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Found 31 results

  1. GJ1443


    Hi all, We've been trying to work out but have come up short, whether we can use proof of no claims insurances like car, house, contents etc from Australia when we go back to the UK (both dual citizens and have UK bank accoiny that I've used for small transfers and purchases now and then). Thanks! G
  2. We are a family moving back to Melbourne in May - around Parkdale area. I am looking for all the requirements to furnish a 3 bedroom family home, ideally an an entire house contents as a lot. We are not shipping belongings and I don't want to spend my evenings/weekends shopping for beds/kitchen appliances etc etc. If anyone is maybe moving away from Melbourne and looking to sell up their goods let me know. Thanks
  3. Hi We are shipping out our car and contents soon we have quotes from Anglo pacific UTS/ Persons Bollinger UK Crown Relocation. Pls share your experiences. thanks
  4. Hi I've been looking for contents insurance in Queensland. We will be renting and do have quite a lot of stuff to bring over but the quotes I'm getting are around $1500 a year with an excess of between $250 and $500. Does that sound right? in the UK I'm paying just £165 per year for a comparable policy!! :arghh: Any advice appreciated! Thanks Lou
  5. once in a blue moon

    COST of building and contents insurance?

    We are looking to move to Sydney in the next few months; I am trying to gather info on living costs in Sydney. Can anyone give me a rough idea of building and contents insurance costs? Thanks for any numbers given. :animal-cat:
  6. I'm doing the packing myself for shipping and just wondered how detailed we need to be when itemizing the contents of our boxes. For example, if a box contains kids books and cds, do we need to list the number of books and cds inside or simply write, "children's books and cds"? :confused: Thank you.
  7. We are going to visit daughter & family who have very recently moved to Tasmania. By the way they love it. I would like to know what we can & cannot bring in our suite cases for them. coffee , tea , Drambuie ect. It will be for 2 months & we are looking forward to seeing your wonderful country. Kind regards margojacko
  8. I'm new on this forum so apologies if this is not the right place to post this thread. Please tell me if it's out of place! Anyway, just on the off chance there is anyone moving back to the UK at the end of August and is looking to furnish a house! We're moving to Perth first week in september and will be selling most of our furniture, washing machine and fridge. It's all as good as new as we just bought it all 5 months ago. Furniture is all from Argos so cheap and cheerful and better again already assembled! If anyone is interested get in touch!
  9. Hi I've accepted a new job with an Australian employer and am starting with them in November in Sydney We've started the process of working out what to take and decluttering/selling/dumping the rest I have heard a few stories about what Australian customs reject or slow up - just wanted to check a few questions about that I'm guessing that everything that gets used outdoors has to be spotlessly clean - so garden furniture, garden tools, pushbikes, outdoor toys and so on. Is there anything in that category that just always gets rejected so I may as well not bother packing (I doubt a lawnmower will ever clean up sufficiently, for example)? The other thing that worries me is wooden indoor furniture. In the UK we have a very old house with quite a bit of antique furniture. None of it has live woodworm, but a fair bit has been subject to woodworm attack in the past. Anyone know what if anything we have to do to get that through? Also any other hidden traps I might not know about? All advice gratefully received TIA
  10. Hi Guys, Not moving back to the UK. We are hoping to get to Perth before the new year! :jiggy:Need to sell the house first and all it's contents, not necessarily to the same person, but will only sell contents after house is sold! Please see the following link, it will show you the house and give you an idea of the contents too. Thanks http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-vic-mornington-107378090 If you know anybody already here looking to buy a home please direct them to this link. Thanks again and good luck with your move too. :wink:
  11. Guest

    Home contents insurance

    Hi All, I've spent a bit of time over the last week looking for the best deal on home contents insurance. We have a one bedroom apartment and want to insure the contents for around 90k. So far GIO and YouI are coming out as the most reasonable. Has anybody used anyone else? Maybe a smaller, independant company? We live on the Northern Beaches so no risk of flooding, fires (hopefully if the missus stays out of the kitchen). Thanks
  12. Hi All Moving out of our temporary accomodation soon into a furnished rental and I need to sort out contents insurance. Can anyone recommend any insurers or any comparision websites I can use to check prices? Thanks
  13. Hello We're planning to emigrate in June and to save costs at the other end we're thinking of shipping one of our cars with our house contents a month or so before we fly. (BTW Thanks v much for the helpful thread on the paperwork re importing a car on this site!) The first shipping co. to visit and quote thinks we've got too much stuff for a 20ft container so would not fit car + stuff in a 40ft container. So we might be able to reduce the stuff we plan to take a bit. Or maybe we'll have to ship the car separately from the house contents - which presumably will be much more expensive - but at least the car could arrive sooner. Has anyone done this or got quotes on this? Any recommendations, tips or suggestions on what to do or what not to do? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi All, I am moving to Geraldton in December and will need house contents Anyone got any for sale in the Perth /Geraldton area? I also will be on the look out for cheap 4x4 Cheers S
  15. Hi all, I am moving to Geraldton and will need house contents so if anyone can help me out , i could also collect from Perth. I am also on the look out for a cheap 4x4 I havent decided on a house yet so anyone breaking a lease etc contact me Cheers S
  16. Guest

    Christmas parcel contents

    Hi all Christmas is coming and I want to send a parcel to my son in Sydney and my Mum and Dad in the UK also want to send one to him. Now, we have checked AQUIS, customs regulations etc and it seems that some items can full under the list of prohibited, but its not clear. So I want to know if any of you have sent of have been sent the following (or similar) items... 1. Mini Christmas puds from M&S (of course they have dried fruit in them which is on the prohibitive list.. but its a product, not actual dried fruit???) 2. Mince pies (again the dried fruit dilemma, they will also be M&S, therefore packaged, so not home-made) 3. Japanese rice crackers (packaged from Holland & Barratt) 4. Chocolate (its a dairy product, but less than 10% so is this ok?) In addition can I send him packaged razor blades (Mac III ones) and whats the regulation with aftershave..??? Im under the impresssion you cant post liquids/cosmetics anymore since 9/11 and I get that, but you can order cosmetics from say Lancome on line and have it sent..???? :confused: Can anyone help.. Myself and my parents really want to send Number One Son/Grandson goodies so he can enjoy Christmas a little bit more without us.. we had hoped to be out there with him but wont be arriving til January so feeling a bit emotional that this is first Christmas ever apart :sad: Thanks guys.. oh and its a bit early but what the hell... HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! :santadance:
  17. tasormelb

    buildings and contents insurance

    Hi, I have been reading the newspapers online and there are stories about flooding around Victoria and Adelaide. One newspaper mentioned that the poor people who have been affected by floods were not covered under their insurance as its standard practice that flood and fire damage are not given. Is this correct? I find this really worrying as surely with the uncertain weather lately and the threat of bush fires you could run the risk of losing all your possesions and house without any means to replace them. I know I am a worry wart but this question has never even crossed my mind until I read this article and now my imagination is working overtime!!!! Thanks Vanessa
  18. Guest

    Contents Insurance

    Hi Finally found somewhere to rent but haven't got a clue about contents insurance here so any recommendations would be very helpful please? Thanks all its weird being totally alien to everything:wideeyed:
  19. Hi all We are moving back to the UK, so our 4 bed x 2 bath house in lovley Secret Harbour, south of Perth is up for sale, ALL of the furniture and appliences inc Plasma's, LCD's, Fridges, Dishwasher,etc etc will come with the sale of the house, (Subject to discussion with interested parties) The majority of which is new or less than 12 months old, All are of good quality and top brands and can be seen in the property photo's, This is as a fantastic set up for anyone making a new start, we know how expensive all those purchaces can get, we did it ourselves 3 years ago and costs can explode from origional budgets ! Property Agent is REMAX COASTAL Web reference is 2609357 Search costs between $450k & $500k
  20. Hi all We are moving back to the UK, so our 4 bed x 2 bath house in lovley Secret Harbour, south of Perth is up for sale, ALL of the furniture and appliences inc Plasma's, LCD's, Fridges, Dishwasher,etc etc will come with the sale of the house, (Subject to discussion with interested parties) The majority of which is new or less than 12 months old, All are of good quality and top brands and can be seen in the property photo's, This is as a fantastic set up for anyone making a new start, we know how expensive all those purchaces can get, we did it ourselves 3 years ago and costs can explode from origional budgets ! Property Agent is RE/MAX Web reference is 2609357 Search costs between $450k & $500k Please PM me for details
  21. Guest

    Contents Insurance

    Nearly had a heart attack when my renewal notice came for contents insurance. Just wondering if anyone can suggest any companies to try, or a decent comparison site? Got an oline quote with my current Co which came out more than $100 cheaper than the written quote they sent - hmmmm!
  22. hi all, me and the wife are off back to the uk, we have got buyers for our house but we have decided not to take all our stuff back. so we are having a massive house sale!!!!, everything must go!!!!. we have all sorts of stuff, too much to mention. our sale starts 8am on saturday morning,12th dec. if any poms in oz need stuff and want to have a look before sat please send me a PM .we also have a 2000 model daewoo lanos for sale, $2995 ono. its in good order. call anytime as i am available all day today and tomorrow.cheers.
  23. Mike@Bonbeach

    Home contents insurance.(Seniors).

    Hi all you seniors out there After my insurance company (2 years ,no claims,no change in contents) sent me a renewal notice increasing the premium by over 25% to almost $A1000 per annum, I rang them to suggest a mistake had been made, to be told that no-,that was correct but immediately without any hassle from me reduced the premium by over 10% just because I had "rung in". I went on line and found www.seniors.com.au who have offered me pretty well like for like the same policy for just over $A400 with no excesses and increased cover. They do other insurance too, cars,home etc so could be worth your while to give them a ring and you get to talk to a real person. One thing that I did notice was a compulsary Fire Services Levy which is obviously based on the value of the premium because both companies applied it, whereas my first company were charging well over $120 the seniors insurance company were only charging just over $50. ( this FSL is apparently applied in Victoria and NSW to help pay for improvemnts to the Fire service. Shop around guys even if you only speak to your supplier the bets are they will reduce the premiums. Regards Mike
  24. Hi - has anyone recently bought their contents insurance and got a good quote? There are so many companies and sitting filling in their online forms is taking forever - cant find a comparison site like we used to get in Britain!!! The place we are renting is s**t security wise, no burglar alarm, no fancy locks, just smoke alarms which will probs push the price up Would appreciate any info , thanks all
  25. Probably been asked before but could all who have already moved to Australia provide the pro's and con's into shipping your existing house contents. Is it best to sell and buy new on arrival or pay the fees (possibly £4k) etc. Has anyone transported their motorbike across too ? how did you deal with it once in Oz. Thanks for your time and feedback newby - Sarah :unsure: