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  1. wolvesaussie

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    leah my wife is teaching in a private school here she is finding it much better than the uk. no ofstead stress she has had only three observations in two years she is basically left to get on with it with little interference. i have noticed the change in her shes so much happier. she still works hard and has a lot of marking to do and meetings with parents etc but overall its a much less stressful environment for her.
  2. wolvesaussie

    How to fly back to the UK on the cheap

    Yeah I agree I wouldn't do it for that much, but we couldn't find anything else under $2400 (booked at pretty short notice tho) and its a massive saving for us.
  3. wolvesaussie

    Whats a fair price for an adult return to the UK?

    Garuda have a pretty dodgy safety record I think..
  4. wolvesaussie

    22 year olds moving to Melbourne

    My tip if your on a budget it to go out a little, that being said all my young friends live in the inner city, but they rents are really high, if you were to go thirty mins out on a train North or West you could save a fortune in Rent. Depends what you want... most of my young single travelling friends live in.... Brunswick Fitzroy Docklands Windsor Richmond South Yarra I would recommend Richmond... lots of the kind of jobs your looking for in the Richmond/South Yarra area and you only 5mins from city on the train.... but rent will cost u.
  5. wolvesaussie

    How to fly back to the UK on the cheap

    The weird thing is the flight actually goes Melbourne > London (via Hong Kong) so I am wondering if its actually a CP flight... then Aer Lingus to Dublin.... So its an extra flight, but its $800 cheaper than just doing the Melbourne to London bit... Thats $800 per person..
  6. wolvesaussie

    How to fly back to the UK on the cheap

    Its an extra 35 pounds for the luggage. You pay in advance either 15/20/30 kg, 35 is for the 20kgs.. Its worth it for us for sure, if we had flown to London we would have to add about 60 pounds in train fare (maybe more)..
  7. wolvesaussie

    How to fly back to the UK on the cheap

    . we just saved $800 by flying to Dublin instead of any of the UK airports via British Airways of all people $1600 return... just need to pay the $50 to fly from Dublin to Birmingham on Ryanair now, easier than getting the train up from London. Some great tips, but I don't believe below..
  8. wolvesaussie

    Moving Back to UK

    Sad news duffer. I thought housing in south of england was just as bad as melbourne tho.
  9. wolvesaussie

    Whats a fair price for an adult return to the UK?

    Sorry just seen it's sept 2016... all airlines wont have released the flights yet
  10. wolvesaussie

    Whats a fair price for an adult return to the UK?

    Hi I just booked September flights the other day I had to think outside the box and fly to dublin to get a $1600 flight. Check it out to see if that's still cheap. Was from melb tho. i agree with u that its a lot mpre expensive to go from aus however I keep seeing people saying they got really cheap fares on royal bruni. Never seen those fares myself might need to book way in advance outside school hols
  11. wolvesaussie

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    1) My wife didn't have to teach at any of her interviews. I think they were only an hour or so long... Also you don't get told on the day... My wife told me in the UK you had to hang around on the day waiting for them to make a decision... 3) There is an education supplement in THE AGE newspaper on a Saturday that has lots of jobs in it. I would start applying now if I was you, it is prime jobs time NOW... Apply now say your in Australia buy the time they interview you will be... If you wait till Early Oct till you apply you will have missed most of the jobs
  12. wolvesaussie

    For sale- home content+car.

    Got any pics of the car? Just logging onto a Government car auction now actually to check out what Territory's go for
  13. wolvesaussie

    Shipping bicycles

    u can buy special shipping boxes for bikes, sometimes from the airline, i took my brompton but that was easy
  14. still very early days dont worry. I applied for 100 or so before landing job
  15. Welcome to the first annual Hunger Games