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  1. Hi Iron Chef, I was on to you a few months ago re taking our camper van to Oz. Its a v/w 2001 7 berth campervan. Only problem is, it's left hand drive. You said it was a none runner due to it being left hand drive.. basically I'm back to ask you is there any way round it? We are loosing a or fortune selling it(that's if we even find a buyer in time in this market).. :-( Looks like they are worth a lot more money in Oz. Any suggestion ? Cheers
  2. Big bird 12

    Removal company in Oz

    I am trying to find a company based in Australia that would be able to look after my 20 foot container once it lands in Sydney. It would need customs clearance in Sydney & delivery to our home in Canberra . I have got an Irish company to ship it from here but they don't do anything on the other side .. I have got quotes for an all in package but it seems far more expensive. I got one quote from an Australia company & I nearly collapsed at the money they wanted to drop the contrainer 2 & half hours up the road ... Can anybody recommend a Sydney / Canberra based company that could be reasonable? Only 3 weeks b4 we have to move out of our house here in Ireland & starting to feel the pressure.. Looks like moving a family of 6 to the other side of the world is going to be Even harder than I imaged :arghh: Thanks for any advice..
  3. Big bird 12

    187 Visa Processing Time

    That's great news neepops, hope things move along fast for you. I'm still waiting on nomination. Hope things are moving along nicely for everyone. Keep us posted! Look forward to see the first visa approval post, it will keep us all going:-) Bigbird
  4. Thanks iron chef. That's a Pity about camper van, will have to take a knock on it here so. How about this. Hyundai Santa fe 2010 . Diesel. 68,000km Air con 2.2l Current Market value 26,000. I remember looking then up in Oz before & they didn't seem that expensive, would we be better to just sell & buy again out there. Tanx again Bigbird 2010
  5. Hi Iron Chef I'm not sure if you can advise me but here goes! I am thinking of taking our 01 v/w L35 camper van to Oz with us. It's a German import, left hand drive. It's worth about 24,000 euro here but because it's not a common model it's hard to get an exact valuation. I think campervans are expensive in Oz so I thought it might be worth our while taking it! ( not going to be able to sell it here due to current economic climate) I have no idea how I'd get an Australian valuation doubt they even have such a model out there! Any help would b great Regards bigbird
  6. Big bird 12

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi Guys, Thanks for all your updates & advice! I'm still waiting on my nomination to be approved( employer taking forever to get info together:arghh:) Im applying offshore, so not sure if that's gonna take longer to process! I'm so disappointed its taking so long to get visa approval now, b4 July 1st my friend had her's through in a few weeks! Now i hear its taking from 6-9 mths!! I was sure I'd be out for Christmas. It's now looking like I won't even get out by Feb. to start my kids at the beginning of the school year! So frustrating.. Im finding it a lot harder to get info. on the new visa process,.. It's all processed online so I can't even find a a hard copy application form. I'm wondering is the same info required as before July 1st? Still have copy of old app form.. Just want to make sure i have all the information ready when my nomination is approved! It won't let me begin my online application until my nomination is approved:-( Hope things are moving along for all you guys.. keep us posted Regards Bigbird
  7. Big bird 12

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Great to here from others in a similar boat. Still no news from my end yet. Things are taking a lot longer to get moving than I expected:( I'm a bit slow off the mark so can someone explained the abbreviations to me. What does RCB mean? Also DCR & Non DCR? What is the length of time you expect to be waiting on your visa. I haven't employed the services of a MA so I'm hoping I will manage ok. Look forward to keeping in touch. Bigbird
  8. Big bird 12

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi guys After spending years trawling through PIO website I finally have reason to post. I have recently been offered A job & RSMS visa (187) in Canbera :biggrin: My problem is I was much more familiar with the 119 visa but sine July 1st that has all changed. I am wondering is there anybody out there in the process of applying for the 187 visa and if so can you tell me how long it might take to be processed ect.. My friend recently went out on the old 119 visa and it only took 5 or 6 weeks.. Also is there any major changes to this visa that I may have missed.. just worried I may no longer be eligable or something.. i won't believe all this is happening until we are actually in oz I think.. Thanks for you advice Bigbird