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  1. Dale Robson

    AHPRA - Criterion 8

    Yeah we've had the university sent the full course outline directly to AHPRA, and that clearly shows that medication management is within some of the modules. Unfortunately the university had stated that they won't issue a letter breaking it down anymore; their reasoning for this is that they have never had to provide it before, and they believe what they have provided is sufficient. I hope your 190 comes through soon
  2. Dale Robson

    AHPRA - Criterion 8

    Good Afternoon, We're having some real trouble with this last aspect of the nursing registration. The whole 190 visa process, ANMAC, everything, was a piece of cake compared to this. We have sent AHPRA a breakdown of the transcript which shows all placement hours, study hours. We have also sent them a course outline which includes a detailed breakdown of each module (including medication management). We have then sent them a results sheet which shows the results for each of these modules. The University (Huddersfield) are stating they are unable to provide any further information. They have explained that they have sent all they can, and they have never had this problem previously. They even advised they send the exact some information for a different person's AHPRA registration a few months ago, and this was accepted. We're now at a bit of loss as to what we can do. We arrive in Australia in 3 weeks time, and although my partner can just undertake different work whilst this gets sorted out, we are seriously concerned that it might never be. How daft would it be that we have emigrated to the country because of the skills my partner possesses, but she is unable to work in that field. With everything we have sent to AHPRA they can clearly see that a) the course had several areas and modules that contained medication management, b) the study hours and placement hours undertaken in relation to these modules, and c) my overall results for these modules. The University have explicitly stated that it is impossible for them to provide the data in a more broken down way. We're stuck in the middle and just don't know who to believe/where to turn. My partner only graduated in 2014, so it's not as if we're asking for information from decades ago. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue, or have any advice to offer? Someone kindle previously posted a draft letter of what they sent to their University - When I sent this to Huddersfield Uni, they just said they could not provide that information. Many thanks, Dale
  3. Dale Robson

    ANMAC Reference Query

    Hi Ali, Thanks for the reply. Her previous manager now livesin Qatar; we've made some enquiries to get back in touch with her, but it might be difficult. We also don't know for sure whether she still works in nursing. We have got in touch with the new manager there who did work with her at the time, so hopefully this will suffice. We will also be getting a second reference from her current employment. This links in to down then line when we have to provide the references to support the experience claim on the 189 visa - As she has not worked at her current employers for three years, we will definitely need something from the previous hospital. I will drop ANMAC an email as well to see if they can provide any guidance.
  4. Dale Robson

    ANMAC Reference Query

    Good Morning, We're compiling the references required for the assessment. The one for my partners current work isn't an issue, but the manager she worked under at the previous hospital no longer works there. I note that ANMAC do not accept references from HR. Any advice on what to do? My Partner has worked at her current hospital for 2 years, and was at the one before for 1.5 years. Thanks, Dale
  5. Dale Robson

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    Hi Debgav, Thanks for the quick response. It doesn't really sound promising then. I guess the issue is that we can only be in Australia for three months to apply for jobs, and then the chance of the visa being processed in that time if a job offer was made is slim to none. All we can do I guess is to just try and network as much as we can (thankfully we know a lot of nurses already working in Sydney) and just explain that as soon as registration is granted, we can move at the drop of a hat. Thanks, Dale
  6. Dale Robson

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    Hi Guys, Just looking for a friendly bit of advice/ tips on what to do. We have sent off my girlfriends AHPRA registration documents earlier this month. We understand that should registration be granted in principle, she will need to present herself in Australia to finalise this, within three months. With that in mind, it obviously seems to make sense to us to start applying for jobs now (we would like to ideally not have to do a quick trip just to get the registration, though we will do this if required). We're going to be seeking temporary sponsorship via the upcoming TSS visas (we're not too fussed about whether it's short or medium term ones, as it is not our intention to reside in Australia permanently). It would include myself as her De Facto partner (I have already used both years of my working holiday visa). I just wanted to find out if people had experience of apply for nursing jobs prior to being granted registration. The more we read into the more difficult it seems to find sponsorship opportunists for overseas nurses (she specialises in paediatrics). We hadn't previously considered using an agency or anything like that, but would be open to this option now if people do recommend it. We're just a bit concerned that hospitals will not went to make a formal offer of employment to someone who has not even been granted the registration yet and is thus unable to commit to an exact start date. I appreciate any help/ guidance on this matter. Thanks, Dale & Lauren
  7. Dale Robson

    AGOS-40 Section 17

    Afternoon all, Quick question. What evidence is required for the Primary Pathway option under section 17. We have a copy of the university transcript, as well as A-Level and GCSE result certificates. Do we need anything else to support this section, such as letters from the individual institutions confirming that all the courses were taught in English? Thanks in advance, Dale
  8. Dale Robson

    AGOS 40 Form

    Hi Richard, Thanks for the response. Yeah the transcript on the certificate does not show that level of detail at all; It just shows the module and the result. Is there a definitive list of what they need to send, or is it just a case of asking for a full transcript which shows a detailed breakdown of all modules etc. Cheers, Dale
  9. Dale Robson

    AGOS 40 Form

    Hello guys, I'm not sure if this is the right section for posting, so apologies in advance if it's not. My partner and I are currently in the process of filling out the AGOS 40 form, to apply for registration as a nurse in Oz. We're currently gathering all the forms and documents which are required, but the only section that we're having a little trouble with is the education transcript. We've spoke to the University where my partner completed her course, but they've come back and asked for an exact list of what is required; they've mentioned a document/attachment that shows what needs to be sent. We have a copy of the Fact Sheet for Criterion 8, which outlines what evidence needs to be supplied in for the units completed in respect of the administration of medication. The Degree certificate also shows all the units completed on the reserve, but we kind of assumed that this is not detailed enough? We're just looking for some guidance on the best way to go about this. Do we send the application with all the evidence we have, and ask the University to send all the documents requested in the Criterion 8 sheet, or is there a definitive list of anything further we need to send? Thanks in advance for your help. Dale