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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I am new here and really need some opinions and advice. I am 27, have a PhD in my field and have my own consultancy business which is successful. I am married and have two children. My business is really taking off in the UK and is growing very quickly. Next summer, I plan to launch my second service which will be global and entirely online. I already have contracts and travel to work in US, NZ and AUS about once per year. We have always wanted to emigrate but never really thought it was possible until last month when I was offered a consultancy contract in Aus which will last five years. This is offered via my UK registered business. The commissioner has said that I can remain living in UK and they will fly me out 6-8 times a year but I would rather just live there to be honest. I'm struggling to know what to do here. I can't find much information on applying for visas and such if you plan on remaining self employed in your own business. As an example, I often get commissioned to write research or government guidance. I can do that from anywhere in the world, so I don't need a job when I get to Aus as my diary is fully booked for about 18 months in advance. I spoke to a guy who was an emigration specialist and he said that this is not seen as a good thing and that Aus govt would want to see how I am contributing to their economy and would likely reject the visa. Is this true? Do Brits with successful businesses ever go to Aus and operate the business from UK and set up a second one in Aus? The contract value I have been offered in Aus for the whole 5 years is $2.2m ($440k per year - which would be paid into an Aus bank account and I would pay Aus tax on it - so I thought this would be seen as a good thing? Could someone let me know their thoughts? (Husband is 33, and is CEO of our charity here, which we will have to close down when we emigrate to Aus - but he has many qualifications and experience so I think he would be fine for a visa too - our kids are 10 and 8 if that helps anyone). Thanks to anyone who can provide any insight, J x
  2. Hi, Our migration agent has asked us for a letter from our accountant on letter headed paper to confirm that my husband is self employed as a bricklayer and to give a brief outline of the work he does. The problem is, is that we don't use an accountant, I do all of his tax return a via the self assessment portal! We have submitted the last 3 years worth of tax returns and can provide more, however apparently this won't suffice? Can anybody advise what to do? Thanks
  3. birdy990

    457 Visa Requirements help please

    Hi Everyone, My husband is a bricklayer and Mcdonald-Jones are currently offering sponsorship for Bricklayers. They are currently completing reference checks and we should hear back in a couple of days. I just wanted to ask a couple of questions of what we will need to apply for the 457 Visa, I have done a lot of reading, but there just doesn't seem to be a definitive yes or no answer to the following: 1. Does hubby need to do an IELTS test? he was born in the UK and has lived here all his life, however never completed secondary school so doesn't have any GCSE's to prove his level of English. 2. I have read that Bricklayers do not need to complete a skills assessment, is this right? He doesn't have NVQ in Bricklaying, he is "time served" with over 10 years experience. 3. It says that he needs to prove the last 5 years of self employment, well of course this time 5 years ago we were in a very bad recession and his work was on and off. He has done his tax returns, but this doesn't show who he was working for and when. We also don't have 5 years worth of references as those of you who know, bricklayers move around sites... a lot!! Any help would be much appreciated, if there is anything anyone thinks I have missed off, please feel free to mention it!! Thanks Natalie
  4. Hi Guys, my husband, our two children and I are potentially looking to move to the Carindale area, I am looking for some advice really! We are looking to move in around 3 years time, I am currently a student nurse so I know when we are ready I should be A-OK at gaining a job and I am aware of the pay etc. However, over here in the Uk, my husband is self employed, he does home improvements, fitting soffits, fascia, guttering, edpm rubber flat roofs, conservatories and windows. I have tried to do some research to see what jobs are available in Oz for this kind of work I am pretty much coming up with blanks.... i was wondering if anyone had moved over themselves with a similar skill set, and what they have done, rough wages, are they self employed/working for someone else, also what is job availability like etc for this kind of work, is it a struggle/easy to get etc..... i would be really great full for any responses :rolleyes: Cadi x
  5. Hi all, I am looking to go out to Australia on a 489 State sponsor visa for Hairdressing CSOL. I have already done lot's of research but there are a few things I am unsure of. I would be so grateful if someone could please help me. What can you use as proof of your work experience? Can you use bank statements or does it have to be P60 and pay slips? Last year I worked self employed (in salon) can I count that as work experience? Do you need a certain amount of money in the bank to show you can support yourself whilst out in Australia to be accepted for 489? Many thanks, Sarah
  6. Hi all, we have finally made the decision to move to Perth and are after advice about being a self employed gardener in WA. What is the process for registering as self-employed? I read about getting an ABN, but is there anything else I need to do? Any advice on shipping tools (mowers, hedge cutter, chainsaw, strimmer, general hand tool- spades, rakes etc)? Is it is best to sell them here in the UK or ship them over- how easy is it to get them serviced and replacement parts? Any advice gratefully received!
  7. Hi Guys My wife might have the opportunity to work as a consultant remotely for her current company (in UK) from Oz. We will both be on the 190 visa. Are their any legal issues that we must consider about going forward with the consultancy? Can she actually do it while on this visa? How does this influence Oz taxes? I hope someone can help. Thanks
  8. Adrian111184

    Employment evidence For Self Employed?

    Hey everyone! Ok, so my sister and I are running a baking operation, which is registered as a limited liability partnership firm. I'm dying to make the move down under, but what's eating away at me is whether this kind of self employment will be considered acceptable. Does anyone have an idea as to what sort of evidence we can provide?
  9. I'm currently self employed in sewing items which I sell online- I plan to make up stock before I go away so my family can post them off for me and I can manage the website from Australia. Is this ok to do- does anyone know if it's ok to stay being registered as self employed in the UK while also working in Australia. As it is only for a year I don't want to lose the business I have built up
  10. Hi, we are on our very first steps into migrating to Oz so I have lots of questions! My Dad has lived in Melbourne for 20 years and his wife is also in real estate so I guess we have a big head start. My only reservation is that we have never even visited but have lived all over the Uk and travelled a fair bit. Has anyone else just 'upped' and gone without first visiting and how did you find it? We would prefer to have jobs to go to so if anyone can help with the next questions it would be great. I'm self employed (cake pop maker) and I currently work from my home kitchen. Does anyone know if this is permitted in Oz and specifically how it would affect us as migrants? Also if anyone is in the UPVC industry (hubby is in conservatory manufacture) how is the job market in this sector and salary expectations. Any help/advice very gratefully received.
  11. Hi everyone, it looks as if I'm going back to school as I can get in on a student visa !! So excited, can't wait to get my teeth into my studies! I have a question though,(or two!) on a student visa apparently you can work 40 hours a fortnight, does anyone know if that can be self employed work? Asking because I train dogs currently and would love to continue to do that while I carry out my studies. I don't seem to be able to find information on this anywhere? Also from what I can see, a student visa is very easy to apply for and the colleges/Uni's etc seem to be incredibly helpful, so am I still best to use a migration agent or is that overkill for a student visa? Love to hear all your experiences and opinions, so please reply !! Clare x
  12. Hi, Going out to Aus on a permanent residency visa courtesy of my girl friend who has been offered and accepted a job in Perth. Can i carry on being a self employed tradesman when we get out there? I.e. buy a van, promote myself and work only for me on domestic jobs rather than sub contracting or getting a job direct with a company and working on site. thanks. Karl