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  1. AGOS 40 Form

    Hi Emil, unfortunately, I no longer have copies of my course transcripts and outline to send. My university sent me paper copies which I then forwarded to AHPRA. maybe try contacting your university and they can send you some?
  2. AHPRA

    Hang in there guys.. dealing with the NMC and “lost” COGS was the hardest part of the whole process.. Lisa Cherry is an absolute gem! she will email case officers as soon as she receives your requests 😃just don’t forget to give her your AHPRA/ANMAC reference numbers, case officer details, full name, date of birth etc. So they will link the COGS to your application. Once you are over this hurdle, and registered-everything else just fell into place 😃
  3. AHPRA

    Hello, I had such a difficult time with the NMC verifications team as AHPRA never seemed to get my certificate of good standing (COGS). In the end I did all of the following: 1. Requested a new COGS: *I had a copy sent to 3 different AHPRA addresses Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. This is because although one AHPRA office may receive your application, it may get processed by another office which handles international applications. E.g. My application was submitted to Adelaide office but processed by Melbourne. *To maximise the chances of AHPRA linking your COGS to your application: Ask the NMC to provide your AHPRA application/reference number, full name, date of birth, UK postal address, NMC pin on any letters sent to AHPRA. Option 2 worked best after AHPRA still didn’t receive any of my COGS and were about to withdraw my application. 2. Email Lisa Cherry (Lisa.Cherry@nmc-uk.org) from the NMC verifications team. In case she is off, copy in the whole NMC verifications team into the email: (Verifications@nmc-uk.org) *Ask her to directly email a copy of your COGS to your AHPRA case officer. *In your email to Lisa Cherry, state the following: -you urgently require a COGS to be resent or your AHPRA application will be withdrawn. -you have requested multiple COGS from NMC which AHPRA have not received -provide your AHPRA application/reference number, full name, date of birth, UK address, NMC PIN number, etc. Good Luck!
  4. Help Please!!!!

    Lol it wasn't too bad-After gaining post-qualified experience, the whole process to getting a visa grant took 8 months in total. AHPRA nurse registration took the most time as they require a lot of detailed information. Bear in mind though that after you get AHPRA registration in principle, they only give you 3 months to "present in person" with Aus ID at an AHPRA office in order to get full registration. On the positive side, ANMAC skills assessment only took a week after they received all the documents 🙂 Lengthy process, but well worth it 😁
  5. 189 - police check question

    As stated above: For visa purposes you need a new national police check - via ACRO (online) if you are in the UK
  6. Help Please!!!!

    Hello, this is the stages I went through 1. Gain 3 months full time work experience (minimum required for AHPRA nurse registration) 2. A) Whilst gaining experience-collect certified copies of degree, academic transcripts, course outline, ask uni to do letter medication management tests/exams taken, uni reference etc. These are needed for AHPRA. ANMAC now accept scanned original documents. Also get employement professional references/ statement of service, payslips, p60's together. B) Request NMC to send certificate of good standing to AHPRA and ANMAC. 3. PTE Academic/IELTS Academic 4. AHPRA registration 5. ANMAC skills assessment 6. Police checks and medicals completed 7. Submitted expression of interest 8. Invitation received 9. Application for visa lodged with police checks, medicals, forms 80 and 1221 front-loaded 10. Visa granted (direct grant) 11. Search for jobs, big move
  7. IELTS Test

    Hello, Maybe you could try PTE Academic? Some find the format easier. Plus you get quicker results.
  8. Invitation

    Hello, according to Skills Select- the next invitation round is anticipated to run on 3 January 2018. http://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/Trav/Work/Skil
  9. Nurse skilled independent 189

    Just noticed your points breakdown: Education = 25 points? For education, the points only go up to 20 - for a PhD doctorate degree. Please double check this to avoid over-claiming and your visa being refused.
  10. I would definitely recommend uploading a signed copy of your CV. I submitted it as it contained all my relevant professional work history, education and training. This went under the character documents along with my police checks and form 80. I looked at it this way: if the website mentioned it, the case officer will probably ask for it- so I just uploaded it. work experience is definitely helpful. The only thing is that the case officer may potentially decide it needs "verification" with your employer, etc. I've read that some people's employers were contacted for work experience verification - which may/ may not take some time- depending on how quickly the employer responds to their requests. Whilst others with work experience did not get any employement verification at all. It's a luck of the draw really. best wishes in your application:)
  11. 189 granted in 44 days (direct grant). Breakdown: -Single applicant; profession-mental health nurse -65 points (age =30; bachelors degree =15; IELTS g. superior English =20 points) - No claims for work experience. -Front-loaded every single document I thought they might need (including forms 80, 1221, police checks, medicals).
  12. Uploading documents?

    Yes - after you pay the application fee. You then attach and upload your documents
  13. How to apply through immiaccount

    You need to wait to be invited to apply for the 189 visa. When you receive an invitation via Skills Select, you will be notified via email and your EOI status will change to "invited". A button that says "Apply for visa" will appear next to your EOI. When you click that button, it will take you to a direct link to your immi-account where you can start your visa application.
  14. Pass medical?

    Unfortunately, I think medicals include a general eye examination. When I completed my medical in Birmingham (UK) on 4/10/17, it included a general eye test - reading letters off a standard eye chart. Best to declare any pre-existing conditions upfront and take any medical reports with you. I got my GP to write a letter stating my health condition was stable and I have not needed any treatment/medication for years.
  15. aphra..do u need a job first now?

    No I don't think so. As of 1/6/17, I am fully registered with AHPRA and did not have a job offer from any company/hospital in Australia throughout the application process. I'm still yet to start applying for jobs in Australia.