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Found 67 results

  1. Hi All I'm looking at completing a skills assessment for Occupational health and safety to come over on a 190 visa (~80 points). I have a degree in English and 6 years solid work experince plus a number of qualifications the biggest being Nebosh NGC. The below guidance is that in this situation an additional qualification amounting to AQF Diploma and 3 years experince will be enough where the degree is not highly relevant. Questions 1, has anyone had Nebosh NGC being recognized in a similar situation? (It is a year course which seems to align with AQF guidance on a diploma) Questions 2, has anyone had a positive outcome with a skills assessment where multiple industry qualifications have been taken in to consideration? Questions 3 does anyone have any general advise on how to proceed based on experince?
  2. MarkLdownunder

    190 Visa timings

    I am looking at applying offshore for 190 visa. I do not have a positive skills test yet but im planning ahead and would like to understand from someone in the know when is the best time to apply. I know there is a limited number of 190 visas per year, what i don't understand is how they are spread out across the year. i.e are they all released around December and run out or get low in march for example or is there a steady stream of them released through out the year and it doesn't matter when you submit the EOI etc?
  3. Hi Everyone, As the title explains really. I have 10 years experience in recruitment and have also owned my own business in recruitment for the last 5 years. Looking at a 190 visa and currently score 85 points from what I can see on the government website. Is there really no way of having 10 years experience outweigh the fact I don’t have a degree? TIA
  4. Hey guys! Ive applied for my 190 visa in April 2020 and the processing times keep getting extended by 3 months everytime the limit comes up. It's upto 14-17 months now! I'm worried that I'll need to do my medical, police checks etc again as they won't be valid. Feeling very frustrated that this is taking forever. Anyone have any updates or grants that say otherwise? Ive applied as an Onshore Chef in the NSW. Still haven't been assigned a case officer. Any good news would be welcome now. Cheers
  5. Hello all, This website was AMAZING for me when I was applying for my permanent residency. A lot of the information here helped me navigate the process of applying for and being granted my 190 visa by myself. My American friend is now in the same situation but is struggling to find a website similar to this one that's tailored to Americans. Can anyone point us in the right direction? Is there a group on this site that have US Citizens in the same position? She is trying to get her 189/190 visa (she's applying for both). She's a Civil Engineer and has all the points needed as well as confirmation from Engineers Australia that she's a qualified engineer. The biggest hurdle she's coming up against is the police check from the US. Does anyone know if the Federal check from the FBI will suffice or if she needs to get state and local ones as well....? Thanks in advance! You guys are awesome!
  6. Animals+Aus=Dreams

    Animal Attendants sponsorship

    Hi, I have an occupation that doesn’t seem promising for migration, but it is still on the list! Animal Attendant and Trainer... I hope that I get the chance to apply for regional 491 visa when things start moving again, with an EOI, skills assessment and English test done and waiting in the wings. If anyone has a similar occupations (in the 3’s), and has tried this route or similar route in the past, I’m curious how you found it went. I also wondered if animal or wildlife jobs are ever open to sponsorship for overseas applicants. This may be a bit of a far cry, but I can’t find the information anywhere else and hoped Pomz community could help. Thanks!
  7. Hi, Just wondering if anyone else has completed a skills assessment for Sales and Marketing Manager? Assessing authority AIM. Or is in the process of doing the full application after a successful skills assessment/been granted the 190 or 494 visa? Any advice or tips appreciated. About to do the skills assessment. Thank you, Lauren
  8. Hi Guys, I live here in Sydney. I have submitted EOI for both 189 and 190 for NSW. I work in a company as a Service Desk Technician any my work duties involve coding and other stuffs. I started working in this company from last year Oct. I did my study skill assessment on Developer Programmer. And I thought i will easily get my employment skill assessed as developer programmer. Therefore i claimed work points on my eoi before getting employment accessed. I received an 190 pre invite from NSW. And i submitted documents for further assessment. Then NSW ask for my employment skill assed as a Developer Programmer. Then I applied for employment access and ACS declined my claim and they suggested me to do employment skill access as ICT support Engineer. After this I thought my 190 pre invite will be invalid and i even email the situation to my state case officer. After few days he emailed me back saying everything is fine. My application was successful and send me invitation to apply for 190 visa. I was really confused. I emailed him back and explained all the cases and also told him that my employment was not accessed from ACS. But also he told me you nomination has been approved and you can apply for 190 visa. Now i am worried, should i apply for 190 visa now. Will my 190 visa will be rejected from Home Affairs? Can Someone please suggest me the best option now?
  9. Hi Friends, I am a specialist doctor and need some guidance on 189 or 190 visa application. I completed my specialty training from India and applied to AMC & RACP for assessment of my training/education. RACP found me fully comparable to an Australian trained specialist and after completing 12 months of peer-review practice, I got my specialist registration. Now I want to apply for 189/190 visa. I want to claim points for my previous work experience in medicine & the specialty field. I checked Govt immi website and it says assessing authority is Medical Board of Australia. But on Medical board website, there is no mention that they will assess the previous work experience for points in immigration. I have called them also and they confirmed that they do not assess previous experience. Please help with the below: 1) How to get points assessed for the previous work experience 2) Do I need to get around 80 points to get the invitation, or is it less for a doctor (as very few people apply in my occupation) Any help would be highly valued. Thanks!!
  10. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I need some clarification on claiming points for qualifications. In August 2018, I received positive skills assessment outcome from VETASSESS for Marketing Specialist occupation. The skills assessment was based on my work experience, and my bachelors and masters degree. However, after positive skills assessment, I received my PhD degree from an Australian university in December 2018. My PhD degree has not been assessed by VETASSESS. I have claimed 20 points for the PhD in my EOI and lodged 190 visa application in Jan 2019. Is it alright to claim points for a degree that was not part of the skills assessment outcome ? I have submitted my PhD degree certificate and transcripts as evidence. I appreciate your help and advice. Thank you
  11. Hi all, I have looked into this on various website and need some clarification. I don't know wether this is a loophole in the system or this is standard practice. If you lodge you expression of interest and get an invitation to apply. You have 60 days to apply, once you application has been submitted you then enter the country on a tourist visa. Once in the country a tourist visa you can then apply for a Bridging Visa. On the bridging visa it will give you the same work rights as a your previous visa ( 189/190 or whatever you are applying for). So the processing time (10months) can be spent in Australia not in the country where you applied from. Then after the 10 month processing time is up the PR is granted and you move from your Bridging Visa to the PR status....the only problem is that you cant work for the first 3 months. Is this correct and has anybody ever done this?
  12. Hi all, Any registered nurses waiting for 190 state nomination from SA?
  13. Pooja Negi

    189/190 VISA

    Hey Guys, I have submitted EOI for 189/190 visa on 17th July with 70 points for Registered Nurse (Critical care & emergency-254415). What are my chances of getting an invitation next month? Has anyone recently received an invite on the same points from NSW? Thanks in Advance!
  14. Hi! could you please let me know are there any changes on 190 visa in November 2019? I am planning to lodge EOI and State Sponsorship on July. Then is it affect to November visa changes? Thanks!
  15. Modasser Hossain

    Registered Nurse in Tasmania

    Hello Everyone, We are living and working here in tasmania. My wife has 55 points at this stage. She is going to finish her 1 yr exp and will get 5 pts and from state will get another 5 points. Is it possible to get any positive outcome with this 55+10=65 points. TIA
  16. Katie Sandford


    Hello everyone My husband and I are looking in to the possibility of emigrating to Australia and are already so confused about the best option, if we even have options that is! My husband currently works for the RAF as an Aircraft Avionics Techincian which is on the STSOL. We've been told by one agent that they're concerned his qualifications in this trade (currently NVQ level) may not be enough to match AQF level 4, but another has said this should be fine. He's thinking about studying for an Aeronautical Engineer degree which would then make him eligible for a 190 visa we believe, but ths is going to take him 3 years....will it still be on the list then?? This is our biggest concern. Also if we apply under the 189 visa, the only state open for his trade is NT, not actually somewhere we'd considered. We've recently spent time in WA and completely fell in love, so really this is where we'd like to end up in the long run. From my understanding, you can move after 2 years in the original state, is this correct? It's all a bit much at the moment and it's a lot of money to start the whole visa process...we don't want to make the wrong decision. I work for the Police which is absolutely no help to the application at all. Any advice anyone can offer would be amazing. Thank you
  17. Hello, I have claimed 65 points on my expression of interest, got invitation for 190 Visa and claimed 25 points on my age as I am 39. But, I have my 40th birthday on next week and I don't think that I can apply for Visa before my birthday. If I apply for visa after my 40th birthday, should I lose 10 points as I moved into 40-44 age group, which has only 15 points or I can claim 25 points as I was 39 years at the time of invitation? Are they calculating points for age at the time of invitation or when apply for Visa? I am bit disappointed as I need to get police clearance and health certificates and don't think that I can apply Visa before my 40th birthday. Thanks Aji
  18. Hi All, I was unable to find any page dedicated for a discussion about what to do after we receive visa 489/190 for SA. This page will be dedicated to all the queries related to, "what next once visa is granted". I recently received my visa sponsored by South Australia post which, I am planning to move to Adelaide with my wife around June end. As I am going to start my journey, I am really glad that I found this page which can help this transition be smooth. As we all know, it's a big risk to leave a good existing job and move to a new country and start everything from scratch which is why, I am a little worried/exited/anxious about how should I plan from here and all of you who are going to reply will play a big role in my upcoming decisions. Just a little bit about myself: I am a Tech-Lead (AWS | Azure | Web (Apache|NGINX) | Python scripting | DevOps) with 7+ years of experience with an IT company. For now, I would really appreciate if someone can guide me with below questions: 1. What is the ground reality of job situation in Adelaide for above skill set? 2. Some of you might know that CV/Resume in India and Australia are very different and I have heard that companies in Australia will first filter the resume (ATS powered algorithms) based on the keyword and it's quite difficult even to get an interview by stuffing your resume with the keywords mentioned in the job description; so what is the best way to make my resume to at least secure an interview, in short, any assistance will be heartily appreciated. 3. I need to rent an apartment in Adelaide and I have heard that we need to have some points (100 points is I know by now) to rent an apartment, so how do I manage to get them? 4. What are the documents I need to get a rented apartment apart from points? 5. What are the best websites/options to search a rented apartment in South Australia(specifically Adelaide)? 6. I will consider my self lucky if an IT person is reading my post and can forward my resume to their HR as I have heard contacts or reference are the best ways to secure an interview. In this case it would really be nice if you could drop me an email: prashu.swaroop@gmail.com Thank you in advance for your time:)
  19. Hi all, Been going through all the threads but none of them seem to address general times for registered nurses. I put in EOI for 70 points including superior English, any idea how long it will be for an invite? I can’t seem to find any statistics on 190 NSW invites at all, only for 189 visas. Thanks so much in advance, want to get back to oz so badly!
  20. Estimated Processing Time, 75% processed in the lower time currently 7 months and 90% processed in the longer time of 8 months. Does anyone have any idea what happens to the other 10%. our own application was submitted and paid on 22/12/17 we were asked to get police checks and medicals done in march then in june was asked for a subject access request certificate which was actually provided in march when the police certificates were done but went ahead and did same again, this was uploaded to immi account on 10/06/18 and heard nothing since. checked with acro and was told that immigration have not been in contact with them and if they do now its to late as police checks are out of date. have phoned DIBP countless times only to be told its being looked at, tried emailing gsm.allocated@homeaffairs.gov.au which is the address i have been given when calling but have only ever received an automated reply. The thing that really is getting to me is there does not seem to be a maximum length of time its as if for the 10% that are not dealt with within the specified time are ignored
  21. Hi all, I thought I would start a new topic for people with 189/190 visas lodged in the months of November and December 2017, in order to share our timelines and experience with the process. We lodged our 189 visa on the 22nd December 2017 and haven't heard anything back yet. We are hoping we can get a direct grant (without CO contact) since we front loaded all the required documentation and also because the lodgement was done via a migration agent so we are confident on the application being correct and complete. We were hoping we could get a grant by the start of March but we have seen today that the processing times on the Home Affairs website have been significantly increased (from 5-8 months to 9-12 months) so we are a bit upset about this. If anybody around here has similar timelines it would be great to hear your experience. Thanks Cristina
  22. cuzin james

    welding immigration

    hello i want to know if i could start a new career in welding so i can immigrate does taking a course in welding can make me pass the technical test for welding
  23. Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone has been able to get 190 visa from the NT as a Marketing Specialist. The Occupation is not on the NT occupation list but can still be applied for since it is on the Short term strategic occupation list. Cheers,
  24. Hi there! I am currently in year 2 studying occupational therapy in the UK. I'm looking ahead at what visa I could apply for when I graduate in June 2018 and the 189 Skilled Independent visa could be an option. I know that I need a minimum of 60 points and there's one question I'm not sure what I would fall under, which would mean that I meet the points or not: Qualifications A Bachelor degree from an Australian educational institution or a Bachelor qualification, from another educational institution that is of a recognised standard. 15 points. Does this mean from another educational institution in Australia?
 An award or qualification recognised by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated skilled occupation.
 10 points When I graduate I will get awarded a BSc in Occupational therapy, therefore will have a Bachelor qualification from the UK of a recognised standard and also recognised by the relevant assessing authority in Australia. I would also be applying as a graduate with no experience apart from my placements, but meeting the minimum 60 points if the answer to the qualification question is the bachelor degree. Is being a graduate with no work experience likely to make the visa more difficult to get? Has anyone got any recent experience as a graduate occupational therapist or a similar experience? Many thanks, Eloise
  25. Hi Just starting a new thread for anyone who has applied for a PR visa 189/190 after July. Mine is in - 190, State Nomination in QLD (onshore) with 80 points. Medicals booked next week. Still waiting for Aus post to deliver what are presumed clear background checks from U.K. Like everyone else, hoping for a quick turnaround ?