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  1. fionaallan1

    South Australia grants

    Ahh okay, we done the English exam to give us more points. Hopefully you’ll hear something soon, my husband had been an electrician for 18 years. Have you been to Adelaide before? We’ve only been to Melbourne. We’ve got kids so trying to search out good areas to stay? X
  2. fionaallan1

    South Australia grants

    Aww man that means we could be waiting a while How many points do you have an how long has he been an electrician x
  3. fionaallan1

    South Australia grants

    Hi what occupation did you apply with? We just put our eoi in on 10/10/18 so we have def got a while to wait. We’re applying through my husband ansco code 341111 (electrician)
  4. Thanks he’s done it an Passed [emoji16][emoji1037]
  5. fionaallan1

    Adelaide v Gold Coast

    Hi This is off topic kind of, we are having to move to Adelaide and not Melbourne our first preference, so could you tell me what you thought of Adelaide when you did live there? What schools or areas you liked? And when you did arrive did you manage to get a home rental or how does it work? Regards
  6. fionaallan1

    Vetassess Electrical skills assessment in Blackburn

    Hi colshy86 my husband is sitting his the 19th sept in Blackburn, what have you been studying for practical or is there any help you can pass on? , cheers fiona
  7. Hey guys, my o/h sits his vetassess for Electrician, he’s confident in the practical side but have any of you done it recently??? Any advice would be fab ?
  8. fionaallan1

    189/190 visa processing from March 2018

    Same with you hope it all goes well and you get a grant soon
  9. fionaallan1

    189/190 visa processing from March 2018

    We’re doing it through an agent for 5 of us 2 adults 3 children on 189 to Vic. Just getting all our paperwork together for the skills test. English test booked for 17/04 PTE Academic.
  10. fionaallan1

    189/190 visa processing from March 2018

    Not sure we’re doing it through an agent
  11. Setting up this chat for those of you who have just started their visa We started ours today [emoji1319][emoji1319]
  12. No one done 189 for Victoria? Everyone on here been talking about going with the 190 but does that mean you need to them stay in that same state for so many years?
  13. Where did you find this? Is there one that tells you about electricians?
  14. fionaallan1

    Medical records

    Thanks Ali. Yeah I’m sure I did have them maybe in the garage. (Will do some rummaging)
  15. fionaallan1

    Medical records

    Hi all Just wanting advice for those of you who have moved from the U.K. to OZ What did you do for medical records? Do you pay for them from your local surgery or do they electronically get transferred to doctor surgery you choose when you move over? I noticed that kids have to give proof of immunisations on their enrolment form. These are all at our doctor surgery in the U.K. Still in the U.K. hoping to move over by end of the year. Many thanks