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  1. AUB430

    Getting a job as a nurse

    Just looking for advice on good training or courses that will help bag a good job in an Intensive care or acute wards in Australia? I am a UK ITU nurse moving to Australia next month and really wanna make sure I am fully equipped and armed when I start applying. BTW I have not done my critical care course and I have 2.5 years experience in the UK. I have registered for ALS2 which is in January. Thanks
  2. AUB430

    AHPRA document for Accreditation requirements

    Thanks much for the response. I got confused by criterion 3 that states that professional body (probably NMC) needs to supply a letter about accreditation too. I will get my university to write just the one. Thanks much. Hope you are enjoying OZ nursing.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm about to apply for Ahpra and very confused about criterion 2 and 3 asking for professional body to write a letter about accreditation. I'm a UK trained nurse and not sure who will write the letter. I know one will be from my university but the second one??? Thanks