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  1. pacticenurse

    Can I ask for an extension?

    Hi, I have an invitation to apply for my sponsored PR by Nov 2016, I'm struggling to have all the necessary docs ready in time (awaiting ANMAC) I wondered if I can ask immi for an extension on the submission date. I really don't want to have to ask my boss to go through the whole process of my her needing to apply for sponsoring me for the PR. Has anyone done this? Thanks ?
  2. pacticenurse

    This guy should be behind bars for fifty years.

    I saw this on the news, awful.. The poor guy! The girlfriend who stood as look out while this vicious attack happened wants her head looking at too. Turned my stomach watching it.
  3. pacticenurse

    Bank holiday weekend

    Going to Easter carnival in town on sat & I'll be having relaxing Sunday with my family eating too much chocolate. Happy Easter from sunny south coast NSW
  4. pacticenurse

    Official nurses thread!

    I paid £45 for 12 documents by notary in sunderland. No chavs lol..
  5. pacticenurse

    Official nurses thread!

    I sent mine DSL, you can log online and track where your parcel is even to the point where it's been delivered & signed for. WH smiths do dsl courier. But you can find your local place online.
  6. pacticenurse

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    I've just read something about AHPRA request evidence for pharmacokinetics! Is this correct?? I did cover this module in the nurse prescribing course but not in my gen adult nursing course. Have they added this to the nurse training now? It's 6 years since I qualified. I hope you guys do get sorted. I really feel for you all.. But keep positive!
  7. pacticenurse

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    On no!!! Bouncy it's just an absolute disgrace! How can they say a 3yr diploma is not enough!! I did the degree but had friends on the dip! & they have just as much knowledge & exp as me! It's so annoying!
  8. pacticenurse

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    Just reading through these posts! Really feel for all those awaiting AHPRA reg! It's bad enough the application itself never mind finding out this news. Hope you all get sorted. Is AHPRA asking for diploma nurse to do bridging programme or is there no news yet?
  9. pacticenurse

    457 to PR - Help please

    Thank you. :-) I'll have a look at this link.
  10. pacticenurse

    457 to PR - Help please

    Thanks, so your going down the direct route? Is this visa still points based? I looked at the 189 but I'll loose more points in June when I turn a year older. I really really don't want to do the Ielts test again! Thank u!
  11. pacticenurse

    457 to PR - Help please

    Hi.. My employer is willing to offer sponsorship for my PR visa. Is it defo a minimum of 2years before I can apply? Thank u in advance! :-)
  12. pacticenurse

    Official nurses thread!

    I needed 7s and each time I was marked down by half a point on the reading test!! I got 8s & 9 then 6.5 on reading! It was so frustrating! It's not hard, it's just getting the technique right.. I made the mistake of spending too much time reading the articles and then rushing at end because of timing being up. I was in tears when it got to my 3rd attempt.. It's so annoying! All I can say is practice practice & practice again.. Good luck!
  13. ^^^ look on seek jobs.. You might have better luck.
  14. pacticenurse

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    4m for AHPRA?? I think it took mine 6wks all in all. So approx 4weeks from getting case officer.
  15. pacticenurse

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    Yeah that's right.. If you can get a letter from your school stating you were taught and accessed in English full time for 5years then you do not need Ielts. Letter must be worded as requested by AHPRA. I had to get mine redone again as the wording wasn't quite right. :-/