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Found 66 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm about to apply for Ahpra and very confused about criterion 2 and 3 asking for professional body to write a letter about accreditation. I'm a UK trained nurse and not sure who will write the letter. I know one will be from my university but the second one??? Thanks
  2. Hey guys, My de facto partner was nominated for 186 visa and yesterday he just received the Approval of Nomination Notification from the IMMI with my name on it. So my question is do we need to provide relationship statement and relationship statutory declaration like what they do to apply for partner visa? If yes, do we need to write one statement each? I and my partner have been and lived together for almost 5 years and have officially registered as de facto partner although we are not same sex partner. Thanks a lot!
  3. Guest

    Fingerprint Document (Urgent)

    Hi all, Anyone here in Melbourne knows how to get fingerprint impression document?? I have asked Victorian Police and AFP Melbourne, they do provide the service but the needs to be booked. And the earliest would be in the month of November :wacko: Can't believe this, i thought it is just an ink fingerprint stamp, a task that can be done in 5 minutes... I urgently need this for Certificate of Clearance from Singapore Police. And my CO only gave me 28 days to provide the document he needs. It's very impractical for to fly to singapore just to get my fingerprint scanned :arghh:
  4. Hi All Is there anybody who can share the document checklist which one needs to upload once they lodge the application? cheers
  5. Guest

    Document submission list.

    Hi, I've uploaded all the documents from the list at the end of our online application except police/meds. However I've received an automated application response that lists a whole lot of documents, some 'if applicable', also asking for character forms 80 and 1221. So do I need to fill these in too? Or only the list from my application? :jiggy: Nats
  6. Hello All, I am in process of applying for skill assessment from vetassess and for that I have got my educational certificate attested from notary in Delhi, India. It has her Signature and stamp with her name and registration no. and another stamp says 'Attested photo copy' but I read in vetassess site that it shoud have the words 'certified true copy of the original'. Does they literary mean that or words 'Attested photo copy' would work please find below excerpts from Vetassess site "Copies of documents Each copy of every page of the original document must be certified separately and must show clearly: •the words 'certified true copy of the original' •the original signature of the certifying officer •the name and address or provider/registration number (where appropriate) of the certifying officer legibly printed below the signature."
  7. Hi all, We have posted additional document to AHPRA and UPS confirmed the delivery time with person's name who accepted the delivery and AHPRA is saying they are still waiting for the document. I have emailed case officer with UPS details but I think she is not bothering to search for the document because she haven't replied my email and when I tried to contact her next day she avoided to speak to me and asked call center consultant to advise me to email again. Can we do something or we need to resend the document. But the problem is I have sent the original document and not the certified copy and also at present I am in India and also the document issued to me was from a UK hospital. Had anyone experience this (confirmed by UPS 'delivered' and AHPRA is saying still 'awaiting') .....Mansawant
  8. Guest

    457 document question !!

    Hi Everyone, I have just completed the online application for the 457 all I need to do is get all the documents, my question is....can I submit the application before I have all the documents to upload, can I do it at a later date (after the weekend if I'm lucky !!!) ??? I had all my documents certified but I have had to change agents and now need to get them all done again but we are on a really tight schedule and I need to get the application lodged ASAP. Thanks
  9. Hey guys so i've started to get the ball rolling with my 309 partner visa. Decided to do it ourself's and have a quick question. Just in regards to the documents needed in the Part I document checklist i am wondering what everyone included with their application. What is a "Certified copy"? We are currently in England and I "Being the Australian" need to send a certified copy of my birth certificate. The original is in Australia with my parents. Also just what people included for evidence of relationship? do i need to send in photo's, email's, things like that. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi, I have uploaded all documents required 10 days before but still my online status shows as "Required" for all the documents. :arghh: Any one with same experience??? Thanks, Horizone
  11. Guest

    document certification?

    Right, we have our application ready to go back to the agent tomorrow but I have just come back from an unhelpful meeting with the local police. The agent said that I could get a police officer to certify my documents, the local police say they wont do that........Any ideas please?? Also, I have to include 4 photos with the visa application, do these have to be signed individually, or can I just get one signed?? Have I missed anything out, I have copies of all birth certificates (full), copies of passports, copies of trade qualifications, copies of trade membership certificates and 4 photos per family member (there's 7 of us eek!) and the visa is a RSMS subclass 119. Sorry to be asking questions, but I think I am going a little crazy today!! thanks in advance
  12. Validity of my skill assesment is expiring on 27th may. Can i lodge an online GSM application till the expiry date of the document?. bcoz after lodging online application attaching other documents will take another few days. Do they look for the date when online application is lodged or when complete documents are attached? Please help
  13. johnosmad

    Document Certification in Brisbane

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a cheap way to certify documents in Australia, I am currently in Brisbane on a WHV and need to get quite a lot of docs certified for my 176 application but the majority of places including the Government seem to be charging $20 per sheet, Thanks
  14. Guest

    Document upload - PDF or JPG?

    Could anyone let me know I can upload documents (176 visa) in *.JPG format? Advance thanks,
  15. Guest

    Certified Document requirements

    Can anyone tell me if a scanned original document, eg: skilled assessment form, be acceptable for Online Visa Application? If not what is the best way to get a copy Certified without paying Solicitor fees?
  16. I am applying for Visa 176 family sponsored. However i received this message after filling up some of my sponsor info via online document. This is the error message : The following errors have been encountered: 1) Departmental systems indicate that you are unable to make an application for this sponsorship online. Please contact the Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre at egsm.aspc@immi.gov.au So far, have not got response from the centre yet after 1 week of email. Any idea why? By the way, is there a limit for sponsorship under my uncle's name?
  17. Hi, I am uploading documents to my e-app. Check list says I need to upload "Evidence of State/Territory government agency or Regional Certifying Body nomination" But, when I go to uploading section, There is no ducument type call this. Shall I put it under "Other"? Please help..
  18. Guest

    certified document expiration

    Can any one tell me if documents I had certified in 2009, (passport, exams, marriage etc.) I can reuse when I send off my forms to the Australian Computer Society for the recognition of prior learning visa. Thanks all
  19. MazPaul

    Document translation

    Could someone tell me where i can find out about getting my marriage certificate translated into English. I read on government site before who is allowed to do this for you but cant find it now.
  20. Hi I'm planing to lodge a 175 application and hoping to have bellow things in hand by the end of Feb 2011. Successful ACS assessment in SOL3 IELTS 7 each Age bellow 30 Since 175 takes more than 18 months to process (as per DIAC site) by the time I get a case officer; ACS assessment will expire as it is valid only 1 year - So do I have to get a new assessment from ACS ?? IELTS will not expire as it is valid for 2 years But I don't know whether medicals & police tests how long they are valid & I will be requested to re-do them after the 18 months In each case how long the case office will give you time?, ACS usually take 12 weeks and by this time I'm afraid whether I'll loose the case officer :frown: I need your thoughts friends...!
  21. I asking the quest on behalf of my friend. One of my friends logged his 175 visa application with DIAC in May'2010. Now, he wants to add few more documents with his application. Can he do it now? Note: he has not been appointed with a case officer :wubclub:
  22. lavender776

    Document checklist

    Does anyone else's document checklist show that the 'overseas penal clearance' is required for a partners's application, but not for the main applicant? I'm waiting for both police checks to come back, so I will be uploading both anyway, but I was just curious as to why it wasn't in my checklist. Perhaps they have heard about my impeccable character and feel that I don't need one? lol!
  23. Hi, I need to apply for ACS and I need to have my documents certified as true copy from USA. I have been to Citibank and one other bank where I hold my account and there they were doing the following -Asking me to certify that this document is true copy of original and my signature on that. -On this they were writing theor name,address,signature and mentioning sworn before Notary. I want to know if this is sufficient for ACS. If not what I can do for this from US. Cheers Srini
  24. Guest

    Tax document

    HI, CO asked for the Tax document along with pay slip and bank statement Problem is that I am working in a Tax free country (Middle East), Please advice how to handle it. I have also tried to get an official letter from my HR in this regard but they refused. Regards,
  25. musmanasghar

    Document Status on E Business System

    Dear All Have got a query in my mind. What is meant by Below mentioned Different Status displayed against EACH Document in online E-Business System. 1. Required (off course it means Required) 2. Requested 3. Outstanding 4. Received 5. Met 6. Further Processing 7. Internal/External Checks. 8. Routine Checks Kindly share your experience and comments are very welcomed cheers