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Found 125 results

  1. Wackadoodle

    Possible move to Mackay or Townsville

    Hi all, I am hoping to move back to Australia later this year with my husband and two children (aged 12). I was hoping there might be someone on here who is nursing in either Mackay or Townsville. I interviewed with Queensland health a few weeks back. Interview went well and I was asked to submit areas of interest along with my paperwork. All paperwork is now in and I have put down Mackay or Townsville as my top choices. My specialty area is emergency nursing. I lived in Mackay a few years ago and would love to move back there. I have some really good friends in the are and my husband would likely be able to find work in the area also. Would love to hear from any nurses working in these areas to get a feel of what the work is like compared to the Irish healthcare system.
  2. Hello Guys and Gals, hope you all well and happy :) I am new to this forum and would like to get some help regarding nursing and immigration Oz. First a little bit about my background. I am an ICU RN with a Nursing Degree (BSN), for a while i was considering trying to find nursing job abroad and maybe immigrating afterwards. in The first two options as for many others were Canada Vs Oz, after some research i decided to go for Oz as the process in general looked more convenient (plus some other considerations like the Oz climate). After a few months of figuring what i need to hand to AHPRA and in which form and then about 6 months of waiting till AHPRA evaluate everything. Finally i received an answer from AHPRA notifying me about being evaluated as Stream A candidate. Even before the result of the evaluation i knew that the next step would be English proficiency test, i went first for two IELTS tests with the only problem being the writing section in which i scored 5.5 twice. Then i decided to go for the PTE and scored 77 overall and 64 in the writing section (being one point short of the requirements), i tried to go forward with the application using this PTE score but was refused by AHPRA because of this one point. I tried to write to AHPRA and maybe receiving a waiver for this single point with particular arguments like me being a full-time ICU RN in a period of world wide pandemic crisis, but nothing worked and they insisted on me improving the score. After all this months of gathering documents and English tests i am considering my next steps, i fill like i am not motivated and focused enough at this point to go for another PTE and getting the right score in the writing section. I am considering the next steps: 1. Applying for the Canadian registration as there are options of English waiver in some provinces on certain conditions (I am not sure if i will meet them) and then going for the NCLEX exam. 2. Making a trip to Oz on a visitor Visa (once the borders open), and then once i am on-shore taking a few months to improve my English (maybe even taking some advanced writing course) and improving my PTE and then applying for skilled visa (from what i understand once i am on-shore the process should be quicker). 3. Applying for Master degree in nursing and going for the student visa (this could be done in Canada as well). Of course this option will be expensive and there is a lot to consider. Please let me know what do you think about the listed options and things i should consider that i maybe was not aware of. If there is any one going through similar process and willing to share, i will be more then happy to get any information and experience with this issues. Sincerely grateful for any answer and help!
  3. Hello My name is Amandeep and this Forum is for them who are suffering to get COGS from Rajasthan nursing council for AHPRA registration. Please connect with me so we can look forward for solution.
  4. Hi I put an EOI for a 189 visa in July and yet to hear anything. I have 90 points with my partner on my application. We both previously worked in Australia for 4 years with full AHPRA registration between 2015 and 2019. We now live and work in the UK but plan to go back to Aus. Having not heard anything I am increasingly concerned there is something wrong with our application. We currently have non-practicing AHPRA registration; is this sufficient to act as an appropriate Skills Assessment? Or do we need full registration? Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  5. AngelaH

    Nursing in Australia

    I have been a registered nurse for eight years. In this time, I have worked in the hospital system for one year, in a government health organisation for two years and in General Practice for five years. Hospital Nursing The job market in NSW is very lucrative for registered nurses. It really depends on the type of work you want to do. There are plenty of options for hospital work, both in the public and private sector or join an agency and they will slot you in when usual staff go on leave or are sick. I believe agency nurses have a higher rate of pay. Personally, I moved out of the hospitals as I am not suited to that type of shift work and night duty, however this nursing work pays more than community nursing or general practice nursing and has the benefits of extra pay (time and a half) on night shifts and double pay on Sundays and public holidays. There is a huge demand for nurses in hospitals at the moment. Particularly in aged care facilities and rural and remote facilities. I have recently seen on the news that there will be a shortfall of nurses (particularly Enrolled Nurses) in the coming years – so it would appear that the job prospects are just getting better! Community Nursing If you don’t want to be in hospital but still want a clinical focus, you can join community nursing or General Practice. Community nursing is with public or private sector and focuses on wound dressings, home IV medications, or at home injectable medications and health assessments. You have a base (usually in a hospital) but also work in conjuction with the patients GP (e.g. if you are doing a wound dressing and believe the wound to be infected, you will contact the patients GP). Although I have not done this work, anecdotally from community nurses it is fairly cruisey, with a good pay rate and the benefits of no night shifts! General Practice General Practice is my passion. Unlike some countries, patients can go to any GP anywhere and don’t have to register. The practice nurses duties vary depending on the needs of the clinic but general speaking day-to-day activities include chronic disease management, wound care, immunisations (childhood and travel) pap smears (if you are qualified), triage, diagnostic tests (ECG’s, spirometry etc), pathology collection, assistance with procedures, patient education, health assessments, sterilizing and stock control. The rate of pay is negotiable with your employer but base pay is less than hospital nurses as it is governed under a different award. Non-Clinical Work Non-clinical based nursing duties are also prevalent. Jobs such as working with insurance companies who offer a medical assistance hotline; policy development; pharmaceutical representative work are all quite popular and are not governed under nursing award rates so I am unsure of the pay but from what I hear you can negotiate and often come off better than clinical nursing and work a 9-5 Monday – Friday in most cases. Qualifications The Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (AHPRA) ensures all doctors, nurses, midwives, ambulance officers, surgeons etc are registered and have correct qualifications. As a nurse, you will have to do 20 hours per year of continuous professional development (CPD). Make sure you keep a record as people do get audited quite frequently and it is a lot easier if you have a record ready to go. There are rules about what counts toward it but there are always educational events on or online learning tools so it is quite easy. https://www.ahpra.gov.au/ Registration standards http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Registration-Standards.aspx Pay and Governing Bodies Nursing in Australia is governed under the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. The website lists professional standards, awards of pay, registration and endorsement and further study options. Pay is variable dependent on your level of nursing, which is measured on your qualifications (i.e. Assistant in Nursing; Enrolled Nurse; Endorsed Enrolled Nurse; Registered Nurse; Clinical Nurse Educator etc). The next classification is your experience. It is basically on how many years you have been qualified. Pay increases with experience. This ranking goes from first year nurse through to 8 years experience. More than 8 years is classified as “thereafter”. It is then classified into location, (e.g. hospital, community, general practice or non clinical) General Practice nursing is governed but the Australian Practice Nurses Association (APNA). There is a fee (I think about $150 annually) to join but you get access to lots of educational materials, phone support and legal advice. Generally speaking, your place of employment covers you for basic indemnity insurance which will cover anything in your position description. It is worthwhile thinking about taking our your own insurance (people in NSW general go for the NSW Nursing and Midwifery Council). Nursing pay rates – public hospital http://www.nswnma.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Public-Health-System-Nurses-and-Midwives-State-Award-2017-1-July-2017.pdf https://www.apna.asn.au/profession http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/ https://www.nursingandmidwiferycouncil.nsw.gov.au/ Nursing in Australia is amazing! We are so lucky to have access and provide healthcare needs to anyone who needs it. Yes, there are waiting lists for things like always and you will need to find a workplace that suits you but it is amazing to be part of a profession where you are in high demand, are able to provide care for people in need in a developed country with some of the leading healthcare facilities is incredible!
  6. Hi, Any help would be really appreciated!!.. We are a family of 5 trying desperately to move to Brisbane. After 3.5 very long years of trying to sort a 189 Visa, re-taking Physiotherapy exams to transfer to equivalency and not to mention a huge outlay, we have missed out by the massive increase of points now needed to apply for the 189. Not to be disheartened in October 2019 we had 2 months left before my husbands 45th birthday to apply for a State nominated Visa.. but sadly that took too long and we have now missed out on that too. As my husband has passed the exams necessary at the APC, we have now the final option to hopefully be sponsored by a job and move over by that route - still hanging in there! My query is: AHPRA have said he can only register in person (which is fine he was going to "Pop" over for a long weekend and just hand the form in and return to the UK!!) - however, it does say that a job offer is necessary?? Has any one in the Physiotherapy profession managed to get a job offer whilst still in the UK without having registered with the AHPRA first?.. or alternatively, managed to register with AHPRA without a job offer whilst not living in Australia? We REALLY don't want t give up on our dream for us and our three children but it seems we are coming up against barrier after barrier at the moment!! If anyone has a positive outcome from a similar situation it would be REALLY good to hear!! Thank you for any help xx!!
  7. Hi all, Just thought I'd let you all know that from the 3rd of Feb 2020, there is a new pathway for internationally qualified nurses and midwives to get registration. The old route was through filling AGOS-40 and sending notarised copies of the relevant documents. This form is no longer available, and it appears that the process will be electronic (Self-Check), however there is now a two-stage exam (MCQ, then OSCE) that some may have to undertake if it is deemed that their qualifications and experience are not commensurate to that of an Australian qualified nurse. Furthermore, as part of the registration process, all nurses and midwives will have to complete an orientation program. If you printed and filled in your AGOS-40 before Feb 3rd, and submit it before Feb on or before Feb 21st, 2020, it will still be accepted. See the AHPRA website for more details. https://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Registration-and-Endorsement/International/Applying-for-registration.aspx
  8. Hello, I am hoping to receive in-principle registration from AHPRA shortly, and am wondering: 1. How long after presenting in-office did it take for you to receive final registration? 2. Were you awarded a registration certificate? How long did it take for this certificate to arrive? Was it mailed to you? Kind regards, Daniel Cachaco
  9. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to open up a bank account in Australia while being in the country on just an ETA (visitor visa) ? Has anyone had any experience doing this? If I am successful, I will need to attend an AHPRA office in Australia to finalise some registration there, and thus need proof of Australian residence. I was hoping to apply for an australian bank account while still in the UK but am unsure of the ETA visa ~(NOT a work visa)~ will allow me to do this. Then I could get the bank to print off a statement with the Australian address I will be temporarily residing at. Kind regards, Daniel
  10. Hello, I was hoping to get some insight into some recent processing times/timelines for AHPRA overseas registration. My timeline at the moment is as follows: AHPRA application posted to Melbourne: 5th August 2019 AHPRA received in office: 19th August 2019 Request for additional information: 30th August 2019 Additional information sent to Melbourne office: 4th Sept 2019 Additional information received: 12th Sept 2019 Confirmation that application was complete and would now be sent to accreditation board: 23rd Sept 2019 All I have been told is that it will take "Some weeks" for the evaluation outcome to be delivered back to me. So I was just wondering if there is anyone on this forum who can give an insight into how long it took for their outcome to be decided? Kind regards, Daniel
  11. Hi, Sorry if there is a similar post, but I couldn't find anyone asking similar questions! I'm a radiographer in the UK, pursing a visa in Australia. I've been (loosely) offered a position as a radiographer in Australia on a TSS visa. I've been advised else where and online that ASMIRT application is essential for overseas radiographers to work in Australia, even on the TSS visa page on the Australian government website it advises you need a skills assessment via a relevant body (asmirt in this case) to be able to proceed with a visa, as well of course as AHPRA (which is a separate issue) So, a) I'm not 100% sure of what experience you need to pass ASMIRT. Ok there website it just says 2 years clinical experience but then when you email them they say 2 years minimum plain film and CT (which is the problem for me as I specialised in breast after 1 year) B) the place where I've been offered a job (obviously it's dependant on if a suitable Australian applies for the job) believes I won't need ASMIRT to work there, and it's only a preference (similar to us being in the SOR, it's not essential just preferred). It's so confusing as I'm worried my lack of plain film will reduce my chance of success in ASMIRT but also have I paid almost $1000 for something I don't need anyway?? Has anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks, laura!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm about to apply for Ahpra and very confused about criterion 2 and 3 asking for professional body to write a letter about accreditation. I'm a UK trained nurse and not sure who will write the letter. I know one will be from my university but the second one??? Thanks
  13. Hi Everyone I'm making a start on my application for a 190 State Sponsored PR visa as an ICU nurse. I'm 43 and have 4.5 years experience. - As ANMAC will be taking online applications in a week or so, is it a good idea to apply simultaneously for both AHPRA nursing registration and the ANMAC skills assessment at the same time? - I did a 2 year postgraduate nursing course in 2013 (which is above degree level 6) and was taught and assessed at postgraduate level 7. Has anyone else with this qualification gained visas? It's relatively new and I'm expecting a lot of "Your course is below degree level" responses when actually it's higher, and wondering how ANMAC will view it. Thanks for any advice! Lee
  14. Hi all, We have recently lodged our 189 skilled visa and I have been trying to work out when to start the AHPRA process. Colleagues in Australia have advised to begin this process sooner rather than later as it often takes a long time. I have also been encouraged by prospective employers to do so. The issue is that once I (hopefully) gain a positive outcome for provisional registration, I am then in the position (as far as I understand) to register at an AHPRA office within 3 months of the outcome. Frustratingly, you used to get a year. Given our visa is likely to take between 7-8 months itself and then we will have things to tie up here before we go, I had been holding off thinking this is better done later down the line. Has anyone any experience of this? I am now wondering if it would be worth the extra expense and time etc. to apply and then fly out for a recce and to register? Really had not banked on this extra expense however and what a pain it all is!!

    Worried about AHPRA

    hi all, just going through the ahpra application with my wife and see a section about impairment, my wife had an injury meaning she currently cant work on labour ward, but has no issues working on antenatal wards, and the hospital she works at are happy with this, are ahpra likely to decline her application? would it be worth calling them? Cheers
  16. So sorry if these questions have been asked before I was just wondering if anyone can advise me further We have been advised by an agent for me apply to AHPRA first due to some complexities with my qualification (I have a post graduate diploma in nursing which is marked at level 7 whereas degrees are marked at level 6). I am in the process of collecting the evidence for this and then have to wait for the outcome and possibly receive the 'in principle' letter and I would then have to fly over and present to AHPRA. Am I correct thinking that I still have to get all my documents certified before sending to AHPRA? With the possibility of not meeting their standards? We have been advised due to my qualification to apply for a 189 visa but use my partner as the main applicant as he is a gas fitter and plumber - he currently has 60 points (once completed IELTS) and may possibly get 65 if I can bring points for my qualification. I've read somewhere on this forum that because I won't be the main applicant for the visa I won't need a skills assessment with ANMAC, is this correct? Also would I still need to complete the academic level on the IELTS or can I just do the general test? Sorry for the long post
  17. For anyone seeking employment while they are waiting for registration we do need Disability Support Workers! Work available on the Northern Beaches and Western Sydney. Prerequisites are NSW drivers license prior to application then 1st aid, CPR, national criminal records check and working with children check prior to offer of work. Training is provided and paid time for. Hourly rates: Weekdays: $28.94-$31.39*Saturday: $36.69*Sunday: $42.81 Northern Beaches https://cerebralpalsy.mercury.com.au/ViewPosition.aspx?id=zJq/M8j4UHk=&jbc=ere Western Sydney https://cerebralpalsy.mercury.com.au/ViewPosition.aspx?id=hcZcGIjluEQ=&jbc=ere
  18. Silas

    489 visa

    I have completed diploma of nursing in 2016 and looking forward to apply for 489 visa. But I heard that, according to the new visa rule that we have to have 3 years work experience to apply for that visa. Is that correct? I am looking forward to your reply.
  19. KSH81


    Long time lurker but never posted. I have a question about registering with AHPRA, we are at the beginning of our VISA process really, however we are going to Perth ont he 8th February, I just wondered while I am there can I register with AHPRA as I know I have to do this in person. I havent done skills assesment yet tho. Thanks in Advance
  20. Hello, Does anyone know how long it takes for the original hard copy of the registration certificate and tax invoice to be posted out please? -Full AHPRA registration finalised 1/6/17 (1st registration) -Office: Melbourne,VIC -My location/postal address: Birmingham, UK I contacted AHPRA as it has been about 7 weeks but they keep giving me the standard response:"A hard copy of your certificate of registration will follow 4 to 6 weeks after the successful completion of your annual renewal of registration; accompanied with this certificate will be your tax invoice/receipt."
  21. I'm a mental health nurse, needing to register with AHPRA to work in Aus. As other healthcare professionals may know, AHPRA introduced another new rule this month, that we all need an International Criminal History Check (undertaken by a private company, fit2work) before we submit application to AHPRA. I followed AHPRA's links to the fit2work.com.au website and dutifully tried to fill in the form, but for a start they give no guidance on what format they want you to upload documents in (eg they want a scan of your passport, but don't say if it's ok as a jpeg, then also consent forms need to be printed off, filled in and signed, scanned back in but again no clarification of format) - I tried jpeg, word and pdf but all no use. When you click 'continue' at the end it just takes forever then...times out. I've wasted 4 hours today trying :cry: Has anyone else tried it yet, if so have you had any success? I've now emailed them but wanted to get on with it! AHPRA really make me wish I hadn't given up smoking...:arghh:
  22. As of the 4th of February 2015, all new applicants who have lived outside of Australia for more than 6 months need to apply for a International Criminal History Check, before sending their application to AHPRA. This check needs to include ALL countries that you have lived in from more than 6 months from the age of 18. Here is the link: http://www.ahpra.gov.au/Registration/Registration-Process/Criminal-history-checks/International-Criminal-History.aspx Something to be aware of for new applicants or if your application will land with AHPRA after the 4th.
  23. Hi, I am currently applying for registration as a physiotherapist with AHPRA. The application states that if an applicants qualifications were obtained more than 5 years ago they are required to provide documented evidence that they have practiced physio within those 5 years. Can anyone help with what actual documented evidence they require?? Many thanks for any help at all!!
  24. Hi, I moved to Sydney in June 2014, I applied for AHPRA in April and it has still not come through. I have decided to move back to England in June 2015. I am thinking about cancelling my AHPRA registration application. Does anyone know if I will be reimbursed any of my application fee? Many thanks Sophie
  25. Hi everyone, I'm new to the site so I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I handed in my AHPRA application in Sydney on 17/02/14. The lady I gave it to told me to check the website as the verification of qualifications process had changed two weeks prior. When I looked I felt sick seeing that they had changed the requirement to degree level. I called and explained that although I have a diploma, I have 10 years experience. I was told that they would consider the application but looking at the site it seems pretty clear that this is not the case. I just wondered whether anyone else knew any more than I do or has any advice? I don't want to wait months for a rejection when I could be getting on with doing a degree...which I really don't want to do! Thanks