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  1. Thanks for the advice wrussell! Would that be as simple as just picking one and sending them a msg?
  2. Hello everyone! Me and my partner recently agreed to apply for a partner visa (820) for myself with my partner as the sponsor. We've been living together for a bit over 2 years now. However, it seems like it will be a bit tricky to prove. We met at a student accommodation service where they give students townhouses to live in. after about two months i moved into her room and my room in the separate townhouse was used as a storage room. Of course, this is all off the records as i technically had my room in another house. 8 months later I transferred to my partner's townhouse so we can be living together officially. Again, I technically had my own room in the house which was used as storage area. After living together in the townhouse with 3 other housemates for a year, we moved out and got our own apartment. that was 5 months ago. As a nature of student accommodation, my partner and I couldn't officially live in the same room and we had to pay our own separate accommodation fees. The evidences that we were sharing a life are only witnesses, photos and our testimony. Is this enough to show that we had 'committed to a shared life to the exclusion of all others' for over 12 months?