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  1. GilraenH

    RMS Visa health issues

    Both hubbie and I have essential hypertension diagnosed before emigrating, we are on meds for same and both got visas. Hubbie was 50 too. Good luck!
  2. GilraenH

    Was you cained as a child?

    Primary School Beaten on the bare legs by several teachers, don't remember what for, and sent to head nun for spellings wrong (metre long sticks across hand for every wrong word) I can spell. Secondary School Slapped across the face for dropping a ruler, was in front desk when nun had a rant at the spoilt boarder *itches in the back....she made me nervous..... the psychological torture was worse! aged 8 made to stand for hours until I wet myself, for writing 'bottom'......of a jar.....said I was being filthy, told to walk home and change and come back.......I had been attending specialist about my kidneys at time.....only time my mother wiped the floor with a teacher...... Some teachers are bullies and sadists........in my experience they also wore veils and habits......
  3. GilraenH

    Official nurses thread!

    Skills/knowledge/experience questions; also here in Nsw interview questions are usually behavioural, jot sure about WA though, Eg tell us about a time when you.......what did you learn? What might you do differently? We ask about clinical knowledge too, and look at how you might work as part of a team, work with families. Good luck.
  4. GilraenH

    Community Nurse/Health Visitor

    i arrived with 14 and 8 year old boys. My 14 year old is a sports fanatic and loves it here in rural NSW. I love the community spirit you get in towns rather than cities. I am happy to travel for shopping etc. the boys did cricket, soccer, rugby union, swimming, golf, tennis, athletics and the eldest went to compete at the NSW Eastern Creek state finals for the cross country after winning his school race etc. He has come runner up in Tamworth Junior Golf open in his age/grade. For him life is perfect. The younger onew loves it here too though he took a little longer to settle. He works in a cafe at the weekend and a few days after school. He will soon be driving. Hubby found a job in his hospitality world just over a month after we arrived here. He had not found work at his manager level back home for a long while. He only regrets not coming sooner. We we love the lifestyle, the country welcome and have a good, but not hectic, social life. My work has bent over backwards to make us feel at home and get settled. I can recommend my employing health district as good to work with. I am not a city girl so it suits me, I want my children to have that upbringing so we are very happy going rural.
  5. you can raise your tax free allowance to $34,000 by salary packaging. With a meals entertainment card I then raise it to $42k all legally. I love that it pays to work here, rather than being penalised like I was in the UK
  6. GilraenH

    Community Nurse/Health Visitor

    yes bigmac mac enjoying it very much! Pm me nearer the time
  7. GilraenH

    Community Nurse/Health Visitor

    It depends on where you are looking. NSW Health often has positions in CFHN advertised. The role is similar but less autonomous. You are very like a public health nurse rather than a health visitor. I use the same skills but less often as there is no real child protection or looked after children caseloads. I am an authorised immuniser, I do primary visits called UHHVs and child health checks, breast feeding support etc. not so different good luck.
  8. GilraenH

    Community Nurse/Health Visitor

    https://nswhealth.erecruit.com.au/ViewPosition.aspx?Id=175526 https://nswhealth.erecruit.com.au/ViewPosition.aspx?Id=174075 https://nswhealth.erecruit.com.au/ViewPosition.aspx?Id=155772 i applied for jobs and when successful was offered sponsorship. If they haven't been able to fill the post locally they may offer sponsorship. I would also suggest you talk to Rural Doctors network (rdnnsw) who can link you up with potential employers for sponsorship eligible positions. Good luck.
  9. Irish.....born in Africa to Irish parents.......married to a British/Norn Ironer ...........moved to Oz.......:eek:
  10. GilraenH

    No Difference in Eating Meat and Paedophilia

    I have met a few 'foodies' and I have found the 'converts' to be the most extreme, and obnoxious people about what others eat. I wonder if it's because they are not quietly confident in their beliefs and by saying such obnoxious things they are 'convincing' themselves that they will not waver. i wonder does Morrisey 'object' to said deviants buying his records/music, after all a lot of them will be meat eaters, if not paedophiles! Would he like it if they thought of him in the same fashion as deviant? And as such 'walk away' from his music?
  11. GilraenH

    medicals - ? hepatitis blood test??

    Nurses/doctors always have to do full visa Medicals, regardless of visa. That is why I'm wondering if everything got ticked on the application? Other applicants may have tests added, but health staff always have the same tests regardless of where they come from.
  12. GilraenH

    medicals - ? hepatitis blood test??

    Sam did you not have to tick somewhere that you would be working in hospitals? I did for both visas and was always asked for hep.
  13. GilraenH

    Nurse Registration Query

    Hi I had a letter of offer because I applied for a post with sponsorship before I came over to Oz. Do you have an independent visa? What sort of work are you looking for? If you want to chat/talk pm me. I am employed as the Aussie equivalent of HV in NSW.
  14. GilraenH

    Community Nurse/Health Visitor

    i work here as a child and family health nurse. I came on a 457 a year ago and was also promised PR which was granted a few weeks ago. Sponsorship is possible but you might need to go outside the metropolitan areas. I was a HV for 11 years before I came out.
  15. GilraenH

    Nursing experience when applying for jobs?

    Kirsty you need one year post qualifying experience here because Australian Nurses do a post-graduate year before they are considered to be fully qualified. Any experience is counted, and skills are always deemed transferable. You may find it challenging here too, but not because of the hours or staffing levels. It's different. Especially if like me you have considerable experience in the UK. Not worse or better, just different. Good luck!