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Found 30 results

  1. Hello All! Great site and full of useful information- which is great as I am now in a bit of a pickle..... I am Aussie and my partner Marc of 8 years is English. We have applied for a defacto visa and it is all going smoothly. The only thing is, we are returning to Australia in Jan 2013 (due to my job) but his visa isn't set to be granted until July 2013. (8-9 month waiting period) Please can you tell me which you think is the better option...... 1) Apply for a 12 month e676 Tourist Visa 2)Apply for the free, 3 month visitor visa and then apply for a 6 month e676 when in Australia? My logic behind it is that a 6 month 676 visa will easier to obtain and less chance of a medical etc... Please help, anyone who has done this or knows any info, it would be much appreciated. Thank you, Hannah :xmas7:
  2. Hey guys! Thanks for all your help with my visa issues up to this point. My British boyfriend and I recently logged a de facto visa and your help was so appreciated. i need to be back in Australia in early feb to start back at uni and our partner visa isn't due to be finalized until early June. My partner is going to come with me on a tourist visa. since feb- June is 5 months it would be ideal for us to apply for the 676 tourist visa that allows stays up to 6 months. however- I've read people have been declined on this visa because of 'recent time spent onshore'.. he has been to Australia on a tourist visa in early 2011 and on a working holiday visa in late 2011- feb 2012... So it has been almost a year since he was last onshore. does anyone know if this will count as recent time onshore? Has anyone had a tourist visa 676 6 month granted with more recent time onshore? if its going to be risky we will just apply for the tourist visa eta which is automatic for Brits! (Right?) thanks in advance
  3. My girlfriend and her daughter are about to apply for separate tourist visas for up to 12 months. We are just waiting to get the consent 1229 form sorted out and we now need to know exactly what else she needs to add in her application to ensure we get the full 12 months and no less. she has family in Gold Coast that they are going to be staying with so how much funds would they consider enough to prove? also, should she include an itinerary? Or is it enough to simply state that she is going to visit family? what else could they possibly ask for as she doesn't really have a lot of time for this to be delayed or declined etc. is there anyone that has been in a similar scenario that knows a lot about this? thanks
  4. Has anyone gone from a Subclass 676 Tourist visa to a 457 working holiday visa? Can you go from one to the other whilst living in Australia if you get offered a job once you're over there?
  5. Hi, Wondering if anyone has experience of the following - I have recently finished working on a 457 visa for a company. I applied for a 676 visa, hoping to get an extension on the long-stay tourist visa of 12 months. I have just come back from seeing an immigration officer with my paperwork. Instead they have granted an extension of three months until the end of Oct (and made me pay $290 for the priviledge), before I have to return to the UK. I was hoping to get a longer stay, as I was lead to believe that I could travel in and out of the country on a long-stay. This would have been ideal for two reasons - 1) I would have a longer time to look for sponsorship again. 2) I was supposed to be leaving the country at the end of August to go back to the UK for a friends wedding (tickets already paid for). The immigration officer made it clear that if I do leave the country before the end of three months, the 676 visa that I have been granted would automatically cease. When I asked if I would be able to re-enter Australia again on an e-Tourist visa, she said that she couldn't guarantee that. So I'm a little concerned that if I do head back for this wedding I might not be allowed back in (although I'm not sure why they wouldn't??). Has anyone else had experience of leaving the country on one visa, e.g a 676, and returning on another, e.g. an e-Tourist visa?? Any help or thoughts, would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I'm looking at the above two visas and trying to work out which one would be the most appropriate. I've already used a working holiday visa 5 years ago and am looking to go back to Australia with my other half. My partner is going to be getting a working holiday visa so she will be able to work and stay for a year. I would like to do the same, obviously minus the working. I have sufficient funds to see me through the whole year. Will it be possible to get either of these visas for a year? i did notice they offer them generally for 3 or 6 months but i want to stay longer. I have family in Australia that are happy to sponsor me however i have read that people only really use this visa if they are from a country that has history of people not leaving when their visa expires. Any experiences or help would be hugely appreciated. I am from the UK and currently live in London. Thanks Dave
  7. Hi guys, I have met a girl, Marina, from Ukraine on an online dating website and would like to bring her to Australia on a holiday. My question is essentially, how easy is it for her to get a tourist visa? Our long term plan, is for her to then return to Ukraine and lodge a Fiancee Visa if everything goes well between us. (I know some of you might be thinking scam alert :arghh:but we have spoken on the phone ,skype, email etc... and I have no reason to believe that it is). Some people have mentioned to me that it is almost impossible for Ukranian girls to obtain a tourist visa to Australia, especially if they do not have great "incentive to return" i.e. no assets and no well-paying jobs back home. Also, in applying for her tourist visa,Marina's travel agent has advised her to say that she does not know anyone in Australia. Otherwise the embassy will infer that we are in a relationship and she will have even less of an incentive to return to Ukraine and therefore not grant her the visa. However, I was planning to sign a Statutory Declaration saying that she is my friend (not my girlfriend but just friends) and that I would take care of all her financial needs while she is in Australia (1 month) and that she would be staying at my place during her holidays. And I would provide any necessary bank statements etc...Otherwise, she would be unable to meet the financial requirement of the visa. I have rung DIMIA and they said that this should be fine. DIMIA did not say that they would grant the visa, only that the statutory declaration will be enough to meet the financial requirement. I realise it would have been easier for me to fly to Ukraine to meet her but our initial thoughts were that we would meet in Australia and she would see how things are here etc... We have already booked her flight (although we could still cancel it, get a refund and meet in Ukraine if that was the only way to go). My other question is; If the tourist visa is refused, would that affect any future Fiancee visa application? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Dave
  8. Hi, I wonder if anyone could offer me any advice. My partner has been in Melbourne since May this year on a 457 visa. At the time of her application as I didn't qualify as defacto I came to Australia in August on a 12 month 676 tourist visa. I would like to change over my visa to be attached to her 457 to enable me to work but I have 8503 condition attached to my visa. I have called immigration for advice, and they said that I can only lodge an application outside of Australia. So as i see it my options are: 1) Try to get the 8503 condition waived - but as i understand it from the factcheet I don't really have a compelling reason to get this done, but is it worth trying anyway? 2) Leave Australia for a short break to NZ or Asia and lodge an application for a defacto 457 visa then come back in on my 676 visa as its valid until July 2011 Can anyone tell me if they have attempted either of these options before? My main concern is that if i left I wouldn't be able to get back in the country as immigration will notice that i've lodged another application and will question my 'tourist' status. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ian
  9. Simple question for you good folk: If I'm in Oz on a twelve month 676 tourist visa am I allowed to look for work and get sponsored on a 457 while in the country? Seems to be the easiest way to get out there and find work if so... Thanks! M1ller
  10. Hey, sorry if this info is already on here but i'm new to the forums. My partner is Australian and i'm from the UK we've been together 2 years. I used my working holiday visa when we first met. We have just had our offshore partner visa refused due to lacking of joint evidence like lease and utility bills. we have lived together both in Aus an UK however due to our circumstance were unable to get joint rental lease etc :-( My boyfriend is unable to come over to live in the UK at the moment due to personal reasons and we were thinking so we could get the evidence of living together that I should apply for a 676 and go over for 6 months so we can be together. Does anyone know whether we would be able to re apply for the partner visa onshore after 3months? we have loads of other evidence to show we are a genuine couple as the case officer told us if we just had bills etc for 3months then we would of been approved. Would be really grateful for some advice! Thanks guys! :-) seriously stressing out over all this! Hannah :-)
  11. rgrangana

    Finance requirement for 676 VISA

    Hello Can any one tell me how should the finance requirement for 676 visitor visa be assessed ? is it ok if applicant get funds transferred to his account from some one else to prove the finance capability? (in case she has son in Australia and he bare all her living expenses after 676 arrival.) Thanks RG
  12. Anyone successfully applied for a 2nd Tourist subclass 676 Visa for returning to Australia by going offshore to New Zealand instead of having to travel back to the UK?
  13. Guest

    Holiday Visa for Parent 676

    Do any other PIO have parents that regularly visit them for extended periods of time? My mum is unable to migrate permanently due to family balance. I read on another forum but unfortunately did not have a reply that their parents visited for 9 months every year. My understanding of the E676 visa was that if they spent 6 months in oz they must then spend 6 months out of oz. Is this the case, or would it be possible for mum to travel to oz for 9 months and then go home for 3 months.
  14. Guest

    Visa 676

    Hi my daughter is coming over to perth to stay for just over 3 mths, she is going to go for visa 676 but reading the website info it says she has to send heaps of info in with it is this true and what does she actually have to attach to the application, and does anyone know the timescale it takes for one of these visa's to come through. Thanks:biggrin:
  15. I'm desperately seeking advice for my mum and dad to help get them over to join my and my husband in Oz. I'm currently on a 457 and have been here for nearly 2 years - my employer has just agreed to sponsor me permanently but it could still be another year or more before that's approved and I'm able to sponsor my parents on a contributory parental visa. My mum has been offered a year long sabbatical from work so they've decided to throw caution to the wind and come out in August on a one year tourist 676 visa while we wait for my permanent visa to come through. Once out here, my mum also stands a good chance of getting sponsored on a 457 herself as she's a highly qualified university lecturer. Only problem is, their 676 has been slapped with a "no further stay" clause - meaning that she couldn't apply for another substantive visa while she's out here. Should she cancel the 676 and reapply for a 3 month ETA instead, then keep renewing it every 3 months until she finds work or the permanent visa is granted? I've heard its possible to stay in Oz as a tourist for longer periods if you leave the country (eg to NZ) at the end of your ETA, reapply for another ETA when outside the country and hop straight on a plane back to Oz once its approved? Would this arouse suspicion with the immigration authorities? They have no intention of breaking the conditions of the 676 visa but don't want to be trapped into it if the offer of a job or chance to lodge their permanent application comes up before the 676 visa expires. If anyone has experienced the same issue and knows a way to get around it, I would really appreciate hearing from you. They are in a bit of a tizz about what to do and I want to make sure I'm giving them the right advice. Should they speak to a migration lawyer? I'd be hugely grateful for any help!!
  16. Need some advice again friends!! I am in australia now with 676 tourist visa which will expire on May 2011. Before I had plan to apply for 175 visa from UK when I will be back after this tourist visa ends. But now change my mind and thinking of applying 175 visa while I am in Australia before my current 676 visa expire. I don't have "8503 - No further Stay" condition with this tourist visa. I am not a UK citizen but living there with post study Tier 1 visa which expires begining of next year. Will I be able to apply for 175 visa? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi Pomsinoz! This is my first post here. I was referred to this website by a person answering some of my questions on YahooAnswers. He said someone would be able to advise me (including offical migration agents) regarding the best visa option for my girlfriend coming to Oz. I will start by giving some background: My girlfriend is Spanish (I know this website is for British citizens but I thought someone could help me anyway, as the policies are probably fairly similar) and she is planning on coming here to visit me for roughly 6 months from Dec 2010 to mid 2011. From all the research I have done on the immi.gov.au website it seems that her best option is to apply for a 6 month long stay tourist visa (subclass 676). We cannot apply for defacto status as we have only been together for approximately 8 months. She will be living at my house (in Melbourne) for free. I know from research that she must prove she has enough funds to support herself for 6 months in Oz. She will have in her bank account the equivalent of about $3,000 - $3,500 AUD. Also i was told that I can sponsor her. I am happy to do this of course. I am working part time but I have about $8000 AUD in my bank. Now that you have the background i have a few questions: Do you think that is enough money between the two of us to prove she will not be tempted to work for her 6 months in OZ? Also what should I be doing on my end as a supporter/sponsor for her? What i mean by that is in her application does she have to say i will be sponsering her and SHE has to provide MY bank statements? What other documents should she/I provide to increase our chances? Is it possible to extend her 6 month 676 visa for another 6 months while she is here in Oz? What are the chances of this happening? Thank you so much in advance! Regards Ray
  18. fremarco

    Subclass 676 questions

    Hi everyone. This is my first posting so apologies if these questions have been asked before. Both our sons are now Australian citizens, and we are in the queue for parent visas (103) Only 7700 in front of us now!!! Our eldest has asked us to go over, on a long stay 676 visa, to look after our grandchildren to give him and his wife more time to expand their business. Although we won't to be paid for this, is this still classed as work, and should we declare it on our application? Secondly, if the visa is granted, when does it start? i.e. if I was granted it today, could we start it in March/April? Thanks all. I have brain ache now after scouring the forum and immi site for answers Fred
  19. Guest

    Tourist Visa 676 Question

    Hi there, just wanted some advice, or maybe some reassurance! I am planning on coming to Australia to visit my pregnant girlfriend (she didn't realise till she left the UK!!) Now, I have a criminal conviction from 4 years ago, to which I sentenced to 9 months for. It was basically for fraud. An idiotic and stupid time in my life where I just went completely off the rails. Have never been in trouble before, will never be in trouble again. When I read that the evisitor said about must not have criminal convictions or be sentenced for over 12 months, I thought fine,I don't have that. I then noticed that you have to fill in a passenger card on the aeroplane which asks if you have any convictions. After doing a tad more research I decided on applying for the tourist visa 676 short stay instead. That way I figured I could declare my convictions before leaving the country and hopefully avoid doing the 23 hour flight to be turned away at the door, so to speak. Does this seem like the right course of action? I won't be going with a huge amount of money as my accommodation and food will all be covered. My parents in the UK have agreed to write a letter stating that they would cover any additional/unforeseen costs whilst I am there and my girlfriends parents have written a letter stating that I will be staying there rent free. I will probably take around $1000 cash. Will this be enough to cover 'sufficient funds'? It's a nightmare, really. All I want to do is be there to give her some support. Thanks in advance Rich. *edit* Forgot to mention I will probably be staying for about 6 weeks.
  20. Hi Folks, We are in Oz with our children and their families waiting for a decision on our 143 CPV visa application. We need to leave Oz to renew our 676 tourist visa for another 12 months and have decided to go to Auckland to carry this out. I guess a good few of you will have done this before so would welcome advice and comments about what to do/not to do, how long it takes, any bad experiences etc. Cheers TinaL
  21. hi can anyone tell me if my son can apply in oz for a 676 visa as his working holiday visa is about to run out ? any help please juliep
  22. VictoriaP

    Aged Parent on Tourist visa 676

    Hi there, Can anyone help with my questions please. My case is: We are hoping to emigrate to Melbourne on a Employer Sponsor Visa this year, my Mum will be left in the UK on her own and I want to get her to Oz on a perm basis asap. I know that we have to be PR for sometime before we can sponsor her, the timescales are a bit vague, it used to be 2 years and now can be less if you can prove you are settled. Can my Mum come for 12 months on tourist visa, then apply for Cont Aged Parent Visa (once we can sponsor) and stay in Oz while it's being processed? If not, after the tourist visa expires, can she apply for another one? Thanks for any advice you can give. Victoria :biggrin:
  23. Guest

    Applying for touirst visa 676

    I would like my brother to visit me here in Australia. I am not sure if he could easily get a 676 tourist visa. Some of my friends here are saying that he is too young to get approved because the immigration will think that he might stay longer or might not come back. But my only purpose is for him to visit me because it's been awhile since the last time we saw each other. I was planning to get him 1 year multiple entry. It's his first visa application ever and never experienced going out of the country. The only thing I can assure the immigration that he'll come back is his family. He has a wife and a kid in the philipines that will not come with him. Is applying for a 1 year visa w/ multiple entry is advisable in very first application or it's better to get the 3-month stay only. I want him to get the one year though, but i'm afraid he may not be granted. Any advise guys? I will really appreciate. Thanks in advance! By the way, I am not a resident yet. I am just holding a 457 working visa and got my mom thrice though I was just having the said visa.
  24. beastmaster2452

    676 tourist visa

    G-Day POMSINOZ, Can anyone advise me on the following, my inlaws have been granted there 12 month 676 tourist visa (details in blue & red below). Where I have high lighted in red, does this mean that my inlaws could come over in XMAS 2009 (as planned), stay at my house then go to New Zealand in August 2010 for 2 weeks then return before 11 Sep 2010 to OZ and stay for a further 12 months. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Matt :biggrin: Immigration and Citizenship Date: 11 September 2009 I refer to the application for a Class TR (Tourist) visa for ...MR BLOGS.................................. I am pleased to advise that ..MR BLOGS.......................... has been granted a Subclass 676 Tourist visa. This letter contains important information about the period for which the Subclass 676 Tourist visa is in effect and conditions that attach to that visa. As the visa holder, ........MR.......BLOGS........................................ should carefully read and understand the information provided in this letter. If the visa holder has any concerns or questions about the information provided in this letter, they should contact the office that granted the visa before travelling to Australia. It is recommended that the visa holder keeps a copy of this letter for their personal records and should also carry this letter with them when they are in Australia. If the visa holder is travelling to Australia with members of their immediate family who also applied for a Tourist visa over the Internet, they also must have received a letter advising them of a visa grant. VISA INFORMATION As this Subclass 676 Tourist visa has been granted electronically, the visa holder will not have a visa label placed in their passport. The visa and passport details are electronically recorded on the Australian Entry System for visitors. When the visa holder arrives at an airport to check-in on a flight to Australia, the airline check-in staff can electronically confirm that the visa holder has authority to travel to, enter and remain in Australia. Visa grant number: The visa grant number is a unique number that was assigned to this Subclass 676 Tourist visa when it was granted.. The visa holder should keep this number with them as they may have to provide it to an officer of the Department while they are in Australia. The visa grant number/s associated with this application is/are: Period for which the visa is to remain in effect The Subclass 676 Tourist visa allows the visa holder to travel to and enter Australia on more than 1 occasion until 11 September 2010. The visa holder is permitted to remain in Australia, after each entry, for a period of 12 Months. Please note that in some circumstances the number of occasions the visa holder is permitted to travel to and enter Australia and/or the period within which the visa holder is permitted to remain in Australia, will differ from what was requested by the visa holder in his/her Class TR visa application. The number of occasions the visa applicant is permitted to travel to and enter Australia and/or the period within which the visa holder is permitted to remain in Australia cannot be changed once the visa has been granted. It is important that the visa holder does not remain in Australia after their Subclass 676 Tourist visa ceases. If they do so, they will become an unlawful non-citizen and must be detained and removed from Australia (unless they make a valid application for, and are granted, a visa of another class). Visa Conditions: The Subclass 676 Tourist visa has been granted with the following conditions. NO WORK - 8101 You must not engage in work in Australia. "Work" means an activity that, in Australia, normally attracts remuneration. MAXIMUM 3 MONTHS STUDY - 8201 While in Australia you must not engage in any studies or training for more than 3 months. X-RAY IF INTEND TO STUDY - 8205 If you are at least 11 years of age and you intend to study in a class-room environment for a period greater than 4 weeks, you must, before commencing that study, pass a chest X-ray examination carried out by a medical practitioner who is qualified as a radiologist. NO FURTHER STAY - 8503 You will not be entitled to be granted a substantive visa other than a Protection visa, while you remain in Australia. It is very important that the visa holder understands and abides by their visa conditions. If the visa holder does not abide by their visa conditions, their visa may be cancelled and they will become an unlawful non-citizen and must be detained and removed from Australia (unless they make a valid application for, and are granted, a visa of another class). If the visa holder has any questions or concerns about when their visa is in effect and/or their visa conditions, they should e-mail the Helpdesk at eVisa.676.Helpdesk@immi.gov.au or contact an office of the Department. For contact details go to Contact Us - Department of Immigration and Citizenship
  25. Hello could anyone help us please!!! my husband has divorced me before a couple of years and got married to another woman for his parents wish, now he wants to call me and our son back with him to australia. He is planning to sponsor our son on child visa and then apply for contributory parent visa for me via my son's child visa now the problem is i cant wait here in uk for 2 years with out my son until i can get the parent visa applied, my son is too young he is 3.5 years old and he never been with anyone except me. more over in the past years only thing that kept me goign and alive was my son, seeing him and being with him get me out off the hurts i was in since the divorce, now if my son has to leave me i dont know how i am going to survey here that too for 2 years long. now the question is, is it possible for us to apply for child visa for my son and apply for parent visa same time by requesting tat my son cant stay there alone as his father works 2 jobs day and night shift a day, i gotta be with my son, he cant leave me as he hasnt been with anyone else than me. can anyone help please, do i really have to wait for 2 years since the date my son leaves to aus or could i go there to my husband along with my son on tourist visa 676 and get the parent visa applied after the 2 years or should i apply for the parent visa same time when we apply for child visa and get there on tourist visa, am really confused please help. thankyou Claudya