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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone! Me and my partner recently agreed to apply for a partner visa (820) for myself with my partner as the sponsor. We've been living together for a bit over 2 years now. However, it seems like it will be a bit tricky to prove. We met at a student accommodation service where they give students townhouses to live in. after about two months i moved into her room and my room in the separate townhouse was used as a storage room. Of course, this is all off the records as i technically had my room in another house. 8 months later I transferred to my partner's townhouse so we can be living together officially. Again, I technically had my own room in the house which was used as storage area. After living together in the townhouse with 3 other housemates for a year, we moved out and got our own apartment. that was 5 months ago. As a nature of student accommodation, my partner and I couldn't officially live in the same room and we had to pay our own separate accommodation fees. The evidences that we were sharing a life are only witnesses, photos and our testimony. Is this enough to show that we had 'committed to a shared life to the exclusion of all others' for over 12 months?
  2. naomi1990

    De-Facto 820/801 Visa Help

    Hi, I am starting to look at getting together my application for a onshore de-facto Partner visa. I am willing to get help from an agent/lawyer, although do as much as I can myself or through here to bring down costs. I have one question before starting, I am in Queensland and wondering if my de-facto has to be officially registered for 12 months? My partner and I have been together for 12months and in de-facto since July 2014 (and my current WHV ends in sept 2015 giving us 12 months de-facto). Any help or advice would be so so so greatly appreciated.
  3. so this has been in planning and work for many MANY months. I plan to go to my unofficial fiance in Brisbane Australia from the USA, February next year on a Working visa, living with her and working, we will register our relationship with the state of QLD waiving the 12 month living requirement for a de-facto relationship visa. Then apply for that within the first half of my 12 month legal stay length. After apply for a bridging visa while waiting for the de-facto to authorize. I plan to have contacts ready to Vouche for me and a secured credit card of 200 to flash in case I'm questioned about proof of funds along with a flight ticket already purchased going back. I'm asking for anyone's advice on if i've left anything out. I've done this all on my own and researched it heavily and to my knowledge this is fool proof and legit. But i wanted to ask the good people of this forum to offer their opinions and knowledge. Thank you
  4. Hi, My boyfriend already has his PR visa. We were going to add me as a de-facto partner and include my daughter who is 17 as a dependant. We are now having a baby of our own (due in June) and my questions are Should we wait until after the baby is born to apply for my de-facto visa - this would mean we have been living together over 2 years and together for almost 4 so I could possibly get a permanent visa rather than temporary??? However; If we do wait until the baby is born, my daughter will be 18 and possibly not in full time education although she will be waiting on a college course starting... She doesn't work and is fully dependant on us financially. Is being 18 a cut off for dependants? Im unsure which avenue is best for us all, apply now or wait.... Any advice re our situation would be gratefully appreciated
  5. Guest

    5 Weeks until I move

    Hi Guys, Well after 2 years of going through the application for my defacto relationship visa, the time has finally come for my girlfriend and I to move to Oz. She is from Sydney but lived over here in London with me for a couple of years and we both decided soon in our relationship that we would rather live in Sydney than London (no surprise there really?!) Sarah is a teacher and I work in IT so we hope not to have too much problems looking for work when we arrive. Can anyone suggest some good places for me to look and the best approach I should take? Last time I was in Oz I was on a working holiday visa so it was difficult to find work in IT but I am hoping this time it will be much easier. The main thing is, how should I 'advertise' myself? English with full working permit? Not mention the fact I am foreign? Not really sure but any advise would be great! Cheers guys, Arn
  6. Hi 1st post! I'm a Brit, met my Aussie fiancee in London and we're planning our move to Melbourne in December '12. So far I've got as far as printing off the Partner Visa application (47SP), the sponsorship form 40SP and the lengthy Partner Migration booklet. So my first question (I'm sure there will be many over the next 7 months) is..... do we start the application process now or do we wait until we're married (mid-May)? My concern is that we wait until May (end of, with honeymoon etc) and then there is a delay with issuing the Visa. I don't want to be waiting on the Visa whilst I need to give work 3 months notice and we need to sort shipping etc. The move is time-bound to the end of December so my finacee is ready to start the new school year in January (she's a teacher). If we do wait to May to start the application, are there aspects we can do up-front? I read about police checks and medical examination? I've known my fiancee a lttle over 2 years and we've lived together in a de facto relationship for 18months. Thanks! John
  7. Guest

    OZ or UK?? HELP!!!

    Hi Guys, Big decision to be made here so looking for some advise! Please please let me know of anything that might help me make my decision. I am from the UK and my partner (Sarah) is Australian. We were together in Oz when i was on working holiday visa and then have also been together for 18 months in the UK. I applied for our defacto visa in August last year for us both to move back to Oz. At the end of December I received the email letting me know that all paperwork has been received and there is nothing else they need from me and they will contact me once the process has been completed.... But.... On December 28th, my Partner, Sarah's visa in the UK expired so she went back to Australia. :sad: She has now been sponsored to work in the UK so she is eligible to fly back as soon as possible. However, we aim to move back to Oz as soon as I get my visa accepted as this will not cause a problem with her work/visa. With this in mind we are debating whether it is worth her flying back to the UK if my visa is going to be granted soon (ish). The main question is, how long is it going to be until I get my visa from this point? I know the lead time is 4-6 months according to the website, but is this from the beginning of the application (September) or from now? Please let me know your thoughts guys as Sarah has to accept or refuse the position ASAP!! Thanks in advance! I am stressing out here! Arn
  8. Guest

    De-Facto Relatoinship Visa

    Hi, I August last year I started applying for my de-facto relationship visa, after being with my Australian partner for over 12 months in the UK. I completed my medical in the middle of December and a couple of weeks ago I sent off my police checks. Am I correct in saying this is all that needs to be sent now? Does anyone know how long it might take from this point? Thanks in advance, Andrew
  9. Hi, I have a subclass 820 de-facto spouse visa nearing the end of its 2 year period. I should shortly be asked for evidence for the 801 PR visa but have had no contact yet. My spouse and I are currently (and temporarily) apart as we both have had to go and help ill parents. His are in Sydney and mine is in the UK. I'll be stuck in the UK for some time and my partner will be in Sydney for some time. This time is undefined as both our parents have cancer (with all the implications that that brings). So I'm thinking that I might be refused the 801 and wondering what happens if this is the case, eg., can you apply for some other type of visa or can the 820 be extended until you get back, etc? I cannot fid answers to these questions anywhere so am wondering if anyone onthis site can enlighten me before I email DIAC about it. Alexandra
  10. lhigman

    De Facto Visa Question!

    Hi there, is anyone able to help? We are currently in the process of completing a De Facto Partner Visa, I'm British and my partner is Australian. We have been together for over two years and we have a child who is 13 months old. Our child is registered as Australian already and we have his citizenship certificate. My question is split into two parts: 1) As we have a child and have been together for more than two years do we have to prove that our relationship is genuine and ongoing? 2) Does our child need to be included in the De Facto Visa application as he is already an Australian citizen? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks
  11. Guest

    CO wants more de-facto evidence

    Apologies ... i have deleted this post for fear of being identified ....
  12. So here's a brief rundown of my situation: I was on a student visa in Australia at the beginning of 2008. I met my partner, Andrew, through a friend who was on the same course as me. We soon hit it off, and we moved in together in May 2008. When we moved in together, we both signed the lease, and have rent receipts for a year of living together. However, we did not think we would be applying for a defacto visa together in Australia as we always thought we'd move back to the UK where I am from, so we didn't bother getting joint accounts. We do however have some mail addressed to the same address. Here is a brief timeline: end of Jan 2008 - Met Andrew - May 2008 - Moved in together, signed lease. However we did not get a joint account together as we did not think we'd need to. We both paid for food shopping etc. We had people sharing the house with us (another couple in the other double room, and a guy in the single room) but they moved out towards the end of our lease and we have not been in touch with them since. - July 2008 - Andrew and I went on a roadtrip up north together for a few days. We only have photo evidence of this trip, and Andrew's bank statements to show money spent on the trip. - End of Sept 2008 - I dropped out of my flying course, had to leave Australia for 2 weeks and return on a working holiday visa. - April 2009 - We adopted a dog together, although the adoption agreement only has Andrew's name on it, I am listed on the pet register as the dog owner as well. - May 2009 - Lease expired, Andrew's parents were going to Europe for 6 weeks so they let us move into their home. As my working holiday visa would expire in Sept 2009, they were happy to let us stay there until then. - Sept 2009 - I had to move back to the UK as my visa expired, we were constantly in touch whilst I was in England attempting to make plans to see each other. Andrew got a job meanwhile in - Perth and therefore was unable to move to the UK. We decided it would not be feasible for him to move to the UK due to the economic downturn. We decided that I would visit him in Perth and we would discuss our plans. - April 2010 - Managed to get a flight to Perth, which Andrew paid for. I came on a tourist visa to sort out our next steps. We holidayed together down south for a weekend. We decided I would stay in Perth, applying for a student visa to buy us more time so that we could apply for a defacto visa. - May 2010 - I applied for a one year TAFE course and then applied for my student visa. During this time, Andrew's mum also got shoulder and wrist surgery so they were happy for me to stay and help out at their home. They listed me on Andrew's mother's car insurance as an additional driver, as well as on Andrew's car. - June 2010 - Obtained a student visa, applied for bank account and joint account with Andrew. His parents were happy to let us stay there until we were both financially able to rent our own place. - Sept 2010 - Andrew's uncle was looking for tenants for his rental so we moved in. We have rental receipts but all rent is paid in cash. The cash withdrawals can be correllated with the rental due dates. We have ample evidence to show that we are living together...which I will list below but I'm worried that because there's a 7 month gap (in which I had no choice but to stay in the UK until I could afford to somehow see Andrew again) we will get rejected. We were living together for a year and a half before I left and I stupidly didn't research visas in time... The evidence we have is as follows: - Rental agreement from 2008 for a year, signed by both of us. - Andrew's centrelink documents addressed to our 2008 rental - Andrew's tax documents addressed to our 2008 rental - Washing machine rental addressed to our 2008 rental (with Andrew's name as the primary and my name as secondary) - Andrew's car service dockets addressed to our 2008 rental - Andrew's bank statements showing purchases made at supermarkets/energy bills paid for which we took turns in paying. - Andrew's bank statement showing money paid to Family Planning WA which we visited together. - Andrew's bank statement showing a suit hire for Royal Aero Club Wing's Dinner which he attended as my date whilst I was doing my flying course. - Release of property bond by the Rental Accommodation Fund addressed to Andrew and I at his parents house after we moved out of the rental - Docket addressed to Andrew for his mum's birthday present (ipod) which I signed for. - Docket addressed to Andrew for his Christmas present (xbox accessory) which I paid/signed for. - Receipt showing that Andrew used his bank card to pay for the issue of my Private Pilot's Licence as I had already closed my accounts. - Receipt from when I left Australia and Andrew sold my car for me to his parents' neighbour, and a receipt to show he wired me the money to my UK account. - Itemised phone bills to show regular contact between us whilst I was in the UK - Emails to show regular contact between us whilst I was in the UK - Email confirmation to show that Andrew sent me flowers whilst I was in the UK for my birthday - Receipt to show money transferred to me whilst I was in the UK to pay for my flight to Perth in 2010. - Envelope of Christmas card that I sent to Andrew and his family in Dec 2009. - Invoice for Margaret River hotel showing 2 night stay, under Andrew's name for when we went down south. We have a few photos together for this trip too. - Andrew's bank statements showing household items bought from Target/Kmart as we were planning to move out - Andrew's bank statements showing money sent by my mother to pay for my TAFE fees and visa application (as I was on a tourist visa, I could not open a bank account until I got my student visa so all payments were made through Andrew's account). - Insurance certificate copy showing my name as additional driver on Andrew's mum's car as well as Andrew's car - Andrew's bank statement showing spending money that he gave me whilst I was waiting for my bank account to be opened. - Signed contracts showing the opening of our joint account. - Signed contract showing storage company we used for storage of the second hand furniture we purchased (signed by both of us) - Docket showing purchase of new mattress from Domayne. - Dockets showing purchases for new rental The other problem is that Andrew didn't change his address with the DPI and bank in our first rental - although he does have letters to that address from the tax office and from Centrelink who recognised us as a couple. Another thing is, we had housemates but we lost touch with them soon after they moved out so no one to vouch for the fact that we were sleeping in the same room, although friends/family can vouch for that. Officially, I got my student visa this year in June therefore that's when we started getting all our second round of evidence together. Does that mean we have to wait till June 2011 to apply, or would the 7 month period be seen as 'temporary'? I have contacted a migration agent (Russell Pinoy) for a free assessment but Andrew and I really can't fork out anymore money on this as my course has cost so much money so far, and I can only work 20 hrs a week due to visa restrictions :arghh: Anyone got any advice? I'm having a really hard time finding a job because of my restrictions as well so it's really putting a lot of stress on us :chatterbox:
  13. Guest

    De Facto visa requirement

    Hi everyone! I am new to Visa application process and I was wondering if any of you could give me a few answers. My b/f and I have been going out for almost a couple on years. Sadly he has just got made redundant and he has to go back to Oz in a few weeks. I will follow as soon as I get all the documentation ready. We were thinking of a de-facto visa. Question n.1) Do we have to be a registered couple??? Question n.2) Which evidence do we need to give? We do not have joint accounts, never had mail sent to his place, I do not appear on the rent contract. I was thiking on having my boss to write a letter (I work as a nanny and my contract is Live-in but actually hardly there since in the evenings I go to my b/f) My boss is a Minister, would that be good as evidence???? Can prove lots of photo, couple of tickets of trips and stuff. Panicking right now!! IF a de-facto visa is not applicable, what else do you think I can do? Thanx El
  14. Guest

    Evidence for de-facto visa

    Hi there, Just wondering if anyone can help us out. When applying for an for an australian de-facto visa does any evidence before the the past 12 months count in the application? We have lots of emails etc that go could go towards our case but are unsure whether it will count.
  15. Hi everyone, Before we get started on our Australian de-facto offshore visa application we would like to get a few queries answered to decide whether our situation requires an agent or is straight forward enough to go it alone. We met whilst travelling 2 years ago and have lived and travelled together ever since. We have some documentation to support this including travel documents, email messages and even a joint bank account. We would like to hear from anyone who has gone through with this visa who has shared a similar experience and could tell us how they found it. Also a possible agent who they found to be supportive of the circumstances. Cheers.
  16. Hi to everyone. New to the fourm, just found it on line and it seems like a great place to get some friendly advice on all things Oz from fellow Poms. I've been in Australia since the start of June on a working holiday visa. I met my partner (an australian citizen) when working in America in June 2008. After our work stint ended, she came to stay over in the UK. As I was contracted to living in university halls, she moved in with family in Cardiff, and we commuted to stay withe ach other at weekends. My partner came back to Oz in March 09, and I followed her out on my visa on 1st June 09. We've decided that, as she has a large family and I don't, and because I love this country so much, that we are going to apply for a de-facto relationship visa so that we can live here together permanently. We've looked through all the paperwork and started to put our application together, and I was just wondering if anyone who has been through this process could offer some advice. Although we have been together since June 08, the working of the conditions seems to indicate that you must live together for 12 months prior. We obviously didn't in the UK, but will have by the end of my visa. We're not sure when would be best to apply, because we obviously don't want me to have to leave and come back, and are hoping to be granted a bridging visa in the interim. We're also a bit concerned because, as we are lving in an extension of her parents house, we have no utilityu bills in our names, although I have paid for the internet and phone since June, and it is in my name. If anyone has any advice, stories, anecdotes or suggestions that might help us, I'd love to hear them. Thanks for reading this loooonnnnggg post! :-)
  17. I have been living with my British girlfriend for the past 4 months in London and am now having to go back to Australia as I have been unemployed over here for the same amount of time and have no prospects of work due to the crisis. I have been offered a job in my old home town of Brisbane which I have decided to take. My girlfriend will be joining me in a few months on a working holiday visa, and we plan on living together for the full year. If at the end of this time we want to apply for a de-facto visa, does the time living together in Australia count towards this? I know its a bit of an odd case, I have dual nationality and would stay in London if possible, but can't afford to as there seem to be no job prospects for Architectural Technicians whatsoever. Any advice would be greatly appreciated or who I could possibly contact.