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Found 175 results

  1. immigrant589

    Tourist or Sponsored visa

    Hi, I need to apply for visitor visa for parents for first time. I am settled in Australia for 4 years and wanted to know which stream should I apply. My parents are 77 years old and my father has severe dementia and also require assistance. So I want them to apply for longer terms (6months to 1 year). Which visa stream should I apply ? and what are chances? will a health examination be conducted and with such medical history is it an issue? What should be possible brief description of application letter Please help me out in getting answers before submitting application and I would highly appreciate your responses
  2. immigrant589

    Visitor Visa for Parents

    Hi, I am living in Brisbane as PR with my wife and kids, for around 5 months. I am working as full-time permanent employee for the last 5 months. I am planning to apply for 12 month visitor visa for my parents. My parents never came to Australia, however then have been to USA for 3 times to see my elder brother. My parents are 72 years old. I have few questions regarding the application and will appreciate a response. Should I apply for Tourist Stream or Family Sponsored Stream? What have better options for 12 month visa grant? If apply tourist visa, How much funds will work, my father has term deposit and rental income? Basis of invitation to be mentioned in the letter or application? Any example or idea ?? Do a invitation / cover letter is required?? What I should write in covering letter / invitation letter to make my case strong enough for 12 month stay visitor visa?? Do I need to pay a bond?? If insurance is required, shall I purchase it now or just attach a quote?? Waiting for advice.
  3. Hi everyone, how you going? My partner and I have an EOI in for VIC 190 and are currently just waiting to be invited. We are over in Bali for the next 5 weeks before returning to Australia where we will both be on tourist visas. If we are selected while we are here in Bali and apply, are we able to return to Australia and even be there on this tourist visa when the 190 visa is approved? We are under the impression that a tourist visa does not necessarily come under the 'onshore' category, therefore allowing us to be there on holiday to then swap straight onto the 190 residency, despite having applied offshore. Can anyone help clarify? THANKS
  4. Waitingaround

    309/100 - 600 Tourist Visa

    I realise there is a lot of info on here in reference to getting a Tourist Visa (e600/600)(3/6/12 Months) but thought i'd make a thread soley for it and any experience. So let me ask the question on everyone's mind and see what stories and experience we get......... Should/could/can we apply for a Tourist visa subclass 600 whilst awaiting the decision on the 309 temporary part of the partner visa???
  5. Hello I’m about to enter Australia on a multiple entry eVisitor (651) and intend to apply for a student visa shortly after. If my student visa application gets refused will my multiple entry eVisitor then become void/cancelled? Most people I’ve asked have said no it should be fine but just wanting to be sure. Thanks in advance.
  6. greenwoodryan96

    12 months tourist visa (600)

    Hi guys! Hopefully someone can offer some advice. I am going to be applying for a 12 months tourist visa (subclass 600) in about month, so that I can go and visit my girlfriend's family and see some of the beautiful country. She's been here in the UK with me for 2 years now. - Is there anything they will DEFINITELY ask for? Online it says they 'may' ask for this that or the other, but is there anything in particular they will absolutely require? - I don't own property, I'm self-employed in the UK and all my family are here. Is that enough for incentive to return? - I'm also not really sure how to prove I'm self employed. All I can show are invoices I've written to people and a letter from HMRC stating I need to complete self-assessment. - Is there any reason they wouldn't grant the 12 months if I request it? I'm from the UK, no criminal record, enough money to support myself, have been on a WHV before and returned home before the end of the visa. I know it's alot to ask, but all this visa stuff stresses me out - the thought of them saying 'no' (even though I don't see any reason for them to) and splitting me and my girlfriend up is frightening for me Thanks in advance guys!
  7. path2aus

    Tourist Visa Question

    Hello All, My in-laws are currently in Australia. They were granted 600 visa in 2016 December for a year. They came here with us when we migrated, stayed for less than 3 months and left Australia on time. They again visited us in December 2017 (Entered before the last entry date) and will be leaving a week before their 3 month stay time. Now they would like to apply for tourist visa again. Do they have to wait for a while after leaving Australia to apply for tourist visa again or is the timeline completely irrelevant? They might not immediately visit Australia but might visit us again in about 3 months or so. Their last granted visa expired in December 2017. They would like to apply as soon as they leave Australia. Thanks.
  8. Hi All! I would be interested to hear from anyone who is, or has applied for their defacto whilst on a tourist visa in Oz. I heard from a friend who was previously in the same situation that you can get a visa with work rights before your de facto is granted. Does anyone have any experience of this? if so how long after you had applied did you have to wait to get the work visa? Ive heard it could be 3 months but was hoping it might be sooner!! I am in the uk at the mo, about to go over to oz in next couple of weeks to be with my partner who returned over there for work about 4 weeks ago. Once i am back in Sydney we will apply, and then play the waiting game! If i can get this work visa, things wold be great! Its going to be a long few months with both of us living off one salary if not! ... annoying thing is i have a good job waiting for me in Sydney, i just cant get to it because of this pesky work restriction!
  9. Rbuk17

    Tourist visa after WHV

    Has anyone flow to New Zealand after their first year on a working holiday and come back to Oz on a tourist visa? If so how easy is it to do so/ are they strict on letting you back in? My WHV ends at the end of November but my mum and dad are coming for Christmas and new year to visit family so obviously want to be here with them for that. 1. Can I book return flights from SYD to NZ? Will I get pulled up for not having a valid visa for oz when I enter nz? Obviously I'm applying for that when I get there. 2. Do I need to get a visitor visa for nz or not? I'm a UK citizen so says online I qualify for visa waiver but other sources say I need a visa for nz if I'm going there to renew a visa for another country? Thanks in advance.
  10. HB2

    Baby on tourist visa

    Hi, Please can somebody help us. I am a Brit (with PR) and my partner is aussie. Our baby girl was born outside aus but has a british passport. I was advised to bring her into aus on a tourist visa then apply for citizenship by descent once we got here. We have submitted the citizenship application but apparently it can take up to 4-5months which takes us into december or beyond. Meanwhile, she is on a evisitor (subclass 651) which states on it that the length of stay is "3months from the date of entry". It was granted on the 5th of July but we entered aus on the 20th July so technically she needs to leave and re-enter by the 20th of October. Is this right? Because on the immigration website i am told the visa is 12months in total. Is there any way around this situation or must we seriously fly out and re-enter the country with our 8month old baby by the 20th oct? There is no email address where we can ask such questions to immigration, the office in perth does not allow enquiries and the phone line was 132 people in the queue when i called, so I am really lost as to what to do next. I don't want to get a fine or compromise the citizenship application due to breaking the rules but it seems absurd that a baby must leave and re-enter the country while we wait for her citizenship. Any advice or words of wisdom from people experiencing similar issues would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  11. Hi Does anyone know, if it is possible to travel over to Oz on a tourist visa whilst awaiting a spouses visa (subclass 309) to be processed. My husband has Oz citizenship and I am applying for a 309, however after reading some threads on the forum quite nervous this will take some time to come through. We plan to be move over in September, so was hoping it is possible to apply for tourist visa whilst 309 visa is being processes, is this allowed? Also what is the status with schooling without a visa, we have found a place at a private school for our daughter in Melbourne and would like to enrol her for October start. Will her visa application need to be processed before she can start school? Any advise appreciated. I am a British citizen and have applied for visa through Australia House in London, clean bill of health, no criminal record and have been married for years so anticipating it will be processed with no hitches. Thank you AC
  12. Hi I would like some information or advice from anyone who has applied for a visa to Australia with a criminal record. I am looking to travel to Australia with my family next year but my father has a criminal record. He was convicted for 22 months for fraud, serving less than 12 months. The conviction happened over 5 years ago and he has had good behavior since. We are looking to go over there for a family wedding and he has two brothers and a sister living over there who have lived there over 30 years. He has done some initial investigations and has been advised not to try to apply for a visa himself but use an agent. When we have spoke to some we have been quoted £6000+ which seems ridiculous for a 3 week holiday. We are going to speak to a few more people and his family in Australia are going to do the same but if it is too expensive we would probably attempt to apply ourselves. If we did that does anyone know where we would start as I would expect we wouldn't just go along the online visa application route? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi all, I am going to lodge an application for a 457 visa next week for me and my family (5 persons). Is it possible to get an Australian tourist visa and stay in Australia as a tourist while we are waiting for the 457 visa to be approved? Thank you for your help NL
  14. Hi everyone My boyfriend's working holiday visa is due to expire soon. After a brief trip home he's hoping to return to Australia as a tourist and continue his travels. Have you had any experience of that - is it fairly straightforward? Or a risk of being turned away? Many thanks
  15. I am an Australian citizen and my partner is Dutch. We have recently lodged our application for a de facto partner visa in London. Due to a change in circumstance I will be leaving the UK to travel to Melbourne (to start a new job) at the end of May. We have been advised processing times are 3-4 months. Is it possible for my partner to travel to Australia on a tourist visa until the visa is granted? When the visa is granted does he have to return to the UK for the documentation to be completed or would he be able to to this documentation in Auckland? We have been together for just under five years and I have just read that if you lodged an application after the 27th March 2010 that you only need to show that you have been in a relationship for 3 years as opposed to 5 to be granted a perm visa. Does this make a difference in where my partner can be when the visa is granted? Has anyone been in this situation or have any advice on this matter? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  16. anish82

    Tourist visa for Relative

    Hello Everybody I am a parmanent resident of Australia and currently living in Melbourne, Victoria.I have moved Australia from India last August.Now i wish to bring my sister as a tourist.So i was curious to know if i am eligible to send invitation to her as a tourist.Which visa class she had to apply for?Although there are some information available in Australian high comission page but i thought that if anybody had any recent experience of this visa then it could be helpful for me. Thanks Anish
  17. Hi, I'm new to this site and am posting in the hope that someone could shed some light on what I have been trying to find out! Ive searched the immi au website and the web and cant find any answers, no surprise really as my situation is not the 'regular' run of the mill situation. So here goes; Ive been in Australia for the past 12 months i was granted an e676 visa (6 month holiday visa) My, then, partner also from the UK got sponsored through her work, she had a working holiday visa I didnt as Im 37 and could only get a tourist visa, I was not working and she was supporting me financially, anyway i was included in the application as a de facto partner, so we were put on a bridging visa whilst the immi were deciding processing the application, but before the visa was granted my girlfriend and I split up and she has since withdrawn me from the application, so I am now having to depart out of the country within 28 days so ive booked a flight to NZ. I intend to travel NZ then come back to Australia to do some sight seeing around oz as I didn't get to the first time as I thought my girlfriend and I would be granted the visa and settling down ect bla bla .... The question is: Will i be able to re enter Australia for another 3 months after having spent the past 12 here on, firstly a tourist visa and then on a bridging visa? If I can re enter for 3 months after having been in NZ for a while how long will I actually have to be in NZ for before i can come back in to Australia to travel around? If anyone has experienced a similar situation it would be great to hear your advise, Thanks in advance Any advise appreciated, thanks for reading
  18. Richie Mitchell

    Starting Tourist Visa after WHV

    Hi all, This is my first post on the forum after many visits reading the threads over the past year. I am hoping to get a bit of advice on my situation as after numerous calls to the IMMI info line, and being kept on hold for 20 minutes their advice wasn't a huge help. My first year WHV finishes March 15th and I still need to complete 32 days of work, after that I am looking to finish my stay in Aus with a tourist visa to travel. I have some work lined up but it means working quite close to when my WHV ends. I was told that I can apply for a tourist visa but I need to do this 2 weeks before and once that is granted, which could be anything from a few days after, my WHV stops and I go straight onto the tourist, meaning I can't finish my work. What I would like to know is the best way to do this? And what tourist visa should I apply for? Can I apply for a tourist visa longer than 3 months? My plan so far would be to continue working and say a week before, apply online for the tourist visa extension, and if my current WHV ends before the tourist visa is granted, I will be placed on a bridging visa. If you understand things this far, thank you ha! I have enough money to fund my travels in Australia after my WHV so I am hoping my application will go through. I would really appreciate any help. I am trying to make an informed decision on what to do but it can be quite difficult when you're out of the city and with just a phone on your own!
  19. Hey guys! Thanks for all your help with my visa issues up to this point. My British boyfriend and I recently logged a de facto visa and your help was so appreciated. i need to be back in Australia in early feb to start back at uni and our partner visa isn't due to be finalized until early June. My partner is going to come with me on a tourist visa. since feb- June is 5 months it would be ideal for us to apply for the 676 tourist visa that allows stays up to 6 months. however- I've read people have been declined on this visa because of 'recent time spent onshore'.. he has been to Australia on a tourist visa in early 2011 and on a working holiday visa in late 2011- feb 2012... So it has been almost a year since he was last onshore. does anyone know if this will count as recent time onshore? Has anyone had a tourist visa 676 6 month granted with more recent time onshore? if its going to be risky we will just apply for the tourist visa eta which is automatic for Brits! (Right?) thanks in advance
  20. As a person who has a interest in living in Australia but who is unskilled Ive researched ways to spend extended time in Australia while building up a professional career. If you're in the same boat - and I suspect for every brickie, doctor and surveyer there are 2-3 semi or unskilled people wishing to be in Oz in the future, these notes might be helpful. Obviously building a career is needed. (in my case retraining) This will take years - especially in this economic climate with loads of graduates struggling to find work. 10 years is a good guess. In theory you could train up and work as a professional person in 7-8 years but lets be conservative and say 10 years. During that long time there's a danger you may lose sight of you're ambition to move to Australia. Assuming you've taken the WH visa and/or the less well known cultural exchange visa; as an unskilled worker you have no route into Australia and no way of living there long term. How do you keep that spirit of inspiration alive during 10 years without being able to live in Oz? The only real solution is annual volunteering and house sharing/swapping on a tourist visa. As far as I know you can do this on a 676 tourist visa. This is enough to remain in the country for extended periods of time of up to 3 months where you will get to know the country and build up a social network that will help you if you eventually move down under. Homeswapping for a month kills your accomodation costs straight away and an Aussie would come to the UK and do the same. You would only have food and bills to cover. Yes, food is expensive but if you cook your own stuff it gets cheaper. If you do this every year, spending you're holiday time in Oz, you will have enough time to volunteer with an organisation and build up some relationship with them. You would probably get a reference from the organisation and if you return every year and keep in contact with them over the net you will become known and remembered by them and you will have something approaching a social circle in Oz - ie a life. If you volunteer and can get food and accomodation and out of pocket expenses (which you are allowed to do as the IMMI site says); you wll subsidise your stay massively. Essentially you could "live" in Oz for 1-2 months every year, in essence a sort of constant temporary immigration to Oz. Immigration would rather you spend like a billionaire in Vegas rather than holiday on the cheap but this plan is within guidelines. I dont believe you could fly over for 2 months and volunteer for the whole period - only some of the time as voluntary work must be incedental to tourism. Try not to volunteer for private people on Helpx or Workaway as these people are unlikely to give you references (and thus official proof of volunteering which could help your career and prove you have some social connection in Oz). Once you are gone any "friendship" tends to disappear as these people tend to hire backpackers quite often and the setup can become quite anonymous. Ive found the whole backpacker thing is very commercial in Oz and if you want to emigrate to Oz its a dead end albeit a spectacular one. Dont pay to volunteer if you can help it as this sort of "voluntourism" isnt taken serious as unpaid experience and references arent given. If you volunteer, communes and religious groups will often take you on and if you have serious interest in their lifestyles you'll often be invited back ahead of backpackers who are just looking for cheap accomodation. Other points to note: - You need health insurance about £100/month - Flights will be £1500ish - Flat/house swapping will cost £200ish to sign up with an agency (dont risk meeting someone privately to do this) - Visa and insurance and misc about £500 tops - Tourist living costs depend on you but £1000 is probably good for 2 month in Oz. - Total cost - about £3500 for 2 month stay. Not a bad way to "live" in Oz considering how strong the dollar is. £3500 every year is high but it'll give you a part time real existence in the land of your dreams .
  21. My girlfriend and her daughter are about to apply for separate tourist visas for up to 12 months. We are just waiting to get the consent 1229 form sorted out and we now need to know exactly what else she needs to add in her application to ensure we get the full 12 months and no less. she has family in Gold Coast that they are going to be staying with so how much funds would they consider enough to prove? also, should she include an itinerary? Or is it enough to simply state that she is going to visit family? what else could they possibly ask for as she doesn't really have a lot of time for this to be delayed or declined etc. is there anyone that has been in a similar scenario that knows a lot about this? thanks
  22. hi all. I found out this morning that my visa was refused. This is the way, I could fight it but I have had enough of the paper work hassle and I think I might as well head back and reapply at a lter date with some better credentials. anyway, my question. I have been in oz for 5 years, working holiday,2x 442's and the last 7 months on a bridging visa whilst they processed my 457. Is it possible to get a tourist visa after reject of 457? I have 28 days left on the bridging visa and I would like to see out christmas and the new year before having to return to UK. cheers
  23. Sorry if this sounds like a really daft question, but I can't get a straightforward answer from the information on the DIAC website. My wife has just been granted a 3-month tourist visa to join me here in Cairns whilst her spouse visa is being processed. I am about to book her flights, but I'm not sure if the tourist visa is valid for 3 months (i.e. nth August to nth November) or 90 days (as stated on some websites). If it is 90 days, would Day 1 be the date of arrival and Day 90 be the absolute last day she could be here? I'm a bit surprised that this isn't made clearer on the DIAC website, as 90 days is evidently not the same as 3 months. It goes without saying that having just paid $2060 for the spouse visa application, we do not want to jeopardise that by her staying even one day over. Many thanks for any helpful answers in advance! Kind regards, Martin.
  24. Tourism Australia have some videos on You Tube (published June 3 2012). Thought some people might like to take a peek at the highlights of Aus so to speak. My hubby sent me the link to the national one and simply said 'Shall we?'. Some of the places shown are on our bucket list of places for us to to visit together/as a family in Aus. Tourism Australia's Latest Ad http://youtube/3pOVfJwBd5s There's nothing like Australia: Victoria [video=youtube;O63NL-xPfUM] There's nothing like Australia: South Australia. http://youtube/FoBxq8lB2iY There's nothing like Australia: Northern Territory http://youtube/r02jEig086M There's nothing like Australia: Queensland http://youtube/ef2xx987bOo There's nothing like Australia: New South Wales [video=youtube;-wCViAvwTVY]http://youtube/-wCViAvwTVY There's nothing like Australia: Western Australia http://youtube/YHoT5sCZ48I There's nothing like Australia: Tasmania http://youtube/fkCAN_B53XM More in post below..............
  25. We will hopefully lodge our 175 application sometime next week. In the meantime we want to visit Oz on a tourist visa in February. We want to book the flights tonight as there is a special on at the moment, but we'll only apply for the visitor's visas in January. Does anyone know whether there's regulations about applying for a tourist visa after lodging 175 or whether it will have some impact on the 175 app? The only provisa I'm aware of is that you are not allowed to be in Oz when the 175 is granted. Any other small print we've missed? Thank you!