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  1. birdy990

    ACRO No Live Trace

    Hi Everyone, Looking for some guidance please if anyone has been in the same situation. Just got my Police Check back and it says I have No Live Trace. I have requested a subject access request as I don’t understand what could be on there. I did get a caution when I was 15 after getting into a fight with a girl but was told as I was a minor and providing I didn’t get into trouble again, this would be removed from my records after 5 years, so surely it can’t be that still on there? Other than that the only time I have had any dealings with the police are when I’m the one making a complaint. The only real big thing I can think of that I was involved in was when I was working at a bank we were raided and of course I had to give evidence and see a line up of potential suspects but the guy was never caught and it never went to court. Other than that nothing, not even anything driving related. Any ideas of what it could be? I’ll be pretty pissed if it’s the caution I got nearly 20 years ago when I was told it would be removed from my records!!
  2. birdy990

    482 visa and husband question

    “According to the government’s announcement, all subclass 482 visa holders – including those in short-term occupations – will soon be eligible to seek permanent residency through the Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) stream of the Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) visa. Applicants will need to continue to work in the occupation nominated for their TSS visas, but occupations will not be limited to the government’s Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). The government will also reduce eligibility for the TRT stream from three years to two years employment with the sponsoring employer. Applicants will need to meet all other nomination and visa requirements for the TRT stream of the Employer Nomination Scheme visa.” Whilst it may well not be a guarantee… respectfully that was not my question
  3. Hi Everyone, I have been offered a job in Australia with the company offering sponsorship for myself, my husband and my daughter. We are going to be making the move in January but my husband has a few things that need to be tied up here in the UK with his business and will have to travel back here to the UK for a while whilst me and my daughter stay over in Australia. my question is, is there a maximum amount of time my husband can stay out of the country before it affects his visa? Does he have to to stay in Australia for a minimum amount of time for him to qualify for PR or is it just reliant on me staying with my employer for two years to qualify for PR after the qualifying period? Thanks
  4. birdy990

    482 visa, WHV and tourist visa

    Hi Everyone, I have been offered a job with sponsorship but I’m awaiting for them to start the sponsorship process. As we have a 2 year old, we want to come over in the meantime so we can get a house sorted and her nursery before me starting work. I was thinking that I can come over on a WHV and my husband and daughter can come over on a tourist visa as he won’t need to work at all and if I’m on a WHV then I can at least do some sort of work if I want to but it’s not a necessity as we have the funds. I understand you can’t bring dependents on a WHV but my thinking is that my daughter will be on the tourist visa with my husband so that rule shouldn’t apply? Anyone been in a similar boat and how did they go about this? Thanks
  5. Hi Everyone, As the title explains really. I have 10 years experience in recruitment and have also owned my own business in recruitment for the last 5 years. Looking at a 190 visa and currently score 85 points from what I can see on the government website. Is there really no way of having 10 years experience outweigh the fact I don’t have a degree? TIA
  6. birdy990

    Thinking about the future, any advise

    Adelaide are offering state sponsorship for recruitment consultants under 491 visa. It’s a 5 year visa with the opportunity to apply for PR after 3 years as long as you comply with the visa requirements. Im applying soon, just got to do my English test on Wednesday
  7. Hi Everyone, I run my own company in the UK within the healthcare sector and I’m looking to become an overseas business sponsor to operate in Australia and sponsor myself to expand our operations into Oz. I have lodged an application to become a sponsor and this morning have received an email saying: “ImmiAccount service access approved” “Access to the following service(s) has been approved by the Department: * Organisation Account Administration * Online Lodgement” I’m a little confused, does this mean that our business has been approved? The reason I ask is because when I login it says the application is still being assessed. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  8. birdy990

    Skilled visa changes??

    That's interesting to know. We came over with a 457 visa 4 years ago however decided to return to the UK. We are now looking to return but have found my occupation (recruitment) is on the STSOL and with it only being 2 years with no option of PR, only an extension of 2 years has really put the mocker on things. We do have a saving grace of that my hubby is a bricklayer so our plan was to go over with me being sponsored and then lodge an application for a 189 visa straight away on my husbands skills. It does feel a bit harsh that they are willing to use your skills for up to 4 years but offer no commitment from their end.
  9. You only have to have private health insurance for the whole of your stay if you are not in a country that has a reciprocal health agreement with Australia. You just need the holiday insurance for your visa applicatio that is valid for 30 days, if you travel after 30 days of lodging your application and your insurance has ran out you will need to buy it again once you travel to Australia. That's what we did when we came over on a 457 visa back in May this year - but I think with your ongoing holiday insurance with your bank DDOFA will mean its fine
  10. Yes you should be fine, you will need to get your bank to issue you with a cover letter detailing what they will actually cover you for and the amounts, the main one is accidents and emergency hospital cover that they are worried about
  11. I think your own negativity is the problem here. Have you even tried to go in and ask in person? I think not.
  12. I think your own negativity is the problem here. Have you even tried to go in and ask in person? I think not.
  13. birdy990

    Six weeks back - my impressions (warning, whinge)

    Sorry but you are wrong - I worked for a company called Pilgrim Foods who was a food wholesaler and sold food to the restaurants/pubs/hospitals and schools. The meal deals that you get in pubs are ready made, microwave meals and cost pennies to buy in bulk (Yes Pennies!!!) and they sell them for a fiver. We had a hotel called the petwood hotel in Woodhall Spa - a very expensive hotel. They were our BIGGEST customers. The "home made" stuff you see on menu's? It's called "home made" because the company they bought it ready made from, get people to mix ingredients with their hands before adding it to the machines to be mixed - that is all!!! Yes, you can get cheaper meals sometimes from places like whetherspoons, however it is the most vile crap you can eat!! - They advertise "chicken breast" - The meat is mechanically recovered breast. When you work at a food wholesaler, you get the ingredients and the way in wich the food was made. The chicken breast that those places buy is "mechanically recovered chicken breast" what that means is when people are cutting and preparing the chicken breast, all of the left overs that fall on the floor is then recovered by machines and formed into a breast shape. The problem is this: The UK often does offer cheaper meals, that is because the SHITE they put in it far suppasses the crap that goes into australian food. The level of quality you get in Australian food is far beyond anything you get in the UK - the food is locally sourced and produced where possible. In woolworths i must see about 90% of the food labelled as "product of NSW" where as in England its all a product of Bulgaria, Spain, Holland along with all the E-Numbers and preservatives that it gets filled with. Have a look at the lovely fresh Hovis bread and tell me how many E-Numbers it has in it at £1 a loaf - then have a look at Helga's, no one SINGLE E-Number at the equivalent of £1.75. I choose quality over price any day......
  14. birdy990

    FMCG Retail Fixtures - Key Account Manager

    Hi Major Tom, Sorry I don't have the answer to your question, but thought I would give you another work option for when you get out here. In Sydney they are crying out for recruitment consultants, they are happy to take people with no recruitment experience and offer good salaries starting at $50,000 + commision. Good recruitment consultants earn $120,000 - $160,000 per year - I don't know how that compares to what you are currently earning, but with your account management experience, you could do really well. Hope you find out what you're looking for though Take Care
  15. birdy990

    457 Processing Times

    my husbands a bricklayer and we went through a migration agent, the application was submitted on 17th March and approved on 25th March - 8 days!!!