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Found 125 results

  1. GJ1443


    Hi all, We've been trying to work out but have come up short, whether we can use proof of no claims insurances like car, house, contents etc from Australia when we go back to the UK (both dual citizens and have UK bank accoiny that I've used for small transfers and purchases now and then). Thanks! G
  2. Hello everyone! Me and my partner recently agreed to apply for a partner visa (820) for myself with my partner as the sponsor. We've been living together for a bit over 2 years now. However, it seems like it will be a bit tricky to prove. We met at a student accommodation service where they give students townhouses to live in. after about two months i moved into her room and my room in the separate townhouse was used as a storage room. Of course, this is all off the records as i technically had my room in another house. 8 months later I transferred to my partner's townhouse so we can be living together officially. Again, I technically had my own room in the house which was used as storage area. After living together in the townhouse with 3 other housemates for a year, we moved out and got our own apartment. that was 5 months ago. As a nature of student accommodation, my partner and I couldn't officially live in the same room and we had to pay our own separate accommodation fees. The evidences that we were sharing a life are only witnesses, photos and our testimony. Is this enough to show that we had 'committed to a shared life to the exclusion of all others' for over 12 months?
  3. Im Australian and my partner is English. We've applied for a partner visa and been told we need more proof that we were in a defacto relationship before we applied. We were living with his dad and his dad has done a stat dec, plus we've got letters and bills etc addressed to us there but they said they need a lease or rental agreement. We didnt have one because it was his dads house but now were trying to work out if theres a way to make one and back date it? If not is there anything else we can provide to prove we were living in a defacto relationship? Thanks
  4. LisaR

    QLD SS want proof of funds!

    Hi all We initially applied under visa 175 but have been advised due to Australia's change on the CSL to apply under QLD SS (Visa 176), however, they want proof of funds. Our house is under offer (subject to contract) and I have told them that we have no funds until the equity is released from this sale. This meaning that if the house sale falls through, we are back to square one again. Is anyone else in this situation? Lisa Vetassess passed April 08 (Partner - carpenter), applied for 175 15.08.08, SS applied April 09.
  5. Hi, Our migration agent has asked us for a letter from our accountant on letter headed paper to confirm that my husband is self employed as a bricklayer and to give a brief outline of the work he does. The problem is, is that we don't use an accountant, I do all of his tax return a via the self assessment portal! We have submitted the last 3 years worth of tax returns and can provide more, however apparently this won't suffice? Can anybody advise what to do? Thanks
  6. sleepywombat

    Proof of hardship

    Hi What is the definition of hardship to immi? I have been advised that I have 'failed to provide tangiable proof of my hardship' to immi... I came over here with next to nothing and now have an income of around $500 a week from a (rather rubbish) job that immi now say I can't do because of the above statement... My olds (who are sponsoring me for the LRR 835) are on UK pensions but are classed as 'Self Funded Retirees' and don't get a huge return on their cash given the current exchange rate.. Can anyone shed any light please? I know its a complex one given that the olds are sponsoring me and providing a roof over my head, however it seems as though they may have to start providing pocket money too... Thanks... Cx :arghh:
  7. My girlfriend and her daughter are about to apply for separate tourist visas for up to 12 months. We are just waiting to get the consent 1229 form sorted out and we now need to know exactly what else she needs to add in her application to ensure we get the full 12 months and no less. she has family in Gold Coast that they are going to be staying with so how much funds would they consider enough to prove? also, should she include an itinerary? Or is it enough to simply state that she is going to visit family? what else could they possibly ask for as she doesn't really have a lot of time for this to be delayed or declined etc. is there anyone that has been in a similar scenario that knows a lot about this? thanks
  8. Hello, I have another question, this time about the statuatory declarations to show proof of relationship. I am applying for a 176 visa, with my fiancee as my defacto partner. We are both British. On the help pages it says we should include at least 2 statuatory declarations from friends or relatives, and that we should use form 888 - but this form is for if one of us was applying for a spouse/defacto visa - which we are not. So, do we need to include stat decs? If so, do we just get soem friends to write and sign something, does it need to be witnessed by a solicitor??? I'm confuddled. Thanks Tom
  9. Guest

    proof of employment

    Hi all,am just wondering due to the lack of construction work(carpenter/joiner) work in Scotland,i havent been in full time employment for the past 18 months but i had been always employed for the previous 18 years. Will this affect me when trying for my 176/1 permanent visa as this seems to be my main concern. Any advice would be very welcome and hopefully set my mind at ease.Thanks:confused::confused:
  10. Dear all CO has asked for proof of employment history P60s, payslips and bank statements showing EFT of pay from 2006 to 2011. no more than 6 of each type. Hubby is not too happy about sending bank statements to anyone showing what we spend all his money on and of course the answers to typical security questions ie can you tell me one of your direct debits? Shall I send the bank statements and just have faith in humanity or scan them and then draw black marker pen through what we don't want to share with the world??? What would/did you do? Thanks :wacko:
  11. Afro Developer

    Proof The 80's Was Crap

    New Romantics, Power Ballads, Leg Warmers, and Saxaphone players appearing in every other music video. Just some of the many gazillion billion trillion reasons why the 80's was so dire. If you're a fan though. Live through some nostalgia with this 1985 argos catalogue which has been scanned and available to flick through on Flickr. I was still a pup then, so the toy section induced some memories I'd forgotten about. Everything else though, just seems so primitive. http://www.flickr.com/photos/38301877@N05/3593028702/in/photostream/
  12. hia

    proof of employment

    Hi Long tome no seee.Was just busy in ielts stuff and all. Hope everyone is fine here. I hav 2 different questions this time which are as follows: 1) How much band score is needed for 176 visa.i am a pakistani national. 2) I hav left my job for a personal reason from the company where i was working as a recruitment consultant. The probem is that in my vetassess application I gave the experience of this company where i left from.I had 3 yrs experience there: a) Now that i hav left my job how can i go about it?What are the steps that i need to take to properly inform vetassess abt it. b) Do they call during vetassess(skils assessment) application processing in these 3 months period? c) I am worried abt it and donot know how go abt al this? d) how can i inform them abt this so in future after my visa application i dont get into trouble? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks Hia
  13. Guest

    Proof of Employment Docs

    Hi Everyone I have been assigned a CO and have meds booked and already sent off for my police checks. I have been asked for proof of employment history (12 months out of the last 24), I have wage slips for the past 5 months, I can provide reference from my current employer, but I was self employed running my own business prior to that. I have some bank personal bank statements showing money going in from my business account and can obviously provide trade references for clients I carried out works for. Is this enough or should I get my accountant to knock up some wage slips for 12 months prior? What has other people sent in that has been accepted? Any help is of course very much appreciated. Neil
  14. Hey guys. First id like to thank everyone so far with their help. Finally got our documents together and sent away for the Visa. Unfortunately we need to send in more information. Basically my partner and i have been living together for over a year 6 12 months in oz and 3 months now in the UK. we have been living with our parents at their homes as a means to save money for a house deposit. The problem with this is that we don't have and rental or utility bills in our name. all we have with the same address is bank accounts. we have a joint bank account and personal accounts with the same address. Any ideas on what else we could send in or if the bank statements will be enough if we print them off for the past year. Secondly quick question about certifying documents. We had it done by a police officer to be informed that its incorrect for them to do so. We are now going to have a solicitor to do it. I have an uncle that is one and it would be quickest it he could sign it but am i correct to say that family cant certify them? will i be best off getting someone from his firm to do them. Thanks for your help
  15. Hi I would really appreciate it if anybody could give some advice on the below. This morning I received approval for state sponsorship for western Australia however one of he condition set out is that I bring $120k with me to cover relocation costs. This amount will not be a problem once my house sale completes however currently I do not have this amount of money in a account. My question is do the DIAC require proof of the $120k qt time of lodgement or is proof required on entry to WA or is proof even required at all. Many thanks
  16. Guest

    Proof of funds

    Hi me again :wink: Just wondered if anyone could help with what proof of funds I will need for my student visa. I have £150k in stocks/shares/savings of which my financial advisor can instruct any amount I want to be released. He is willing to write a letter of confirmation of funds and availability of them and I can also get a statement of capital invested from the company my money is with. (hope all that makes sense!) Is this enough evidence? or does the money need to be moved to a bank account because of the unpredictability of stocks and shares? I cant give them any proof of other income as I am not employed. Also it is terrifying me to accept my offer for my place as with acceptance I have to pay enrolment fee and tuition etc. This is before I apply for my visa so what happens if I dont get granted my student visa? do you think it is likely this would happen - I will be assessment level 1 from the UK, with the above proof of funds and an acceptance offer from my course institute - if all of these bases are covered is it more or less guaranteed that my student visa will be granted???? Thanks so much in advance!!
  17. wozzie2202

    Proof of funds query for ACT

    I know these questions are asked all the time, but we are considering applying for ss to ACT and they require the usual proof of funds. For a family of 4 that would be $50K. we have approx $29k in liquid assets and approx $50k in equity in a house in Adelaide. However, I know ACT are particulary hot on this, especially the liquid assests. My OH is due to leave the British Forces in 16 months time at which point he will receivee approx $80k lump sum plus an annual pension of approx 18k. Obviously this isn't available until he leaves in 16 months time but would be when we moved. My question is does anyone know whether ACT would consider this is we provided written proof that this would be payable upon leaving the army? If not, it would potentially scupper all our plans.:mad: thanks Wozzie
  18. Hi guys may I just ask since im planning to apply for ss in wa, does all my documents need to be certified? And do I need proof of funds just like other states usually they require $20,000 aud but in the wa website i cant find any stating how much is the proof of funds. Also, im applying for architectural draftsperson occupation since the ielts requirement is lower like only 6 band in all parts, though im an interior designer, i do have 3 year relevant work experience as an archi draftsman so i hope there will be no problem for that.
  19. Hello All, I am just about to rip my hair out (well the bit I have left) just as well thought the visa process was about to be finalised they have thought off another way to wind me up, yes we got to prove our relationship is for real. We have been together since 2008 have a son born 19/09/09 (they already have his birth certificate) now this is were it gets interesting, we have seperate bank accounts, we have lived with OHs mother, the car is in my name, swtruggling to think of enough info that may convince the migration pen pushers that we are in a committed relationship, as I say we do have our sons birth certificate, receipts from holidays taken together (naming us on them) photos and a number of friends and family that are willing to provide statements supporting our claims, any other ideas would be great, thanks again :arghh::arghh::arghh:
  20. We are flying over with singapore airlines. We have unused 176 visas so are entitled to their double baggage allowance. My concern is they don't check visas until you are at the check in desk. We applied for our visa online so does anybody know, if we print the DIAC approval emails and online visa status will this keep them happy? or when they scan our passports is it all linked?
  21. Hi! I have been sent a form (finally) from my new employers, in order to get my nurse salary level confirmed. It's basically to be a list of jobs, but also asks for evidence. Now I have a few different things for different jobs. I have a headed reference for last job which states length of service. I have a letter from HR for my previous job stating time at post. For the jobs before that, (and there is many!) I have a statment fron NHS Pensions stating all my NHS working dates. Does anyone know if this evidence will be enough? Or do I need to contact lots of different HR departments? (not something I want to start doing a week before my flight :sad:). Even more confusingly I have a stat dec that was signed in Australia for my first five years experience, will I be able to use this as well? Not sure some of my previous health boards even exist! I was a baby when I graduated, so its been 18 years! :biglaugh: Thanks for any advice Gill x
  22. I am applying for skilled working visa 175. I am a midwife and my partner is an electrician, we are both n the SOL, while my job is in very high demand. We are planning to apply on the same visa, with me being the primary applicant. The main issue we have is that although we live together, we live together in my parents house. We have had to do this while we are saving for a morgage. I am 24 and he is 26. This means we have no bills ect. We have a joint bank account which we put money into each month to save and also the council tax comes out of this account for my parents house. We also have lots of photos ect and could supply letters from friends and family. We have been together for over 2 years now. I just wanted to know if anyone else has been in this situation and if you had your visas accepted??? Please help as this is the main thing worrying me about our application! Thanks for your time. Francesca :em4600:
  23. Guest

    Proof of Relationship

    Hi I'm in the process of getting all my documents together for my Spouse Visa, Visa Form complete I have stat decs, Police checks, filled in Form 80 filled in forms for medical when it's requested Now as my husband & myself haven't seen each other for 18 months, we know this is likely to be a big hurdle for us regarding proof of relationship. I've taken screen shots of my emails showing over a thousand emails between us. now I do have lots of cards he has sent me, do I photocopy them, as I'd be a bit concerned about some of whats written as it's of an intimate nature. what other documentation can I use as proof of relationship. As we have been living in separate countries & thus have no joint bills etc. We have a joint bank account in Aus, but we dont use it often, so it isn't a very active account. My husband is coming over in a couple of weeks so that could give us more photographs. Most of our photos are separate as either one of us was taking the photo of the other at the time:laugh: But I'm sure if we ask friends to take some pics of us we can add them to the few we already have, other than wedding pics. So any suggestions welcome Thanks Gothic Rose :wubclub:
  24. I received a letter from Medicare today stating my Medicare Card is about to expire and they are asking for: "current letter from DIAC confirming that all pople listed on the card have a current application for permanent residency" any idea how to get such letter? thanks!
  25. Hi We are moving to Sydney in September (I'm Aussie but my husband is British) and when we arrive I won't have a job and my husband is self employed so I wanted to know what others have used when looking for rentals? We will have funds we can show in our account from the sale of the house but I know they often ask for references from previous rentals or employers details both of which don't apply to us. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and can shed any light on what to do? As for the 100 points of ID what can you use if you don't have anything with a fixed address on it? And is it 100 points for my husband and 100 for me or 100 in total? Thanks all. You think I'd know this being Australian but yesterday I became a British citizen as well after being here for 12 years! :jiggy: