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  1. Thanks so much!
  2. Hello people, so I have had a right nightmare with ANMAC - they made errors on my LOD TWICE!!! which I meant I have been really delayed - so Make sure you check all the wording on your LOD. Mine still has an error on it but they have said that they cant reissue it again as they can only reissue it once. Ugh. But they have said not to worry that immigration will check with them if there are any issues. My NEW issue now though is that they have now told me that they are no longer posting out hard copies of LOD!!! But I need to send a certified copy to immigration of my LOD! So....How am I supposed to have an electronic document certified??? Does anyone know what we're supposed to do? It all seems so ridiculous. Ali
  3. Ali J

    Expression of Interest for 189 visa - Nurse

    sorry - i mean my EOI gives me 10 points instead of 5 for employment history- total of 75
  4. Ali J

    Expression of Interest for 189 visa - Nurse

    Hi, I would love some help please.... Im worried abut my EOI. i have a total of 6yrs experience but when I applied for ANMAC i only provided references for the past 3 1/2 years. So ANMAC are only able to approve 5 points for me. On the EOI, when i fill in my full employment history it of course then gives me 15 points. So my EOI says Im claiming 75 where i know that with ANMAC they'll only be able to approve 70. Is this a problem?? I don't want my application to be rejected because of this. Would they just only approve me for 70 points and process it with 70 points or would they reject it? Or am I able to submit evidence of experience directly with visa application? :-/ Ali
  5. Ok thank you. Its a bit misleading as it does talk about how it needed to verified etc which means the esucation has to match with the ANMAC application Im sure.... but then it also asks you to list ANY secondary level education and above. Hmmm
  6. Sorry, in case that wasn't clear - I will of course include the degree. Do I include the post grad courses? Thanks
  7. Hello, I need some advice about what education to list in my expression of interest. I have received my LOD from ANMAC last week and am now wanting to submit my EOI. I have a degree in adult nursing (UK) and various level 6 and level 7 post graduate diplomas and stand alone modules. Do I list these in the education section, as it asks for all secondary level education and above? I am aware I will not gain any points for these courses, but as they will be mentioned in my CV do I need to list them in the education section? Or are they only interested in courses that I would gain points for? Many thanks, Ali