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Found 14 results

  1. Hi All, I'm currently studying to be a nurse in the UK with the dream of one day moving to Australia. Ideally, I would like to move as soon as possible post graduating. However, even if I sit the expert English test I will still be 5 points short of the magic 65 due to my age and lack of 3 years experience. I was wondering, does the time I spend in practice during my degree count as experience? Furthermore, I was a carer for over 5 years before training to be a nurse, would this class as experience or does it have to be experience as a registered nurse? Thanks Ross
  2. Hozza_mh


    Hello, So i am heading out to Australia from the UK in September however as i turn 31 in January i have been told by a visa company that i need to do my agricultural work before i turn 31 if i want to stay for 2 years. This means i will need to do this as soon as i get out there! is there anywhere best to start to be able to get the correct work for the 2nd year sign off? any area that is best? i would like to be in the gold coast area (as i know people there ) however i will start where the work is. Thank you for your help in advance
  3. Hello, Im Nicole I am a single mum of my son who will be 3 next week (scary!). I have always dreamt of moving to Sydney since my auntie made the move when I was a young child; she is still there with her two children, and I would love to join them! I am currently training as a midwife over in the UK but ideally wanted to only work part time once completed training to "relax" for a while after this hardgoing degree and missing out on my sons early years. I have tried to make sense of the application process but am getting different information from different sites and I am struggling to make head nor tail of the information!! Some sites stated the working holiday visas were not possible for parents; others stated that the only option for me was a visa which required full time work while there meaning leaving my son more than I ideally would like to. Can anyone help me out please? Also I understand I need some sort of statement from the father to state consent; which he has verbally given but is there an official document or can we make our own and sign in presence of solicitors for legitimacy? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello! My partner and I are wanting to move to Australia with our two year old. We are finding it extremely difficult to find out information on visas etc and what companies to use. I am 22 and a freelance hair and makeup artist, I work on films, fashion shows and commercials. My partner, joe, is 23 and an electrician. He qualified in 2010 and has two and a half years experience working as an electrician. We have a two year old son, Mylo. So far we have been in touch with a few companies who have briefly explained the points system and have been told joe would expect to be awarded 60points. One of the companies I have spoken to, on joes behalf, was visamigrate. They seemed very quick to want a £300 deposit which slightly worried me. Does anyone have experience with this company? Or does anyone know any good ones to go through? Any information anyone has would be greatly appreciated! Also we are not married and we can't find any information as to whether I would be on his visas or not? Thankyou in advance amanda
  5. Ok so as you can tell i'm having problems with the 457 (isn't everyone!) My boyfriend has been nominated by the company he works for and i'm going de facto on the visa. The nomination was put through last Friday and is being processed. I rang the Dept of Immigration to with a few (hundred) questions. As far as the website says, you can put through the nomination and your visa application at the same time, which is what we did. But no, i was told me this ignorant man on the phone that we put it through too late when in fact i started the visa application 2 hours after i recieved the reference number from my boyfriends boss. Does anyone know what the story with this is? I'm really pi**ed off that they don't state this more clearly on the website.:arghh: I was then told that it would take at least 4 weeks for the nomination to be approved and then we can start the visa application. Unfortunately we don't have time to waste as our 417 visa is up the end of Dec. I know we get a bridging visa but i read that you can't leave Oz with that but we've already our flights book home at Xmas. anyone know how Bridging visas work? I've heard that the 457 was stressful to apply for but this can't be good for a persons health!!! Any help appreciated guys! :biggrin:
  6. Cal2

    Visitor Visa........Help

    Hi, We've applied for our visitor visas for our 3 week holiday / reccie, mine, my husband's, son's and his girlsfriend's have all been aprroved within an hour or so, but when I've checked on the girls 8 and 5, they want a consent form from their parents signing (that's us), but we're going with them, the form has to be signed and then authenticated, is this right? or have I made a mistake somewhere? thanks Cal
  7. Hey there... this is my first time on here so hello Quick summary of my position...I had a 175 visa granted in July 2010, I'm in a civil partnership and my partner, Michelle, is included on my visa. I'm 33 and have always wanted to start a family..we've looked into options here in the UK and its very doable at a clinic so we were going to try for me to get pregnant. Before we did I thought I'd look into our options regarding the visa etc It seems if we have a baby over here we'd have to apply for a separate visa for the baby after they were born which can be time consuming and expensive..is this right? Alternatively we could get pregnant here and go to Oz and I could have the baby there? Am I right in thinking the baby is then an Aussie citizen? That would be fine...but over here if we go through a clinic both our names go on the birth certificate..would that be the case in Oz? And if not are there any alternative to give my partner legal rights? Option 3 is to wait and go to a clinic in Oz when we get there to look into getting pregnant...however I understand that the laws are not the same in all states..we were looking at Adelaide as our starting point? Would we as a same sex couple get access to fertility services in SA? I understand we'd have to pay, thats only the same as here. Apologies for this being a long one..We're hoping to move to Oz ASAP but selling our house is keeping us back and now we feel all confused over all this. Please help!!!! Thanks, Claire
  8. Hi PIO, we want to apply for a WA 176 ss visa. However after reading a few posts on here I have seen people mention they applied for ss first then made a visa application. I was under the impression that if your job was on the SOL list for WA (my husband is classed as a Mechanical Engineering Technician) then you could just fill in the 176 application. Is this not the case? We know he needs Trade Recognition Australia to confirm his apprentership, which is in the process of being assessed, he also has IELTS(9,9,9,8.5 not sure of exact order) as we were originally going to apply for a 175 visa and as he is now 30 it gives us extra points. Just when we thought we had sussed it out and wouldn't need to spend precious savings on an agent we're a little bit stressed again. Any help or advice would be great, thanks x:confused:
  9. Guest

    New baby and visa??????help

    HI I want to have another baby and am still waiting for my visa which is on hold due to changes, we have applied for state sponsor now. My question is if i get preg while waiting do I have to inform about pregnancy and what is the visa procedure??? does anyone know? thankyou
  10. Guest

    welder, visa??HELP!

    my husband is a coded welder but think we'll have trouble tracing companies for the TRA process plus company where he done his apprenticeship gone bust so anybody know of a different visa route was orignly going for the 175 skilled.my husband has 20 years experiencein tig, mig, fluxcore, and can pass tests with his eyes shut. anyfeedback would be great thanksx
  11. carlymac

    TRA and 175 visa.....HELP NEEDED

    Hi everyone Just wanted a bit of help, we just sent off our TRA forms a few weeks ago and I just wandered if it comes back that we have passed, are we pretty much guaranteed the 175 visa??? We are going to sell our house and move in with my parents to save more money but wanted to be sure that we would get it before we made that move...
  12. Hiya, Haven't posted much at all lately as we still haven't sold the house (been for sale since Sept 07) and have been trying to put OZ to the back of our minds until we get an offer. Now tho' we have some great news, my brother and his wife, and my parents have all decided to come to TAS to! We are exstatic, altho' it hasn't really sunk in yet and I can't quite believe it's true.:jiggy: We have our visa sorted but I don't know much about theirs. My bro is a painter & decorator/builder but has no qualifications as he worked in the family business for years. I've read about pathway D being closed and pathway E opening? Has anyone attended one of these AQF placement thingies in the UK? Don't really understand it, does it mean that if he did this he would be fully OZ qualified as a builder, would he still need a TRA assessment? Also don't know anything at all about 457 visa's, employer sponsorship etc. Do you just contact potential employers and how much are they involved in the visa process? Any help would be gratefully received as we are completely clueless about this stuff.:wacko: Also with regards to my parents, we bought them a book on retiring to OZ it talks about a retiree visa? does anyone know if this is the same as a CPV. Looking forward to hearing from all you knowledgable PIO'ers! :notworthy: CC x
  13. My visa has been granted!!!! The High Commission rang today to advise my visa had been granted & apologise that it had been delayed. They even offered to change the intial entry date which as far as I'm aware is not something they usually offer. So excited! Get to see my girlfriend!!!!:jiggy:
  14. Guest

    De facto visa...Help! Update

    OK I have been told by the ACH that my medical has been sent to the medical centre in Australia to be asessed. My migrant agent has said that they sometimes do that if there is an issue with it, which I find hard to beleive as the doctor who performed it said that everything was fine. Has this happened to anyone? If so what was the outcome? Seems like one thing after another! As usual any comments will be greatly appreciated.