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Found 31 results

  1. kinse2020

    482 visa and route to PR

    Hello clever people I will be moving to Australia soon (hopefully!) on an employer sponsored 482 TSS visa (medium term) which says you can’t apply for the permanent residency visa 186 until after 3 years working there. What are the chances of not being granted a 186 visa after the 3 years working in Australia? Has this happened to anyone here? Second question…is it possible to be in Australia on a 482 visa and apply for a PR visa like a 190 or 189? I am just thinking worst case if I wait for the 3 years and my employer decides not to go ahead with sponsoring me for a PR 186 visa and I need to go an alternative route that required the points test I will have lost 10 points as I turn 40 just before the 3 years is up. Thanks in advance!
  2. Firstly I am aware of all the risks in not getting a PR visa after 3 years etc. but I was wondering has anyone here been able to actually get a mortgage on a TSS 482 Visa?? A few websites say it is possible with 20% deposit, good salary, savings etc.
  3. Hello, wondering if someone at PIO can provide clarity - I commenced a healthcare job in September on a 482. At the time it was a requirement to work full-time (38 hours a week) and to earn above a certain threshold. Since then, it appears that the requirement to work full-time has been removed, as long as your salary doesn't drop below the threshold set for a 482 visa. This has not been explicitly announced, so much as quietly removed from the T&Cs... Just wanting to know if I could reduce my hours as long as I still earn the same hourly rate and don't drop below the salary threshold? I cannot find anything on anything on a gov immi site that mentions working full-time. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  4. Hi all, So glad to have found this forum! 12 months later than planned (thanks COVID!), my partner and I finally received our 4 year TSS visa and travel exemption to move to Sydney. We have had a bit of a nightmare with the cost of flights (work are not covering our moving expenses but that’s another story…) and are booked to travel from London> Doha> Sydney at the end of March with Qantas, which is the cheapest we could find. I’m slightly worried with flight cancellations and needing to get a negative test before flying – feels so close but also those final hoops to jump through. Has anyone successfully got on a Qantas flight recently with no last-minute cancellations? Living We are in our late twenties and previously lived in London (Vauxhall/ Oval area) – enjoy pubs, bars and nice restaurants but equally love the outdoors (hiking, beaches etc). Does anyone have any advice on where would be best to move? We are thinking Zetland, Waterloo, Paddington, Bondi Junction, Surry Hills, Moore Park, Redfern. We need to be a commutable distance to CBD ideally and do not have a huge budget for renting. Moving Only have a 20kg luggage case included with our flight. We do not have any white goods, furniture etc to transport but I would like to bring as much of my personal items, clothing, shoes etc as possible. Does anyone have any recommendations on how best to transport - I do not think we will be needing a container – potentially a few storage boxes etc? I’ve seen MoveCube and Sendmybag mentioned on here, any experiences of either? Sorry for all the questions, any help/ advice would be much appreciated. I’ve loved reading all your threads Thanks, Ellie
  5. Hello I'm just looking for advice and a good visa agent to take on our case... I am currently living and working in Broken Hill, NSW on a TSS visa. My partner is living in NZ but is from the UK, he is wanting to join me in NSW as a subsequent entrant as my partner on my visa. The issues we are facing is that we have been together for slightly over a year however only lived together for 3 months, so not sure what our chances are of him coming on my visa as de facto. I have read that registering your relationship in the state you live can waiver the requirements however not sure how true this is. We have plenty of evidence to meet all other requirements. Secondly my partner has a conviction from Australia in 2017 for assault on an officer- he was not placed in jail and released with 12 month good behaviour order. He also has 2 previous cautions from the UK from 10 years ago. No criminal record from the past 3 years in NZ. Obviously before applying for the visa we wanted to know how likely it is that he would be granted a visa especially based on the fact we haven’t lived together for a long time and his criminal record. Does the fact he is coming to live in a remote part of Aus with me have any benefit to our case? Would like some honest advice on the likelihood of a grant and a rough price from an agent. Thanks
  6. Hi Everyone, I run my own company in the UK within the healthcare sector and I’m looking to become an overseas business sponsor to operate in Australia and sponsor myself to expand our operations into Oz. I have lodged an application to become a sponsor and this morning have received an email saying: “ImmiAccount service access approved” “Access to the following service(s) has been approved by the Department: * Organisation Account Administration * Online Lodgement” I’m a little confused, does this mean that our business has been approved? The reason I ask is because when I login it says the application is still being assessed. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  7. Hi all, Currently enjoying life in Aus on a TSS visa, 1 year in. Our current plans are to move back to the Uk after a couple more years, to try for a kid. I’ve toyed with the idea of applying for a 190 PR visa to keep our options open but realistically if we did go to back and have a child (not guaranteed, I know) I can’t see us returning before the travel component of the PR expires. It feels a fair chance therefore its a waste of money and effort. I had a thought regarding superannuation though: when leaving on a temporary visa I can claim back my super minus 45% tax. However this tax is already not far off the cost of applying for PR at the moment and will increase over however longer we stay in Aus. Babies and life choices aside and looking at the financials alone, I’m wondering if one reason for me to apply for PR is to lock in the super as a small investment until I retire and be able to claim it without being taxed. I would have to assume that my PR would expire before I retire and that I settle in the UK in later life. If this happened Would the super still be available via an Australian bank account and tax free? Obviously there’s other benefits to applying to PR but is there logic is this approach from the financials? thanks
  8. Veronica1988

    TSS 482

    I am applying for a TSS Medium Term Stream 482 visa. My prospective employer has applied and I am waiting for my agent to send my paperwork. My problem is that as a nurse, I qualified with an advanced diploma in 2010. I topped up to a degree in June 2017 so that I could work in AU. I have received a job offer etc as I have been working full time since 2011. I came to AU in October 2018 and have since been working part time as a casual employee. My agent tells me that it is required that I have 2 years full time experience since June 2017 when I got my degree. I worked full time in UK for roughly 1y 3months and casual part time for the last year. Does anyone know of a similar situation where previous work for over 5 years (though I didn't have a degree) is acceptable for immigration? Veronica
  9. Hello all, I am a nurse and I writing to see if I qualify for a Medium Stream temporary skill shortage. I have an australian positive skills assessment and interest from an employer (potential for sponsorship is being sought). I have one year's post qualifying experience. I trained in the UK and worked in the field as a band 3 throughout my training. Does my positive skills assessment allow me to be accepted on a TSS visa or do I need another year's experience? Many thanks, Emma
  10. Hi, Sorry if there is a similar post, but I couldn't find anyone asking similar questions! I'm a radiographer in the UK, pursing a visa in Australia. I've been (loosely) offered a position as a radiographer in Australia on a TSS visa. I've been advised else where and online that ASMIRT application is essential for overseas radiographers to work in Australia, even on the TSS visa page on the Australian government website it advises you need a skills assessment via a relevant body (asmirt in this case) to be able to proceed with a visa, as well of course as AHPRA (which is a separate issue) So, a) I'm not 100% sure of what experience you need to pass ASMIRT. Ok there website it just says 2 years clinical experience but then when you email them they say 2 years minimum plain film and CT (which is the problem for me as I specialised in breast after 1 year) B) the place where I've been offered a job (obviously it's dependant on if a suitable Australian applies for the job) believes I won't need ASMIRT to work there, and it's only a preference (similar to us being in the SOR, it's not essential just preferred). It's so confusing as I'm worried my lack of plain film will reduce my chance of success in ASMIRT but also have I paid almost $1000 for something I don't need anyway?? Has anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks, laura!
  11. Hi there. I’m considering applying for TSS, and I will include my partner in my application. He works as a contractor in the U.K. so I’m wondering, on my TSS visa, will he be able to work as a contractor? Or will he have to take an employee job? Thanks all.
  12. Hi all, recently, as everyone knows, cutoff points for 189 and 190 has reached the sky. I have applied EOI haven't got an invitation yet because of low point(65 in 189). So, I am thinking to find a company that can sponsor me(482 TSS) and eventually apply for permanent residency(186 ENS). If there is a user like me, or in a similar situation, I really need advice from the user. main concern is whether employer is normally willing to help for the employee's PR application if the employee has no issue with the them or not. any suggestion or experiece sharing will be very greatful TIA TIA P.S: My ANZSCO is 251211(Medical radiation Imaging).
  13. Hi All I realise that the answer will probably be "You're screwed" but just in case anyone has any advice... I entered Australia in Sept 18 on a TSS subclass 482 (medium-long term labour stream) visa, my skill is listed as "Software Developer". I have lost my job, though no fault of my own, and I am struggling to find a new job because I require a new sponsor. I have 60 days to find a new sponsor or I have to leave. Realistically, it will become more desperate than that way sooner as I have no income and bills to pay. I have a UK limited company. If I work for that company, whilst I am in Oz, am I breaking any rules? If I leave after 60 days then immediately reenter on my existing Travel Visa, am I breaking any rules? (I know I can't work on a travel visa). How complicated would it be to have my skill changed to something a bit more flexible? Are there any other pearls of wisdom anyone can provide? TIA Barry
  14. Dlasar27

    Advise required.

    Hi Guys, ive got a question, a friend of mine is about to apply for a tss medium stream from offshore Australia as a motor mechanic. He's got the skills assessment and all but left Australia on a bvc. His protection visa that he applied for was refused and was asjed to leave in 28 days and he left in 14. Just wondering if this would have any effect on his visa application. Like will have an exclusion period of 3 years and be ineligible for tss?
  15. Hello I am relocating with my company to Sydney on a TSS visa, am looking to take my son with me as part of the TSS application, my son lives with me and earns minimum wage in the UK he is 21 and just out of his construction apprenticeship. My company is using one of the large immigration law firms, wont say the name but it ends in 'gomen' they are telling me that my son cannot come as he does not appear to be wholly or substantially financially dependent upon me for his basic living costs. They seem to be ignoring the fact that I keep a roof over his head and pay all the household food and bills, still help out with the running of his car, paying his insurance/tax etc and most importantly the fact that he will be made homeless by my relocation so will need to find money for rent and also to cover what I am currently paying monthly as the outgoings. If he was to start paying this then this would take him over his earnings threshold. I have sent over lots of paperwork outlining this and showing proof of the above but they are still holding out on the position, even if he was to make himself unemployed for any reason they would also not take this into consideration as the earnings for the last 12 months are taken into consideration. Surely he is wholly or substantially financially dependent upon me for his basic living costs?? Has anyone experience of this? Any help or advise to try and change their position? Anything else I can do to prove is dependency? As it stand they wont apply with him as a dependent to travel and this may be a showstopper.. Thanks MM
  16. Hi everybody. I am trying to find a sponsor for a 482, my job title is in the shortlist. Because of that, I am a bit scared of the GTE rule (Genuine Temporary Entrant) as I have been in Australia for 4 years (see my own story below). Did you have your visa refused because of GTE? What is the best way to avoid this? Also if the 482 visa is refused, can I re-apply for a 482 later? What are my options? A bit more about my situation: I have been in Australia for 3.5 years, working for the same company in a Senior role. I spent 2 years under my 457, then the company nominate for the PR (ENS 186 Direct Entry) a before my 457 expires. After 15 months, the nomination of my employer has been refused "Lack of evidence regarding the training". They have done it, they have all the documents to prove it, BUT they didn't provide them and the case officer just rejected the application without giving us a chance to provide the right proof. Anyway, that is my current story and I am trying to find a way to stay here and work.
  17. Hi all, i’m a Australian qualified trade diploma holder living overseas planning to apply tss 482 visa. I ha e a 2 years of experience as a baker. Can someone suggest me whether I need a skill assessment or am I exempt from it as I have Australian qualifications. Please help.! Thank you
  18. Hi all. Just looking for a few other ideas as i've asked elsewhere. My accredited sponsor (who recruit internationally a lot so no hitches on their front) are submitting my nomination over the next few days. They've said for my application they will write the reference for the character requirement (stated as an option on the home affairs website). Medical isn't required for my role. 2 years experience required which i can provide payslips for along with the mandatory references. Passport, driving licence for me and my wife along with marriage certificate. Signed job offer/contract. It's been suggested elsewhere that some people have had to provide history of residency for the previous 10 years along with travel history of 10 years and proof of employment going back further in time. What are other people's experiences of how many documents they've had to provide? I want to front load it all before i submit the application so i'm trying to leave no stone unturned here!
  19. Dieselmike

    What would you do 482 or 489?

    Hi all, As you can see from my title my wife and I are a little stumped of the best way to move forward. To give a little background we are looking to emigrate to Queensland and open to where we live my trade is a Diesel Mechanic and I currently have 55 points, we are looking at a 2 options at the moment: Option 1 - 489 Visa - with the additional points given by the state we would have 65 in total.... This is also based on the English and Trade Test results if all goes well and then submit our EOI, if we are lucky to get picked then apply for a Visa and take it from there. Option 2- 482 - TSS - (I currently have a opportunity with a employer waiting in the wings) My current skill set is on the medium/long term and if all goes well after 3 years with this company and if they are willing and able we can apply for PR. I would be keen to see what others would do in this situation.
  20. lewisant48

    What would you do...

    What would you do; I was offered a job sponsorship under a 482/TSS visa back in April, the company have various locations and it took a while but they nailed down a location and put me in touch with their location managers. Bear in mind this is all while i'm in the UK waiting on news...They then tweaked things three times so despite still wanting to put me in NNSW/South QL i got changed to three different potential locations and three different managers, all of whom were awful at communication. Anyway, the communication was few and far between and then complete radio silence - it was absolutely gutting. Then, after about 6 weeks of silence the person that recruited me called with a massive apology and saying they've had a lot of issues with area managers and visa changes affecting where they can send me and they offered me Adelaide, Townsille or Cairns. The day before they called we went ahead and paid a retainer to a migration agent to start a 489 process for NT as my girlfriend's job is on the list. I've now had another call after emailing to say i preferred Townsville. The call was the company saying they can get the ball rolling with a 482 for Townsville if i want it. SO the dilemma is; 482 in Townsville meaning that in 6 months we can apply for a 190 in QL should her job stay on their 'on shore list' or stick with the 489 for NT and forget the sponsors because of how they've messed me around. I'm really stuck because my heart says sack off the job but my head says it's a way in to the country and a 190 in QL, a 489 in NT means we'd have to live there and we never visited NT and it's clear that it isn't the easiest place to settle and find work.
  21. Foreign workers can be brought into Australia on the new Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482) as long as employers tried to hire Aussies first … on LinkedIn. In June, the Government tweaked its rules around the new 457, now dubbed the "Temporary Skill Shortage" visa, reversing an earlier decision to reject ads on the social network as part of labour market testing. This testing — where employers are required to demonstrate they advertised locally for jobs — is designed to ensure Australians are given priority before overseas workers are hired. At the end of 2017, 75,610 overseas workers were in Australia on a 457 temporary work visa. The new rules mean an employer can satisfy testing by advertising in two places — for example on the Government job portal Jobactive and LinkedIn. A three-week LinkedIn campaign costs approximately $500, while advertising on Jobactive is free. 'Backflip' in latest change Labor immigration spokesman Shayne Neumann said this was another "backflip" from the Government and proof it "botched" changes to Australia's skilled migration program. He said Labor would introduce an independent skills assessment body if Labor won Government that would determine "genuine" skills need. The Government announced major changes to the 457 program last year, but since then has made several tweaks following a backlash from migrants and businesses. The changes have lead to a reduction in 457 visas. 25,000 grants to foreign workers were made in the year to March compared with 46,000 in 2016-17. A spokeswoman for Alan Tudge, the minister responsible for the program, declined to provide comment on the LinkedIn tweak, but emphasised that the rules were designed to strike an appropriate balance between prioritising Australian workers and recognising industry recruitment practices. Social media advertisements had been accepted in the past but the old requirements were less prescriptive. In March, rules were introduced that specifically required evidence of two advertisements with national reach booked within the previous 12 months. The changes barred Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram as well as general classifieds sites like Gumtree. As of June, LinkedIn ads are acceptable again and the window of the ads was reduced to six months.
  22. Hi All!! Currently looking at submitting an EOI for the skilled visa, and to be honest I'm struggling.. ? So my situation is I am 24, 1 year graduated from a B.Sc Environmental Science, been working since graduation in a relevant job (6 months in one place and currently 6 months in my new job). I'm from Ireland, so do I need to do the English Language assessment, or should I be doing it anyway to gain points? I will have no problem getting confirmation of my 1st job but don't want to ask for anything in this one yet as I am enjoying it and don't want them to know I won't be staying past 1.5yrs. Any way around this, copy of current contract maybe? I assume I will have to submit to VetAssess also. I want to do it on my own as it's already expensive enough without paying an agency. Any help is greatly appreciated!! ?
  23. Hi, I am de facto on my girlfriend's 457 visa. She is sponsored by her company but hates her job and wants to quit. Meanwhile my company are willing to sponsor me on a 482 visa and she could then become de facto on my visa so she can change jobs without any visa restrictions. I have been working for my company for 10 months. Does anyone have any experience of that switch? Do my company have to carry out labour market testing (LMT) even though I've been in the role for 10 months already? Is there anything else we should consider? Thanks for your help.
  24. Hi, We're currently awaiting for our sponsor to conclude Labour Market Testing, submit a nomination for our TSS visa and provide us with the TRN for our visa application (assuming job is still there). Due to sponsor's internal processes not keeping up with recent changes to the Labour Market Testing requirements, the sponsor has had to re-advertise the job because the original wasn't online for long enough; they realised this before they submitted the nomination. Our plan was to submit our visa (all ready to go) as soon as the nomination TRN is received but I'm now wondering what happens if the sponsor makes another admin error and the LMT isn't right? Would the nomination get refused and if so would our visa be automatically refused and we lose our fee? Not sure whether to wait for the nomination approval before submitting the visa, but would be yet more delays. However I have visions of the sponsor submitting the LMT evidence with the nomination only for it to be bounced back and re-run for a third time and then for the job to go and we've already paid our application fee. Thanks
  25. Hello everyone I was let go from a job in November, 2017. The company was part of the world's largest advertising group, so not some tinpot ad agency. They have a company look after all migration affairs across all their many companies. They assured me that I would not have to leave the country after my 60-day window for finding a new sponsor expired. They also assured me that I could lodge an application for a new 457, with a new employer, without ever leaving the country—even after my 60-days had lapsed. I then went on living in Australia and hunting for jobs. After months of searching, I finally got a job offer but it was later withdrawn because of complications and costs involved for a smaller agency. I then had two other interview processes, which were going very well, terminated because I had apparently breached my visa conditions and the companies could not hire me. I have written evidence of the incorrect advice that was given to me by an agent representing my former employer. Living here without work has exhausted me financially and caused a great deal of stress and anxiety. I now have to pack up my life, sell my motorcycle, leave my girlfriend, and go home indefinitely. Do I have any recourse for legal action? Is there any hope of claiming some kind of compensation? Thank you TooEasy