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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone! Me and my partner recently agreed to apply for a partner visa (820) for myself with my partner as the sponsor. We've been living together for a bit over 2 years now. However, it seems like it will be a bit tricky to prove. We met at a student accommodation service where they give students townhouses to live in. after about two months i moved into her room and my room in the separate townhouse was used as a storage room. Of course, this is all off the records as i technically had my room in another house. 8 months later I transferred to my partner's townhouse so we can be living together officially. Again, I technically had my own room in the house which was used as storage area. After living together in the townhouse with 3 other housemates for a year, we moved out and got our own apartment. that was 5 months ago. As a nature of student accommodation, my partner and I couldn't officially live in the same room and we had to pay our own separate accommodation fees. The evidences that we were sharing a life are only witnesses, photos and our testimony. Is this enough to show that we had 'committed to a shared life to the exclusion of all others' for over 12 months?
  2. Hi All, I'm new to this so bear with me. I am currently on a 457 Visa, have been with my partner for 5 years here in Australia with our Son (year and a half) and we are about to put in our 801/820 Defacto PR Visa, which we are more than eligible to get and I have no worries about obtaining this visa. My parents (English) however love Australia and would like to retire out here themselves. They are set up for money and would not require any assistance or loans in buying there home over here, and seeing out there days. The struggle and annoyance is the Visa situation. Now on the application for my 801/820 visa with my partner, it asks about subsequent entrants that are family, which according to the Immi Homeaffairs website this visa is eligible to do. I appreciate this might extend the waiting/process time on the visa, however, I'm secure here in Aus and therefore am not worried about it as long as that would mean my parents are PR's once the visa is approved in the next 3/4 years. Can someone tell me if this is the case and the way to go about it? I know there are other Visa options for parents, however they are far more expensive and require my visa to be approved before there's can even be submitted, and even then the waiting time is really long. Any guidance or help would be much appreciated Thanks Tom
  3. Hi, I hope someone is able to help me, I came here to be with my partner in 2015 I got my temporary visa 820 in April 2016, I have applied for my permanent visa in July 2017 but he has told me he no longer wants to be with me and that he wants to be on his own, does anyone know where I will stand if I will be eligible to get my PR, I am in a good job we don't have any kids together. Also how long it usually takes to find out if you are not granted PR.
  4. Hi all, I came to Australia a year ago to marry my boyfriend. We got married in June 2016 and filed for the partner visa the month after. We've been together since 2012 and have known each other since 2006. I'm American but came from an overseas location as I was working in Asia when we got engaged (during a holiday together) I spent Uni studying foreign languages and teaching, and an opportunity has come up for me to teach overseas again. Which I would love to do since I don't have the right certifications to teach in Australia (or the money to get the certifications.) I've currently only been able to hold a 6 month job here in Australia as my longest and more temp work, all in customer service which is quite discouraging for an aspiring teacher. I'm currently on my bridging A visa and it states I have to be in Australia when the 820/801 visa is granted, I understand that part. Am I able to work overseas after it is granted? The agent/migration service I spoke to on the phone stated if I needed to leave I could go on a Bridging B visa and just come back after 3 months, apply for another bridging B and go back. As you all may guess, that would add up quickly. They said my Visa decision for the 820/801 can be anytime from now until December. I CAN postpone me leaving for the job but I need to know I can leave on the 820/801 visa (with the possibility of only visiting once a year) As this job position is in a University, I have a possibility of getting tenure and working permanently for this company. At this point, would it be better to go through the visa process or withdraw it and request a refund? (Would the refund even be granted?? 7000 is a lot to lose!) Every time we call we have to be on hold for a few hours and we never get all our questions answered, most answers are left at "I dunno, maybe it's okay" Thanks all
  5. Hi Everyone, With out going in to to much detail my partner and I have been having some relationship issue. As a result i am worried that i might get deported as i am currently on an 820 visa waiting for my 810 to be processed. My questions are, 1. My employer are happy to sponsor if the relationship breaks down, has anyone on here done this and would i need to go back to the UK to apply? 2. I know you can stay if there our domestic violence issue children ect. But would they let me stay if i was a key figure in the community and my departing could be a huge issue and i could not be replaced at my job (that is funded by the oz government) and have people back this up? 3. I applied for my 801 on 17th of Dec 2014 how long did peoples take to be processed. Thank you for taking the time to read my issue and look forward to your responses. Cheers Murph
  6. Steve2012

    820 and beyond

    Hi all, I'm currently on an 820 visa and will hopefully be going onto the 801 next year (2015). The DIBP website says that I'll be contacted a few weeks before the two year anniversary of my application to request further information to enable the processing of the 801, however I cannot find out anywhere what information they would request. Is there anyone who can say what info they require at that stage? Many thanks
  7. I met my girlfriend a year ago on holiday, she's English but an Australian resident as her family immigrated there several years ago. She was living and working in Surrey and I was in London and we started going out in February 2013. We never lived together - mainly as her job was as a 'live-in' nanny, and I was renting a room in a shared house in London. We could not afford our own flat. Around June she left her job but stayed with family up north, although she did stay with me for a while - however as it was a shared house nothing was in our name and we had no joint post, bank account etc. In September she moved back home after being homesick, to Adelaide. I stayed behind to look for work to save more money to go over, and to help my mum with her house after my dad died unexpectedly. I recently visited her in Adelaide, albeit on 'holiday' as opposed to the 3 months originally planned, and am currently working to save some money up for the mammoth visa application fee (just under £3,000?!?! - why is it so much?!). Reading the terms and conditions - it states de facto, which in Australian law is living together. We did not - is it even worth applying? What we DO have is lots of evidence that we have been in a genuine relationship. Unfortunately most of our correspondence was via texts and Facebook, and I don't know how you could use that, but I have also kept several emails from her. We have also travelled twice together to Europe, and she has met my family and friends and I have met hers and I'm sure they could all provide statements about our relationships and the times they met us together etc. She was also with me at my father's funeral and we had the same boss for a few months, an esteemed Professor who could also provide a statement. But would any of this be good enough without having lived together or shared a bank account? Regarding the application process - I lived in Australia on a working visa for a year, would I have to get police checks from both there AND the UK? How would I get one from Australia from here? As for the medical - only private firms seem to be listed on the website, does anyone know if any of this can be done on the NHS? Can I provide prior evidence (for example I recently had blood tests done)? How much does this cost? Do you have to be in Australia to apply for this, and once you do I understand it takes 12-15 months to process at the moment. Is it likely to be less? How/when am I allowed to work after making the application? What if it is refused - can I appeal, and how long do I get to leave? What if I am working if/when it is refused? I have several more questions I currently can't remember. Obviously I want to be with my girlfriend but I am also terrified of my life savings being wiped out on the application and medical alone..
  8. So I'm in a very sticky and stressful situation right now and it's all thanks to my own stupid actions. My ex boyfriend, whom I still have a good friendship with allowed me to remain as his 457 defacto after we broke up almost 2 years ago, so that I would not have to leave or find an other visa. I met my current bf over a year ago now and we are In a defacto relationship. My ex is fine with this arrangement we were all good. I decided to try and start a process of getting a temporary partner visa with my current Ozzie bf and emailed immigration requesting to be taken off ex's visa. Have not heard back yet but I'm very worried as I did not think of the immediate action I would need to take and the cost, and the 12 month waiting period etc. I have no clue what I should tell them or what they will do. If anyone has any info or advise or even has had a similar experience please please post!! #stressed and worried.