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Found 126 results

  1. I have been asked by the education authority, via school, to write a letter with evidence of our move. Has anyone else had to do this? Whilst I do not have a problem with this, it just seems like a never ending task of pleasing other people before you can even begin to get yourself sorted out! Don't even get me started on Council tax office (thick sods). Leila x :wideeyed:
  2. emma&vas

    Proof of funds for NT?

    Hi all Does anybody know what proof of funds NT will take? Will they take things like equity in house (valuation)?:confused: How much exactly do they ask to see for myself and my partner? Any help would be great Thanks Emma
  3. Does anyone know if you can or how you go about getting proof of your Vetassess assessment. All my info went to TA and all I have is a TA headed letter informing me of pass result but I need evidence of this. Any help appreciated, I've emailed vetassess and awaiting response but any other ideas? Carl
  4. Hiya! I've been living with my English boyfriend in England (I'm Australian) Since April. I know I have to live with him for a year before I can apply and as my Visa is valid until April 2012, this is fine. However, we both want to move home and I want to start preparing everything to make sure my application has a good chance of being approved. I've written a guide for my boyfriend and I of info to find. Some things we don't have but we have months to get them.. This is it. NEED ONE JOINT BILL THING FOR EVERY MONTH WE'VE LIVED TOGETHER Tenancy Agreement (Rent) or Stat Dec from landlord saying both lived at the house for the duration Council Tax Bill in both names Utility Bills in both names Plane tickets to England. Holiday receipts Photos! Lots of photos at events with other people Joint Bank account and evidence of money put into account. PayPal money receipt for money I put into account. Present gift receipt on eBay Engagement ring receipt Stat Dec from both you and I Joint statement on how we live - housework etc Stat Dec from friends Your passport, Birth certificate My passport, Birth certificate My Tax Notice for 2010 Four recent passport photos of you Phone Bill stating my contract is in your name Phone bills showing we call text eachother. MSN Logs, eMails for time before we met up. Letters sent to same address Cards and invites addressed to us both Joint membership of groups? Wills Bank statements to same address Bank statements highlighting we both pay for different things in the house Any documents listing the other as Next of Kin (Doctors, Dentist, GAME) Payslips showing addresses NHS letters/ Tax letters Birthday/Valentines Cards to eachother Official Stuff Police Check Health Exam Offical forms filled out. Including form 80 Is there anything I am missing? Obviously I haven't hunted for that stuff yet but I know we have a lot of it. Also.. I've been reading that I need a certain amount in my bank account in Australia and have a job there so I can sponsor him? I've been living in England and we are just getting by.. So I don't have that, nor will I have a job yet in Australia. Until I go home and look. We are going to be living with my parents in our own half of the house though. Until we can sort ourselves out. Is this a problem?
  5. Guest

    Proof of funds for ACT

    Can anyone tell me how strict ACT are with the proof of funds. Point in Time we don't have the cash in the bank as we are currently clearing credit cards at the rate of knots, however we have a savings plan in place that means that by April 2012 (the earliest we would be going - and thats only if there are no delays in the visa process - ha ha!!! which we all know is quite unlikely!!) we will have the required funds in cash. I know other states seem less strict on this and just ask for one bank statement but ACT seem to want 3 months? Does this need to be an itemised 3 months or can it just be a balance statement for each month? My OH has £20k in equity in his home as back up but we don't plan to need to rely on that. Has anyone been in a similar situation and if so what did you do? All advice really appreciated!!! Thanks
  6. Guest

    Proof of fund victoria

    Do you know how much proof of fund does the victorian govt requires for the application of SS. Tnx
  7. I am applying for a 176 and have the IELTS at the level required( i need it for the points). The IELTS is only valid for 2 years so if I apply for my 176 and i only have a year left on it do i have to do it again if it takes longer than a year to get my visa processed, or is it validity on apllying that counts.
  8. Hi All, I have doubt regarding document checklist for south Australia's state sponsorship. I am offshore candidate and I am going to apply for state sponsorship for south Australia. Should I have to send copy for proof of fund along with other document? or Should I send proof of fund when they will request to do so? because document checklist doesn't mentioned about proof of fund for offshore candidate. It shows only for international student for financial support from their parents. please guide me. thanks. regards, tejas
  9. Well hallelujah, the 1276 form for a 176 has been submitted and paid for and we're now the proud owners of a TRN number. When going through the document check-list I attached just about everything they need except the passport size photos, and I know from reading the forum that you need to wait till your case officer requests medicals and police checks but I don't know if this is just a co-incidence but in that same section was the "proof of defacto relationship". Does that mean you also don't provide that till your case officer requests it? (ie it isn't always necessary). Or is it just a co-incedence that they appear grouped together? Thanks guys and boy do I feel less stressed now I've worked out the gremlins in the online form!:biggrin:
  10. Guest

    wa proof of funds

    Hi At a recent Down under live conference we were told that to get sponsorship for WA you would need to prove you have 50,000 aus dollars to relocated with for a family of 4. Does anybody know how much you would need for a family of 7. As we dont have a house to sell and as two hard working fulltime nurses and five growing children it will take years to save up much more than this! Do you need proof before you can apply for sponsorship or when you arrive in Australia? Thanks for your help Jo
  11. Hi friends, Hopefully if everything goes well regarding SA SMP, I have a problem about answering the following question in SA sponsorship application. :cry: What employment opportunities and prospects are there for you in South Australia in your nominated occupation? I'm a software engineer by occupation with 4+ years experience in J2EE, J2SE. But I couldn't find much jobs in Adelaide when I search bellow sites. Results are so disappointing only 5,6 responses came Jobs, Employment & Careers @ MyCareer Find Jobs. Build a Better Career. Find Your Calling. | CareerOne.com.au SEEK - Australia's no. 1 jobs, employment, career and recruitment site In need some insight from some one who gone through the process of applying to SA from IT occupation to know whether there's any demand for IT (programming) people in South Australia ? If so how can I find the actual demand to write a statement for above question. you have to write 1500 characters :cry: Best Regards
  12. Hi Anybody have any idea on how much of $$$ an applicant should show in order to get the sponsorship from queensland? & How to show this :jimlad: Bank statement ? Saving certificate ? ??? any other method ? Thanks
  13. Hi, I'm preparing to lodge an defacto partner visa application because my Australian girlfriend and I would like to move to Australia. I am busy getting together relevant information, making copies of everything that needs certifying etc, but am not sure how much 'proof of ongoing relationship' to provide. They ask for at least 2 statements from friends, I've gone with 6 all from Australians, including her mum. I've also got about 40 photos of us around the world on various holidays. What I'm trying to decide is should I be submitting things like random email conversations and phone bills highlighting each others numbers or isn't that really necessary? Has anyone else successfully applied for a partner visa, and could they shed any light on what they provided with their application? Thanks. Matt
  14. Is Engineers Australia skill assessment and State Sponsorship enough as a proof of being employed on the assessed/sponsored occupation? I am actually an Industrial Engineer (non-CSL) and have mainly worked for 5 years in this field, but I got my skill assessment and state sponsorship (VIC) for the Plant Engineer occupation (CSL). I lodged my 176 application with the Plant Engineer occupation so that it could be processed faster; my work experience is more relevant to the Industrial Engineer occupation than Plant Engineer. Do you think this will cause an issue in my application or having an almost relevant work experience to the application occupation is good enough? Will DIAC count on the successful skill assessment and the state sponsorship as a good proof that I am a Plant Engineer though my work experience so far has mainly revolved around Industrial Engineer? :smile: Your reply is much appreciated, Siavash
  15. Guest

    Proof of funds for GSM?

    Hey all, does anyone knows how the "proof of funds" work? Do they really check your bank account etc? I am going for Northern Territory regional sponsored and they require 35k AUD of funds and I only have half of that at the moment! They also do not mention how much of it must be in cash..:unsure:
  16. I wondered if anyone could advise or point me in the right direction. I, like I imagine many others, am trying to get a state sponsorship application in before the changes to the SOL. I'm trying to hedge my bets incase the other halfs job is removed from the SOL (Architectural Associate). It would appear we are limited to ACT state sponsorship on a 176 visa application. I have started to complete the online application (having finally had both positive skills assessment and IELTS results back) but am stumped at the section where it asks for proof of assests. We have recently had the house valued so I am assuming a copy of that with the outstanding mortgage balance should provide evidence towards assets in our home. However, we have recently spent out on renovating the house and as such do not currently have any money in our bank account. We will however have saved £10,000 by the time we come to migrate - so how do I show evidence of that???? What have other people done in this situation? I could potentially borrow the money for the short term from my parents and put it in our account to show the balance and get a copy of a statement for evidence, but is this all going a bit too far? Would they accept a statement from me and signed by a notary? Heeeeeelllllllpp!!! As an aside, I was looking to put in a SS for a 176 visa with ACT and one for a 475 visa with South Australia - does anyone know if I can do that?
  17. Guest

    proof of funds

    Can a credit card be used for entire proof of funds for a 12 month working visa? Or are cash reserves also required? If so how much of the funds needs to be in cash? Any help would be great!
  18. Guest

    proof of australian residency

    hi there i am applying for defacto visa and they are asking for proof of my permanent residency which is in my passport as an electronic visa anyone help as to how i show them i have this visa as they are asking for a visa number thanks to anyone who can help lisa
  19. Hi, I've been searching the forums but can't find any information on this. I have sent my application for partner visa off and have recieved an email from the embassy which asks for: 'evidence from financial institutions, etc, to demonstrate what money, goods and assets you currently have (either on your own or jointly with your partner).' My questions are: 1) How much do they require you to have in your bank, as a rule? We have the option of asking family members to loan us money which we could use as evidence, but are not sure if we need to do this (we would prefer not to) 2) As we don't own any property / vehicles, we were thinking of showing evidence of the financial worth of our engagement rings, laptop and DSLR camera - do you think this is worth doing? We're really struggling to find any information regarding this issue so any insight would be very gratefully recieved!! Thanks guys.
  20. Guest

    Proof of age/I.D Cards?

    Hi everyone. I had no idea where to post this (If someone is out there who can move this to somewhere more relevant, please feel free) I am 22 years old next month and I was thinking about how much it sucks to have to bring my passport with me every time I go out to a pub or anywhere that might require me to prove my age - or have to bring it over to other states that need a photo ID of me at the airport - which got me to thinking, is there an ID card that I can apply for, one that you don't have to be an Australian citizen to get? I keep getting stopped going into places that sell alchohol, even though I a) Do not drink myself b) Am well over the legal age - it makes me feel like I am breaking the law anyhow! :policeman: I thought you guys would be the people to ask :biggrin: Hope someone can help! Thanks!!
  21. Hi All, I am struggling to locate any payslips from employer for proof of working in occupation for the last 12 out of 24 months. Will a letter from my employer be suffice or do I have to provide payslips? Any help appreciated, thank you!
  22. We have just lodged our visa application in Melbourne today for the ENS 856 visa. My wife is being sponsored, and our 19 year old daughter is over here with us. We are currently on a 457 visa. Our daughter is totally dependent on us for all her needs, clothing food transport etc. She plans to go to university here once we have PR. My question is.... if she is totally dependent on us, how do we prove it? We are currently renting, she is not on the lease. The bills are all in my name or my wife. She has a bank account and we have a joint (family) medicare ambulance cover card. Apart from that, I have a bank account that groans every time she needs new clothes or something, but I do not seperate the money I spend on her from that which my wife and I spend. I just know that DIAC will ask for more proof of dependency Does anyone have any ideas?:huh:
  23. Hi Folks, just wondering if anyone can help? I'm trying to apply for ACT state sponsorship but have found out you need to prove you have £10k in your bank account. Seeing as I've only recently found out about this and only have until July to apply before the SOL changes, I'll only have about £7k to show. I don't have any property or anything else of value to sell to make up the rest, and my friends and family aren't in a position to help out either! A friend suggested using a loan and adding the money to my account, but I am right in thinking this is an utterly fraudulant no-no, right? Is anyone else in a similar position? How are you guys doing this?? I'd definitely be able to save up more than enough before actually getting out there, it's just this time limit causing the trouble! Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm at my wits end!:arghh:
  24. My partner has a letter from his work stating he has been employed there for 3 years. This is on headed paper and signed by his boss. Should he also provide copies of payslips? If so how many? Or is this letter enough. Thanks for all your help guys, were getting there!
  25. Tara and I lodged our 176 application last night and on the document checklist after sending your application there is a section for evidence of de-facto. When you click on this is says to download form 10, complete it and return it to Adelaide within 28 days; however there is nothing to complete on the form, it just states the kind of proof they require, which we have most of. Does anyone know if I upload this proof to the system or do I have to send it to Adelaide? We'd appreciate any help, Paul & Tara