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  1. Form 80: where does it go?

    Will sound silly but I uploaded it in 2 different places to guarantee they spotted it. Only because I read so many stories of DIBP requesting documents that have already been uploaded onto their system. Uploaded under the following headings: 1. Character, Evidence of (together with my police checks and form 1221) 2. Form 80 Particulars for personal character assessment
  2. ***Psych Nurse Visa 189 Journey***

    22/2/17 AHPRA app. rcvd...

    22/5/17 AHPRA rqts more info & approval to consider app. beyond 90 days....

    01/6/17 AHPRA full reg.....

    20/7/17 PTE A - L:84; R:90; W:90: S:78 (for ANMAC)....

    23/8/17 ANMAC app & evidence rcvd...

    1/9/17 ANMAC positive skills assessment result....

    2/9/17IELTS Gen L:8; R;8; W:8; S:9 - Superior English (boost visa points)...

    4/9/17 EOI submitted (65pts)..

    20/9/17 Invite rcvd...

    3/10/17 Visa app. lodged (PCC + medicals + forms 80 & 1221 front loaded)...

    🇦🇺Visa Granted 17/11/17 🎉😁

    1. Nursing visa 189 - degree?

      1. You are correct in stating that you would only need a modified skills assessment as you are already registered with AHPRA. 2. You do not need to complete an English Test for ANMAC as you already have AHPRA registration. 3. You just need an English Test to increase your points for your visa. As you have 45 points, you need to get maximum 20 points = Superior English. In each of the four test components (speaking, reading, listening and writing) -for IELTS General or Academic (8 and above) -PTE Academic (79 and above) -OET (A's) -TOEFL 28L, 29R, 26S, 30W Hope that helps 🙂

      Maybe re-take the PTE-Academic or just complete IELTS general (which I personally found easier) to increase your English Language points to get superior.
    3. SkillSelect invitation rounds and 189 Visa

      Yes I think they make allowances and share invites between the occupation groups to avoid all the invites going to popular occupations with high points. According to the Skills Select web page: "Invitations are issued automatically by the SkillSelect system to the highest ranking EOIs, subject to occupation ceilings. This means there will be a limit on how many EOIs can be selected for skilled migration from an occupation group. This ensures that the skilled migration programme is not dominated by a small number of occupations. Once this limit is reached, no further invitations for that particular occupation group will be issued for that programme year. Invitations will then be allocated to intending migrants in other occupation groups even if they are lower ranking."
    4. SkillSelect invitation rounds and 189 Visa

      Unfortunately, we don't get to see where we are ranked. Basically, the more points you have, the quicker you get an invite. Depending on how many invitations are being issued for that particular round-the great news is that some occupations e.g. nurses don't need that many points to be invited. I only had 65 and received an invitation on the 1st round 🙂
    5. Anmac

      Thank you 🙂
    6. ANMAC professioal reffrnc

      1. Also, the person who did your reference needs to be a registered nurse/midwife.This should be clearly stated on the reference. 2. You need to include professional development courses or training you have done so far e.g. First Aid practical training on xxx date for xx hours...manual handling e-learning xx hours...I got a letter from my hospital's professional development team as evidence
    7. Registering as a midwife in australia

      Re: ANMAC You do not need an ANMAC skills assessment as you already have pr via your partner. ANMAC is only needed for skilled visa applications. Re: AHPRA You would need to meet the registration standards outlined on their website; 1. Criminal history -via fit2Work 2. English language skills 3. Professional indemnity insurance arrangements -just agree to say you will be covered by your employer when you start working in Aus. 4. recency of practice a) you need to get UK Nursing and Midwifery Council to send a Certificate of Good Standing to AHPRA (see NMC website working abroad) b) you need a professional reference from your manager/supervisor (who has to be a nurse/midwife) + minimum 3 months full-time employment
    8. Nursing visa 189 - degree?

      No - an English test is not required for AHPRA if you can provide evidence of completing 5 years full time education taught and assessed in English (including a minimum of 2 years in a pre-registration nursing programme).See AHPRA website for full English language skills requirements. I only completed a Pearsons Academic English Test for ANMAC to get a positive skills assessment) and to bump up my visa points.
    9. Anmac

      Hi all, Quick question about ANMAC process: Will the email stating assessment is complete specify the outcome? Will the email have the reference number needed for the EOI? i.e. Will it say whether the applicant is suitable for migration or not? Looking to put in my EOI asap. thanks in advance
    10. AGOS 40 Form

      Hello, from a psych nurse perspective - this is how I met criterion 8: 1. Ask the University to do a detailed letter on official letter head with contact details of who AHPRA can contact. The letter can be sent by your university directly to AHPRA or you can get it certified and attach it with your application form. Explain to your university that the letter needs to specifically detail how medicines management was assessed and the results you received during nursing training. You can get specific information relating to your situation and course from academic transcripts and university student handbook. 2. I also sent this to AHPRA as evidence: - a copy of my university student nursing handbook (the university can provide you with this) -a copy of my nursing placement documents which the mentors signed off during each placement to say I administered medicines correctly, etc. as evidence with my application form. Below is a draft letter I sent my university which I then sent off to AHPRA to meet criterion 8: Confirmation of medicines management assessment and results: Applicant/ Student name: xx Student I.D. xx Course: Bachelor of Nursing (Mental Health) Course dates: xxx - xxx a) Drug calculations Year 1 : Method of assessment e.g. online medication calculation exam Result attained e.g. 100% pass Year 2, 3 etc. b) Medication management exams Year 2 – Medication Management Module Code 02 24129 3 hour exam (with 1 hour drug calculations) Result attained: xxx (pass) (See academic transcript) Module description (See student handbook attached): This module aims to continue preparation of student nurses from all fields of practice to deliver medications to their patients and service users safely. This module will introduce the relevant aspects of law, clinical governance, ethics and mental capacity, pharmacology and drug development, and psychology. The students will gain an understanding of how drugs are developed, how they work (pharmacokinetics - bodily absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs), an understanding of common drug benefits and side effects (pharmacodynamics - the biochemical and physiological effects of drugs and the mechanisms of their action in the body), and factors that affect patient choice and concordance. Year 3 – The Effective Practitioner (MH) xxx 3 hour exam (with 1 hour health related numerical calculations) Result attained: xxx% (pass) (See academic transcript) Module description (See student handbook attached): This module will enable students to promote physical health and mental well-being for people with mental health problems. Within this module, students will develop the skills needed for interdisciplinary team working; including service user and carer led teaching sessions. Students will continue to build on their knowledge and skills in working with individuals with mental health needs in order to maintain health and safety for themselves, their carers’ and their communities. c) Continuous assessment in clinical practice during each clinical placement in years 1, 2 and 3, correct and safe medication management (including calculations, administration, ordering, receiving, storing, and disposal, maintaining accurate administration records, assessing and supervision of self-administration) was continuously assessed in clinical placements by clinical mentors. (See attached records of essential skills). Hope this helps
    11. Aphra before visa grant?

      To meet the minimum identity requirements: I applied for an Australian e-visitor visa online, once that was granted I then submitted certified copies of my UK passport plus the copy of e-visitor grant letter (category A), UK drivers license (category B). (P.s. I hadn't submitted an EOI or applied for a permanent visa when AHPRA registration was granted) For full I.D requirements to get full registration: they would need certified copies of an Australian drivers licence, Aus bank card/account details, Medicare card, etc. Depending on your situation-these can be accessed during a visit to Aus.
    12. What visa is best for visiting my partner?

      Hi Millie- Maybe go for the e-visitor (subclass 651)? I too have been to Australia on a 1 year working holiday (sub-class visa 417) in 2011-2012. I have been back to Australia on several occasions on an e-visitor visa (sub-class 651) for up to 3 months each visit in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. I have never had any problems (I am a UK citizen) visiting my partner (Aus citizen). -They have never ask me for any ties to the UK, finances, etc. They just asked me who I was coming to see and address at immigration once. -It is worth noting: No working with the e-visitor visa though
    13. ANMAC processing times reduced😄

      ANMAC now showing on their website 9-11 weeks for skills assessments for nurses and midwives 😁 Glad they have reduced the processing times