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Found 126 results

  1. HI We have just moved to the Tweed Heads area and my husband is looking for work in the area. He is a qualified bricklayer with 15 years experience. Does anyone have any contacts ? kind regards Emma
  2. So my other half is a Bricky and we will be Brisbane bound in Feb 2015. I'm trying to get organised ...but I can't calculate anything as I don't know how much my husband would be earning... Anyone know bricklayer wages, and hours?? This would help a lot !!!
  3. Deniz Adrian Hoteit

    Skills Assesment required?

    Hello my name is Deniz Adrian. I´ve been in Australia for 2 years on a WHV. Im from Germany and a qualified bricklayer and did my master of bricklaying and concreting (kind of builders license) I want to apply for a medium term visa 482 and my question is now: Do i have to make an skill assesment or are there any examptions? I even worked in Canberra as a bricklayer and i´ve got 9 years experience and all my qualifications. Because if i read right, a skill assesment wouldn´t be necessary or am I wrong? I appreciate your help. It is really confusing me and i really want to come in november. Cheers Deniz
  4. Hi i am having trouble locating my nvq level 3 certificate in bricklaying. I need copy to send off for my visa. I have contacted city and guilds, citb and the college I got it at and none of them seemed to be able to locate it. Does anybody have any advice on how to locate it? Thanks
  5. Hi there my family and myself have just been granted our 175pr visa and i am intending to travel to Australia asap on my own initially just to make sure there is sufficient work around and to convince myself that it is all going to work !! i realise its just after xmas/summer hols and some people arent back to work till the end of the month but i need to get the ball rolling , i intend to be out by mid-feb/early march by which time any slowdown that would have been contributed to xmas etc should be over (and if its not then who knows )i have friends/family in gold coast,brisbane and sunshine coast and intend to travel to all three checking them out ,so what im after please are any email or telephone contact numbers (preferably landline cheers) of either any of the forum members or of anybody that you think would be useful to me to contact prior to me coming out there,i am a time served bricklayer with 21years experience and with a variety of construction jobs/processess under my belt as well as some management experience and qualifications. I am looking for full time work and also would be gratefull of some temporary work on my initial visit for a few weeks to tide me over! Thanks for any help or replys!
  6. Hi all. iv been in Perth 4 years and came back to the UK in May for work due to the downturn.My family are still in Perths north and i miss them and want to come back over.Iv been in construction for 30 years.I can multi trade but as all the brits in Perth know it means nothing.I was laying bricks for several months and then worked on maintenance as most of the poms end up doing.I have my building diploma, first aid trained, work at heights, asbestos removal and would like to ask if people there would keep their ears open for me. Previous work with Dale Alcocks, webb brown neaves etc etc. Really appreciate it cheers
  7. Guest

    fully qualified bricklayer

    Hi hope someone can give us a bit of advice.Has anyone heard of an rsms visa which basically the employer sponsors you to get permanent visa,thing is how do you get the employer without being in oz???We are hoping to move as soon as poss after july 07 I am a bricklayer with 28 yrs experience and we are looking to move to Lismore NSW area hoping someone can fill me in Thanks BB(and family) ps ,brilliant site you have here
  8. Hi all, I am due to undertake my skype technical interview this coming Tuesday (08/01/13) in manchester and am just wondering if there is anyone who has recently completed theirs and if so want to know what advice would they give me? After opting for the technical interview rather than the practical because of the large waiting time and distance to be travelled to available practical dates/destinations, I am a little uneasy as to how they can assess your skills over a skype telephone/video call. Are there any particular areas that they specifically quiz you about, that i could perhaps do some last minute 'swotting up' on? My agent tells me that with my quals/varied work experience in the trade i should be fine, but better safe than sorry. Any help will be greatly appreciated............ Cheers
  9. Hi, Our migration agent has asked us for a letter from our accountant on letter headed paper to confirm that my husband is self employed as a bricklayer and to give a brief outline of the work he does. The problem is, is that we don't use an accountant, I do all of his tax return a via the self assessment portal! We have submitted the last 3 years worth of tax returns and can provide more, however apparently this won't suffice? Can anybody advise what to do? Thanks
  10. Hi Everyone, My husband is a bricklayer and Mcdonald-Jones are currently offering sponsorship for Bricklayers. They are currently completing reference checks and we should hear back in a couple of days. I just wanted to ask a couple of questions of what we will need to apply for the 457 Visa, I have done a lot of reading, but there just doesn't seem to be a definitive yes or no answer to the following: 1. Does hubby need to do an IELTS test? he was born in the UK and has lived here all his life, however never completed secondary school so doesn't have any GCSE's to prove his level of English. 2. I have read that Bricklayers do not need to complete a skills assessment, is this right? He doesn't have NVQ in Bricklaying, he is "time served" with over 10 years experience. 3. It says that he needs to prove the last 5 years of self employment, well of course this time 5 years ago we were in a very bad recession and his work was on and off. He has done his tax returns, but this doesn't show who he was working for and when. We also don't have 5 years worth of references as those of you who know, bricklayers move around sites... a lot!! Any help would be much appreciated, if there is anything anyone thinks I have missed off, please feel free to mention it!! Thanks Natalie
  11. BenAtherton1

    Do I take my tools or not?

    Hi all, The wife and I are moving out to Perth and it's surrounding areas in March on a permanent residency 190 visa which I have secured through my original trade as a bricklayer. Need to decide whether or not take my tools, gear and equipment. From what I understand, the majority of work available for newcomer brit brickie s is new build residential sites, and as such I'm thinking the only real requirement for tools should I end up working in this environment is basic hand tools, levels, profiles etc (no power tools or other building equipment). I do have a good amount of my own gear which I have accumulated whilst working for myself in UK over the last several years as bricklayer / general builder. But am beginning to question whether it's worth the hassle/expense of shipping it over, or simply selling it before I go. Can anyone else see the point of me bringing power tools and equipment such as stihlsaw, breakers and generators all that way, when the chances are ill most likely be working back on new builds using only my own basic hand tools, where all other equipment and plant should be supplied by employer? Or is it looked on favourably by potential employers if I already had the gear? As always, all your posts/thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated. Cheers and and all the best for 2014.
  12. Hi all! I am currently collating evidence of all my trade related work experience such as customer/client references, past employer references etc. and honestly consider my case to be a strong one. Our migration agent has informed us that as I have periods of my employment history wherein I was self employed. I need extensive evidence such as invoices/tax documents etc. Which is fair enough as I have many of each. They have also stated that I need to have a letter/written reference from 3 different builders merchant (materials/tools) suppliers for each period of my self employment. Does anyone else out there have any experience of having to get these? Or indeed any advice of how they have got round this requirement. Our agent informs us that a end of month credit account statement will not suffice, and that we must have a written letter/reference from the supplier. I can't really see any of the merchants I used, being prepared to write a reference. They'd probably laugh me out of the store. Is it really that important? Surely past monthly invoices, tool purchase receipts, skip tickets etc would be seen as enough!!! Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards
  13. BenAtherton1

    Prospects in Yanchep?

    Hi My wife and I (both aged 27) are planning our move early next year (2014) and are currently progressing nicely through gaining our 190 visas. We are at the stage of trying to decide exactly where on the map to try and settle and after much research, have both been struck on Yanchep. I am a bricklayer, my wife is an admin assistant for the local council here in the UK. To my understanding at the moment, Yanchep is quite remote, which we see as a plus, with several large urbanisation projects in the pipeline for the next many years. This in turn creating many localised employment opportunities throughout all industries. Im basically after confirmation, (ideally from expats that are/have a similar age/working background as us) that my wife and I would find work relatively quickly/easily upon our arrival in Yanchep, thus helping us settle, and that the local economic outlook for the area (within the near future at least) is a bright one. Cheers
  14. Hi, I have just been granted my WHV and plan to fly out the perth on january 2013. I am a qualified bricklayer and will be coming with a white card and some hand tools hopefully. I know that I am best off to start in a hostel. Could anybody 1st of all give me an idea of what hostels are like? Also I understand many of them provide work opportunities, does anybody know if they have links to trade jobs? Any help would be great , thanks. Ian.
  15. Hi, Just been granted my WHV and plan to fly out in January 2013. I would like to know if anybody can provide me with any relevant information on any of this. I am a qualified bricklayer from the UK. I was wondering if any of you know where the best places for work would be for bricklayers. cheers, Ian.
  16. Does any of you helpful people out there have any information regarding financial bank funds/assets required for state sponsorship to WA and/or SA. Due to the recent July alterations to sol my partner and I are having to consider state sponsorship as my trade is no longer on the schedule 1 SOL, and we have heard rumours that in order to stand a realistic chance of being nominated through skill select you need to have around 25 k in AUS dollars. However, after consulting the government website (WA), it states that only 3 months worth of financial support would suffice. Does anybody know if it asks you what amount you have when lodging your EOI, and if so, is it likely to affect being nominated? Basically, does the Australian government ever require proof of savings etc. Cheers all
  17. Guest

    Skills assessment

    How much approximately does the skills assessment cost for a bricklayer? Cheers, Ian.
  18. Hi all, May I foremostly point out, I am brand new to this forum and as such would appreciate any tips/guidance regarding its use within any responses you may give me. My wife and I are at the second stage of pursuing the process of the general skilled migration visa. The compiling of all work experience including all skilled competentcies (as detailed on the ANZCO fact sheet) and employment history etc. I am a bricklayer, who alongside many other lads, has had to adapt to the declining state of the UK economy over the last several years, as such my employment history is a bit erratic to say the least, with periods of both being company employed as well as periods of working self-employed. Due to lack of work, earlier this year I had to settle for a non- trade related employed position working for my local college. And as such have decided to secure a gsm visa now whilst I still have recent experience working as a bricklayer full time. Within my Vetasses application I have included the last two years bricklaying experience that I have, and have a statement of employment from an old employer for whom I worked for as an employed bricklayer within the last two year period. This period of employment only covered the first 12 months of the required 2 year period, for the remainder of trade related work experience I worked as self employed. The question I have, and the main issue I can see preventing the TRA from inviting me to the next stage (practical demonstration) is... Will this single statement from my old employer be enough, or would I be better contacting my personal clients and customers to ask for references etc. ( As I don't particularly want to) I do have official documents such as my certificate of accounts from my accountant as well as all invoices for work I undertook that made up my self employed earnings. Does anyone have or has had any similar experience regarding these skill/work experience issues, if so I would greatly appreciate any advice. We cannot afford the luxury of using a migration agent at this stage and obviously are worried about getting refused. Regards Ben Atherton
  19. Hi all, I have my 5 year 457 visa, tools in the bag and all I need now is a job, anywhere, absolutely anywhere in Australia. I am a 39 year old bricklayer, laying bricks and blocks since 1989 in Ireland mainly, Germany for a year, California for a year, Sydney for a year in 1999. If you need a brickie or know anyone who does, please contact me on this forum. I am presently in Ireland but can be in Oz within 2 weeks. Kind regards, Kevin
  20. hi guys, recently arrived in perth WA from the uk, i am a Bricklayer to trade with a general construction background and Higher national diploma in construction management, just looking for anyone with advice on companys hiring and info on the best/chepest place to buy tools in the perth area etc.. any info would be much appreciated. thanks

    Casual Bricklayer

    Looking for a casual bricklayer to work when needed . Start tomorrow at augustine Heights 4hrs Doing a base, then more work next week working south and north side of brisbane. p.m. because it will go quick thanks. Kind Regards Phil Moss
  22. Hi All!! My husband and I have just started the visa application process after years of considering the move down under. My husband has been a bricklayer for over 10yrs and work in the U.K for brickys is very slow, and we are forever hearing how theres plenty of work over in OZ. If anyone could give us a realistic idea of the likelyhood of work, best areas, rates of pay etc we would be very grateful. I am currently doing a law degree and was going to complete my LPC in the U.K but was wondering if there was something similar in Australia? We have been considering Brisbane or Melbourne?? We have 3 children 11,6, and 4 so after looking at this any advice would be helpful!!! Thank you!!
  23. Hi all, just wondering where is the best place for bricklaying jobs in Australia? I am looking to migrate asap just wanted to know the best part of oz to move to. Does anybody know what the pay is like for brickies in Australia as well? Thanks for your help.
  24. Guest

    Bricky quals?

    Hello all, I'm obviously new to all this but have a couple of questions somebody may be able to answer. I am currently in the Navy doing a job, which with a couple of extra courses, will allow me to be a Ship's Officer. The problem is that I have no interest in making this my job - as I am leaving the Navy to spend more time with my family. I've been looking at differant career options I can take and I want to learn a trade which will support my emigration without needing to spend money on the shipping qualifications. If I were to take a bricklaying course which offered perhaps an NVQ Level 2 would that be to the required standard for it to support my visa? I obviously will be limited, limited not none, I can do the course now and gain experience prior to the shift (possibly Apr-Jun 2013), whilst serving out my notice to the Navy. What is the procedure for obtaining the go ahead from the Ozzies? If any can point me in the right direction I would really apreciate it. Thanks alot guys.
  25. rossco1974

    ielts for a smelly bricklayer

    hi my name is ross im an english bricklayer i am booked in to do the general ielts test on the 22nd of october can any one shed some light on how hard or easy the general test is i need to get 7 in all the sections seems strange really with a surname smith that i have to do an english test haha