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Found 257 results

  1. Hi everyone. My husband and I are relocating on a short skill temp visa (482) with his work, hoping to move to Sydney at the end of January. When we move I’ll be 14 weeks pregnant (first time). We’ve read that private health insurance will not cover the costs of antenatal care if you haven’t had a policy in place for 12 months. We’re happy to use public hospitals and services and I’m trying to understand if we’ll be part covered by Medicare, or if we need to cover the costs ourselves? Can anyone help? Has anyone arrived pregnant in Australia on a 482? I’d be so grateful to hear any advice, recommendations and guidance of who to speak to for more information. With me not having a job to go to and unlikely to get maternity pay it’s a bit of a concern to us. (As well as the scary thought of having our first child so far away from our family and friends!) Other info; we need health insurance as part of the visa approval and they have requested I have a medical in the U.K. Thank you for reading.
  2. Hi, my family (partner and 2 kids) already have our 189 visa to emigrate to australia from the UK. These were granted Nov 2019. We had intended to emigrate last year (2020) but due to covid we postponed our plans to this year (2021). However, I got pregnant and had my 3rd child in the UK in May 2021. We are now planning to emigrate to Oz at the start of 2022, however I now need a visa for my baby. Please can someone confirm that the 101 visa is the correct visa I need to apply for? Am I eligible to act as my baby's sponsor for the 101 visa even though we haven't yet moved to Oz, we are still in the UK? Also, if the 101 visa is the correct one, and both me and my partner (he's the father if all 3 of our kids) are emigrating to Oz with our other 2 kids, do we still need to fill out the 1229 form as part of the 101 visa application for our new baby? The guidance says we need to fill out paper form and post it to Australia, is that correct? I would be grateful for anybody who has recent similar experience to reassure me I am on the tight lines. We are hoping that the covid situation will improve so that our plans yo emigrate in wacky 2022 can go ahead without further delay. Many thanks in advance Sarah
  3. My wife and I are planning a trip back to the UK later this year with our recently born son, who will be 5 months old when we travel. We're both Aussie PR, and he is dual UK/Australian (with both passports). Our current plan is to fly Vietnam Airlines premium economy, in a bulkhead row with bassinet, with a few hours hotel layover in Vietnam each way for a bit of relaxation and recuperation. We've flown a similar itinerary with Vietnam Airlines before, albeit when it was just the two of us! At the moment our son is exclusively breast fed, but we may have added a few formula feeds to his daily routine by the time we travel. To date he's been a pretty good sleeper. The longest journey we've taken him on so far was a night away in the Blue Mountains (we're in Sydney) which was a lot harder than we expected. I'm really interested to hear anyone else's stories of traveling back to the UK with young babies, along with any recommendations or cautions you might have from your experiences!
  4. We've been getting paperwork together for our ENS 186 application for almost a year now. At first we were aiming for making a 189 application however delays with the skills assessment meant we passed the two year mark of working with our sponsor so decided to change to making a 186 application. We did medicals for my partner and I and his two non-dependent children who live outside of Australia, but I didn't do the chest xray as I was pregnant at the time. Our daughter was born in July and I completed my chest xray shortly afterwards. We have gotten her passport and added her to our 457 visa so we're now finally at a point where submission of our 186 application is near. Our problem is that we're not sure how to go about getting a HAP ID for her so she can do a medical. The application on our Immi account that we got our HAP IDs through has already been submitted for the rest of us to get our HAP ID's and I cannot see anywhere that this can be edited so that our baby can be added. Do we create a new Immi account just for her? Or just create a new application under our current immi account and include my husband as the primary applicant? If we did that would my husband (or possibly all of us) then have to redo his(our) medical(s)? Or should we just submit the application and wait for the CO to request her to do a medical? Apologies for all the questions, haven't been able to find any information online relevant to our situation and our agent is proving difficult to get an answer out of on this.
  5. BackToTheBlighty

    Express Shipping - Sydney to London

    Hi all I just wanted to get some advice if anyone has any good recommendations on sending items to London economically. We have a baby so we don't want to wait 2 months for beds etc to turn up for him but also don't want to pay a fortune on courier fees. Some larger items we can wait for, but some items such as prams etc we need from the day we arrive. Thanks. Cheers
  6. Hello! We are a couple with a 14 month old toddler who have recently moved to Melbourne (Oz). Currently we are residents of Docklands but are looking to relocate and need the following points to be considered. We do not have a car or a driving lisence so the new accomodation has to be walkable or easily manageable in trams that dont take too long in taking us to grocerystores, shopping malls etc. 1. A Playgroup/Community Center/Parks for activities for toddler within walking distance or easily accessible via tram 2. My baby is learning how to swim, currently we are going to citybaths but a sub urb that would offer this as well would be a plus 3. Walking distance to the Library due to the activities organized for babies 4. My husband's workplace is in Docklands, so a suburb that is not too far away and takes about 20 minutes of tram/train to commute to work. 5. Walking distance or short distance accessible by tram for groceries 6. a good Kindergarten so I can register my baby enabling him to attend 2 years from now 7. Preferably well reputed Daycares if possible 8. Ideally looking for 350 to 450 pw fully furnished (1 Bedroom, 1 Parking) or 300 to 350 pw unfurnished (1 Bedroom, 1 Parking) ----(as we need to keep a car provision for future) Apologies for the long list but the endless list of good suburbs has got me so confused. I love where I live - Docklands - and would not have considered relocating had it not been for the very high rental rates here We are looking to move to an inner sub-urb for now, until my baby is of a school going age. Many Thanks in advance for all your help! cheers!
  7. My husband and I got our Australia 190 perm visas granted and want to migrate to Melbourne in August 2015. We had a baby 9 weeks ago in the UK which means we have to apply for her visa before we can bring her across ... I want to check the Child visa (subclass 101) *IS* the right visa for a UK baby to get migration/perm visa! I can't just extend our visa by one newborn can I?! Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi everyone, I really hope you can point me in the right direction. I've been researching all day and my head is starting to hurt due to all the visa options. My husband, me and our three kids are all PR. We are currently in the UK for a year or so, and our fourth baby will be born here in the UK. We are likely to return to Australia next year. How do we go about 'adding' our fourth child to our PR visa? Is that even possible? I did see a 1022 Change of circumstances form? Or, do we need to apply for the child visa (101) to allow our unborn child to also be PR like us? Is there any ways around this - like taking baby to Australia under a temporary visa of some kind and applying once in Australia? We obviously can't do anything until the baby is born and we have a UK passport issued, birth cert for the baby, but I am trying to plan ahead before baby arrives.:laugh: If you have any advice, please do share your wisdom. Thank you!:wacko:
  9. Katygordon34

    Help please

    Hi I have a perm residency visa for Australia but I'm wanting to go back and live there with my partner and baby who do not have visas. what would be the cheapest and quickest way to go about this? Me sponsoring him on my visa or for him to get a working visa save money and then apply for perm residency? Also how long would the babies visa take to process and how long would a working visa take ? Also what evidence of living together do you need to provide MANY thanks to who ever can help us x
  10. Hey there! This is my first time visiting the website but I can already see I'll be using this a lot. So anyway, I originally came here on a working holiday, fell in love, had a beautiful baby girl etc etc. The working holiday is over and now i am back here with them on a regular holiday visa. For the past year we have tried every avenue possible to get help, so that i can stay in the country, and as i imagine you lot realise, the government services provided for this are quite lacking. My best (and only) option seems to be a partner visa, which would mean going back to England and working for several months until I have the money to apply. The difficult part lies in the fact that it would mean me being apart from my partner and child for a significant amount of time. My lady (Codie) also has a lot of mental health problems, and no stable place to live. To leave her taking care of the baby alone is a terrifying prospect for all of us. I suppose I'm just really hoping that one of you folks can give me this genius solution that I didn't know about, or some steps to guide me, just something... The past year has been tough, everything I've tried has fallen through and I'm lost now. I need help. Thank you for reading this far, I know it's a bit much. Ryan
  11. Hi there, I've just had a baby and we are going home to visit and introduce our daughter to family and friends. We are going back for 3-4 months and during that time my daughter will need her immunisations (second batch) and perhaps midwife visits. Does anyone know if I can just go to my normal doctors and do this or am I considered an overseas visitor? I haven't paid my NI stamp for two years - not sure if that's relevant. I know OZ have a reciprocal agreement with the UK but just wondered what my rights are as a UK citizen. Thanks xx
  12. piyuyawa

    Medical tests for immigration

    Hello, I am based in Mumbai, India, have submitted my EOI last night. Expect to get invitation on 24th Feb. I was wondering whether I can keep my medical tests ready before I get invited. Reason being that my husband (included in my application) is going to be travelling starting this weekend for a couple of months. What exactly are the formalities/paper-work required to get medical tests done? Do we need to specify application number for the tests? If so, I will have no choice bt to wait till I get invitation to apply and that would delay my time frame by about 2 months at least I have already applied for my PCC. Also, I have a 2.5 yr old baby boy. Would a medical test be required for him too? If anyone knows about the approximate cost involved, I would like to know that as well. Thanks in advance and keeping my fingers crossed. Piyu.
  13. Al2230

    Partner Visa Exemptions

    Hi, Anybody applying for a Partner Visa or have been granted a Partner Visa using the 2 year defacto relationship with child exemption? Curious to know if you were granted Permanent Residency straight up or still only received temp residence first and need to wait 2 more years! Contemplating this or may jus wait and apply for the nominated residency as I'm entitled to apply for this. cheers.
  14. Hello, :err:I really hope that I can find some answers here. I have a 457 visa with my husband and 2 step children. Right when we were getting approved I found out I was pregnant.:laugh: I had to wait to come to Australia for my 457 visa job until after I had the baby. Now the baby is nearly 5 months old and I just received word that I would be able to come out for work in the next 4-6 weeks. We are very confused as to what the cost of this application will be with the new visa charges. Will it be the full 900 or 225 for additional applicants under 18? Soo confused! :arghh: Also, we are thinking about coming out to Australia with our 457 visas but bringing the baby on an ETA and then when we arrive and get settled we can do her 457 application then...:skeptical: What do you think that the chances are of being able to do that? Most importantly we know that God will work all of this out for His glory and that we should not worry.:angel_happy_face_ha But we need to know how much it is going to cost for these new charges... One last question is what insurance is a good insurance to go with for the 457 visa requirement? We had insurance previously but as we never made it out to oz yet we cancelled it and now have to reapply for that as well. Looking for lowest priced available but still good insurance. Thanks in advance for any advice anyone has. :wink:
  15. I am selling this Humphrey's corner cot bed, it is no longer required. It was purchased for $300 6 months ago and is as new and in excellent condition apart from two very small things - some very slight splintering in one corner (insulation tape covers it fine and causes no issues) and there are also two indents from transit when it was delivered to me (if you position that side against a wall you would never see it, as I did). It also comes with a cot/bed mattress. Features and benefits for Humphrey's Corner Cot Bed - Protective teething rail keeps your baby's tiny gums and teeth safe when they're experiencing teething and need something to chew on. When your baby outgrows their cot, convert it into a practical and great-looking child's bed. Great design, with a finish in fresh white that looks calming and cute. Adjust the mattress base height to 3 different positions as your little one grows. Fixed sides that ensure your baby sleeps safe and sound. Dimensions - L145 x W78 x H95cm.
  16. Hello, we've just had a baby in Australia and want to apply for British citizenship. Does anyone know about the process and how long it takes? Thanks Chloe
  17. Hi guys, In May 2012 I applied for the 309 spousal visa, which was granted in November 2012. In December we went to Australia for Christmas so I activated the visa at that time. My question is, what happens if we don't now move to Australia for, let's say, the foreseeable future? My wife, the Aussie, is pregnant and we are expecting an arrival in August. We are currently earmarking a February move, but I'm curious what would happen at the two year stage, when they come to review the 309 for upgrading to the full visa, 100 if memory serves, and we have not moved. I don't recall seeing anything specific about this when we did the application. Any thoughts, suggestions or links to information would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. Hi all Woke up to a fab email this morning on our 175 application requesting police clearances and medicals (hip hip hooray!):biggrin: However there are a few questions based on the fact that I am 7 months pregnant... I have read on previous posts that you can ask your case officer to put your application on hold until baby is born, and then add him to the application (so as to avoid paying the extra $2000 for a baby visa) - has anyone done this? Secondly with regard to police clearances, can we apply for those now or do we need different ones as "parents" in 8 weeks time? My only concern is we have lived part of the last 10 years in South Africa, and the police clearances can take quite a while and we want to get down under asap, so I would love to start those now! Any help or advice would be a huge help! Sorry if these questions seem a bit silly. Thanks Heather
  19. hi all, just wondering if there are any people on here who have made the move from ireland/ uk to cardiff, or surrounding suburbs? Im moving on 15th Nov, with a 10 month old, and while im excited by the adventure, am nervous too! my partner is an Aussie, and grew up in Newcastle, he's been out in Cardiff for the past 10 weeks, getting work/ house/ cars sorted. so, if there are any Irish or British living in the area Id love to know you!!!
  20. 'A "cold and calculating" mother has been jailed for eight years after robbing her unborn baby boy of his chance of life when she aborted him within a week of his due date.' http://uk.news.yahoo.com/woman-jailed-self-abortion-112057706.html Mr Justice Cooke said the seriousness of the crime lay between manslaughter and murder. He said she would have been charged with murder if the baby had been born a few days later and she had then killed him. "The child in the womb was so near to birth that, in my judgment, all right-thinking people would consider this offence more serious than manslaughter or any offence on the calendar other than murder," he said. "What you did was end the life of a child that was capable of being born alive, by inducing birth or miscarriage." He added: "What you have done is rob an apparently healthy child, vulnerable and defenceless, of the life which he was about to commence." Absolutely shocked at reading this.
  21. [h=2]We want to have another baby but what about Maternity Pay?[/h] Hi Everyone, We are one step closer to getting to Oz with out 176 Visa coming in any day now. My deliema is that we have one son and would love another baby now but do we wait and have it in Oz or have it now and put off the actual move for a while? Im thinking if we stayed in the UK to have another baby we'd have the maternity pay and also my company maternity pay but it would be more financially difficult in Oz? I know the government provides 16 weeks paid leave at $570 per week and are entitled to 52 weeks leave but want to know what I could expect from employers. Anyone give any advice? what are the options for New Mothers in Oz??
  22. Guest

    Yummy mummy convos needed!

    Since all my last set of yummy mummy's have returned to work need new mummy's to meet for coffee and chats! Head to a play centre every Wed which is free for under ones, has a nice cafe inside and loads of play equipment for babies and toddlers...in HAwthorn Vic...anyone wanna meet up?
  23. mummyslatts

    Having a baby in Australia, Brisbane

    Hi, We are going to be moving to Brisbane for a two year secondment in May. I will be 7 months pregnant when we move (are we mad?!) and am trying to find out what we will need to do to have the baby in Australia. I'm not sure yet what visa we'll be on but I think I will be on my partners 475 (2 year work permit?), I'll be on maternity leave at the time of moving. We understand from the company that unlike in the UK, private health insurance is not included as a benefit with the job. We understand that there is Medicare - would this cover having a baby? How do we register? Also, what is the provision like? I have some Australian friends here who say they all have private health care in Australia and wouldn't have a baby under Medicare (surely it can't be worse than NHS maternity provision?), any idea what the costs of private health care, or the cost of having a baby in the private system would be? Also, how would I register in the health care system on arrival. Very anxious about stepping into such unknown territory so close to a due date (with a toddler in tow already) Any advice very warmly welcomed! Thanks Andrea
  24. Wellers and Whitehead

    Having a baby in oz

    My boyfriend and I are moving to Perth under a WA state sponsored visa. We fly out on 3 jan! Can anybody tell what what benefits if any we will be entitled too if we have a baby within a year or so after arriving?
  25. Hi all we are hoping to arr in Melb Sept/Oct time and then hunt for somewhere to live, within 30mins of the CBD! COming with a 4/5month old baby and will deffo be interested in meeting other new mums...so excited to have finally got the job offer and just hope things go ok with the visa...so hard to know whether to sell car/give up rent on house etc before visa is granted but we expect to be leaving very shortly after so will have to take the risk and start getting stuff sorted! Dreading flight and time difference with baby but will be worth few days/weeks of disruption I'm sure!