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Found 549 results

  1. Hi everyone, Yet again I have struggled to find answers online and am turning to you for help! I recently lodged my 190 visa application and I'm worried that I made a mistake concerning my relationship status... I'm in a relationship with an Australian, we've been officially together since March 2019 and we started living together November 2019. When I did my EOI in January, after some online research I put that I was in a de facto relationship as we were living together and all the definitions of being in a genuine, domestic and continuing relationship etc applied to us. It seemed that the 12 month rule was applied to people applying for partner visas, i.e. they had to have been in a de facto relationship for at least 12 months. I got the same amount of points for this as I would have done if I had put single, so I figured that it didn't matter too much about time-frames as it's not like I get extra points for having an Aussie partner... it seemed more that they wanted an accurate picture of my situation... When I completed my application, I was again asked about my relationship status, so I put de facto, as nothing had changed since I did my EOI. This time I was asked for the start date of the relationship, so I just put the start of our actual relationship, March 2019. Now I'm looking back on it and panicking that I should have put November when we actually moved in together and became de facto. My partner is adamant that I'm overthinking it and says that I answered the question that I was asked... he also said that as he's not an applicant that it shouldn't matter as I'd have the same points if I was single etc... and it's not like my visa depends on how long we've been together anyway... Now I'm starting to question whether I should have even put de facto as we haven't lived together to 12 months and I've seen some things that say that you're not considered de facto until 2 years. Sigh. I'm just very unsure and wondering whether I should contact them to say that I made a mistake... I'm not even sure how I'd do this anyway. I'm not trying to deceive anyone or lie, just trying to be honest but it's so confusing! Maybe I'm just a battler. Does anyone have any advice?? I know that single points/ Aussie partner points are new since Nov last year, so I can't find loads about it!
  2. filinmelb

    Tourist visa to de facto visa

    Hi everyone! Let me just give you an overview: I plan on going back to Australia on a tourist visa and apply for an onshore visa. Me and my partner will be living together once I arrive. I am currently residing in Dubai which doesn't allow cohabitation between two people who aren't married. We have proofs of financial support, joint activities, photos with friends and families, holidays together. We will be registering our relationship once I go back and make "our" account into a joint one. We will be constantly submitting evidences as times goes as well Do you think we would have a chance?
  3. OK so this is our situation. I met my partner gaming and we've been talking consistently over ps4 chat in this time and voice chat for over a year. We don't have much in terms as evidence as it stands. We met for 3 wks in April this year. He proposed and we are engaged and very much in love. Ive applied for a 2 year college course as this seems an easier way for us to be together whilst I can work to contribute toward living costs part time as well as gather evidence for immigration. We are very intent on beginning a family together as this is a goal of ours if all still goes swimmingly after a year of living together I'm Edging on my mid 30s I fear time is running out for me and my partner to go through the lengthy immigration process to begin a family together.. If I was to apply for a 2 year student visa which I'm also looking forward to a change of career could I submit my onshore de facto after a year of study or would I have to wait for my student visa to run out? Being South Australian we can register our relationship which takes off a year off the 2 year period for the 2nd part of the defacto relationship is this correct? Potentially taking the end goal of residency 4 years to complete if successful? It's all very over whelming hence coming to this forum. I don't digest lengthy information too well.
  4. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could help? I'm currently on a 457 visa, which runs out in September 2019. I am just about to lodge my defacto partner visa application forms - no issues with that as we've been together for 3 years and are now married etc. However, I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge or had been in a similar situation. I really hate where I work and would love it if I could lodge my application, get the bridging visa, cancel my 457 and quit my place to find another job - all without having to leave the country. So - does anyone know if it is possible to request that your current 457 visa be cancelled and then go straight on to the bridging visa, whilst our partner visa application is processed? Otherwise I will just have to wait until my 457 runs out and then the bridging visa kicks in - not the end of the world but still a pain as this place is drinking me to drink! Thanks in advance
  5. Hi guys, Been trying to get advice everywhere but unable to find any due to the complications of it! I went onto my partners Visa back in 2015 as a secondary applicant to a 457 Visa. We since broke up at the end of last year and he allowed me a couple of months to see if we could sort it out or find my own visa. I found that my work would sponsor me which they did in February of this year. On my application i have put that i am separated from my EX and i also received a bridging Visa notification. I have since met someone new, and unfortunately i have been made redundant (in unfair circumstances) from my job. So i was looking to go onto my new partners 457 Visa as a secondary applicant again, however upon checking even though i have been given a bridging visa and stated on the form i was separated i am still currently on my ex partners visa (As the 457 visa through my work hasn't been granted yet after 8 months of waiting)! Therefore i cant prove the time of the relationship with my new partner as in the eyes of immigration i am still with the old one! Is there anyway they can back date the separation? Or what other visas can i go on until i can go on my partners new visa? Any help of options would be greatly appreciated!
  6. GoogoobarabajagalInStraya

    Partner visa 801/820 Interview??

    Hi All, I'm looking for anyone with advice or experience regarding interview processes for and 801/820 partner visa. I have submitted all documents on my immi account application and am waiting patiently for next correspondence but just wondering if anyone knows if you definitely have to complete an interview? If so, is this usually an in person interview or do they do it over the phone (onshore application). Any idea on a time frame? For example do they conduct interviews when you apply for the temporary first stage or do they wait until the permanent application stage? I'm not at all worried about the interview itself, or the questions they could ask. I feel confident that would not be an issue for us. I'm more concerned about having to travel to Brisbane from North of Cairns just to meet someone in person as I know how much that is likely to cost when I take into account flights or travel, accommodation and time off work etc. I know that Cairns has an immigration office but i'm fairly sure it's just there for show and is virtually unoccupied save for a security guard. Any input appreciated ?
  7. Hello Somebody with knowledge please advise. I'm a stressed out Brit living in Paris, France with my Australian Partner. We are in a de facto relationship. Been living together for over 4yrs now. He has been offered a job in Sydney, Australia and we plan to move over there in 2 months time. 3 days ago, i applied for a tourist visa (subclass600) so that I can be with my partner while we wait for the processing of my Partner Visa. I intend to lodge the Partner Visa in the next few days offshore, here in Paris before we leave. I understand that I wont be able to work or have rights while on this tourist visa 600. I also understand that I have to leave Australia to be granted the Partner Visa when processed. I was told by someone on these forums that as a British citizen, it was best to go for an ETA and apply for the Partner Visa onshore. I'm afraid waiting till we get to Australia is risky and my documents will be a little dated. I have all my documents and evidence ready to apply for the Partner onshore. Anyway, its too late now, I have already applied for the Tourist Visa 600. Have a completely messed up?
  8. andrew2307

    Visa 820/801 question

    Hi there I got on immigration website filled form 47sp then it disappeared. Can I fill form 47sp and then apload it online, then pay visa charges and then my sponsor/partner form 40 will be uploaded? Can I do this way or all the forms must be completed online for online application? Thanks
  9. Rsteele

    Subclass 820/801

    Hi, New to the forum. Some really good advice in here, thank you. Myself and my partner are currently in the process of applying for our subclass 820/801. I am currently looking for employment on a bridging visa and am wondering if an employer were to offer sponsorship whilst I am waiting for the partner visa, could I accept it? It seems then I would be applying for two separate visas? Any advice you can give me would be most welcome.
  10. Hi All! I would be interested to hear from anyone who is, or has applied for their defacto whilst on a tourist visa in Oz. I heard from a friend who was previously in the same situation that you can get a visa with work rights before your de facto is granted. Does anyone have any experience of this? if so how long after you had applied did you have to wait to get the work visa? Ive heard it could be 3 months but was hoping it might be sooner!! I am in the uk at the mo, about to go over to oz in next couple of weeks to be with my partner who returned over there for work about 4 weeks ago. Once i am back in Sydney we will apply, and then play the waiting game! If i can get this work visa, things wold be great! Its going to be a long few months with both of us living off one salary if not! ... annoying thing is i have a good job waiting for me in Sydney, i just cant get to it because of this pesky work restriction!
  11. Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions regarding visas that maybe people can shed some light on. I am Australian and my boyfriend is British, we currently live in the UK and are moving to Aus this year. I’ve read on here about registering the relationship as de-facto… does doing so waive the requirement of 12 months living together? The reason I ask is that my boyfriend and I have only been living together for 3 months so far in the UK. (We’ve been in a relationship for 16 months). During this time I have been transferring him money for half of the mortgage and bills but my name isn’t actually on them. We also both transfer an amount each month to a separate account we call the ‘Fun Fund’ which we use for shared expenses (groceries, restaurants, holidays etc) but it’s only in his name. I do have my own bank/credit card statements with our address on it. We are planning to move to Australia this year however there will be a few months where we will not be living together. This is due to my UK visa expiring and me having to leave the country and him not being able to leave his job just yet. We will go on holiday together during this time but won’t actually be living together for about 3 months until he can move. Even though we're not apart by choice I’m guessing this doesn’t look good on an application. So what I’m wondering is, when we are living together in Australia, have a joint bank account, insurance etc. and register as de-facto, do we have grounds to apply even without 12 straight months of cohabitation? We are looking at the possibility of him entering on a working holiday visa then applying for the partnership visa shortly after. Is it correct that we could apply at any time and be put on a bridging visa enabling him to work until it’s decided? We are also looking into the option of him transferring with the company he works for (a large well-known company with offices in Aus). Is there a separate visa to transfer in the same company or would he need to apply for a 457? His qualifications/experience is in marketing, account management, sales and E-retail management. He is also a rugby referee here in the UK and is hoping to do the same in Aus. Could he work this second weekend job on a 457 or can he only work for the company who has sponsored him? Thank you!
  12. Hi all, I posted a while back on this forum and you lovely people were quick to get back to me and help me out, thank you! I am 33, from the UK and in a relationship with an Australian citizen and plan to move to Sydney Feb 2018. This year I have been talking with Australian companies with the intention of getting a sponsored visa 186/187 to work in Australia. With the abolishment of the 457 and new visa implementation I have been told that many companies are not keen to take this route. I have been in a de facto relationship with an Australian Citizen for 1.5 years so our last resort will be to apply for the partner visa. I will go to Australia in Feb on a 3 month holiday visa and thus onto a bridging visa once the partner visa has been submitted. The industry I work in (engineering) is booming right now so I am still hopeful to acquire sponsorship if possible and am in the process of applying for jobs and sending off CVs/Cover letters from now until my holiday visa runs out which will be in May 2018. These are some questions that I cannot seem to find definite answers for, hopefully some of you can help me out! I have a one way flight booked in Feb and will be travelling in on a 3 month holiday visa. I have been told that having a one way flight might be reason for them not to let me in the country as they could be concerned I will try and stay? Also have read that if I am entering the country on a holiday visa that I should mention nothing of myself trying to find work or living with my partner. Keep everything to the fact I am coming for a holiday, get into the country and do what I need to after that. What are your thoughts? If from now until the 3 month holiday visa runs out (May 2018) I am offered a job that comes with nomination/sponsorship, can that visa be submitted whilst I am already in the country on a holiday visa? Would they need to wait until it has expired to apply for a sponsored visa? could I leave the country and re enter once it is submitted to go onto a bridging visa? Any other comments or questions you have for me, please fire away! If anything here does not sound like an efficient way of getting to work and live in Oz please also let me know your thoughts Thanks in advanced for you help, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  13. Abi6635

    Unmarried couple

    Me and my partner are applying for a skills visa. Both of us have wanted skills, my partner is the main person applying for the visa and I am going on his partner. We have been together for 6 years, we haven’t lived together and we don’t have a joint bank account. We currently live between our parents houses as we are saving to emigrate. We have evidence through photos, flight tickets, statements from friends. What is needed to ensure the visa will be granted? What else can we submit as evidence? Has anyone applied for a visa in a similar situation who could help? thanks!
  14. Hey, all. This is my first time ever writing on a forum, let's see how it goes Just to give you a brief overview - I am a British Expat living in Dubai and have done so for the past 8 years. My partner, also British, is a permanent resident in Australia. We have been together for 3 years now surviving as a long distance couple, travelling back and forth to see each other. But it's time now that one of us makes the move, and it's going to be me moving there. I will be moving there sometime early 2018 on a working/holiday visa to start, with the hope of gathering enough evidence to submit an application for the partner visa. I've seen a lot on forums about the partner visa but never seen much of it done through the working/holiday visa. We will start off living with his Mum up until we can afford to rent or buy somewhere. I understand that I will need to be data gathering constantly to show that we in a strong, stable relationship and that I genuinely what to live there. So, what I really need is some advice on lodging my application for the partner visa whilst I am on the working/holiday visa.... The time scale in which I need to send our application through (straight away, 6 months, 1 Year?.... What evidence we really need to be focusing on gathering.... Any temporary visas/bridging visas I can apply for to enable me to seek full-time employment.... Anything else you think I should know that can guide me in the process. All advice is greatly received, and I look forward to hearing from some of you Ross
  15. Cootsy88

    Medical help

    Hi, ive just completed my medical on wednesday and got an updated on emedical saying completed, on all 3 things. And on the immi website saying that "health clearance provided- no action needed". I won't get a case officer probably for another 5 months, but was told to do my medical by a friend after 4 months of submitting my defacto visa I'm a bit worried about the medical it says that I'm good just now until a co is assigned, but do you know if I had a serious disease that they would tell me or wait until co is assigned, like if I had hiv, and they tell me 5 months down the line that my visa is refused I'd be a bit pissed of as it's a serious disease thanks
  16. Im Australian and my partner is English. We've applied for a partner visa and been told we need more proof that we were in a defacto relationship before we applied. We were living with his dad and his dad has done a stat dec, plus we've got letters and bills etc addressed to us there but they said they need a lease or rental agreement. We didnt have one because it was his dads house but now were trying to work out if theres a way to make one and back date it? If not is there anything else we can provide to prove we were living in a defacto relationship? Thanks
  17. I am a Brit living in Oz and have been working on my 457 Visa for the past two years, with another two years remaining on my Visa. I am very unhappy in my current job and I really want to leave, and it has got to the point where I am willing to consider leaving without another role to go to. I am in the process of applying for a Defacto Visa with my girlfriend (we have been together for a year) but I am well aware that the time it takes to get this issued far exceeds both my current situation and my remaining 457 Visa time. If I choose to quit my job without another work sponsor to vouch for me, will I be able to stay and work in Australia after I have lodged my application for Defacto? Or can I only stay and work after being issued the initial part of my Defacto Visa? Also, would I only be able to legally work if a new employer sponsored me (if I can find one)? Would I be able to fly to and from the country whilst my application was pending (I had intended to go back to the UK for Christmas and already booked flights)? Any feedback would be gratefully received. Thanks.
  18. Hi, I have read so much information that it is leaking out of my head and I was hoping that you good people could give me advice. This is my situation: I am 33 years old living in London, my girlfriend is Australian and we have been in a relationship since April 2016 and have lived together since Jan 2017. My partners visa runs out in October so we are travelling for a month and then heading to Sydney. I work as a draftsman in the engineering industry and my first thought was to try and obtain sponsorship through an employer in Sydney. However through all the changes on the 457 Visa and various conversations with employers and agents over there this does not seem the best option. I was told by an immigration lawyer that to apply for defacto visa in Aus we would need to prove we have lived with together for a year so I could apply for defacto in Jan 2018. My thinking was that I could get a 3 month tourist visa and before that runs out apply for defacto and my visa would automatically go to a bridging visa awaiting confirmation of defacto allowing me to work from Feb 2018 onwards. I have been told that we should register our relationship in NSW asap, is this correct? does it help the defacto application? So as it seems that defacto is the way forward, my question would be, can we start the application for defacto asap and myself enter the country whilst awaiting this decision or would I still need a tourist visa? Any advice would be most welcome. Thank you in advance!
  19. Hi All I recently got deported from australia for breaking the rules of my visa. I was on a tourist visa and did a few days work as i was a bit short of cash and a friend needed help to finish a job and asked if i would help him out and he gave me some money for groceries in return. Im in a commited relationship with an australian citizen and we have been dating for over 12 months but have only been living together for 10 as i had to previously return home for 3 months when my dad got sick. Due to breaking my visa I have been given the 3 year exclusion ban however the guys in the immigration department were fairly confident that i would be able to get the ban waived if i was to return on a more permanent basis such as a partner visa. Has anyone been through the same experience and what do i need to do to get the exclusion waived? Is it a case of sending off an appeal or do i just have to hope they waive if i apply for another visa? Have me and my partner been together long enough to get a partner visa? We have got evidence of shared bills, joint credit card, recently went on our 1st holiday together, numerous photos and joint invitations to events such as birthdays wedding etc? If not then we will probably have to look at the prospective marriage visa, although we are not engaged i had planned to do it next year after we had already sorted out our defacto visa. Its a lot of questions but im after as much advice as i can possibly find. Thanks Carl
  20. Hi, me and my sister are both over 18, and are dependent in a de facto(temporary) visa application for our mom and her partner. We stated that we are still studying as to why we are dependents even if we're over 18. We lodged the application last Dec 2016 and we're still waiting for the approval til now. We're currently in a tourist visa in australia. My first question is: how likely is it that our visa will get approved? We've been waiting for 6 months now, and we havent heard from them yet. this end month, our tourist visa will expire and i am planning on going back to our country but my sister and mom are planning on extending for another 3 months. My next question is: is me going back to our country alone and separated from my mom and sister will affect the decision of the embassy to our application? please help. Thank you!
  21. Hi I am coming to live and work in Perth on a sponsorship 457 visa in Sept/Oct 2011, this will soon be applied for the company employing me. Once I gain my 457 visa I would like my transgender girlfriend to be added to it as a defacto partner. Our situation is somewhat unique though and trying to find out if this is a possibility is proving very difficult. I am British, male 31. My partner is 22 Filipino and Male. The facts: We are in a same-sex relationship, I am male and my partner male but transgendered and living as a female. We met on an internet dating sate in April 2010. I lived in the uk and my partner lived in Italy. I flew out to Italy in May 2010 so our relationship I assume officially began from then. Between May 2010 and Jan 2011 I travelled to Italy at least once a month (sometimes twice) to visit my partner in Italy. We have full records of all flights/hotels/photos. We also had 3 short breaks to Eurodisney Paris, Tuscany & Rome, again which we have records of. This year we have been on vacation to Verona and Sabbiadoro in Italy, not sure if this is relevant but we have records of these trips as a couple. My partner was granted a six month visa for the UK in November 2011 and has travelled to the UK twice to meet my family and friends. We have photos & records of flights/visa docs to prove this. Whilst in our "long distance" relationship we continued to stay in touch virtually everyday via internet and telephone. We have full records of our conversations that record our internet communication (700 pages of A4 paper) and records from October 2011 to Jan 2011 for using a long distance phone service. I left my job in the UK and emmigrated to Italy in Jan 2011 to live with my partner. Because of the language barrier (I didn't speak Italian) this has caused massive difficulties in me finding work in Italy. We have lived at my partners family home with her mother since Jan 2011 to date (approx 8 months). I am now resident in Italy and no longer resident in the UK, this is obviously a large commitment I made towards our relationship so we could live together. I anticipated the difficulty in finding work in Italy and saved money to live on before I came (approx 6k euros), I've used this to pay her mother for rent. My partner also pays her mother rent and all our services are included in the rental fee and paid for directly by her mother so we don't have proof of joint utility bills for electric/gas etc because of this. We have however recently opened a joint savings account in preparation for my partner and I to save money to cover the costs of coming to Australia. We also have rent receipts produced. We also don't own a car as public transport is good here so don't have joint car documents. We do have lots of official paperwork though in seperate names to our address at my partners mothers house in Italy proving we've lived together. My partner speaks and writes fluent English her occupation is an apprentice hairstylist (with 3 years experience). Providing statements and witness statements of our relationship from friends wont be a problem. We want to, but can't register a civil partnership here, as Italian law doesn't recognise civil partnerships, does this grant us any special circumstance waivers? Although our relationship started in May 2010 I was previously married (but seperated for some time and awaiting divorce), my divorce was finalised in Jan 2010 before I moved to Italy. So technically I was still married whilst we were together in a relationship. Will this have a negative effect on the way our relationship is viewed for the period? e.g. will they only consider our relationship from the date of my divorce. Q 1) I am concerned whether the defacto visa is the right one for us at this stage and because of the 12 month cohabiting rule that we don't meet (at the moment) and looks extremely strict..... or is our case so unique that we have a good chance of being accepted? Q 2) Or would a better option be for my partner to apply for a tourist visa to come and "visit" me in Australia and live together there making up the shortfall of time cohabiting? If we did this, would the time spent living together on my partners tourist visa count so we meet the 12-month cohabiting rule thus enabling us to apply for a defacto visa eventually? Q 3) Are there any other better options? Please help! All the information I'm getting conflicts!!!!!!!!! thx Leonard
  22. I was granted the subclass 309 visa at the beginning of february. I am now living in Brisbane. My partner and I have been together nearly 4 years and we were a few weeks shorts of meeting the 3 year permenant "defacto status" when applying for the visa initially. Hence why they only granted us the subclass 309 (temporary). However, we have now been in a defacto relationship for almost 3.5 years, which (I think) means I am eligible for the subclass 100 visa. Can anyone tell me if I am correct? How do I get the ball rolling on applying for the permenant 100 visa? I am anxious to get the permenant visa ASAP as I am currently having to pay international fees at university (4 times the domestic/Australian fees!!!).
  23. Hi, I'm new to PIO, but have been looking everywhere to try and get this question answered (I think I might as well go insane!) First a bit about our situation; My partner and I were all set to apply for the defacto visa (He's Australia, I'm from the UK) we started going out in August, Moved in together in October at a Pub we were working at - we have letter of confirmation from the boss but we weren't paying rent as he was Deputy Manager and got free accomodation as a priviledge, se up joint bank accounts in Dec and booked our flights together to fly to Oz in Feb, we spent 10 days in Thailant holidaying and then moved over. For the first 5 months we rented a room from his brother (I've got rent receipts from a rent book as evidence), his brother bought a property in July and since then we have taken over the lease (Joint names). We have a joint bank account here in oz. So as evidence I have; A photobook from Sept 2008 - Nov 2009 (90 photos) Letters from my mum and friends Emails from Friends and grandmother cards from friends and family (Joint leaving cards, birthday cards, thank-you cards, easter cards) Joint wedding/engaement invitations Statements from friends and family (both UK and Oz) Our rent agreement and receipts Health check & Police check FLight tickets to thailand, oz and then on hols to airlie beach Receipts from accomodation when we have had weekends away Bank Statements Statutory declarations (Form 888) 47sp and 40sp I'm trying to get back dated phone bills.. I can't believe how stressful it is! To make matters worse we've just got engaged (and although we were initially thrilled we didn't realise the implications of this on our application) Does anyone know if you are still able to able for the defacto visa if you are engaed or do you have to apply for the prospective marriage visa? I've looked into it and if you get the prospective marriage visa you usually have to get married in 9months. I can't organise a wedding in 9months! Not only that but I want to enjoy the process and spend time deliberating over flowers and cake and shoes! I don't want some botch job wedding that I have to quickly organise! Sorry if that sounds really selfish but I've always imagined a fairytale wedding, I have my prince and I want everything to be perfect. Please can someone help explain our options or provide any advice on what else we can provide with our visas to make them water tight. If we arrange an appointment at the visa office and take all of our evidence in, do they say yes or no then or do they just give you advice on what else you need or should include? Sorry for the HUGE post... but I did warn you at the top 'I'm going out of my mind!'
  24. Hey guys, my partner and i are 3 weeks from lodging our subclass 820/801 defactor visa. We are wondering which is the best way to lodge it, do we go and lodge at Brisbane in person? or should we do it electronically?. Anybody who has any hints or tips on this that would be awesome?,I am also a little confused as if we lodge application in person do we have to take originals or photocopies of evidence?. thanks
  25. Hey! So me and my partner richie are soon to be submitting our application for our onshore 820 visa and I am so stressed that we don't have enough evidence to support our application. I'm only turning 20 this year and Richie is 21, so i'm concerned that our age may not be in our favour either. Richie is Australian and I am British and we met in June 2013 while I was here on holiday We plan to submit the following Basic Docments: Form 47SP & 40SP - The two main documents that are required All legal documents photocopied - Passports/Birth Certificates/Two passport photos UK police check for myself, Australian police check for myself, Medical examination for myself Our Relationship Registry Certificate that was completed Jan 2015 Proof Of health insurance etc ​Statutory Declarations from - Both of Richies Parents, A Joint Friend, Our previous housemate & one of our business suppliers Additional witness statements from - My grandma & My father stating when they met richie, and why they think were genuine etc (they are in the UK so cannot complete Stat Dec) Proof that our relationship is genuine: Statements from both of us - When/how we met/ how things worked out when we were living opposite sides of the world/ our plans for the future with our business Photos of - Us in Australia(JUNE 2013) Us in england (DEC 2013) Us in Australia (APRIL 2014) and then a collection of photos of us with friends/family at social gatherings, meals, parties, on holiday etc since I have been living in Australia (since june 2014) Itemised phone bills from the months we were living in different countries showing that we remained in contact Screen shot of the 76,798 facebook messages we have sent back and forth A facebook "friendship page" which outlines all public communication we have had with each other since we were together (i.e wall posts, tagged photos, events we went to together All Travel Documents - Richie coming to england DEC 2013 when my mum was terminally ill, Me visiting australia on holiday in APRIL 2014, me moving to australia in JUNE 2014, Our joint travel documents for our holiday/flights/hotel on the gold coast 5 additional hotel invoices from other nights we have spent on weekend trips (AUS & UK) with activity invoices too - (Questacon & Madame Tussauds Copies of both of our gym memberships, joined on the same day Statements of how we equally share housework & split all liabilities - Rent, Shopping etc Financial evidence of the relationship Joint lease in both of our names for our unit in Sydney & Joint Bond Receipt Joint utilities bills in both of our names Joint Bank Account (Only from January 2015 though - we never realised it mattered) Joint Lease (along with richies parents on our new mexican cafe business) Joint ABN/TFN for our business Joint business insurance, supplier account letters Receipts etc showing joint payments on restaurant bills & groceries Please be brutal! Is there anything we are missing, or anything that could possibly make our application any stronger? We really want to get this right and just hope that we have enough! :arghh::rolleyes: Please help & Thank you in advance