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Found 95 results

  1. Hi Everyone, As the title explains really. I have 10 years experience in recruitment and have also owned my own business in recruitment for the last 5 years. Looking at a 190 visa and currently score 85 points from what I can see on the government website. Is there really no way of having 10 years experience outweigh the fact I don’t have a degree? TIA
  2. Has anyone had any luck getting their 3 year teaching degree recognised? I have a BA (Hons) Professional Studies in Primary Education with QTS which is classed as a three year degree although it has the same content as a 4 year degree. The whole degree is in primary education and a requirement of undertaking it was that you already had two years experience of working in a primary school as a TA. Teaching Australia have said if I can prove it has same content they will consider (I'm not sure it will be as easy as this! and this they will still say no) Most universities in the UK now offer this type of degree and it's quite frustrating that although I now work as a qualified teacher in the UK that I will not be able to in Australia. Any help/advice will be appreciated. We cannot get into Australia any other way as my husbands trade (Asphalt Supervisor) is not recognised on trade list, I have an Auntie who would also be willing to sponsor me but if my degree cannot be recognised is that our hopes of emigrating to Australia dashed!:unsure::arghh:
  3. Evening all, I am starting my HND foundation degree in mechanical engineering alongside a level 4 NVQ next month with the hope that it will put me in a good position to progress into an engineering career in Victoria Australia. Are there any engineers on here who could give some good careers advice to somebody wanting to climb the ladder in Aussie engineering? More to the point what level of job should I be hoping to obtain with the HND level qualifications. I want to be looking into jobs well in advance but am not sure at what level they will give me the time of day. Graduate schemes etc. I am currently a Quality inspector for a large international company producing industrial gas turbine and Aero engine components, at the time of emigration I will have around 10 years experience within an engineering background. I will hopefully have Status metrology CMM qualifications also. Any help will be much appreciated
  4. CharlH

    3 Year teaching Degree??

    Hello all. I am a new user ... recommended by my Brother-in-law ... I have been researching moving to Australia to teach for a while but I am still rather confused as to the value of my Teaching Qualification. I have a 'BA Hons Early Years Education with Qualified Teacher Status' Degree - I am a fully qualified Early Years and Primary Teacher with QTS - My degree however was 3 years and from what I have gathered from research, to teach in Australia I will need a 4 year teaching degree. Please can someone clarify this for me? Don't want to get my hopes up if there is no chance! Thank you in advance for any advice given!
  5. lbooth

    EOI Confusion - Degree Level

    Hi All Wondering if anyone can help clarify - had a look at the EOI system today and just a bit confused about the "Qualifications" part - essentially my partner has a UK Masters degree in Engineering but our skills assessment from EA says this is the equivalent of an Australian Bachelors degree (weird but fine). So when it asks what level of qualification he has do I say its a Masters level (which matches his degree certificate) or a Bachelors level (as thats what EA say its worth)?? Be grateful to know if anyone else has had a similar situation and what you put. Many Thanks Lisa
  6. Hi Guys, I really want to move to Sydney to enjoy the weather and the surf but I don't have a degree! I only have a diploma which is one level lower than a degree. This rules me out from the independent visa so I was thinking about another way although I'm not sure if it will work? I plan on going to Sydney on a working holiday visa and interviewing with companies until I find one that will sponsor me. I am a Software Developer / engineer (on the skills shortage list) with 3 years experience. I am 26 years old and a male in good health. My question is, can an employer sponsor me for something like a 457 visa (I want to be in Sydney for at least 2 years) even though I don't have a degree. The skills shortage list says that my occupation requires a degree but I'm not sure if this matters if I can get sponsorship from within Australia? Thanks for reading :-) Andrew.
  7. Hi just wondering if anyone is in the same situation as me & can share their experiences / advice? I have a 3 year primary education degree with fully qualified teacher status from the Uk, along with 11 years teaching experience. Last year I applied to BOSTES for the statement of eligibility - got conditional status meaning I would have to complete further study but they state that I can teach casually with this I then applied to the DEC NSW for the approval to teach in state schools and was turned away - stating the fact that I only have a 3 year degree not a 4 year one as a reason for not giving me approval to teach. When I queried this they gave me 3 options - to do a whole degree again, to do a Masters of Teaching or to do a 4th year upgrade course, and was told to contact universities directly to find out what my options were. Well the ones I contacted had never heard of a ''4th year upgrade' course, and the others told me that they weren't able to decide if I could do a shortened course de to previous learning i.e. credit transfer as they said it was BOSTES who had to decide this because they're the ones that accredit the courses. When I spoke to BOSTES they then said that no it's up to the universities to decide which course /únits I would have to take! So I hit a brick wall! Also when I spoke to Randstad regarding getting supply teaching they said I would need the DEC teacher number to be registered for work with them, therefore can't teach just with the BOSTES statement as BOSTES themselves had advised! After further enquiry with BOSTES, they again said that I CAN teach just with the eligibility statement - only state schools require the DEC number, so I've been looking through the job ads for about a year now for schools that don't require the DEC number to apply for a job with them but ALL of them - state /independent/ etc request that uou have approval to teach or 'the ability to gain approval to teach'' Am I being completely thick about this whole thing or are BOSTES being completely misleading? Is there anyone out there who has got work casual or permanent state /independent schools with a 3 year teaching degree? Anyone had to complete further study and can advise me on which uni to speak to? Any advise or just a share of your own experience with this would be really helpful as Im trying to work out if we should stay here or best to return to the Uk - can't really afford to study with 2 young children at home as well. Thanks.
  8. Hello guys! I am new to the forum and just wanted some advice! I am planning on moving to Australia for a year once I have finished my final year at Uni here in the UK. I am studying a Hispanic Studies Degree (BA Hons) and me and my Spanish partner are interested in coming over in Sep/Oct 2015 on the working holiday visa. I just need some more info on how things work. Are there many translating jobs in Sydney? Is it relatively easy to set up jobs/interviews before-hand? Would looking for a job be my priority rather than looking for an apartment, as I would love to be able to work in Sydney but live around 20/30 mins away so things aren't too expensive. Advice would be much appreciated as we are now beginning to research into everything! Thank you!! :smile:
  9. Hello, can anyone help to clarify the Teaching degree situation for me. I have been told that my 3 year BA (Hons) degree in primary education will not be recognised in Australia and that i need to have done 4 years and have a PGCE. I have QTS in the uk and have taught for 5 years full time. Thanks Ruth
  10. flickerooo

    sponsorship without qualification?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum. I'm currently on a *417 visa, and just completed my rural work to do a second year. I really want to get a job while I am here that will sponsor me to stay, and what I want to do is web design. However the degree (and most experience) I have is in photography...is there any possibility of me starting out with a web design internship and working my way up to a job that would sponsor me? I'm trying to organise what to do and don't want to waste my time pursuing it if it's not going to get me anywhere I've read the section on the immigration website but got a bit overwhelmed by all the information and unsure on the specifics about having a degree. Anyone with any info/experience?
  11. roger2shirts

    University Funding

    I am wanting to do a post grad degree part time here and I am struggling to understand the funding. I am a permanent resident, having been here 3 years, do I qualify for a HEX / HEC student loan? Or do I need to be a citizen? Does anyone know how the uni funding / pay back student loan works here? I've found loads of confusing and contradictory information - but nothing really useful.
  12. I am here on a working holiday visa from the UK and have a business management degree. I would love to find work in a business environment or even in recruitment. However, I don't know what restrictions I have on my visa apart from the 6 month work limit for one company. I would like to gain a sponsorship and am looking for permanent residency. I don't know where to go to gain the information I need, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi, I am in my final year of an English degree in the UK. My partner is Australian and is in the forces so cannot move here. I am hoping to complete a GDL then move to Australia to practice as a lawyer, but I am struggling to find consistent information regarding the standing of a GDL over there. I understand that I will be required to do additional subjects, but am unsure of how many, the cost of this and how long this will take. I have spoken to the law admissions board of Vic and they stated that a GDL is considered to be of equal standing to a LLB. Then they will prescribe additional subjects then the full PLT. Is this information correct or am I really not understanding this correctly? Many thanks for any responses that may help me understand this a little better.
  14. Hi all, I have spoken to 3 different agents over the past week, trying to find one to help me complete my EOI online. During these conversations I have received conflicting advise as to how many points I will receive for my degree. I am a carpenter with a BA (Hons) in economics and a post graduate certificate in construction project management. Two agents have advised that I would be granted 15 points for an unrelated degree, whilst the other says only 10. How do I know who to believe? they are all MARA agents. Is there a definitive reference where I can find this information for myself as I don't want to take a gamble. Any advise would be appreciated.
  15. kazzo96

    Are law firms still sponsoring?

    I turned down a fairly good training contract opportunity in the UK on completion of my LLB (Bachelors) in hope that I could follow a new path here in Australia. After hearing many good stories that people were moving to Sydney and places alike, to practise Law. I understand there is a requirement to study a few modules in order to hold the relevant level of education in Australian Law, but am struggling to find any information or even job opportunities which may help in my decision to go to university here. The high international student fees worry me with no real prospect of actually finding a job at the end. At which point I get to my question as to whether anybody has any success stories in finding sponsorship in the legal sector or in fact know of any firms known for helping UK educated bodies in becoming a lawyer in Oz. Is is a bit of a far out question and Im really just trying my luck for a bit of a nudge in the right direction. Any replies will be so very kindly appreciated.
  16. Hiya all, just wondering if anyone can clarify something for me please? Heres the details to start incase that helps. Hubby has done a 2 year foundation degree and has then went on to do a full 3 year BA Honours Degree in Youth/Community Studies which he wil have completed around this time 2014. I have read different things about which grade you come away with affecting your chances of your degree being recognised by the assessing authority ( ie: a 3rd, a 2:2 or a 2:1 etc) .....does anyone know if the grade matters and if so does anyone definitely know what the minimum required is please as Im having a total wobble on.....:arghh:
  17. Hi All, I'm wondering which body to go with for submitting my skills assesment. I have a degree in Accounting & Finance and part qual ACCA and wondering which body will give me maximum chances of a positive assesment..... Which of them usually give a positive result? Ive read that they have differing criteria for assesment..... Whats your experience....:unsure:
  18. Hi All, I am looking to apply for the subclass 190 visa and manage to get the 60 points required on the skills test but I have been told by 2 migration agents that a HND or diploma level is required and another has said that a degree level is required to be eligible for the skills test. I have 3 -Levels and not sure whether they count for anything (Can't see what the Aussie equivalent would be) and also whether my industry qualification would count for anything? I am also looking to go for my CCNA but again I'm not sure if this is worth doing if it won't count for anything despite being a highly regarding industry qualification. Age - 27 Occupation - Customer service officer(SOL) (certifications - CompTIA A+) Knowledgeable with Windows OS, and Macintosh. Work experience -3 Years in IT Support Education - 3 A-Levels I appreciate there's probably a lot of these type of posts but some clarity on what level of education is actually required would really help! :arghh: Thanks all
  19. Hi All, Towards the end of the year I will be moving to Sydney. My company in London want to send me to their Sydney office to work for them. As I understand it, this will need to be done on a 457 visa. I am a Software Developer and the skilled occupations list says that I need a degree to be eligible for this occupation in Australia. I don't have a degree, I just have a diploma (one level lower) and have been working as a Software Developer for around 2.5 years. Will my lack of a degree be a problem. After all, I'll be doing the same job in Sydney as I'm doing in London and for the same employer. I'm not interested in permanent residency at this point in time. Thanks Chris
  20. Hi everyone. I'm currently in talks with a company in VIC who would like me to migrate to AUS and work for them. However, the two possible positions from the Consolidated Skills List for a visa would be "ICT Account Manager" or "ICT Business Development Manager" - both of which are group B, and require a degree according to VETASSESS, which I do not have. The company would like to employ me based on my 12 years of software development and 4 years product management experience with the software products that they sell, as they feel I would be a great asset to their team. My question therefore is two-fold: 1, can my experience be counted in lieu of a degree, given that it is in a highly-specialised and specific software field not easily found? 2, if not, could the company create a labour agreement for a specific job for me (such as product manager, which does not exist on the Consolidated Skills List) and remove the requirement for me to have a degree-educated background? Ideally I am looking for a Subclass 186 Employer Nominated Scheme visa. Any help/advice would be greatly received - I don't want to get my hopes up that this dream could happen until I know whether I can 'get round' the lack of a degree. Thanks! Neil
  21. Hi guys, hope all is well and you're having a good new years. I was hoping to get some advice from any of you that have been in a similar situation: I've just returned to Australia (Australian/British citizen) after having finished my master's in civil engineering in the UK, I received a 2:1 overall (~64%) and 69% in my final year project. My problem is that over here there's plenty of different grading schemes so how do people put down there result on their CV and how would I go about determining my equivalent grade? I know Australian Education International can provide assessment but I don't really have the $295 and 3 months time to wait if it's not necessary (the majority of graduate programs start opening in February-March). Also, I was hoping to get membership with Engineers Australia but unfortunately I was unable to pursue this before I left the UK due to my academic tutor having health problems. Is this likely to be something that employers look for? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. meezy
  22. Hi All, I am looking for young degree qualified microtunnel engineers for a company HQ'd in Melbourne, with projects in the NTs, and all down the East Coast to SA. This is a growth area for the client and they are investing heavily to see thsi division grow. These are FIFO roles on a 14/4 or 21/4 roster, depending on project to project. The PM needs project financials and contract admin experience. The super needs site management, team management and strong personality / comms skills. Relocation assistance, 457 visa sponsorship, initial accomodation and good salaries with large co benefits. Please PM me if interested - many thanks Adam
  23. mevans12

    Degree Syllabus

    Hi I'm a qualified CIMA Accountant and as part of my skills assessment have been asked to supply a copy of my degree syllabus even though my degree (which I did years ago) is not Accountancy related at all. I've been in contact with my university, but so far all they have been able to provide me with are photocopied pages from their prospectus at that time, which was 1992. I’ve emailed CPA to ask if this will be sufficient but have so far not had a response. Has any one had difficulty getting hold of degree syllabuses, and if they’ve not been able to do so, what have they done in this situation? Thanks
  24. We are possibly coming over to Oz on a 457. We are looking at all our options for PR in the future in case it doesn't work out or lead to ENS 856. DH has an occupation that is on a few of the State lists (I know this can change at any point). He has enough points and experience but the only problem is that he can't pass the skills assessment without a degree. Realistically our only option is the OU. Anyone know if this would work, or how to find out? Various internet searches haven't helped so far. Many thanks.
  25. Hi everyone, I will be graduating next year with an English law degree (hopefully getting a 2.1) and I want to know what my options are vis-a-vis immigration to Oz. Anyone out there with knowledge specific to law/other similar areas able to tell me what I should be doing after my degree to enhance my chances of getting a visa for permanent residence in Australia? Thanks!