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Found 13 results

  1. BigAngel

    457 Sponsored Visa

    Hi can anyone help me. My boyfriend is being sponsored in to join me in Australia and we need some help with his visa. He needs to prove english competency and we have found a document that states he is exempt from needing to do any of the tests because he is a citizen of the uk and holds a valid uk passport and he has also completed at least 5 years of education at secondary or higher level of education. We were wondering if anyone has been in this same situation and how he shows he is exempt? Thankyou!
  2. Hi, Our migration agent has asked us for a letter from our accountant on letter headed paper to confirm that my husband is self employed as a bricklayer and to give a brief outline of the work he does. The problem is, is that we don't use an accountant, I do all of his tax return a via the self assessment portal! We have submitted the last 3 years worth of tax returns and can provide more, however apparently this won't suffice? Can anybody advise what to do? Thanks
  3. Im currently living in England and have been offered a job in Sydney which I require a 457 visa for. The problem is my criminal record, I've read posts on here where people have said were still given a visa although the had a record but I'm worried about mine as my record has a lot of charges on it. About 7 years ago I was charged 3 or 4 times with shoplifting and also assault on a pcso(police community support officer) for which I received community service and probation. The problem is I kept missing my community service so they kept adding more hours which shows up n my criminal record. I also have a drunk and disorderly chaged from nearly 5 years go which I received a caution for. I spent 2 years in Australia from 2011-2013 and got my working holida visa's; although that took a while to come through, I haven't been in any trouble since and have always had a job since I was 18. I'm really panicking that when the visa people see the length of my record (its on 4 sheets of A4) they'll reject my application. Has anyone received their 457 although their criminal record has lots of small stupid charges? I appreciate any feedback
  4. Superchip555

    457 Guaranteed Annual Earnings ?

    Hi all, New to this site and this is my first post, seeking some advice or info on where I stand in regards to getting payed the amount stated as " Guaranteed Annual Earnings" on my 457 grant notification? The situation is this, when I first asked boss about 457 he kindly agreed and we went thru the process, at the time I was on a well paying job so the guaranteed annual income reflected that it was way above the market salary and TSMIT. In recent months that job has ended and not much else has materialised so my pay has been drastically reduced to match that of the market salary and falling way short of the original agreed income. Is this within my company's right?
  5. My situation is following: I'm in Australia on my tourist visa and I got a job offer and I have signed a contract with company A. Company A has their on immigration lawyers and they came back to me today with a quotation that 457 visa application fee for me ($4.500) my wife ($3.000) and for our 3 year old son ($3.000). So in total $10.500 for a 457 visa for us. On immigration website the price is $2.330 in total. So Now I'm in the situation that I got a job and want to start working. There is no other option as I can see then to go thru their immigration attorney. Does anyone know if this is a an acceptable price or if this is just way to much. Thanks for any answers in advance.
  6. Hi all New to the forum, but in need to help urgently. I have been made redundant and have until early Jan to gain new sponsorship. Its not a great time and I do not have many leads. My son was born here and my wife is due with #2 in April, I consider my son an aussie and its our home. Does anyone know of ways to extend the 3 months grace after losing sponsorship? Any help much appreciated. Cheers Ian
  7. dwrodwell

    Becoming defacto on 457

    So, long story cut short. I'm an electrician and my partner works in marketing/sales. Im English, she's american. The plan was always to try and get separate sponsorships or go defacto on one or the others. I've looked at going for skilled visas but due to time restraints on her working holiday visa we have decided to focus on sponsorship. Her company has offered sponsorship, so over the next couple of weeks that will be lodged. I'm going to be going defacto on the 457 so I can continue jumping from company to company chasing the right jobs. My question is- As a defacto are there any visa limitations providing that we obviously continue to be with each other? When we go for PR after 2 years am I able to obtain PR also simply being a defacto on her 457 and would that come with any limitations once it goes through? Thanks in advance
  8. CecilSeeley

    Paying Tax on 457

    Here on a 457 and stated income on Visa acceptance was 85k. Due to downturn in mining actual income will be less, and ongoing will be lower. My company will reduce the amount it pays me due to downturn. I am happy enough with that, as it make sense, and my partner is working anyway. Does my company have to admit this change in income to Immigration? Will they rescind the 457 because of the change if they do? Or should I just pay the reduced tax amount and see what happens? In other words, do ATO speak to immigration? Thanks for any help
  9. Hi guys, Any help would be amazing. I'm currently on a 457 visa as a defacto, my partner is returning to the UK soon and I am going to stay here and study and go onto a student visa. My course starts in February, however as I'm currently on the 457 I don't have working restrictions, once I am on a student visa I can only work 40 hours a week and can't start working until my course commences. I've been with my company for a year and they have said they will keep me on part time while I study, however, once I apply for the student visa I won't be allowed to work until the course starts. It's a bit tricky, I don't know when I should apply, I don't want to apply too early incase the visa is granted too soon and I'm not able to work until February. I also don't want to apply too late incase the visa isn't granted in time. Why is everything so complicated
  10. Guest

    457 Visa question

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help, I would like to know the following: Under the 457 visa; What is the minimum hours per week you must work for your sponsors? Can you be employed by another firm at the same time? Are you allowed to work freelance, with the company who are sponsoring you, invoicing out to the client for your services?
  11. Hi all, I'm a newbie here! Perhaps this should be posted in migration issues, not sure. Perhaps somebody knows someone that has had to request flights back from a less than friendly former employer, and could give me some advice on how to approach. The wording on the immigration website suggests you can pay yourself and invoice for payment or they arrange flights, am I correct? My issue is I was sponsored by what quickly turned out to be a terrible employer - small business, he owned it, horrific bully, really the worst experience of my life. I am loath to deal with him, and am concerned if I book the flights he will not cover the costs and there will be little I can do. I know Immigration are supposed to step in but once I am out of the country will they really care to pursue? My email to the person who would book it has gone unanswered - I haven't followed up yet. Can anyone tell me how it is usually done, and has anyone found themselves in a sticky situation before? It's making me so anxious even having to deal with this person. Thank you in advance.
  12. I’ve lodged onshore 457 visa as a metal fabricator and my company’s nomination has been approved. i have provided my qualification (european diploma in welding) and employment references for relevant experiences for about 2 and a half yrs (2 yrs in Belgium and 6 months in Oz). now the case officer ask me to provide further evidence to prove i have the necessary skills according to ANZSCO, but i’m from belgium there’s no skill asseessment avaivable to me (already called and told by TRA). does that mean my visa will be refused because i don’t have australian qualification or 3 yrs relevant experience (from ANZSCO) is there any other way to prove i have the necessary skills? Any advice will be appreciated! Thanks in advance! robbi9
  13. Guest

    Issue with 457 processing

    Hi, I received the following from my case officer for 457 visa "Thank-you for the documents. I have received all the documents I require. A referral was made for further processing to an external agency. I am currently waiting on the outcome. The agency will advise me when they have made a decision and if cleared I can then finalise your application. I have no control over how long the referral will take, but I will advise you if anything more is needed. I am sorry to provide you with limited information about the referral, but I am not at liberty to discuss. Regards," Can someone please tell me what this further processing might entail? Thanks Svenka