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  1. PsychNurse

    AHPRA - Criterion 8

    Hi Dale, For criterion 8, I think they need in-depth detail regarding how you were actually assessed for medicines management as well as the results you obtained. To meet this criterion I did the following: 1) Drafted a letter to my University which contains all the detail AHPRA needs. The University then simply put a letter head and signature and then I sent it to AHPRA. The letter was broken down into each year, how medicines management was assessed in the module (including drug calculations), brief description of the module which should mention things like pharmakinetics & pharmacodynamics (I got this from the student handbook) and what results I obtained. 2) Attached copies of academic transcripts to corroborate the results in the letter 3) Attached a copy of my record of essential clinical skills. This is a document which we used during our course for clinical mentors to sign off to say we had completed medicines management things like administering medication correctly, etc. I think all universities have one (probably under a different name) as an NMC requirement This document supported that I had been assessed continuously on medicines management during clinical placement throughout my 3 years. 4) Attached a copy of my course student handbook Don't give up, keep nagging your university! The lecturer who directly taught the medicines management modules is always a good start. Good luck
  2. PsychNurse

    Question about nursing experience required

    Hello, Its only the experience you gain after you graduate and qualify as a nurse that counts. However for the 189 visa, I found I only needed 3 months work experience to register for AHPRA and then did the modified skills assessment with ANMAC. Other visas e.g. the state sponsored visas-you would definitely need more experience for them to even consider nominating you for a visa. I would definitely recommend getting more work experience as it makes you more employable when you move over to Australia. Otherwise you would be competing with Australian-trained newly qualified nurses.
  3. PsychNurse

    AHPRA document for Accreditation requirements

    Ask your university to give u a copy of a letter from the NMC confirming get they are accredited
  4. PsychNurse

    AHPRA document for Accreditation requirements

    Hi ya, To meet criterion 2 and 3: Your university needs to supply you/ or send a letter directly to AHPRA stating the following: -the NMC reviewed/checked your nursing program while you were studying there/ at any point in the past 5 years -your university is registered (I.e.accredited) by the NMC to teach the nursing degree -the nursing program you completed is approved by the NMC for nurse registration hope this helps
  5. Hi Iron Chef - year of manufacture 2006 - make, model & variant Mercedes SLK 200 Kompressor - body type (coupe, convertible, etc) Covertible - engine size & fuel type 1.8litre, petrol - transmission Automatic - drive type (4WD, front wheel drive, etc) front wheel - mileage 125528kms / 78000miles - any special features, options or modification No - does it have aircon? Yes - realistic current UK market value £5000 - Australian RedBook value (www.redbook.com.au - click through to the page with 'Private Price Guide', 'Trade In Price Guide' and 'Price When New' listed, then tell us the 'Private Price Guide' range) $12,100 - $14,600 - Australian market value (http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/search.aspx - search for the closest matching vehicle) $13,900 - which Australian state/city Adelaide Thank you in advance ?
  6. PsychNurse

    What education to include EOI 189 Nursing visa

    For your visa application- they accept colour original copies uploaded with your application online. This does not need to be certified as they can check with ANMAC
  7. PsychNurse

    Newly qualified nursing in Australia

    Hello, To register as a nurse in Australia-AHPRA require minimum 3 months full time work experience post-registration. To apply for a skills assessment for a skilled visa - ANMAC require minimum 3 months full time work experience post-registration to be deemed suitable for skilled migration. You may struggle to get a full-time job without any work experience as you will be competing with newly qualified Australian graduates. You can always try registering with a nursing agency. good luck with your course ?
  8. PsychNurse

    PTE exam

    JetBlast is spot on. They just need the 4 communicative skills. From the second test-she has over 79 in listening, reading, speaking and writing = 20 points. she therefore doesn’t need to combine anything/do another test! .
  9. PsychNurse

    Occupational Therapists

    As others have stated, it is so hard to predict. From a nursing perspective, even UK/foreign nurses are now struggling to secure permanent jobs in Australia. We are competing with plenty of Australian graduates. When I started my course back in 2013, nurses were very much in demand. Things like skilled occupation lists, points required to receive an invitation for a visa, etc. change so quickly. There are some Registered Migration Agents and OT’s in the forum who may be better placed to advise you. But I highly recommend you do a course you’ll enjoy that leads to a career you actually want to pursue.
  10. PsychNurse

    Nursing Registration: applicants must present within three months

    That’s amazing! You must be so chaffed to have it all sorted in such record time. Please ignore that last bit about getting extra copies certified for the ANMAC and the visa application. I’m pretty sure you can now upload original colour documents of supporting documents for both ANMAC (now online) and your visa application. They do not need to be certified. I’m sure someone will be along to correct me if i’m wrong. 30degrees and ? - wowwww! You timed your trip perfectly. Enjoy the amazing weather and your trip best wishes
  11. PsychNurse

    Migrating & leaving the nest at the same time?

    Yes- I am emigrating on my own too. I visited SA in 2012 on a working holiday visa and instantly fell in love! I now visit every year for holidays as I have extended family in Victoria but looking to stay in SA. It’s a pretty nerve-wrecking move but I reckon it’s the right decision for me in terms of work-life balance and escaping the snow ? I’ve met so many people who wish they had taken the chance to move to Aus when they had it. Indeed, the visa application and waiting for a grant is a lengthy process-but it will be worth it. Good luck!
  12. PsychNurse

    189/190 visa processing from March 2018

    Hi ya, have you submitted an Expression of interest via Skills Select? You can only apply for the 189 visa after being “invited” to apply
  13. PsychNurse

    Nursing Registration: applicants must present within three months

    Hello, yes you can sign a statutory declaration for both the COGS and the criminal record check. option 1 - sign a statutory declaration here (UK or your home country) and ask a notary public to sign it (costly option) option 2- once you arrive in australia-ask a Justice of Peace to sign one for free! They are usually based in local libraries, etc. Easily located on google - where you can check the times they will be at certain locations. They will need to see the original documents if possible. You can then take the statutory declarations with you to AHPRA. P.s if you have documents that will need certifying to be attached to an ANMAC skills assessment or visa application- take them all with you to Australia and get them all certified for free! A UK Birmingham solicitor was charging me £50 per signature/page. ?In Australia, I got the Justice of Peace to do over 20 pages x 2 copies of each for free! He did 1 copy for ANMAC, 1 copy for visa application supporting documents. Saved a small fortune ? Best wishes
  14. PsychNurse

    Nursing Registration: applicants must present within three months

    Hi Jenki75, yes an ETA for a tourist visa is enough. I just printed off the email with my grant notification and visa details and submitted it to AHPRA for proof of visa and they accepted it. I think mine was an e-visitor (subclass 651)
  15. PsychNurse

    AGOS 40 Form

    Hi Emil, unfortunately, I no longer have copies of my course transcripts and outline to send. My university sent me paper copies which I then forwarded to AHPRA. maybe try contacting your university and they can send you some?