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  1. Hi All, I'm currently studying to be a nurse in the UK with the dream of one day moving to Australia. Ideally, I would like to move as soon as possible post graduating. However, even if I sit the expert English test I will still be 5 points short of the magic 65 due to my age and lack of 3 years experience. I was wondering, does the time I spend in practice during my degree count as experience? Furthermore, I was a carer for over 5 years before training to be a nurse, would this class as experience or does it have to be experience as a registered nurse? Thanks Ross
  2. Hi - Im new to the forum. This year my partner and I have set out a 5 year plan to move to Australia on a 189 pr visa. This includes my partner training to become a nurse (here's to hoping it is still on the skills shortage list in 5 years time). Our plan is to emigrate form the UK as soon as possible after my partner graduating. Having spoken to an agent, the minimum work a nurse needs to complete before applying is 3 months (at the time of writing). This obviously means we won't get any points for work experience. Well at least we think not. My partner has been a community carer for the last 4 years, is this classed as a similar occupation when it comes to visa application? If we don't have work experience included we will just hit the 60 points mark, this includes having to get IELTS 8. So without 3 years experience 60 is the maximum points we can get. Has anyone else set out a long term plan to move and managed to carry it though with the ever changing regulations? Are there any nurses here that have moved to Aus in a similar position? How long did it take once submitting a letter of interest? Thanks for any help!