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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I run my own company in the UK within the healthcare sector and I’m looking to become an overseas business sponsor to operate in Australia and sponsor myself to expand our operations into Oz. I have lodged an application to become a sponsor and this morning have received an email saying: “ImmiAccount service access approved” “Access to the following service(s) has been approved by the Department: * Organisation Account Administration * Online Lodgement” I’m a little confused, does this mean that our business has been approved? The reason I ask is because when I login it says the application is still being assessed. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. Just watched episode 2 on SBS 'On Demand' online, thank God for that as I thought I'd missed it. It's the sort of drama I love because there are no good and bad guys as such. At the start of this episode I hated the Palestinians and at the end I hated the Israelis.
  3. neilharrison_253

    SBS Show - Go Back to where you came from..

    Hi all Came across this yesterday and those of us in the UK have the ability to watch it here via this link. One of the best documentaries i have ever seen.. http://www.sbs.com.au/shows/goback/episodes/page/i/1/h/Episodes/ Put's some things into perspective and show's us how lucky we are in so many ways.. Hope you enjoy it..
  4. Australia Immigration Nation Premieres on SBS 8.30pm EST 9 January. For related stories from "The Australian" click here. Previews click here. Interesting reactions already from the noisy "Tea Bag" like minority claiming it is anti white propaganda, and those who can't decide whether it is, like all immigration, a leftist or capitalist conspiracy...... so much for Australians being more "relaxed and comfortable" about themselves (former PM John Winston Howard) :wacko:
  5. Australia Immigration Nation SBS Documentary January 2011 We appreciate our immigrants — if they earn it. Despite past successes, attitudes towards new Australians remain contradictory. WE used to have the dagos and the wogs. Then it was the slopes and the slanty-eyeds, the yellows, the balts and the Lebs and the curry-munchers. And more recently it has been the towel-heads and the terrorists infiltrating Australia and undermining our way of life. If there is a lesson in the past half-century or so of migration, it’s that new arrivals can expect a withering initiation. The nicknames may change, and so too the migrant groups subjected to suspicion, derision and worse, but the fear that drives such insults is persistent and widespread…. …Australian society has been supple enough to adapt to wave after wave of migration in the 65 years since World War II, and by and large we like the society we’ve created. So, although there are myriad concerns about how future immigration might threaten our society, our history says we have reason to be confident. We are nothing if not champions of change. New Series: January 9, 2011 on SBS One “Immigration Nation The Secret History of Us”.
  6. Hi - I work for SBS television's INSIGHT program, hosted by Jenny Brockie. I'm researching an upcoming program on Australia's growing population and would love to chat to some expats from the UK to talk about your migration experience, why you moved to Australia and what you think about the country's growing population. Please share your story of moving to Australia with me.- either here or email me at: katema[at]sbs[dot]com[dot]au
  7. To house Australia's growing population urban planners are saying we must start raising families in apartment blocks and high-rises. But are we ready to change the Australian dream? We want to hear from young couples and young families about where you've chosen to live and why? The INSIGHT program hosted by Jenny Brockie on SBS TV is exploring the future of housing in Australia (www.sbs.com.au/insight). Do you prefer city living, or do you like suburban life? Are you moving? We want to talk to first home buyers and people who are looking to buy for the first time. We also want to talk to people who are still renting and who are finding housing affordability an issue. Email Associate Producer Kyle Taylor at: kylet@sbs.com.au
  8. SBS's groundbreaking series First Australians chronicles the birth of our country through the eyes of indigenous Australians. First-hand accounts, landscapes, interviews, art and a vast archival collection recount how the oldest living culture in the world reacted when overrun by the world's greatest empire. Audio gallery preview here Black history reclaimed - smh.com.au
  9. Hi all I have moved into a temporary apartment in Brisbane. Need to know if I have channel SBS so I can watch the footy.. I have a few channels but cant tell if I have SBS? Does any1 know if I should have it automatically? Help!! I need to watch the footy!!! :arghh: