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Found 307 results

  1. Hi We are shortly to be relocating back to the UK as we have elderly parents and want to spend time with them having lost relatives this year. We have an Australian business with virtual offices in the UK and Europe and hope to be able to operate from the UK but keep the head office in Australia and really need some tax advice. I did notice at some point that there was a dual tax advisor on this forum but cannot find his information, is someone able to point it out to me please. We live in Melbourne and I understand that this tax agent also lives in Melbourne too. Also, on another note: any recommendation on removal companies? We have had a quote from Grace Brothers but looking to get 2 more? Would you also take out separate insurance or go with the insurance from the shipping company? Many thanks
  2. Manzz

    Bridging Visa A (010)

    Hi, I’m on a bridging visa A (010) and would like to know if I can register and start a business while waiting for my substantive visa to be processed? I full full work and study rights. I’ve Checked my visa condition and it doesn’t have any restrictions or whatsoever, only full study and work rights that’s why I’m confused if I can register a business while on Bridging visa A? I would really appreciate a feedback. Thank you
  3. Hi, everyone! I have been thinking of moving to Australia (Queensland) from Europe for a while now and since reading about how to find the right VISA is such a headache, I figured I can ask for help here first. I own a business and currently have no employees. I create online courses, write ebooks and work with brands. I make around 240k a year on average. In the past, I read on various forums that to get the 188 VISA you do need to have a much larger business, but it is the only one that I could potentially get. I am not familiar with legal things as I have never moved to a foreign country before and as a European, I have only travelled within the EU. I really just want a heads up if I have ANY chance of getting this VISA or if my company is just too small. I am willing to ask for professional help, of course, but it hurts no one to ask people who have actually done this before. I am grateful for any advice you can throw my way. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hey everyone, Basically I've had the thought on my mind for a while of wanting to move to Aus but feel as though I've definitely taken the wrong route to achieve that so I'm just after some advice. I'm 24 years old and in the final year of a generic business bachelors degree (finish in May), I've noticed that most business-type jobs on the SOL are either those that are very difficult to get (e.g. Management Consultant) or only on the SOL (e.g. Marketing Specialist) - which has recently been removed from any state's sponsorship list. I'm still at a point of confusion on where to go with my degree by this point, and the idea of undertaking a Masters conversion course into Quantity Surveying has been quite appealing to me, partly because its on the MLTSSL but also because I feel as though I'll probably prefer this to a corporate-type career. The only issue I have is that I'll be tied to working in the UK for a few years following this and I'm worried it might be taken off the MLTSSL in that time and I don't want to shoot myself in the foot; I've noticed that its not on any state sponsorship lists at the moment but I'm wondering if I'm right in thinking that could be temporarily due to COVID? The maximum points I could probably get through this route is about 85 if I apply in my early 30's following 5 years of experience, or 80 in my late 20's following 3 years of experience, and I'm fully aware that for independent visas I have no chance unless I get 90 points so it seems like a bit of a gamble, does anyone have any advice or views relating to this? Another option is to do an ICT conversion course which I'm aware is in high demand but there are no local universities to me in the UK that offer such a course, so I'd end up spending a lot on commuting which doesn't feel like it would be the most sustainable option. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi Everyone, I run my own company in the UK within the healthcare sector and I’m looking to become an overseas business sponsor to operate in Australia and sponsor myself to expand our operations into Oz. I have lodged an application to become a sponsor and this morning have received an email saying: “ImmiAccount service access approved” “Access to the following service(s) has been approved by the Department: * Organisation Account Administration * Online Lodgement” I’m a little confused, does this mean that our business has been approved? The reason I ask is because when I login it says the application is still being assessed. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  6. sumeetjadhav444

    482 sponsor selling business

    Hi guys, I have a question that I was hoping you could help with. I'm a 482 visa holder and currently in my 2nd year of sponsorship. My employer has decided that he wants to sell his business. I have been with this business for 5 years and in light of that, the employer wants me to move over to another of his businesses. The role and other entitlements are exactly the same, the only thing that would change would be the business itself and it's location of course. I am of course worried that this is going to reset my timer and result in me having to restart my 3 year period on the 482 visa. The second option I have is to stick with the new employer that is buying this current business and is willing to sponsor me as well. Thanks for patiently reading this. So my question is, which of these situations will I be able to carry forward the time I've spent on my visa rather than having to start over. Thank you.
  7. Hi All, I'm new here.:wubclub: I just need some help regarding my ACS assessment. I have both bachelors and masters in IT and planing to get myself assessed as ICT Business Analyst - 261111. I have five years experience in Telco domain, but there's a bit of a problem with my designation, it goes as Product Development Executive but my day today job tasks involve the tasks as explained in both ABS and ACS sites. My queries; I can get a letter from my employer but my designation will be Product Development Executive will it be a problem for ACS? When I write this letter do I have to mention about the individual project I have carried out like most programmers and software engineers does? Problem is when it comes to programmers they can say that they used different technologies & programming languages for each and every project, but I don't really undrstand how to go to that minute level & is it really necessary for this BA ANZSCO? Highly appreciate your feedback & hoping this thread would be useful for future applicants going to take a similar route :wubclub:
  8. Hey Friends, I am planning to start a business of mug printing and for that, I need to build some contacts, do you guys have any reference from where I can get some good quality custom mugs and with same day mug printing facility. I search on the google with this phrase and some of the websites were there: check them out and recommend if you know any of them: https://www.bigwphotos.com.au/products/standard-mug https://www.photobox.com.au/shop/home-gifts/photo-mug https://www.printyo.net.au/personalised-mugs Please suggest me a good company from any of these or else
  9. Hello, I am new here and really need some opinions and advice. I am 27, have a PhD in my field and have my own consultancy business which is successful. I am married and have two children. My business is really taking off in the UK and is growing very quickly. Next summer, I plan to launch my second service which will be global and entirely online. I already have contracts and travel to work in US, NZ and AUS about once per year. We have always wanted to emigrate but never really thought it was possible until last month when I was offered a consultancy contract in Aus which will last five years. This is offered via my UK registered business. The commissioner has said that I can remain living in UK and they will fly me out 6-8 times a year but I would rather just live there to be honest. I'm struggling to know what to do here. I can't find much information on applying for visas and such if you plan on remaining self employed in your own business. As an example, I often get commissioned to write research or government guidance. I can do that from anywhere in the world, so I don't need a job when I get to Aus as my diary is fully booked for about 18 months in advance. I spoke to a guy who was an emigration specialist and he said that this is not seen as a good thing and that Aus govt would want to see how I am contributing to their economy and would likely reject the visa. Is this true? Do Brits with successful businesses ever go to Aus and operate the business from UK and set up a second one in Aus? The contract value I have been offered in Aus for the whole 5 years is $2.2m ($440k per year - which would be paid into an Aus bank account and I would pay Aus tax on it - so I thought this would be seen as a good thing? Could someone let me know their thoughts? (Husband is 33, and is CEO of our charity here, which we will have to close down when we emigrate to Aus - but he has many qualifications and experience so I think he would be fine for a visa too - our kids are 10 and 8 if that helps anyone). Thanks to anyone who can provide any insight, J x
  10. Hi all, I intend to apply for ACS Skills Assessment under the ICT Business Analyst category. Following are my details: Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications Masters in Telecommunications 4.5 years of genuine BA exp under the title Business Systems Analyst with a Telecom software vendor Questions: - I am not very sure if my education qualifies as ICT related. Where and how do i find this out? - I was told, for a non-ICT degree I would need 6 yrs of relevant exp before I apply for assessment. Is this true? Any suggestions would be great. In the mean I am trying to understand the info on the ACS website. Cheers
  11. Hi All, I have questions regarding the businesses that sign off 88 days of rural work, I am currently going through the process of looking for rural work and am trying to sort my options as to what places qualify with the ability of signing off rural work. I understand that the business have to be located in a "rural" postcode and have to be in the below areas, and have an ABN -Plant and animal cultivation -Fishing and pearling -Tree farming and felling -Mining -Construction Are there any other requirements needed from the businesses to be able to sign off the 88 days of rural work? Can I work for two separate employers to cover the 88 days if work for any reason dries up at one of the employers? Does the business have to be registered as a rural company in any capacity or can I just undertake work that fits within the requirements using any company? If my payslips from the employers are listed as 7 days i.e 1st to the 7th but I have only worked 3 days due to the employer not having work on the other days, does that mean I can submit that as 7 days worked or do the actual days I have worked need to be disclosed? Any advice would be greatly appreciated with this
  12. Hi! I am just waiting to hear if I have been approved for 457 visa sponsorship, but was wondering if this visa allows you to study at the same time as working? I can't find anything on the immi.gov.au website about the visa holder being able to study or not...just says others in the family who are coming over as part of your visa can study. I want to apply to study through the Australian Open University whilst working on a 457 visa... Does anyone know? Thank you!
  13. Dear all After a few sleepless nights and lots of worry I have decided to write a thread and wondered if anyone had any advice. To give you a bit of background, I am here on a student Visa and am on my second year, last year i did an Advanced DIploma in Events Management and this year i have just started a Diploma in Small Business Management. I am in Australia with my partner who is on a Business Owner's Visa (163) which is a temporary visa and she will be applying for PR in a few years. My dilema is that although they have changed the rules for Same sex relationships on new applications for the 163, it does not apply for existing Visa holders, therefore come December when my student visa will be nearly up I am really uncertain as to what I can do? I really do not want to go back to the UK and wait till she gets PR to be added on as that could take years. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do? Before we left the UK, the visa process took a few years as most of you will know, and my visa agent back in the UK throughout the process suggested we just wait and see whether the laws changed and they never did, that is why my only option was to study as I had been out here on a WHV in 2001 so could not have another one. I hope someone can offer me some advice, I am feeling really low and worried at the moment and have no idea what to do :cry: Thanks for reading this thread Nat xx
  14. Im currently working for my uncle in a transport company, but my 6 months are up in 2 weeks. My 2nd year visa ends in august so i was hoping to stay on until then! I was thinking, what if i got an ABN, i would be classed as self employed but working under my "business name" so would i still be able to work for them? how does it work? Can someone shed some light please as i would love to keep working!! Thankyou in advance for any responses. Ollie
  15. Handsome Richard

    Bit of a complecated one!

    Hi All I hope someone can offer some assistance and guidance? I have been offered the opportunity to take over an established franchise in South Australia, which I would like to do however I am not so sure how to actually get over there and start running the business. I don't have the wealth for a business visa, I am too old for a working holiday Visa, and whilst my occupation is on the CSOL I don't have the relivant degree qualification, and if I am honest I never will have. So, if I take on the franchise can I technically sponsor myself? I intend on going over again in September this year to get things rolling. I know this probably sits in the 'too difficult' box but your assistance would be appreciated. I have so far spoken to 2 migration agents and had very different advice. Thanks all
  16. roberthughes1987

    Moving my UK based Business to Australia

    Hey everyone! In September 2015 I'm moving from the UK over to Sydney for 1 year to experience the country, but also to expand our UK based Digital Marketing Agency in Australia. Currently we run everything in the UK, with several online stores and many UK based clients whom we work for. My question is whether there's any restrictions to setup a Business in Australia, seeing as I'm on a 1 year working Visa. Also whether there are any extra difficulties when compared with setting up a Ltd company in the UK, or if you have any helpful advice. Primarily our business is B2B, but we also have several consumer based products we wish to launch in Australia. Appreciate any advice or guidance!
  17. I'm an international student studying in Perth. May I own a small business and start it on my student visa? My business is mobile phone repair. someone know law about student visa and start a small business?
  18. I am here on a working holiday visa from the UK and have a business management degree. I would love to find work in a business environment or even in recruitment. However, I don't know what restrictions I have on my visa apart from the 6 month work limit for one company. I would like to gain a sponsorship and am looking for permanent residency. I don't know where to go to gain the information I need, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Paddy Chattaway

    Am I kidding myself ?

    Hello fellow poms this looks like the site that could finally put me out of my visa madness and throw some light on migration application. So am asking for a little piece of inspiration ,here's my story my wife is 38 ,I'm 45 and we have a lovely daughter of 12 ( going on 18) for the last nine years we have owned a successful sliding wardrobe company , we feel theirs a lot we could bring to the table so to speak inWestern Australia but the crux of it is what we Do skill wise does not seem to be recognised and also my age seems to go against me.So Poms is there any path trodden before that may be of help to us, as I seem to be hitting dead ends.Having completed 2 fantastic trips within the last three years to W.A ,we hope that with a bit of luck our next trip could be somewhat longer so any help is much appreciated. Many thanks Paddy, Julie & Faye
  20. Sam Tom

    Real Australia

    Sorry this is very long though next message after the line is the point for this message (haven't included some of the other weaknesses like recruitment agencies which can be seen under - 'The confessions of a recruiter' [ex Hays employee] and http://advertisers.careerone.com.au/hr/hr-best-practices/recruiting-hiring-advice/screening-job-candidates/beware-resume-racism.aspx - 'beware resume racism' as well as statistics of horrible customer service that exists within a lot of firms within Australia [can be found under Google while typing keywords such as 'customer service satisfaction survey australia' and so on]; examples of jobs that can be found under Seek, MyCareer, CareerOne that relate mostly to customer service and sales; healthcare issues including waiting times as well as not being as good as some of the healthcare systems found in Europe, Singapore, Oman and so on, etc). Currently, Australian businesses whether small or big lack technical and innovative skills and that includes the automotive manufacturing that has been busted and other sectors that are just surviving. It's easier to get in IT graduates or ones with business and IT backgrounds (qualifications, skills and experience) and train them like the rest of the world for those jobs (Easier for IT people to learn business skills or get business qualifications rather than the other way round). US, Canada, UK, China, India, etc does that but no Australia still thinks relationship building is most important (SEEK, MyCareer, CareerOne and other Australian job sites would show that). Backward and 30 years behind as innovative approach took over from relationship approach then which was started by P&G, IBM, etc and which now continues due to Google, FB, Tesla, etc. That's why the world's leading firms have innovation and technology, as those 2 are most important even though relationship building is also there. Reality of Australian marketers/marketing, logistics and supply chain and other areas too: Australia is a country that has lost out in many areas and will continue to do so due to 3 main reasons-innovation, technical skills and education (all way behind). Retail and manufacturing aren’t the only industries that have faced challenges due to these 3 reasons; other sectors too. Add the niche strategy that Australia has used for decades via agriculture, mining, etc and that would be the 4th failure-putting all its eggs into 1 basket for decades instead of using the diversification strategy. Let’s start with the tertiary education sector which few years back was Australia’s 3rd largest export sector (now 4th). How does it survive? Foreign students especially from China and India though lately South Americans, North Americans and Europeans too. How many Australians have a university qualification? Australia population represents 0.3% of the world population and just 25% of that have a university qualification. How many have a Masters qualification? Not many. Some to most firms in Australia consider Masters overqualified. Well, sad news for 90 to 99% of the businesses in Australia that represent small to medium sized ones – rest of the world have people who have either 2 Master qualifications or PhDs and professional certifications. Unless, good at entrepreneurship, not needed to study. Sadly, for Australia, that has gone behind especially when it’s niche strategy also got busted because Australia has been behind with innovations and technologies since World War 2. Also, how many foreign exchange students from Australia land in Asia? Not many compared to ones from US, Canada, UK, etc. So, those countries are learning about Asian cultures where as most Australian foreign students land in US, UK, etc (psychically close countries instead of the psychically distant countries as well). US, UK universities are still the best in the world and most are cheaper than the Australian ones nowadays as Australia’s become expensive for that so the universities that are on the same level as Australia are now the challengers. Which are those countries? Canada, Germany, Japan, Singapore, China (mainland and HK), etc. Addition to those, there are the blended learning (online) and MOOCs that are challenging the educational landscape, starting from primary education right unto tertiary one. Where is Australia for innovations and technologies? The country doesn’t encourage much of both including funding which is the reason why Australian startups end up in USA. Australia gets 75% of its GDP through services as it’s a developed nation though it has come out with some innovations but not that many compared to the rest of the world even with the basic innovations. Others have gone for coopetition like Apple, Samsung, Google,etc;Netflix and Amazon;Tesla and various automobile firms and so many others where rivals don’t just work together but innovate as well. Australia has zilch there. Then there is the blue ocean strategy as well where not only low cost innovations occur but a whole new market segment comes up. Rest of the world so many while Australia hardly any. Even New Zealand is above Australia when it comes to innovation. Taking marketing technology/digital marketing as the industry, here is the reality of Australian marketers/marketing - some weaknesses including reasons why Australia has failed (they’re all genuine articles that have come up in the last few weeks to couple of months-these are the titles of those articles): 1) Marketer study warns of skills shortages in digital marketing in Australia 2) Two-thirds of Aus marketers ‘aren’t effective at digital’ 3) Aussie brands failing to embrace digital real-time customer service 4) Lack of skills a threat to projects 5) Is Australia That Far Behind in the Digital Market? 6) Big data policies lacking in Australian and New Zealand organisations: survey 7) Australian firms lagging behind 8 ) Australian retailers are digital-relationship laggards: Capgemini & Sydney University study reveals 9) Australian SMEs not meeting consumers on social media: statistics from Yellow Pages report 10) PayPal: Only 14 Percent of Australian SMEs Are Taking Advantage of Online 11) Latest ABS statistics: many Australian businesses still not engaging online 12) Australian businesses struggling with cross-channel marketing 13) Australian manufacturers are failing to invest in productivity raising IT: study 14) Average of 44 small businesses closing their doors each day, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics data 15) Experts say Australian business being left behind 16) Small Business Left Behind As Australian Business Confidence Lifts: NAB 17) Australian small businesses are late to the online marketing party 18) Too little, too late: Is Australia losing the online retail game? Some of the reasons for the above could be seen from the following articles with titles: 1) Can Australia’s education system meet demand for digital marketers? (Even top universities of Australia are way behind compared to counterparts from US, UK, Canada, etc where students can take subjects from different schools like Arts, Engineering, Business, etc. Additionally, some Australian universities still teach traditional subjects at universities [The two university comparison examples can be University of Sydney via Commerce degree and WUSTL of US both via Marketing major]). 2) Aussie women lag behind men in numeracy skills 3) Aussies spend big on technology, but don’t know how to use it 4) Small Business Nation 2013 – Around 90 to 99% of the businesses in Australia are small to medium sized ones though most are neither innovative nor have much of technology (not tech savvy) 5) Australia is Well Behind Other OECD Countries in Pre-School Education 6) University rankings show Asian rise and Australian slip 7) Australian students slipping behind in maths, reading: OECD report 8 ) If Australia Could Get Over Its ‘Fear of Failure’ Tech Startup Firms Could Contribute $109B to Economy by 2033, Create 540,000 New Jobs – Google Study 9) Australia is no innovation leader: GE (connected to Australia lifts ranking in Global Innovation Index, but still lags behind New Zealand) 10) Australia at risk of squandering expat expertise as brain drain hits reverse 11) Is Australia Less Tech-Savvy than We Thought? (More of the marketing weaknesses in last 1 year and a bit on the logistics and supply chain in relation to Australia can be found under http://loveroftechnologyandbusiness.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/reality-of-australian-marketers-and.html . It also has the components or landscapes of Marketing Technology and Digital Marketing). As mentioned under that, Brand valuation could be seen via BrandZ of WPP as well as Interbrand of Omnicom and brandirectory.com that is part of Brand Finance. The top brand from Australia would be Woolworths ranked in the 100s way behind the ones from US, UK, Canada, India, China, etc. Woolworths and Coles duopoly in the supermarket sector though IGA, Aldi and Costco are 3 other players there ( https://theconversation.com/factcheck-is-our-grocery-market-one-of-the-most-concentrated-in-the-world-16520). Zara as well as others are knocking DJ and Myer ( http://www.fool.com.au/2013/08/14/clothing-retailers-be-afraid-very-afraid/ ). All of them have failed with innovation and technology (just like most Australian industrial sector) which can be seen underhttp://www.afr.com/p/australian_retailers_stumped_by_meuCL7di6LxiZG4VotdITL . US at least did something with 3D and 4D printing-part of disruptive innovation that could challenge emerging and developing nations;what has Australia come out with.US manufacturing also fell into recession 30 years back but came out 10 years later with innovation-Intel is 1 proof of that and that video is ‘Made in USA’ under America Revealed under PBS.org. Innovation took over 30 years back from customer centric approach started by P&G,IBM,etc that went on to Google,FB,etc and that’s world’s top firms and ones that survive depend on innovation and technologies. Also, if going to say robotics, well most jobs that exist today won’t exist in 10 years time thanks to technologies-need to adapt and change. China, Japan, etc have robot chefs. Self service revolution has existed for more than a century-ATMs, kiosks at airports, etc as well as retail sector are proof of that. 3D and 4D printing also there. Blended learning that has gone online as well as MOOCs which includes Coursera and Udacity are changing educational landscape from primary to tertiary education [uS,UK and Australian top unis have their courses there and it can be done for free without certificates but if want certificates, they are cheaper than traditional education though not all courses are under the MOOCs]. There are more including hybrid trade shows. DVD rentals are backward technologies that rest of the world came up with a decade or 2 ago as there are Netflix, Hulu,etc. Australia’s way behind in technology and innovations-both marketing and supply chain + also transportation as it’s just got on to mobile payments which rest of the developed world have been on for about a decade-some of the emerging nations have been on it for 5 to 10 years also. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Point for above is thanks to the weaknesses, the governments have been selling Australia out. Who owns Australia's top brands? Foreigners. Who owns Australian properties and lands? Foreigners. Australian innovation as mentioned before isn't much even compared to emerging countries-1 of the reasons why automotive manufacturing got busted and others are somehow surviving. Technical skills even amongst management way behind the rest of the world as shown under the articles mentioned before. Education low amongst locals - again mentioned before. Australia is being SOLD for free sadly. In 10 years' time, most jobs that exist today won't exist due to the shifts in technologies. Technology and innovation more important than relationship building though latter also needed. This has been going on for centuries. Taking self service revolution, that has been going on for a century at least via ATMs, retail sector, kiosks and so on even at airports, etc. Chef robots another example-already exists in China, Japan, etc. US manufacturing fell apart 30 years back but rose 10 years later and 1 of those firms is Intel-can be seen under 'Made in USA' under America Revealed under Pbs.org (there under Youtube). So, if need to survive, need to change and that includes businesses training people who have the skills within the country instead of all being outsourced (there are new migrants and migrants of the past who have the initial skills and/or qualifications, etc). All these mentioned before. US, India, Canada, UK, China, etc train their people including graduates and if they're good, recruit them as well - technical and other areas (like Softpath.net,NIIT,etc). Australia not much.
  21. Guest

    About the country

    This is in reply to the Real Australia thread. And that previous lengthy post already exists under Australian Unions page under FB where so many likes were given because some to most Aussies are aware of these facts. Australia's true unemployment rate is 13% given by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. More economic statistics can be found under tradingeconomics.com not just for Australia but the whole world. Global Innovation Index shows that Australia is way behind including after New Zealand and an article for that came up in Startup Smart. GE itself showed through a survey that they took of the whole world in 2012 that Australia isn't an innovative leader. Australia's automotive manufacturing is busted due to not having much innovation. Toyota is the last manufacturer standing as it may leave by 2018. There were articles on that recently including under Business Insider Australia. All other automotive manufacturers would be leaving before 2018. Retail sector just survives. David Jones, Myer and company as well as Coles and Woolworths faces challenges from international players like Zara, Costco, Aldi, etc due to not having much innovation and being behind in technology as well. Customer satisfaction survey and indices would show that also where they have all failed. And some to most Australians themselves have seen their weaknesses. All in the research and articles written here which can be seen online and which are even case studies by universities within the business schools and firms in Australia. Australia's unemployment would grow and within the automotive manufacturing sector alone, it would be 50000 or so employees losing their jobs sadly within the next 4 years. Even in recent times, the Australian unions aren't happy with the automotive manufacturing sector as well as with Government's decision with Australia Post, Medicare, etc where they are planning to privatise Australia Post, Medicare, etc. Australia is a small business nation as the McCrindle Research would show where 90% of the businesses in Australia represent small to medium sized firms of about 1 to 15 employees generally. Most Australian top brands today are in foreign hands and that includes Vegemite, Tim Tam, etc. Most of the brands held by foreigners can be found under Dicksmith Foods or Salvos. Foreign ownership of Australia's property and lands can be found by articles written by Greens, Crikey, Daily Telegraph, ABC, etc where it is not just owned by foreigners but operated too like China and USA. Most foreign ownership of Australian resources are with US, China and UK and can read more about it under Australia's leading independent stock forum, Hotcopper. There, the Aussies themselves site such resources. And I'm an Australian as well who works within both business and IT. I am not bothered about what's written under Real Australia thread as I put up the reality mostly with regards to the digital and database marketing side as that came up within the last 1 year. It's from resources like eMarketer, CMO.com.au, SMH, SBS, marketingmag.com.au, mumbrella, ADMA, Financial Review including BRW, B&T, etc.
  22. Registered building and maintenance company for sale. Sale includes van with personalised plate, web address (no website), business email addresses, business Facebook page, SIM card for existing business contact number and all client / subcontractor details. Trailer and some large tools, ladders etc. could also be included by negotiation. Based in far Northern suburbs of Perth - most work is around Clarkson, Butler, Joondalup, Quinns, Mindarie, Jindalee etc. Would suit competent, experienced multi-tradesman looking to run their own business. Ideal for a new migrant looking for instant work. Jobs can be anything from replacing flyscreens, fitting new doors, repairing damage from leaks, tiling, painting, fencing, brickwork, rendering etc. More than enough regular work for one person. Main clients are several large real estate agencies but lots of promotion has also been done to the residential market in the area. Business has been running since Feb 2012 and lots of effort has been put into building it up to its current status. We have an excellent reputation in the local area and get lots of referrals from happy customers. Selling due to moving overseas. Looking for around $20,000 but would consider reasonable offers. Please PM Steve for more information.
  23. Hi All, I'm new here, but have done a lot of reading on the gov.au sites, as well as been looking at emigrating for the last 4 years so am fairly happy with the process involved (as much as one can be!). What I'm looking for is to connect / get some advice from others who have gone through or are going through 132 business talent visa route. I am actually looking at the 132 entrepreneur section. I am already a majority owner / director in a high growth business in the UK and the intention is to expand into Perth, Australia. The intention is to raise VC money to fund it, and we would be looking to raise above the min AUD$1m threshold. We have raised money in the UK twice, so the business side is (fairly well) understood however the process of getting the visa, and 'real' timelines are what I'm after. This is to aid business planning, so we can hire additional staff in the UK to cover my responsibilities, to gather as much info before I end up spending money on the applications(!) and to enable the planning on the new business subsidiary in Australia. If there is anyone out there that has either done / is doing the 132 stream or has done a previous business visa on a different stream I'd love to hear your experience. Clearly it will take a while... and I'm really excited! Many thanks, James
  24. Hi all, To cut a long story short, My wife and I are interested in a move to Perth, but I'm looking at other options in case WA decline my SS application. Is there much work for Business Analysts in Canberra? I notice the position is still open on the ACT SMP. Also, what kind of wages should I be looking at, and what would I need to support a family of 3 (my son is 3 years old) - we'd be renting, and needing at least one second hand car (assuming I can bike or get public transport to work. Finally, what's the turnaround time fro applying for SS and it being processed? Thanks for any help!
  25. crispysince70

    I've just bought my own business!!

    My previous employer offered for me to buy the barbers where I've been working about a month ago, so I jumped at the chance! It's in Moonah near Hobart, and was trading under the name The Celtic Barbers, but now has a brilliant new name called Jacko's Clip Joint! I've nearly completed my first week trading under my new name and all is going well! I can't believe how much has happened this year, what with getting our visa, selling my uk barbers shop, then doing the big move and now this. things seem to have just fallen into place. I'm hoping that next year's going to be even better, but I think It'll take some topping! Chris x