Which is exactly why I said if we give up our PR status therefore they don't have to take our word for it, we wouldn't be able to come back. And if we did it would be by applying again and starting the PR process again... Which those on a temp visa can do also. you know nothing about my attitude. I have never expected anything from this country other than what I make of it. And the only thing Australia owes me is MY super that I paid. We came here off our own back, paying PR fees and tests and we didn't go for the route of having an employer give us support to move here. We didn't expect anything from anyone. But I can criticise and question legislation if I like...favouring the UK system over this one. It doesn't mean my attitude is wrong or I expect something for nothing.
  12. Tea4two

    claiming pension when leaving oz as PR

    Thanks for the helpful last paragraph. Why people on here think they can be so patronising is beyond me. "The clue is in the name". I'm well aware chief of the differences having gone through the system ourselves. But why can't I compare? If he can get his back when he leaves permanently so should we when we leave permanently...in whatever way they see fit. Whether that's to tax the hell out of it first I don't care. But I don't want two years worth of a pension in another country. Say what you like but OZ is a money making scamming country. We paid so much to get here and rules like this (which we have already found don't apply in the UK as they let you transfer it to another country) only reinforce what we think. My opinion and no smart talking judgemental POI members can change that. I don't think we will ask for advice on this forum again... All you get is sarcy, judgemental people who offer no helpful advice at all.
  13. Tea4two

    claiming pension when leaving oz as PR

    No Rupert you are seeing the small picture on this. When we leave OZ we want our super to come with us which is very reasonable if we have no intent to return. That is why temp visa holders can get theirs (in cash may I add) when they leave...because they are not intending to be in this country when they retire. It is absolutely not unreasonable to expect the same if I give up my PR visa. Who wants 2 yrs+ of super sat in an account in another country! It doesn't make sense. My husband gave the example of buying a house because his cousin will be able to do exactly that. However we would be happy to have the money transferred to our UK pension. And in fact I got a rebate of my government pension after working on a contract of less than two years in the UK to fund part of the move here. I could do that as we have been savvy with other investments in the UK and have no retirement worries thank you. Don't preach to me about the purpose of a pension (especially not boats etc as this was never mentioned) when the issue here is why it would be reasonable to have your super in another country you have no intention of retiring in...I'll tell you why, because its another money making scan. They hope you forget about it as its so insignificant and it will go unclaimed which means it will go straight to the Australian taxation office according to the advert on TV at the moment. It isn't money the government has given me, it's money that I have worked for and as such should be able to transfer it to my chosen pension when I leave the country. Simple.
  14. Tea4two

    Been back a few days....

    aw I know exactly how you feel. We are in Melbourne and are trialling a move home for 3 months next year while I'm off work on maternity. What you need to remind yourself I guess is that Melbs is a big diverse city. So that cafe culture won't be found in just a little English town. I love Melbourne but not OZ. my husband dislikes both lol. We travelled around the world for a year and extensively round OZ and found it really hard to settle when we got home. Like you we were so excited to see family and my husbands family and mine are 8 hours away so there is no real home for both of us. But if you left Melb for family I'd be weary of living too far from them as you'll end up not seeing them either. Financially I think Melbourne is a nightmare. We'd never be able to buy a house again unless it was some poorly made unit and that's important to us as we both had great childhoods in big family homes. Why don't you seek out a few best of British things happening like summer shows and festivals etc. Or organise a family get together ) xxx
  15. Tea4two

    claiming pension when leaving oz as PR

    I didn't say get the cash to go splashing out on holidays, I said for a house. This is an investment and its personal opinion how you want to set yourself up for the future. I understand how pensions work thank you.